March 9th, 2011 | 808 Entries

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808 Entries for “wondered”

  1. I wondered about him. What he thought of me. There was nothing, I could tell. He told his friend who told me. But that friend lies. I wondered if he lied to be, because he’s in love with me. But then he wasn’t. I don’t know what to do…
    All I can do, is wonder if you feel the same way too…:)

    By Love Always on 03.09.2011

  2. I used to wonder a lot. Then somehow I felt like I’d wondered enough. I let go and started living.

    By Lisa on 03.09.2011

  3. What’s love? Is it the future, the reason we exist, the meaning of life? No.. is it a doorway to another experience, another realm of realistic fantasy? That’s what it is, my own world of realistic fantasy. My world I wonder.

    By brynns.edge URL on 03.09.2011

  4. “I’ve always wondered…” have always been the lead words into great conversations for me. I love starting a conversation with those words and something completely off just to see what others will say about it. Makes for good discussion.

    By stephanie URL on 03.09.2011

  5. I have often looked at you and wondered how you are still here by my side
    often wondered how you look at me anymore.

    By Tina URL on 03.09.2011

  6. i sat and wondered what would be of me.
    there’s nothing certain in the world, they say.
    i say, one certainty IS there.
    the certainty of being loved. that’s such an illusionary certainty.

    By Jo on 03.09.2011

  7. At oceans, and rivers,
    and how the stars hung in the sky.
    At you and me, and how functions the eye.
    At mountains and streams, clouds above.
    And how on earth, we can love.
    After hurt,
    After pain, when all is lost
    And we return again.

    By Kristine Dreamer URL on 03.09.2011

  8. i wondered if we were all one
    as a lot of artists and grues say.
    i wondered if we had eternal life,
    living as spirits in bodies.

    By Kaorita on 03.09.2011

  9. i wondered about how life works, and what people think of me. wondering is amazing because your mind can take you places that you didn’t even know existed, or it could show you thoughts that you didn’t even know that you had. it allows your mind to be free and wander where ever it pleases.

    By Claudia on 03.09.2011

  10. I wondered about when we saw the moonlight… I looked in your eyes to see what you were thinking. of course i can’t literally see what you’re thinking… but i WONDERED about it… ya know? I love you… have you ever wondered that? yeah… um,

    By Brea on 03.09.2011

  11. Ebony skies and silky nights.
    It’s a perfect time for a walk.
    It’s just not a love story.

    “Have you ever wondered what’s out there?”
    He flings an arm toward the sea,
    Bends over and grabs a fistful of sand,
    Throws it in the water.

    “No,” she says.

    By Mellissa Elledge URL on 03.09.2011

  12. have you ever wondered if we have ever met before? because i look at you and i feel like there is this odd recognition. have you ever wondered if we were supposed to be together? or why we met? i always wonder why certain people are put into my life…i guess time will tell.

    By drea on 03.09.2011

  13. I’ve always wondered what it would be like if it rained m&ms. Would it be like hail and destroy everything or would it be awesome?

    By Victoria URL on 03.09.2011

  14. i wonder about too much but i can’t seem to put out to effort to ask or question it its hard to live with i use it i wonder but i cant seem to understand how to ask and how to open my mouth an talk its all i can do and its all i know how and why i dont know

    By Caroline on 03.09.2011

  15. I wondered once about life and how people perceive it. Does it matter to some? I wondered if suicide was a way to pay for life debts. It was never a noble death as the Romans saw it. Life is a gift and it can never be given back. You throw your life away I wonder if you will ever be the same.

    By Brenna URL on 03.09.2011

  16. I wonder about this, that… plus more…. it weird….. ya know… i wonder if you love me as much as you say you do.. I wonder if the world is what it really is… is this all real? ever wonder that? am i some time of cartoon or something.

    By brea URL on 03.09.2011

  17. I wondered daily. All the time. So much of my time spent wondering. Daydreaming. Thinking of things not in the here and now and present – past, future, any time but now. Wondering is healthy, generally speaking. It means an open mind is in there, one that wondered.

    By Robine URL on 03.09.2011

  18. I wondered today why he would love me. I still don’t understand. I wonder at the world around me. I wonder at pain. Wondered. I wonder why so much good and all the bad can happen to me at once. I wonder what my life holds.

    By Jenn on 03.09.2011

  19. I wondered when I was going to get into college. I wondered when someone would love me. I wondered if I would be a success…all my life I’ve wondered but it has done me no good. Why? Life is a journey and you should go along for the ride not wonder where you are going. In time you will see it has led you.

    By steve bluestein on 03.09.2011

  20. I wondered. I Looked upon a yellow sky and in my mind painted it red. I dreamed a dastardly dream, without ever stopping, without ever thinking; I wondered.

    By Tiz's Dream URL on 03.09.2011

  21. I just really want him to be attracted to me again. Well, I think he still is. But Im not sure he actually wants to be with me. I mean, there are so many other girls at his school for him to go for. But we had alot of fun while we were together. We weren’t ready to break up. I wasn’t he wasn’t.

    By Rosalie on 03.09.2011

  22. It’s true. It’s in the back of my mind. It will be there forever. Each day growing. Each day eating a bit more of what is left of my sanity. But there’s no turning back. It’s too late. I wished. I wondered.

    By Paul Puri URL on 03.09.2011

  23. I once wondered what it would have been like if I never became a teacher and stayed on as a professional box slinger for a living. I probably would be in better physical shape, to be sure!

    By Duke URL on 03.09.2011

  24. Foolishly, I attempted to explain the world when all I truly needed to do was wonder.

    By Tiz's Dream URL on 03.09.2011

  25. i have always wondered…how long will it be? before i choose to love you, or you to leave me?
    i have always wondered… how do you know it’s right? does it take a fluttering heart or sparks in the night?
    i have always wondered…but now i know.
    i can’t spend my life wondering, i just have to c to go

    By Esther URL on 03.09.2011

  26. I wonder where wonderland would go. To see, to think, to wondered too. I cannot write and I wondered why, I sat atop the flifflefly.

    “Have you seen little rascles before?” I wondered.

    By Jason Church URL on 03.09.2011

  27. I wondered If I’d ever find you. Your name is etched into my forever. I hope to never forget you should we ever meet.

    By Tiz's Dream URL on 03.09.2011

  28. i wondered what word this would be. and now it’s wondered. i wonder if all the words are wondered, or just mine. kinda weird, really. a lot of wondering happens when you have sixty seconds to write about a word. even one as simple as wondered.

    By Charlie on 03.09.2011

  29. I wondered about something. Its like thinking something. It can also be like a world wonder but this is WONDERED not WONDER. Wat you wonder can be right or wrong. It can be in future or past.

    By radha URL on 03.09.2011

  30. today i wondered all kinds of things. i wondered what i was doing with my life. i wondered why i was even here, about a thousand times. i wondered why i was becoming a vegetarian. i wondered why i liked james. i wondered why i liked daniel. i wondered why i like emily. i wondered about how air works. i wondered why i even bother with school. i wondered why i’m not failing school. i wondered when i turned into such a bad seed.

    By elaine URL on 03.09.2011

  31. Jason cannot write
    I wondered why that is so
    Oh, he is just dumb

    cats are wondered towhy is there been gone done to see.

    The above is another example of Jason’s dumb writing.

    By Vivian URL on 03.09.2011

  32. I wondered what I would do when I got home. The hunger that I had since the beginning of the day was almost unbearable. My mind blank, I continued to the bus, as I looked to the sky, I saw a shape. It reminded me of something long ago…

    By Nick URL on 03.09.2011

  33. מעניין מה היה קורה אילו… אילו לסבתא היו גלגלים. אילו יכולתי לקרוא מחשבות של אנשים. אילו… אילו הייתי יכולה לעוף או להגיע לירח. מעניין. אני תוהה לפעמים אילו דברים הייתי יכולה להרגיש אם הייתי עושה את הדברים האלה. אולי הם לא כל כך נפלאים כמו שהם נראים. קר בחלל, וקר בשמיים. אני תוהה…

    By רוני on 03.09.2011

  34. i wondered today about the trees and the birds and the sky except i didn’t really wonder about any of it i just walked right past it on my way to where i needed to go and nothing ever caused me to look around today usually i try to look up and take in my surroundings but today was business as usual and now it is dark and i have run out of time today and i forgot to look at the blue sky and the greening grass now devoid of snow and it’s gone now well it’s still there but dark.

    By Maia on 03.09.2011

  35. i have wondered who i am, why i’m here, how to realize my ultimate purpose.

    wondering is wonder-ful! to guess, question, explore, think about, learn, discover…it’s incredible to wonder.

    i wonder who you are?

    i wonder if we’ll ever meet?

    By ingrid on 03.09.2011

  36. i wonder about a lot of things in life. that’s really all life is. just wondering. about the future, what’s going to happen. about the past, and why certain things happened like they did. about the present. life’s just one big wonder. and we don’t always find out. some things we always wonder about.

    By erika on 03.09.2011

  37. I wondered how, i wondered why.

    By looiirene URL on 03.09.2011

  38. I have always wondered about wondering. What a wonderful world we have to wonder about. Wonderful, wonderland. All around us is wonder. Have you wondered about a wonder? I think you have. But I can not prove this wonder. Wondered. Wondered? I wonder.

    By Hallie on 03.09.2011

  39. Wondered how long it lasted.
    Wondered how long it happened.
    Wondered how long it mastered.
    Wondered how long they dampened.

    Dying, dying, dying, and dead.

    By Dave URL on 03.09.2011

  40. I wondered, the other day, if I will ever get married. My mother tells me she will never do it again if anything ever happens to Steven (my stepfather). She says this not because he’s her soul mate, but because he gets on her nerves. My father has only been married once, and that was roughly 10 years before I was born. He never married my mother. Now he’s “shacking up” with a woman I really like (I think it’s safe to call her stepmother). They’ve lived together for 6 years, and got a “surprise” three years ago in the form of my new(ish) brother. I wonder if that will be me. I sure as god hope not. I always wonder if people are even meant to find the one. I mean billions of people in the world; what’s the chance that I will find the one. Is there a one? I hope so. Hope I find him too. Maybe I should just be one of those cat women. I wonder…

    By Ella on 03.09.2011