March 9th, 2011 | 808 Entries

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808 Entries for “wondered”

  1. I wondered what would happen today. I wonder every morning what will happen to me, what I will stumble upon. Wonder is a thing of the imagination that can either be transferred into reality or just remain a dream. Excitement and beauty contained in your mind….WONDER! wow!

    By Margorenee on 03.10.2011

  2. I wondered why the sky is blue. Shouldn´t it be black since the universe is black. Is the universe black. Why is the sky blue. What gives it the blue colour. Why is the sky not black when we look up to it.

    By Tim URL on 03.10.2011

  3. Today i wondered if we were going to have a party in third hour, which is history for me.

    By Kayla URL on 03.10.2011

  4. I wondered if we were going to the mall after school.

    By Rochelle Scott URL on 03.10.2011

  5. I have always wondered why the sky is blue,but I found out why. I think it’s because the color of the ocean reflects onto the atmosphere.

    By summer firm URL on 03.10.2011

  6. i wondered if i was gonna die in track. I wondered if i could finish everything we had to do. I’m just kiddin. i was fine. ha

    By "CountryGirl!!!":D URL on 03.10.2011

  7. I wore a stachee to school today and everyone wondered why.:)

    By Thomas the Train:D URL on 03.10.2011

  8. i wondered in k mart because i couldn’t find the doors!!!!!

    By mushihimesamafutari URL on 03.10.2011

  9. Iv always wondered who wondered first…i mean the first wonderer set off some huge train reaction.

    By snickers104515 URL on 03.10.2011

  10. I have often wondered about about where my ideas come from.

    By Wltbank URL on 03.10.2011

  11. as i wondered threw the night
    i have a slight fright
    thinking of what might happen
    seeing threw a BALLON!

    By Breanna Craven URL on 03.10.2011

  12. i dont know like this word

    By werty URL on 03.10.2011

  13. I often wondered how I ended up in such in this state. I thought everything was going fine, but in the back of my mind, I knew I was headed in a downwards spiral. I was getting to comfortable, everything was too easy and in the end, I was just a bit too cocky.

    By RoGina Williams URL on 03.10.2011

  14. its the bread who realized itself. its funny that the word brought back memorys of my past. i used to live one block away from a woder bread bakery. ofcourse nothing was actually baked there (the ghetto is in short supply of bakerys) but to go and buy myself an apple pie was always the highlight of the first of the month as a child lol

    By sam zamora on 03.10.2011

  15. have already written on this before, but any how I still keep wondering about the life and its unpredictabilities. Awesome and Awfull things come hand in hand.. hey but why call naything awfull at all… all’s good with me :) stay good

    By Bha URL on 03.10.2011

  16. I wondered the other day what this day will be like. Screw you guys and your fing words. I had enough of this shit. It’s snowing the hell out, and the candles aren’t even lit! I had too much yogurt, where the fuck is everybody!! I need to get home! The flowers aren’t blosseming, and the mustard plants are dying. Ugh, screw everything here! Goddamn this blasted table! The strawberries are all the way downstairs, and I blasted want them! … Who put the heater on this high!! Oooooh, god, this thing is taking forever to finish, never knew a minute could be this long, nahahaha, it’s not done yet. The pepper is almost gone, need to get some more, though I can’t understand how it’s almost gone, nobody uses pepper in the house, don’t you get it!! They’re all dead! Everybody. Neptune is a gorgeous planet. It has green grass, no blue liquid! Read about it this morning, who voluntarily reads about a blasted planet the human eye can’t even see!! Ughhhhh… but it’s beautiful. Blast you guys who thinks it isn’t! It’s AWESOME!

    By Ivy URL on 03.10.2011

  17. When I was young I wondered at landscapes and magic tricks, much like I am wondering now at how I can pull my life back together.

    By October URL on 03.10.2011

  18. Often wondered what it would be like to be able to type with all my fingers without looking at the keys. I’d be better suited to this website that’s for sure.

    By Gary Cooke URL on 03.10.2011

  19. “Have you ever wondered if there was life after death?” She asked.
    Andrew had been at the point of reaching for her hand but hesitated.
    “No”, he answered immediatedly, looking down at his hands.
    “Have you ever wondered if there was life after life?” she grinned back.

    By M Daly URL on 03.10.2011

  20. wondered if I would live long enough to make sense of my own mind
    or figure out how to fix a flat tire
    or pry open my heart just enough to let you in
    without thinking it was going to cost me too much
    wondered how to live without calculating the sunshine on the wall

    By Janet Smith on 03.10.2011

  21. I wondered about today. I wonder what I’ll do next. I’m running out of money and I don’t have a full time job. Just spent the damn day wondering. You’d wonder about me, looking gloomy and puzzled. Just trying to figure stuff out. My horoscopes tell me great stuff but I can’t see the way the foward yet – inspiriation? dunno… ideas… too many… goals – just three… woman, dough and learn vietnamese

    By stivi cooke on 03.10.2011

  22. Oh, I’ve thought about it.
    Contemplated it.
    Preoccupied myself with it.
    Puzzled over it.
    Prognosticated it.
    Theorized about it.

    But have I wondered about it?

    By HelenGrant URL on 03.10.2011

  23. An interesting word, for what does it mean to have “wondered”? We are constantly wondering about many different things, and thus it is impossible to stop wondering. If we stop wondering, we stop getting ideas, and thus lose creativity. Wondered is one of the things we can’t say since we don’t stop doing it. Wondering is infinite, so it never stops. We constantly wonder, but we have never truly “wondered”, as that means we stopped.

    By Kyle on 03.10.2011

  24. the world is full of it. brings intrigue and mystery to mind. everyone has done it. i’m doing it right now. im wondering if im capable of good writing

    By Ricqcolia on 03.10.2011

  25. A heart sings out. Cries for another to answer its song. When an answer was finally heard, this heart spent time wondering if it was real. Time past and the answered call started to fade. The heart was awakened and realized that she had let it fade wasting time by wondering. She screams out again. The call was answered. No doubt this time. She followed the sound of her loves call to find him waiting patiently for her. With trust and belief she wonders why she ever would have wondered.

    By pixipix URL on 03.10.2011

  26. I wondered how I would be able to write something meaningful in 60 seconds. And then I realized – I was free. There are no requirements, and finally I can speak my mind without worrying about the opinions or criticisms of those who might view it. And so here it is – I am sick of wondering why Americans are unable to support their brethren. I wonder why we are embittered against our neighbors.

    By BBZ on 03.10.2011

  27. i wondered why i let myself fall so hard for spyro when i know how much it hurts to be left

    i wondered why i let myself leave home for a boy, again

    i wondered if there is really a god, and if so why would he care about me

    i wondered why i have lost so much of my ability to think for myself

    i wondered if teaching is really the direction i am supposed to be headed in or am i just settling because it seems easy

    By Allison Nieuwsma on 03.10.2011

  28. I have been contemplating what I am to do with my life for the longest possible time. Still, after all this time I have yet to care about the future. Perhaps a bit more passion is what I need, more ideas that I find ideal, versus what is more realistic. Passion will lead me to wonder, rather than to contemplate.

    By Kyle URL on 03.10.2011

  29. I wondered as I wandered in a wonderful world. The trees wondered back at me, thinking about the strange presence that screams but yet whispers always while burning as bright as a flame about to run out of wax to hold it. The biggest wonder of all though is that which you can’t see that is right in front of your eyes, rather that you are unwilling to see, if you wondered, then you’d see. However, we always wonder what we can’t see

    By KSully on 03.10.2011

  30. He wondered on and on into the horizon that never moved. This flat world will end eventually. Its just… will I end before it?

    By Connor Gerlitz URL on 03.10.2011

  31. I wonder what it’s like to be somebody else. To be them, but knowing what it was like to be me; to be able to compare the two perspectives. I wonder if/how past lives work. I wonder if who I am is good and meant to be.

    By Janie on 03.10.2011

  32. I have wondered about a lot of things. Like; why do people blame the heart for a ‘broken heart’? I mean, your brain is in charge of your feelings and emotions. Also, why does the heart get all the recognition, why don’t some people blame the brain.

    By Broke825 URL on 03.10.2011

  33. I always wondered about my future. Now it’s here and I’m not sure if its everything I ever thought it’d be. Now I continue to wonder about my future… I hope it turns out how I imagine it this time.

    By Corinne URL on 03.10.2011

  34. wondered why there was a chicken crossing the road

    By debra on 03.10.2011

  35. I wondered what he could possibly have been thinking as I bumped into him on the street. I did not have to wonder long, though, because he rudely said, “Watch where you’re going, lady!” I wondered again why his mother didn’t teach him better manners.

    By English teacher 79 on 03.10.2011

  36. I wondered about being a fireman when I grow up. Wondered is a another hard word to use. Wondered means to wonder but from the past.

    By Jpac URL on 03.10.2011

  37. i wondered if i would be in wal-mart after school yesterday but my grandma wouldn’t let me.

    By chase URL on 03.10.2011

  38. Iwondered, like wandered lonely as a cloud.
    I just wondered where I would go.
    I wondered.
    I thought.
    Or maybe I didn’t.
    I just did it.

    By David on 03.10.2011

  39. i wondered if today was going to just be boring or exciting! and it’s actually turning out to be very exciting and fun! i think todays going to be a good day:)

    By kimmy411 on 03.10.2011

  40. Wondered is like a word that you dont really care but you want to know.

    By Sam tate URL on 03.10.2011