May 3rd, 2014

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67 Responses to “dating”

  1. Heute ist es soweit. Mein erstes Dating. Übers Internet klargemacht, ein Risiko, natürlich. Aber wer nicht wagt, der nicht gewinnt, oder? Schnell noch etwas Old Spice aufgetragen und die Party kann beginnen!

    By Minelle URL on 05.03.2014

  2. Hah! Way to shove it in my face I know. I’m not dating anyone. I know. I probably never will. So go. leave me alone. Let me play my love songs, read my sappy novels, and watch chick flicks.

    By Brooke Tuinei on 05.03.2014

  3. A connection between two mutual strangers at start, may blossom into love or explode into dismay and disillusionment. A system of numbering one’s days, both past and present, a socialogical act of duplication, a simple act of two attempting unity

    By Tristyn on 05.03.2014

  4. A connection between two mutual strangers at start, may blossom into love or explode into dismay and disillusionment. A system of numbering one’s days, both past and present, a sociological act of duplication, a simple act of two attempting unity. Strangers becoming friends evolving into lovers, lovers into family, family into new life and thus the cycle is perpetuated.

    By Tristyn on 05.03.2014

  5. Dating is something I haven’t done in decades. That’s what happens when you’re monogamous for 35 years. Dating was something I never really did much except in high school. Is dating outdated? Or am I just old?

    By michaelbuzz URL on 05.03.2014

  6. boys, love, something that doesn’t last for a long time. experimentation. fun. not serious. girls, anyone, special, practice, an escape, stuff like this.

    By Maddy Tarbox on 05.03.2014

  7. Dating is something that people can either take too seriously, or not seriously enough. It’s not something that will last forever, given that you’re young. It might, but it’s not that likely. Dating give you experience for when you’re older, to prepare you for marriage. Dating is something to enjoy.

    By Maddy Tarbox on 05.03.2014

  8. no comment

    By Maddy Tarbox on 05.03.2014

  9. “Dating is stupid,” Sierra groaned. “It doesn’t matter who I date – girl, boy, or any other gender – I don’t end up having a decent time.”
    Alana stared over at her friend for several moments. “Well,” she began. “You’re probably not dating the right people, then.”
    “You’re not going to ask me out, are you?”

    By Nova Lee Adamson URL on 05.03.2014

  10. but we are two and i don’t even know if i like you
    but when we eat pickles we both like them and
    i feel like a balloon floats up in between us
    we made it and it is filled with helium
    i don’t know science but you do.

    By kyla on 05.03.2014

  11. He’s cared about her since before the universe began, before the primeval seas swept the earth, before she can even imagine.

    By Claire URL on 05.03.2014

  12. Dating is such a stupid thing I dont like it.

    …that is all for today

    By charlie card on 05.03.2014

  13. confusing and confounding, she’s aromantic what need does she have to date? there’s no need, no, there’s no need at all to date, what a word she wants to spit even thinking about it, dating, dating everyone is all about the DATING and
    did he kiss you? they ask and she shrugs, she doesn’t know she doesn’t care deep down she feels sex, throbbing but how is she going to get it? one night stands?

    By im softer into my irony URL on 05.03.2014

  14. they are always seen out and about together, yet they say they are not dating. what would you call a man and woman who go to events like movies, plays, dinners with and without family?

    By Jacqui on 05.03.2014

  15. Dating was difficult for Jonas, carrying around and dead twin wasn’t without it’s problems and was hardly, well never considered an aphrodisiac especially when a voice would come out of the dead twins voice saying the most inappropriate things.

    By Stephanie Hall on 05.03.2014

  16. Dating
    No NOT mating!
    Your mind escalates at a dirty rate

    By Rebekah Wooten URL on 05.03.2014

  17. Romance was, by far, not Furfrou’s forte. In fact, he wasn’t even very interested in it at all. He means, sure, if there was some guy interested in him than he’d certainly give it a try, but otherwise he wasn’t really “looking” for it. Or anything else really.

    By korpuskat URL on 05.03.2014

  18. I was dating this girl when she said she loved me. I didn’t stutter. i just didn’t speak at all. After she looked at me for a bit, I didn’t know what else to do but occupy my mouth. There was a scolding hot cup of coffee, and I grabbed it, and started continuously slow-slipping it so I didn’t have to answer. I burned my tongue and couldn’t taste anything or eat anything spicy for 48 hours.

    By blahblahchoi URL on 05.03.2014

  19. it was sort of embarrassing to be out here in public with him, but i went along with it.
    “so umm…” i awkwardly tried to make conversation.
    “You’re so cute.” i blushed at his comment.
    “What the h-don’t call me that! i-i’ m not cute.” he smiled at me his big dumb smile. and my blush got a deeper shade of red.
    “Idiot.” i said under my breath.

    By Dani J URL on 05.03.2014

  20. “Oh dear Lord”, he said underneath his breath. He had everything laid out for this evening and he’s wearing a GOD DAMN ninja turtle hoodie and some khakis. He wanted to look classy, not like an 8th grade kiddo. Ah well, too late now. Hesitantly, he opened the cafe door. This was a blind date, so he doesn’t know the lady of the evening. Suddenly, he sees her. She was wearing the same exact attire. She smirked, “why hello there handsome”. SCORE!

    By Liynne on 05.03.2014

  21. That thing people are always talking about. Are you dating anybody? You wanna date? Did anybody ask you to prom? You get so many mixed feelings. Either your parents tell you “Don’t date” or “Why aren’t you dating?”

    By KayLee Sullivan on 05.03.2014

  22. Don’t ask me who you remind me of: I don’t want to remember… & don’t tell me who I remind you of: It’s painful. Cannot our lips join together to silence pasts and futures, & just devour, until we are bones and ash beneath a harvest moon? Reap me, for I am groomed and wanting of your frame against mine… your poison inside of me and your insides afire.

    Don’t mention reminders on summer winds: My lips do nothing but cry.

    By Pandatry URL on 05.03.2014

  23. dating is about giving parts of yourself away to someone and trusting them to keep them safe. its about knowing that you may never need those pieces back and their pieces will help fill the parts that you are missing

    By Jodi URL on 05.03.2014

  24. It was amusing, thinking back to how they’d gotten together in the first place. His awkward attempts at reaching over and brushing their fingertips together, then taking them back, too hesitant to go for the actual hand. And when he finally did, at the cinemas, under the dim lights. He remembered, the warm, rough texture of that hand against his softer skin, and realised, just how much he missed him.

    By Lin URL on 05.03.2014

  25. She hated it. She would curse it all the time. Whenever she did it, she despised it at the end, always regretted her decisions. However, she thought dating wasn’t so bad, as she sipped her cool iced tea, and laughed at his jokes. Perhaps it wasn’t that bad, she thought, as she stared into his eyes.

    By Elizabeth on 05.03.2014

  26. Always thought of in terms of the opposite sex, puttng yourself out there – going out. It’s also about aging and getting older, time passing. We become part of history and we find we ‘date ourselves’ remembering what out children consider ancient.

    By Protean URL on 05.03.2014

  27. I’m not a big fan of dating. I’ve done it all. Walks in the park, drinks at the bar, burgers or sandwiches in a cramped little independent deli where the pastrami is allegedly “grass-fed.” I’ve written down numbers on napkins, sent feeble texts outside the Italian restaurant, and hugged enough men and women at the front door that I can still smell some of them on my arms. In the end, it doesn’t amount to much – just a fun night leading to frivolous and temporary fulfillment.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 05.03.2014

  28. “So…are you two dating?”

    I knew it was coming, and I blew out a sigh to show my annoyance at Grace. “Brad is cute, but…I’m not interested in a relationship right now.”

    “Aw,” She faked a frown, jutting her bottom lip out. “Well then, more Brad for me!” A grin, then she sipped on her milkshake.

    Why did that bother me? It shouldn’t have.

    By AJ Kenobi on 05.03.2014

  29. Dating will not be different. These are the words I should have tattooed on my forehead to read when I look in the mirror to get ready for the next blind date.

    By Meredyth URL on 05.03.2014

  30. Trial and error. A tasting of personalities, compatibilities all with different intentions. Pure chance meetings leading to meaningful connections

    By Mike on 05.03.2014

  31. When you look at me, I feel at home. When I look at you, I see myself.
    The world is wide and the sky is limitless, but I know that this can only be for a short time.
    Light fades into darkness.

    By Rocksoxer on 05.03.2014

  32. 2 months since we last spoke.
    1 month since I’ve accepted that.
    A week since my blood boiled.

    But not a day goes by when I don’t think of you still, wishing for your happiness.

    By Tiffany Jillian Go URL on 05.03.2014

  33. is it really that much
    to ask that you love me as painlessly as you did when we first met?
    is it too much to wish for a kiss
    much like the ones we shared before
    they tasted like hope and sunny skies
    now they’re sad stale lies that linger on my lips as i lay awake at night thinking about breakfast and laundry and furniture sales

    you used to touch me in such a way that i felt like if you let go id just float away
    now you touch me because i ask you to
    and you’re too tired to tell me that you don’t feel the same anymore.

    By Sara c: URL on 05.03.2014

  34. Dating, something the world has twisted into something God never intended it to be. This is why I hate society.

    By Pasty Lace on 05.03.2014

  35. I never imagined dating would be so much fun. One Medjool date for you, one for me. One for …

    By Krysf URL on 05.03.2014

  36. i have been secretly dating calum hood and luke hemmings. they are so sweet, i’m torn in two. I don’t want to hurt them, but i just love them both so much, maybe we should’ve stayed friends. I still love them, no matter what.

    By cae on 05.03.2014

  37. Dating iss ridiculous in a sense because in the end it all ends with death or breakup. We get heartbroken in the end and their is nothing we can do about it. We either suffer through the sorrow at the end of a long time of love and happiness or spend an eternity in lonely time.

    By Emily on 05.03.2014

  38. Once they exited the jet black Escalade, it was chaos. Paparazzi swarmed in like bees to their hive, flash bulbs stinging their eyes as they struggled to simply make it to the sidewalk. Reporters—stalkers, if we’re honest—shouted questions, their gruff and demanding voices overlapping.

    “Tom, are you and Lia dating? Did it ruin his relationship with Sirena?”

    “Lia are the rumors of your pregnancy true?”

    She suddenly recieved a rough shove and nearly fell if it hadn’t been for Tom’s strong arm around her waist. The questions quickly turned to crude remarks, and Lia felt tears spring to her eyes.

    “We’re almost there, babe. Just stay close and keep your head down.” Tom tenderly instructed, to which she quickly obeyed. Could she ever get used to this lifestyle?

    By Blue Iris on 05.03.2014

  39. The DNA Analysis was irrefutable, dating the body back to the.early fourth century. The presence, therefore, of twentieth century dental work in its teeth made the case extremely interesting to McArdle.

    By tonykeyesjapan on 05.03.2014

  40. “A meaningless, shallow, immature, frivolous, short-lived, inconsistent, mutually dishonest and degrading waste of time, effort, and life,” Katie whipped off clinically, but with one decidedly severe raise of the eyebrows at the end to punctuate her opinion. Feeling less than keen on pursuing the subject further, she shut her locker and walked away, not bothering to wait for their response.
    As she walked across campus to Chemistry, Katie realized she had left her book in her locker in her rush to avoid dealing with others’ bewilderment and criticism. She sighed mentally, envisioning friends and family with worried looks, preparing to stage an intervention. Not that she felt she needed one, or didn’t have completely valid points to make.

    By Fay on 05.03.2014