March 22nd, 2013 | 86 Entries

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86 Entries for “winged”

  1. a cluster of houses in a village

    By vaishali on 03.22.2013

  2. Winged. My eyes could not understand. He had wings, much like those I had seen in so many paintings in the cathedrals. So it was true. Angels walked among us.

    By Yolanda URL on 03.22.2013

  3. The one winged angel. That’s what I called him. I saw him in my dreams every night. He said something I couldn’t quite make out. And every night I waited for him.

    By Alex Cahill on 03.22.2013

  4. I don’t believe it.
    Where are my arms?
    Why can I fly now?
    I don’t like these.
    It’s too high up here.

    By Crazyguy1990 URL on 03.22.2013

  5. The aeroplane is winged.

    By Chai Xin Tian URL on 03.22.2013

  6. The bird is winged .
    The aeroplane is winged.

    By Xin Tian URL on 03.22.2013

  7. she thinks she’d like to have wings, you know
    but all
    all we really want is to just float about, I think, but I don’t believe
    I don’t believe in anything
    not even the vast nothingness
    and birds aren’t even the most
    I mean, what’s with that
    that’s a bit ducked
    they should be little wind tunnels instead.

    By frank lee on 03.22.2013

  8. The bird is winged. The angel, if you believe in it, is winged. I am winged. Not in the physical sense, as the bird, or the spiritual sense as the angel, but the self-expressive metaphorical sense.

    By Sarah Hlavaty on 03.22.2013

  9. Mount up with wings of an eagle and soar. Float in the sky as God directs your path and look upon those you pass with delight. Know that what you envision is but a faction of the blessings He desires to yield upon your life. Be pleased with the rewards that you receive and don’t take them for granted. Taking things for granted can get your wings clipped. Unlike other creatures you can not replenish. Once winged you will not rejuvenate.

    By EF on 03.22.2013

  10. He had wings. He was winged. Before and after. His wings now are more real than before.

    By Sarah Catherine Hlavaty URL on 03.22.2013

  11. Her beautiful body rolled over the daisies. Winged eyelashes framing her eyes that matched the overgrown grass darting left to right like a cat stalking its prey.

    She turned and looked at me smiling her crazed smile and began laughing but why I was unsure.

    By Arianna on 03.22.2013

  12. The winged ones are those who can take to the skies. In Native American legend, it is the winged ones who are the messengers between human and other earth bound creatures and the spirits in the sky.

    By Joe Carey URL on 03.22.2013

  13. Just like the one winged dove sings a song and sounds like she is singing. I love fleetwood mac I am actually named from one of there songs. Its called rhiannon and I am amelia rhiannon. I really miss being in creative writing class and doing things like this. I am very hopefull that I will be able to get into USM and that way I can take classes like this again if I want to , but ya I am really hoping. I really dont know how much time I have left or if I am even being timed. I am trying my hardest not to look at the screen. I have been thinking a lot about birds lately I wonder if thats a sign for something. Somethimes I think it is kind of wierd that I will have the thoughts of everything around me meaning something. I dunno maybe I am just hoping that everything in the world is attached to some bigger plan. I dont think I am being timed now that I look at the website a little more but it is asking for my name and e-mail. Honestly if my fingers and home life would allow it I could sit here all day and type up the randomness in my brain. Oh look at that I am being timed.

    By Amelia on 03.22.2013

  14. Angels floating up into the sky. I guess they do exist, I mean, there she was with a halo and white wings floating up into the sky to who knows where. And there’s a phoenix with bright red plumage. They say the tears have healing powers. He soars in a wide arc and eclipses her face a moment. His wings beat once. I wish I could fly.

    By April URL on 03.22.2013

  15. She stepped lightly towards the winged beast, taking careful notice of it’s large claws and sharp beak. She bowed low, her braid skimming the earth and her heart pounding in her ears, as she waited to see how it, how SHE, would react.
    She didn’t have to wait long.
    Slowly, with a predatory grace that both put her on edge and at ease, the beast dropped to it’s knees, bowing it’s head in turn.’Your name.’ she demanded.
    “Deirdre,” she gasped, her eyes still ringing from the power in her voice. “Deirdre Linae,”
    ‘You may call me, Hah’desryn,’

    By S.C. Lovelace URL on 03.22.2013

  16. We were sure that the after all the maintenance that was done on the plane that it was well winged and had receive the all clear to resume flights to its regular destinations.

    By victor URL on 03.22.2013

  17. Birds are winged animals. So are insects. Wish i were a winged creature< i get to fly away when i like. Go somewhere safe and sound.

    By Alysa on 03.22.2013

  18. She sat down at her desk. She could feel every single one of the beady little eyes on the back of her head. If only they had known that she totally winged her speech, and it just happened to be that good. When Carissa went up to the front of the room, she was more nervous than she’d ever been.

    By Kiaundra Dishman on 03.22.2013

  19. Winged tip shoes squeak across the floor as one wonders what’s going on. No answers are given. Yet the squeak across giving off a sound most irritating. Who is this person, and why must they be so annoying?

    By Slimmy T URL on 03.22.2013

  20. They came down from the sky in a ball of light. Cliche much? But true nonetheless. The light exploded at eye level, so bright we had to shield our eyes. When we could see again, winged beings hovered before us.

    Beings with familiar faces.

    “How could you?”

    “I have no choice.”


    I look to the other one. He’s angry. At us?


    One simple word, but heavy with meaning. A plea for understanding, explanation.

    Make me understand…

    By Solo Rae URL on 03.22.2013

  21. The winged birds at the plantation all had to get their wings cut. It was ordered by the owner of the plantation Mr. Jauqes. The only bird that was able to escape was a small bird named Cordin. Cordin knew that all of the other birds would be jealous.

    By Aaron Roberts on 03.22.2013

  22. I took a walk the other day, and realised

    As I sat on concrete curb
    Watching the spider, the original anarchist
    Sit belligerent in his nest

    As I stood and wandered past the local houses
    Owned by names that would be forgotten
    In 200 years

    As the woollen dress on my shoulders
    Suddenly connoted a silk-soft lambie
    Plucked twice: From family and from flesh

    That I, the girl-worm, the suburban bitch
    Could walk.
    I could just keep walking.

    And not turn back.

    This thought was new to me.

    By Perri URL on 03.22.2013

  23. The winged messenger swished down from the sky and deposited a little message on my car’s roof. It said; “You shouldn’t have washed the car the day before you go to the seaside, we seagulls just LOVE that!”

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 03.22.2013

  24. a winged horse sprang into being at the peak of mount Everest.
    It flew off into the clouds and became Pegasus
    five times were its wings cut before it escaped
    it was never tamed and
    finally died at the hands of the gods, who resented its freedom

    By emma on 03.22.2013

  25. She is so thin. Her shoulder-blades poke out of her back like fairy winglets, a cold image of a hungry child. He imagines grand feathered things growing from the little bones, lifting his pretty alabaster baby up and away. A breeze blows. She shivers. For a brief moments, he thinks she might take flight.

    By Perri URL on 03.22.2013

  26. I winged too much as a child. They say you dislike in others what you dislike in yourself. I can’t stand winging little shits. They’re selfish and don’t deserve to live. I wish I were dead. Then I’d stop winging.

    By Katey on 03.22.2013

  27. The winged bird flew so elegantly. Over the trees and through the air. The little boy on the ground looked in awe and followed the bird with his arms stretched wide, “I’ll fly I’ll fly just like you”. And he flew through the grass he saw as a jungle, and closed his eyes, he was there.

    By Mary Shanahan on 03.22.2013

  28. The angel looked out over the battlefield. He had gotten used to causing mayhem and destruction, but this time, it was different. Men brutalized each other in his name with little regard to the lives they were ending.

    By Mr. LeBrun on 03.22.2013

  29. the animal is winged. he is big and strong. the eagle blows right over the crowd and grabs the baby. the mom screams. the father jumps. the guard throws things at the eagle. Nothing is stopping it.

    By Alex on 03.22.2013

  30. A light purple hued winged creature came from the distance, just above a shadowed wood. The sun light hit the creature and its wings sparkled like the ocean on a summers day. The creature showed that hope lived even in dark places.

    By Hannah on 03.22.2013

  31. What? What the hell is going on? Oh, no, oh, God, no, what….? The land underneath kept rapidly drawing near. So that’s the moment when I’m supposed to see all my life run before my eyes? How… what happened? I don’t remember.But… Maybe if i try… Okay, so i spread my arms and… yeah, that’s better, but… I suppose I don’t really need to think how come I’m here in the middle between sky and earth. So winged he was and flew to the sunshine.

    By leecory on 03.22.2013

  32. winged is a bird that would fly by my window on a sunny day. i would be winged if my feelings wouldn’t keep me grounded.

    By Raluc F on 03.22.2013

  33. flying tired from flying, been out all night, oh i just made it up i winged it just like this story that im writing, wth am i writing?! idk bc im winging it, like a chicken. that jus got winged so it could b cooked and serve with red beans and rice and mash potatoes at popeyes, im hungy yum. when am i suppose to stop?

    By ms. d'z URL on 03.22.2013

  34. They aim to shoot us down
    try not to get winged
    dodge and dive
    squawk back then leave
    Don’t worry about the hunters
    leave them to grieve

    By Dio Foxx URL on 03.22.2013

  35. They spread out on either side of her, and suddenly it occurred to Amy…. Magnus Zev was winged. Winged, without his pinfeathers clipped. He could fly. Just like the wild lupinaeris of the west, he could race through the air at speeds faster than a horse could ever match. She swallowed, fear running through her as she dug her hands into his scruff with a firmer grip on the fur there. The wolf glanced back over his shoulder at her as he crouched, getting ready to spring into the air.. She could swear that he chuckled.

    By Serryphae URL on 03.22.2013

  36. I fly high into the sky, tears streaming down my face. Nothing is good anymore. Not my family, my friends, anything. You’d think wings would help. You’d think it would make me able to soar away from my problems, to just forget them down on earth. But my problems follow me everywhere, gravity still crushing their weight into me. There’s no escape. But one. I look down at the earth below me and fold my wings into my back. I fall.

    By Summer on 03.22.2013

  37. are angels winged?
    are you?
    this is so kitschy

    By helene URL on 03.22.2013

  38. Dragon flies are winged creatures, even when they’re caught in the bodies of other animals. My very first pet was a cat named Dragon Fly. She was my best friend, and had the most beautiful green eyes I’d ever seen. One day, I told her that I would end up marrying a man with green eyes because of her.

    …My fiance has green eyes.

    By Amanda G. URL on 03.22.2013

  39. I have winged it. I have earned my wings so I can fly. Oh how proud of me I am I am. I can fly. I have wings.

    By teeda URL on 03.22.2013

  40. Creatures with wings were so lucky. They could find their freedom anytime, all the time. Winged beasts could flee from danger, escape and attack as they pleased. I was trapped and forced to deal with everything and anything. No choices allowed. I wish I was winged. I would leave everything behind.

    By Mary on 03.22.2013