March 9th, 2011 | 808 Entries

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808 Entries for “wondered”

  1. Rob violently sat down and slammed his car door throwing the steaming hot bagel the general direction of the back seat tilting his head back in frustration after noticing Jenny in the middle of Dan and Dan. He wondered at her sense of composure gazing at the stars through the moon roof, awestruck at the beauty.

    “Lord…” Rob whispered.

    By vanhaydu URL on 03.10.2011

  2. I wondered how I got here, who you are, and what we are doing. I just woke up. I don’t know from what.
    I wondered what day it was, whether or not you loved me.
    I wondered what city I was in, what time it was.

    By Melanie on 03.10.2011

  3. teda myslel.. haha debaty ked si.

    By jEdu on 03.10.2011

  4. how

    By arielle on 03.10.2011

  5. sometimes I wonder how much time I spend on wondering about things
    some say it’s a waste of time, but I disagree. This is the best way to spend your time because all else shall perish, but hopefully some of your thoughts and dreams shall survive with your soul when you die.

    By Maryna on 03.10.2011

  6. I wondered what was going to happen tomorrow. Wondered is a very strange word as we all seem to wonder and wander at different times in our lives.

    By Alan on 03.10.2011

  7. she wondered where she wasd going. Shw was on the trail with her friend who wasn’t paying much attention. It was mid afternoon. they were bored but didn’t want to go home. she had been on the trail many times before but wasn’t paying much attention to the exact location. she knew that the trail would end at the road. Was there a new interesting spot worth bushwacking? should she storm through the brush to see or would it be boring as well? she looked for signs of “intrigue” or “go”. None. It was calm, temp was perfect. blah. no worries in the world. what she didn’t know was that this was forming a retreat for her to go back to again and again in life. not sure what to do, want to get away, no where to go, peaceful and healthy in the woods. a healthy retreat. in private. destressor.

    By egurrk on 03.10.2011

  8. One day I wondered what it would be like to go to the moon. I fell asleep and I made it there. I placed my flag and it floated away. I was the first Janet to reach the moon. I made my stand and you can too. Just close your eyes and you’ll be there.

    By Janet on 03.10.2011

  9. ‘Wondered’ is often confused with ‘Wandered’ and that really winds me up when people say they’re going for ‘a Wonder’ or they ‘Often wandered about that’.


    By Ben URL on 03.10.2011

  10. wonder. what a retarded concept. why wonder? where does it get you? dreams. woopdy fuckin doo. until they get destroyed. then you can wonder what happened that made your wondering such a bad thing. then you are being self destructive cause you are wondering about if wondering is bad. which is retarded.

    By Ken on 03.10.2011

  11. …..a nič prazdna stranka?reku nejaky naklad na debilnost

    By jEdu on 03.10.2011

  12. when i was a child i was very wondered of the life of animals, because they were so mysterious, and exciting, so one day i decided to observe them than and this was my first path to become a zoologue, than i passed all my life to observe them and find out some clues for the eternal and unversal secret of the

    By camille on 03.10.2011

  13. heartland
    it isn’t airy
    i sit like every poem does
    it’s a wind of disbelief
    of unhonority
    it’ss a not knowing and a not fathoming
    or is it?
    give it a hmmm
    I wonder.

    By sarien URL on 03.10.2011

  14. i wondered if there were no difficulties in my life,it would have been a heaven on earth!

    By sumera on 03.10.2011

  15. have you ever wondered how the universe was created? just on big cosmic sneeze of matter and energy? the hobby of the grandpa of the universe? or just the imagination of some other being, living or otherwise. It doesnt take much to have your mind explode.

    By Robbie URL on 03.10.2011

  16. Plural: Wonders. exploring, finding, creating, drunk, forest, hideout, stephen melville,

    By Josh on 03.10.2011

  17. i wondered alot about alot of things but did wondering get me anywhere? i dont know is there any focus in wondering what if i didnt wonder would i still be creative i dont know ….i wonder anyway i wonder what this is all about what this test is going to tell me about writing about wondering i wonder if 60 seconds has gone by yet 60 seconds is a long time when your expecting it to run out i wonder what i am talking about …actually nothing ….oh ya i am talking about wondering but in the past tense as if i have already done it i wonder when i wondered about wondering i wonder who might read this considering that i havent used any capitolization or puntuation ….my typing sucks….dont have to wonder about that wow sure seems like alot longer than 60 seconds ….i wondered if i had been typing for longer than 60 seconds ….actually i am almost certain that i have been i suppose i could go on and on ….hmmmmm a second ago i wondered how long i could go on writing about the word wondered …..now i am wondering……but now that that moment passed i have wondered i have just had a epiphany that i can actually wonder and have wondered simultaniusly…i just wondered how badly of a speler i am tu

    By nathan on 03.10.2011

  18. I wondered what this was all about, so I thought I’d check it out…

    By Silvana on 03.10.2011

  19. pondered… wondering of something. i had a thought but then i lost. i often wonder of worst-case-scenario situations. it doesn’t matter where i am, i will wonder about any bad thing that could happen to me in that moment, in that instance, and what would follow, my funeral, my death, the heartache, the trouble. i wonder about things like that, silly stuff, that won’t ever happen, but i wonder if it ever could.

    By kristinajennifer URL on 03.10.2011

  20. I wondered about that, you know. There is time to develop all of this, but I wondered where it would go. Is this the right thing for us to be doing? Where is life headed? I wondered … and that was a good thing!

    By Bonnie Cehovet URL on 03.10.2011

  21. I wondered how things would turn out later that day when hubby came home and saw the house still a shambles. I wondered whether he would write his name in dust or just look pained. I wondered whether he would be too tired to notice. I decided that I didn’t care and wondered what he would think about that.

    By alison cross URL on 03.10.2011

  22. i wondered lonely as a cow, that munches midst the daffodils. I wondered then some more and came to no conclusion, save that daffodils don’t taste like clouds.

    By Ania Knight on 03.10.2011

  23. i wondered what had happened to her life, how strange it must have been to see those colors the way she had. The hue and feel they had on her eyes were now strained with the punishment she has to endure from all the beauty her pupils could once possess

    By Laura on 03.10.2011

  24. i have often wondered about the world i live in. wondered about how things work.

    By Lindsey URL on 03.10.2011

  25. I like to wonder a lot, perhaps more pondering than wondering. Having wondered about something is good. It means you’re curious. Curious people by nature are more likely to search for an answer to their query.

    By Alex Moore on 03.10.2011

  26. I wondered what it was I had going on in my deep subcscious, why did I wonder so much about the workingd of my own mind and of others. Is it the act f wondering that brings forth information and insight, or is it the openness of wondering that in itself brings information forward

    By Emma Sunerton-Burl URL on 03.10.2011

  27. Have I ever wondered if I could have done better? Absolutely. Have I ver wondered if he was the right one but I let him go anyways? Maybe. I wondered if I was psychic; that my dreams told me my future. I still think they do. They are the safest place to me. The safest place where I know an control my thoughts. I wondered in them. And I created. Now I just remember and regret from time to time. I worry, I write, I frustrate myself, and I somehow put on a mask. Do they wonder? am I still writing? I will keep on writing, and when I’m out of time I will continue to think about how frustrating this kind of is. I am on a cellphone. I wonder if that’s legitimate compared to an actual keyboard. At least I have spell check. I think it’s been over 60 seconds..this is odd

    By Katie lysette on 03.10.2011

  28. I wondered wandering through miles of my own thoughts. I didn’t arrive at anywhere but it freed me from thinking about the world around me.

    By Tiz's Dream URL on 03.10.2011

  29. Will she call, he wondered. How long must he wait, he pondered.
    Time is ticking, love seems to have left him a long time ago.
    The solution, he thought
    Was to go mad, to go where no time exists.

    By Pierre Le Floyd on 03.10.2011

  30. i wondered; among many people how i could surpass them. lead them to greatness and earn my eternal glory in the kingdom of god.

    By chris colvill on 03.10.2011

  31. I wondered where could the bear possibly be? He’s not under the chair, or behind the door. He must have been eating the honey! So I went into the kitchen and there it was, the bear claws. I thought to myself. How do I get such a cute bear under control? It was quite simple, kill it. Wow that’s dark.

    By Ian URL on 03.10.2011

  32. i wondered; among many how could i surpass them, lead them to greatness and earn my eternal glory in the kingdom of god.

    By chris colville on 03.10.2011

  33. A kindred spirit got lost in the labyrinth. Tall hedges and colorful blooms blocked his way. He didn’t know what to make out of the things around him. He wondered why it was clear as night, dark as day.

    By yunisee on 03.10.2011

  34. i wondered if what i had done that day was the right choice. it was the biggest decision of my life. i had walked into his room and had said many things that i now cannot take back. i wondered for many years if what i had said was actually true. it had changed me, it had changed my life forever.

    By isabel URL on 03.10.2011

  35. What is it to have wondered?
    It is to have been a child poking ants in the sand;
    lovers gazing at the stars in the sky;
    mothers’-to-be- stroking their swollen bellies.

    By superbunny URL on 03.10.2011

  36. “Wonder” is a wonderful thing. It’s funny how the word “wonder” and “wonderful” are so very different. To “wonder” is to seek out information on something you’re interested in, while “wonderful” usually is a synonym for great or awesome or really good. I wonder how “wonderful” came to have the word “wonder” in it but having a totally different meaning from “wonder” to the “wonder” in the word “wonderful.” It’s wonderful that people can wonder where the word “wonderful” came from. I wondered how much I’d be able to write in such a short amount of time. Although, I had a difficult time writing about the past tense version of the word “wonder” because I wasn’t thinking in the past tense.

    By Rose on 03.10.2011

  37. wondered if I could ever become flabbergasted. Still, today I’d love to burry a mole and a cat together for eternity.
    Love has jist passed like the autumns of our lives and no one is sane any more

    By Laura on 03.10.2011

  38. Often I’ve wondered why I’m here. And I don’t necessarily mean in a larger metaphysical sense. I mean right where I am today. What decisions made me who I am. If I could do it all again, would I do things differently? Probably, but maybe not.

    By Mike the Magic Squid URL on 03.10.2011

  39. I wondered whether the sky was gray or blue. I couldn’t quite decide. The fact that the stormclouds were approaching didn’t add to the overall bleakness of the situation. I watched the lighting flash in the distance – further away than the humans could see – before sinking below the water and heading home.

    By Nina on 03.10.2011

  40. i wondered where he had gone. I did not know. I was simply only allowed to wonder. How had he gone? where had he gone? why? i have wondered many things, but none of them involved him. I know not why he was what i thought of first.

    By Ellie on 03.10.2011