June 18th, 2010 | 379 Entries

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379 Entries for “without”

  1. We aren’t without a thing. We are complete. Simple.

    By A girl on 06.19.2010

  2. without you, life is so much better. i can actually open my eyes and see, and nothing is cloudy or fogged up. its like getting new glasses, or remembering to take my inhaler so i can get that breath of fresh air. without you, life seems less polluted. i like it

    By garbs on 06.19.2010

  3. I cannot live without him. He is mine forever and without him I would die. Without him I can’t remember how I ever used to live again. Without him, I return to living in black and white. Without him, there is no me.

    By Ann URL on 06.19.2010

  4. “With or without you” are lyrics to a song I can’t remember the name of. I feel like it’s a cheesy 00’s pop love ballad, so maybe it’s a good thing I’ve forgotten the song altogether.

    By imshort123 URL on 06.19.2010

  5. the word without initiates a number of feelings; for me it means having to forfeit something or give something up, it can also indicate that someone has never been with something or someone, going without is generally negative but can indeed be positive.

    By natalie on 06.19.2010

  6. This is my first “oneword” and I am without ideas. Didn’t think it would be so tough.

    By lovenden URL on 06.19.2010

  7. without love the world would stop turning because we would have no reason to live. without knowledge we would cease to exist. without a lot of things, we would go without. if we are constantly thinking about with out we wont be able to focus on the with, and life would be pointless. without you. without me. without. is not good.

    By Emily on 06.19.2010

  8. I thought about living without Cheerios. It was my daily essential. Soaking up milk. Crunching loudly. No, there was no way I could give up Cheerios.

    By Arielle D on 06.19.2010

  9. Without absence, where are we?
    Without you, what am I?
    Without imagination, I can’t write anything.
    I am without imagination and have run out of ideas.

    By Holly on 06.19.2010

  10. without is such a weird word. its a word that refers to the absence of things. now why on earth should we focus on what we dont have. thats just dumb. focus on the with. whats with us. what we have and the world would be a whole lot better

    By sl33p on 06.19.2010

  11. Ha. I have to live without a lot of things. Some of them, I wonder if it’s a choice for me to live without. Am I holding myself back because of fear or uncertainty?

    By Jodi URL on 06.19.2010

  12. without you I’m not myself. I’d rather be with than without. A part of me that lies within. Something George Harrison said rings true here. life goes on within or without you.

    By Adam Unciano on 06.19.2010

  13. without. without is. i don’t know. the one thing i can say about without is i’d rather be with. at all times i know i’d rather be with. without is a disadvantage. without isn’t something that makes you stronger. without will never make you stronger. i’d always want to be with.

    By geh on 06.19.2010

  14. it is hard to imagine that you will not be here for ever event, any more shows or birthdays
    i’m going to have to learn how to live in a world that you are not in
    i have to learn to live without constantly looking for a approval from others.

    By melissa on 06.19.2010

  15. you, I am nothing, or I might as well be.

    I am less substantial than air.

    I am less alive than concrete.

    You don’t complete me; you keep me going.

    By Rachael URL on 06.19.2010

  16. With or without you, I will still be the same
    I will not bury my face or hide from the shame
    shall not wither away and crawl into a hole
    Shall not concede to the emptiness growing in my soul

    I will be fine, but i’m afraid you
    will suffer all I had to go through

    By MJ Warren URL on 06.19.2010

  17. without you. It pisses me off, is what it does. And I am fricken trying to be tjhe bigger person. Without you i am sad. YOU make my life complete. YOU could be the cause of the previous YOU but you weren’t worth it. You get it?

    By bob on 06.19.2010

  18. i feel like i am without purpose and without a school and without so much that i need to achieve my dreams. i want richmond, i want sucess, i want a life worth living but i feel as if i am without when i am 18 and have the world at my fingertips.

    By victoria palumbo on 06.19.2010

  19. It did not change.

    By SilverCira URL on 06.19.2010