September 28th, 2014

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106 Responses to “conviction”

  1. All people do is talk, talk, talk, using empty words. They never do. Actions are nonexistent. All people do is talk. But their words, they lack the very necessary conviction to get things done.

    By Emily URL on 09.28.2014

  2. Conviction is the driving force behind the passionate personalities of the world. Conviction is what changes a thought, a principle, or an ideal, into a life-changing fuel. Conviction is unbreakable, conviction is the backbone of a person’s dreams.

    By Matthew Wicker on 09.28.2014

  3. ready conviction, freedom from conflcits

    By Aly URL on 09.28.2014

  4. i am slowly learning

    that conviction is not always a bold sergeant, purposefully marching forward, methodically taking down whatever is in his path.

    sometimes it the surprising humming rising out of the rubble, the gentle lifting of weight on shoulders, and Your still, small voice, whispering, “well done”.

    By S URL on 09.28.2014

  5. The words couldn’t have been spoken more abruptly, couldn’t have taken him by more surprise. They were bitter; eight words full of years of strife and anger, yet they also possessed a certain honesty that was impossible to ignore.
    “I don’t want to be with you anymore.”

    By Paprika URL on 09.28.2014

  6. Never say Candy, she said. I don’t want to hear that bitch’s name. He stood half turned in the doorway to the kitchen, hands slipped into his pockets playing with the keys, cutting his cuticle open. There was a loaf of bread on the cutting board and the knife laid out from the block. He didn’t move.

    By DMM URL on 09.28.2014

  7. Criminal activity. Prison. Jail bird. Jail bait. Stripes. Brutality. Wrong-doing. Stretch. Bad food. Rebellion. Time spent repenting. Being screwed over by the screws. Porridge.

    By Dawn on 09.28.2014

  8. there’s very little we can do
    a silent bill whispers a little too crisp for the beginning of autumn.
    i’m afraid it’s your last chance to speak
    many mouths open, but most caverns
    are full of bat shit.
    i’m very sorry.
    the very spills out and splatters on my shoes.

    By Kairn URL on 09.28.2014

  9. She followed her convictions. They led her down many a dark alley.

    By Kate Raynes URL on 09.28.2014

  10. The students in ‘How To Get Away With Murder’ were easily able to help Annalise Keating’s character assure there was no conviction for her client, but this wasn’t didn’t make any of the characters likable or even believable.

    By kat on 09.28.2014

  11. I don’t have any convictions anymore. They’ve been taken from me forcefully and my soul feels hurt because I’m not empty yet. I should be empty, I should be used to this, but it’s embarrassing and degrading, and my life force get’s chipped away more and more every single day I’m here… at work.

    By anna on 09.28.2014

  12. No, dear, I’ve never driven nails into my hands. But I’ve hammered knives into my wrists, my hips, my thighs. Don’t tell me I don’t know the pain. and you say I took this life in vain, that I don’t even know the Name.
    Don’t tell me I don’t know your god. I remember him, leaving me in the dark to be fucking torn apart. Religion never did a goddamn thing to save me, and the truth is: it won’t save you, either.

    (because I half care, I’ll tell you this: the only knights that come are the ones you forge yourself.)

    By Pandatry URL on 09.28.2014

  13. She sped into her new job with such conviction, unbelievably pleased that she’d been able to take her dreams and mold them into something tangible as if they’d been made from clay. Now she was standing in her very own little dress shop, something she often read about in small novels when she got the time to curl up beside her cat and lean against a cushion as rain pattered against the window.

    By Nova Lee Adamson URL on 09.28.2014

  14. Drive.

    By Intuition URL on 09.28.2014

  15. Ooh good one. I should be be able to write a lot about this one. Something good. Something liiike, uh, Idk.

    By StatiKink URL on 09.28.2014

  16. Thomas frowned, tapping his foot impatiently. Was he not explaining this with enough conviction? Is Sierra didn’t listen, she would wind up dead. “Listen, if you do not come with me, you will be taken and you will no longer have any free will of any sort. Hell, you could wind up dead!”

    By Kenzie URL on 09.28.2014

  17. It was her conviction to wait for real love. And a man who could see her for who she really was as a person, and who would take the time to really know her.

    By marylou wynegar URL on 09.28.2014

  18. He put his hand over my neck. He didn’t strangle me – just put his hand, gently, around my neck, made me feel vulnerable and uncomfortable.

    And I found I could no longer be angry at him. My feelings seemed deeply unimportant, not worth acting upon. He had sapped me of all conviction.

    He took his hand away, and, dully, I grabbed it; dully, I said – “How did you do that?”

    “Does it matter? We weren’t arguing about anything important anyway.”

    I wasn’t sure what I had been yelling about anymore, but, in my current state, it was impossible for me not to agree. /Nothing/ seemed important.

    “Come on.” He grabbed my hand.

    By a terrible poet URL on 09.28.2014

  19. She was surprised when they didn’t get more excited about her conviction for fraud. They did ask her about it though, and seemed to treat it like an asset. She was relieved not to be grilled about it during the interview, but now that she had been offered the job, she began to wonder, what kind of a company was this, and did she really want to work for them?

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 09.28.2014

  20. It wasn’t her words that broke me. No, it wasn’t them. It was the surety with which she spoke, the weighty force of her conviction, that forced my to me knees. Back bent and spirit broken, I no longer had the will to fight and, so, I let them take me.

    By S.C. Lovelace URL on 09.28.2014

  21. They said I couldn’t do. They said I couldn’t kill him, that I lacked to the conviction. Boy did I prove them wrong. I sit, drowning in his blood, a foreign sound seeping into my ears: laughter. My laughter.

    By Kumquat URL on 09.28.2014

  22. When it comes to relationships, I lack conviction. I refuse to commit yet yearn to be loved. I am desperate to be alone but devastated when he’s not there, I can’t live without being free to fly away but the ground offers such treacherous comfort that the sky does not and is it better to live an empty, safe life in the sky or a secluded, controlled life on the ground? I want love. Who doesn’t want love? But do I deserve to be given a free pass to break people’s hearts because I’m incapable of returning the favor because I will inevitably choose my own flight over whatever was labeled love because I don’t believe it exists because I’m incapable of being loved because when I try to say ‘I love you’ back, the words get stuck in my throat and choke me to death as he holds me in his arms, unaware of my suffocation. My silence is reflective of the loudness in my head, you don’t know, he will never know. So why should I expect love from a person who doesn’t know how full I am, who assumes I’m an empty cup for him to fill with his own self. However. I only say these things about him because a part of me wants an excuse to leave. And part of me wants an excuse to stay. But none of it matters. I ended it last night. Conviction?

    By Carly on 09.28.2014

  23. people don’t have them anymore; your truth, my truth
    what are these? contradictions, reservations, complications…

    By Kacy on 09.28.2014

  24. twilight idea with a morning weight
    and the point is crossed where it’s
    starting to get a little tight on your mind
    but think about the night when
    sun has set & you’re satisfied

    By alita dot org URL on 09.28.2014

  25. my mind is set
    I’m heading for the race
    the cement is curing
    for my minds direction
    going places my heart demands
    or my tangled thoughts digress

    By Protean URL on 09.28.2014

  26. “The conviction must be overturned,” Attorney Gerry scowled, “and it must be overturned now. This woman has been in prison for over four years for a crime she did not commit – ”

    “Opinion and opinion only, Missus Gerry,” replied the prosecutor, sighing. “The evidence shows that – ”

    “What evidence?” exclaimed the attorney. “There is none! You, sir, only have witness testimony, which the individual retracted at the end of the trial!”

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 09.28.2014

  27. a clenched fist. an upward shout. a shake of your head. that’s enough, you shout, that’s enough. you’ll go no further, you’ll come no closer, you’ll inch no more. you are the william barrett travis of determination. you draw your line in the sand, say, this is as far as you come. any more and these arms become cannons, and i’ll sink your ship whole.

    By sunnysuraj URL on 09.28.2014

  28. When I was 10 my convictions were based on what I learned from Jesus but now I know that there’s more to the universe than the god who supposedly created it. I was born with a mind made to do more than worship. I’m not clay. I am living technicolor.

    By Emma Kiel URL on 09.28.2014

  29. To live fiercely. To deny them your mind, to refuse the blinding screens the white noise of their idiotic voices and seek refuge in the currents of the wind.

    By Emma Kiel URL on 09.28.2014

  30. I am what I believe. That is the power of conviction.

    However, only fools hold fast to their convictions.

    Only the strong question their beliefs.

    By Iceman on 09.28.2014

  31. an empty bucket
    slowly running dry
    water trickling away through the cracks in the sides
    i used to have convictions
    but they all trickled away somehow

    By Valkyrie URL on 09.28.2014

  32. Convictions lead to convictions. They erode bits off things, whether they be people or establishments. That’s what both senses of the word have in common. A trapped man or a trapped society, both are broken down by convictions.

    By Tutlens URL on 09.29.2014

  33. There he was, in prison, and wondering how it all happened. How did he end up like this? This isn’t what he was taught when growing up. Was he lied to? Was it all a facade? Pretending to be something else when it’s never been real in the first place?

    By Leo Valaunt on 09.29.2014

  34. Can we not. Conviction is a stupid word I’ve been getting it every time I’m so sick of this. I’m just word spewing for 60 seconds now I guess. Whyyyy this is lame :(( Fine I’ll write about how sometimes I just really want a hug :( From someone other than my mum

    By displeased_existence URL on 09.29.2014

  35. It was her. It had to be her.
    His finger rose steadily, with a conviction he did not feel despite himself, and singled her out.
    “That one.”
    Her eyes taunted him , hard and unyielding, in the harsh glow of the police lineup.

    By Tea on 09.29.2014

  36. His eyes blaze with a certainty that simultaneously impresses and frightens you. He’s a zealot, a believer, and where you have skepticism he has absolute, unwavering conviction.

    You don’t stand a chance.

    By Tea URL on 09.29.2014

  37. She said it was my convictions that ended the marriage, but truth be told her shopping habits had a lot to do with it.

    By Kaylin URL on 09.29.2014

  38. I drift form one thought to another
    one goal to another
    as a butterfly does
    do they all?
    i stay nowhere
    i belong everywhere
    do i?

    By Anu on 09.29.2014

  39. I guess that means having values. But the first thing I think of is being convicted. Like going to jail. That is my worst nightmare. I would like to never have a conviction. That is my life goal.

    By Hillary on 09.29.2014

  40. conviction is to charge. conviction is to assume. to convict someone of a crime is like saying they have no say so. they did it. every day people go to jail or get accused of something they could never do but that doesn’t mean all that they say is true.

    By Danielle URL on 09.29.2014