September 21st, 2014

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76 Responses to “dignity”

  1. with only two hours to go, the due set off upon their impossible quest. To them, at least, it seemed impossible. But if they didn’t try, they would never. So, against all their inner oppositions, they set out to regain the dignity of their family.

    By Stefan URL on 09.21.2014

  2. Holds.

    By Intuition URL on 09.21.2014

  3. The thing is about you, is your hair was always pinned back, severe, and your legs were loose and long, unhindered by the grass sweeping across the surface of your shins and calves. Your thighs were open, your eyes closed, your mouth parted and your hands shut. You swung like a fist against my cheekbone, but you were as light as a kiss pressed against my collarbone.

    By im softer into my irony URL on 09.21.2014

  4. “Dignity is one of the most important values of my life. No matter the situation, i will always keep my head high. I will never give in.” That was what she always said. And i didn’t really get it. It wasn’t as if she needed to state all those things. Keeping her head high was in her nature. With or without those statements, she would have always acted that way. Why did she keep on saying those things to me over and over again?

    By Anaid Skylight on 09.21.2014

  5. If I had any dignity left in my life, I don’t think I would still be working at LFS. It’s been ten years! Some of my first students are now more successful than me! That should be a good thing, right? Well, I find it depressing! This will probably be my last year as long as I can drag myself and what little dignity I have left out the gates.

    By Sara Ratliff URL on 09.21.2014

  6. He walked through the hall with his pants around his ankles. Sure he could have pulled them up, but he wouldn’t lose his dignity. He stood tall and stared his aggressors in the eye as they gaped, open-mouthed, at the size of his…

    By Erik Sweimler on 09.21.2014

  7. “Have you no dignity sir?!”
    “Well. I guess I do. Why?”
    “Only a man with no dignity would walk around here naked as the day he was born!”
    “Hey pal. This is a locker room.”
    “Well. You need to cover yourself then.”
    “In the name of dignity?”
    “Yes! In the name of dignity!”

    By Jim URL on 09.21.2014

  8. In my clutches, I had it held tight.
    This was fabric weaved and spangled with foil stars
    full of tears and fears,
    and all the reasons I stand so far now.

    I was long ago stripped away,
    left withering, holding on to mere muscle
    with my skeletal hands
    using all my force.

    Once I’d gathered all of the relics —
    robe myself in these lessons —
    again, I evolve into my throne.

    By Marissa URL on 09.21.2014

  9. You don’t have any dignity left.

    By Chris URL on 09.21.2014

  10. All she wanted to do was maintain even the slightest shred of dignity in the moment of complete and utter distress. She’d seen what other people had been like when their loved ones had died from cancer, and she didn’t want to be another pitied widow, sobbing hopelessly. But she couldn’t prevent the tears from coming – how was this fair? What had she done to deserve such torture?

    By Nova Lee Adamson URL on 09.21.2014

  11. i don’t have you, will i ever?
    Others think I’m your owner, but I? I’m merely a slave
    Why do you elude me so?
    Is it because I selflessly give?
    is it because I don’t have ego?
    Are you really that shallow and glib?

    By Ridhima Dutta on 09.21.2014

  12. I questioned my own behavior. Sure, I knew I was always weird, but this? If anyone found out, all of my dignity would be gone without an infinitesimal shred spared. I had to have a crush on this guy, and he had to find out. Now was the time to see how he would react. Taking a deep breath, I entered the room and awaited the first word from his lips.

    By verbomaniac11 URL on 09.21.2014

  13. Jolenne could hear them, more often than they realized.

    “The doc hasn’t been outside since we got here… is she alright?”

    “She’s always like this. She’s got something against the sun, I swear. What a freak.”

    “Really? Weird.”

    They weren’t wrong, exactly. There were many things about the world outside her medical tent which kept her from venturing beyond its flaps. The sun was the least of these reasons. After so long shielding herself from the fighting and the violence, from the harsh conditions and the even harsher voices shouting commands, it was far too long to change her habits now. She had too much dignity to wander out with a face like a lonesome puppy, too much pride to ask for an extra set of hands to keep up with the heavy workflow. And far too many soldiers she’d already alienated with her strange ways. It wouldn’t do any good now.

    By floppybelly URL on 09.21.2014

  14. The feeling people have when they have been shown caring and support even in troubling times. I think of the dignity of my grandma’s death as cancer crept through her system and her conviction that she was okay and it was time. The family that gathered around her

    By Rachel Showers on 09.21.2014

  15. She wore dignity in scraps; the single petals of daisies, the bit of ragweed that made him sneeze. The flexing branch of a golden tree, behind her head.

    And still it cloaked her, so that her steps made no sound in the forest. When Summer came upon him, yet sleeping, in the place he thought no one could find…

    She left her dignity behind, and cast a longing look at his fragile form.

    Winter would never know.

    By RS Bohn URL on 09.21.2014

  16. Searing pain is what roused Cassie out of her stupor. Where am I? she croaked. A woman rushed to her in the academy’s nurse uniform.

    “You’re in the hospital, dear.”

    Cassie felt as if the sheer fabric draped around her had robbed her of any dignity she lay have held from the lost fight.

    By Sarah URL on 09.21.2014

  17. He had none of it left. All of the lords of Silvrosi knew his secret now. He had been hiding his true motives all along. The squires, knights, and even the Squid had all gave him their trust, and all he had done was use them just as he was taught to. A sigh of self-contempt escaped as he realized that this was who he had truly become. A rat in the gutter of the criminal underworld. A scum that could never be removed.

    By GreatTalos on 09.21.2014

  18. “Are you hurt?” Lesley asked. “Anything broken?”

    “Nah,” grunted Shane as she pushed herself to her feet. “Well, one thing. My dignity. But it was already cracked to begin with.”

    Lesley patted Shane on the back in a half-hearted display of sympathy, but the scores would do more than she did to lighten Shane’s mood. Despite her tumble during the game, she had gotten second place in terms of sportsmanship and skill. Only Gordon had topped her.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 09.21.2014

  19. apple hair hung from your fingers
    and waiting for the harvest,
    just because you thought drought
    and bruises would do me in

    but my tears are not wetter,
    and the guilt whistles through
    me as if I were music.

    No one’s entered the garden but me,
    but I look at them staring over
    fence posts and barbed wire
    and can’t help but want them
    to creep somewhat

    but I’m still rid with dignity.

    By Pandatry URL on 09.21.2014

  20. He was so proud.
    His silky black hair and perfectly fitted tuxedo gave him the most dignity out of anyone in the entire dance floor.
    His eyes shone under the lights, highlighting the blue and green, and giving him a debonair handsomeness.

    By Sarah on 09.21.2014

  21. He was stripped of his dignity in just a matter of seconds.
    “Get down,” the guard yelled, and slammed his fist onto the man’s head.
    He fell hard onto the ground. Blood streamed down his head and created a small puddle around his face.

    By maria on 09.21.2014

  22. The most dignity? Hmm.

    By Sarah on 09.21.2014

  23. He lies on the floor, blood surrounding his head, all dignity gone. I tremble with my hand over my mouth as I gaze, grief-stricken, at his body.

    By Sarah on 09.21.2014

  24. She crossed the room with even strides , abandoning her place by the window which overlooked Caldsmere’s White Row, and settling at the front of the hall. “I have suffered every indignity my sex thrusts upon me with the grace one in my position is expected to possess,” she began, her voice as strong as the throne on which she sat, “But I will NOT suffer this,”

    By S.C. Lovelace URL on 09.21.2014

  25. She had none. He took it. He took everything. She was exiled. He was loved. She lost herself. He found others. Where is the dignity? He has it.

    By Caz on 09.21.2014

  26. Dignity

    By Caz on 09.21.2014

  27. pride about ones self or who someone is.

    dignity is holding yourself accountable to your actions and worlds.

    having dignity is typically a good thing.

    “have a bit more dignity than that”, says someone disproving something you had done.

    By Kelsey Chaloux on 09.21.2014

  28. Where one must find it, one must search for it, yet few can ever find it. As things that cannot be found tend to not be caught. It is not a disease or a symbol. It is earnt through what you can do to display it. By few earning it, even fewer meet others with it. So when a congregation of individuals with this trait meet, greatness is achieved.

    By Claudia on 09.21.2014

  29. I had nothing to loose she said. But I thought they exact opposite. I had lost something. I had lost something I thought.

    My Dignity.
    I had lost my dignity.

    By Tessa on 09.21.2014

  30. In a journey that spans from birth till death, we gather up our experiences. We are crafted by those around us, by what we do. As the past repeats itself it is paramount that one acts with a particular trait. Dignity. How often it is shrouded by clouds of mishaps and embarrassment.

    By Peedee URL on 09.21.2014

  31. i had lost all dignity by the time we had achieved our goal by the time we completed our task, no one came out un-scathed. everyone had been changed or had lost something. most had lost someone. And this is our story…

    By Emma URL on 09.21.2014

  32. Now, I lay my life down at your feet. My hands are open. I surrender. Everything. I make no claims to things I once thought I deserved. I am a wretch, but you have clothed me with dignity and I owe you my life.

    By McKynzie URL on 09.21.2014

  33. “Don’t,” he said. “It would be undignified.”

    I didn’t think it was undignified to fight back. Or struggle. But, no, he told me, if I were ever to get tortured, to just sit there, quietly, dumbly, not even express my hatred.

    But the worst part is, I knew that his ‘dignity’ would be harder than mine. I knew I wouldn’t be able to handle his version of dignity, because I was just a little girl who was trying to become a spy.

    “Fine.” I muttered, resentfully, to prove myself wrong.

    This was messed up. This was more messed up than it had seemed when I first read the conspiracy theory.

    By a terrible poet URL on 09.21.2014

  34. She reached down and placed the envelope in the dish. The old man reached out and took it in his dirty, weatherbeaten hand. By the time he had opened the envelope and realised what it contained, the young woman was gone. She had just changed his life, – no, saved it, but with no fanfare, no fuss. There was enough money in the envelope for him to get food, new clothes, even a place to stay. This was a chance to restart his life, to restore his dignity, to regain his honour. He stared in the direction the woman hade gone for a few minutes, then stood up, gathered his measly belongings, and started walking in the same direction himself.

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 09.21.2014

  35. you were never meant to be king
    a pretender to the throne in all accounts
    your crown falls to the ground
    as he returns from war
    john, the phony king of england

    By cloaktivelys URL on 09.21.2014

  36. I don’t remember the day i lost my dignity. it was between the day i fell in love and the day i lost my mind. it was a cold day, in the middle of the summer if I remember correctly, hell that whole year was a mess the days all washed together. on a good day i could tell you what day of the week it was, on a bad day I couldn’t even tell you my name. she was my love, she never did me any wrong until the day she stole my dignity. damn she was one hell of a drug.

    By Morgan on 09.21.2014

  37. I don’t remember the exact day I lost my dignity. It was between the day I fell in love and the day I lost my mind. It was a cold day, in the middle of the summer if I remember correctly, hell that whole year was a mess the days all washed together. on a good day i could tell you what day of the week it was, on a bad day I couldnt even tell you my name. she was my love, she never did me any wrong until the day she stole my dignity.

    By M. Rose URL on 09.21.2014

  38. They grew up together – birds of a feather, if not for the purple velvet of the Prince’s feathers against the muddy plain muslin of Arthur’s. Their youth was spent running through grounds that felt bigger than anything they’d ever experience and honeysuckle-scented kisses in the bushes out of the view of prying eyes.

    Then came the teenage years, and harder schooling – and then Arthur really learned what it was to be a whipping boy.

    He felt the sting and the smack of the whip on a frequent basis, meeting eyes with the light of his life and the centrepiece of his childhood. The Prince had grown up beautiful but cold; there wasn’t enough guilt in his facial expression, and it was outweighed by relief – presumably that it wasn’t his arse that felt the rod.

    His indifference hurt worse than the pain, and Arthur felt tears prickle at the corners of his eyes.

    By Samuel URL on 09.21.2014

  39. Dignity was lost and all there was was red hot shame starting at the roots of his cheeks and surely branching out to consume the rest of his face. Never before had he been so utterly humiliated and his tongue rebelled against his mind to form any sort of word to make this situation any better. There was no such thing to be found and nothing could repair this situation.

    By Fergie on 09.21.2014

  40. I think that in order to preserve dignity you must act in a way that you can always be proud of. Dignity will exist if you exist in a way that is not going to challenge what you feel is right. When we lose our dignity it is because we have let our bse nature overtake our brain. I guess this will give another minute to write so I may as well usie it up as I am tryig to imorve my typing skills

    By Rachel Florence on 09.21.2014