April 5th, 2012 | 122 Entries

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122 Entries for “willful”

  1. Teenagers. Until you raise one, you don’t know how adamant they can be, I guess it’s just not something you notice until they are not doing what you want. I hope I can keep up with my “back in my day” routine.

    By graphicsman URL on 04.05.2012

  2. time to do what you want, when you want it, and doesn’t matter why you want it (to anyone else that is) you just do!!!!! It is similar to being assertive, but maybe with less rationality. Not aggressive. what is this about ?

    By kathy hanlon on 04.05.2012

  3. “Down,” she whispered, leaning close to the mare’s ear. “You have to trust me.”

    Peach tossed her mane, but kept all four hooves on the ground.

    “Good. Let’s try this again.”

    By LoreWren URL on 04.05.2012

  4. I was a willful child. I twisted against my parent’s demands like a kite tethered to a tree, striving and struggling, pulling and dancing, but always held to earth by the strings of their need.

    By laurapacker URL on 04.05.2012

  5. I will myself to not cry out. Even though the pain stabs into my stomach. I try to continue to play. Yet, all I want to do is to curl up in a tight ball and never feel again. I will myself to stay at school to make it through the day, and then I collapse…

    By Natalie Joy URL on 04.05.2012

  6. The master of none, slave to all,
    Surely we bow to the whims of all,
    Willful we try, but like a tree we fall
    Is there none around to hear my call..

    By Lord Jim URL on 04.05.2012

  7. the insanity of the storm waged its war once again. with their bodies trembling they screamed, “where, oh where is the peace? will we ever be able to feel alive, for the sake of mankind?” the sake of mankind. and what will become of their souls?
    the willful wind replied, “you are not bodies who have souls, you are souls who have bodies. listen to the trees in which i shake and shimmer from my power. the roots ground them beneath the soil. but they know and understand that while the sky still awaits them, they will never stop growing. no matter what torment may come, with this knowledge they find peace WITHIN the storm. not before. not after. during. my only wish is that you live like the dwellings of these ancient forests.”
    and with that they danced in unison with the woods, someplace much beyond where the wind could carry them; composing something of a poetic interpretation of new life.
    they danced the storm away.

    By Tas URL on 04.05.2012

  8. It may not be pleasant, but I put aside any hesitations. I am willful to do what needs to be done.

    By WDB URL on 04.05.2012

  9. I was willfully deceived, and now I am paying for it. I knew what he was doing on those late nights out, but I never said a word. I ignored the red patch on his neck, I turned my eyes away from the sweet foreign scent on his clothes. But I could not ignore the fact that he had finally left, the guilt eating him away. Perhaps it would have been different if I said something earlier, if I just brought it up and talked to him about it. But now it’s too late, and now he’s gone.

    By Sir Hammington URL on 04.05.2012

  10. willful is wonderful and no need to wallow if you are willful and you should wonder

    By hannah on 04.05.2012

  11. He was willful and willing enough to take the jousting challenge. Seated atop a rather gluttonously fat steed, he donned a plumed helmet which feathers seemed to reach the heavens. He thought perhaps he would look regal or powerful, but in truth, many of the spectators giggled and believed he looked like a peacock. He was a fop on a horse to them. Not a good sign.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 04.05.2012

  12. I didn’t want to control myself. After everything I’d been through, I wanted to run up and fling my arms around his broad shoulders. The image was powerful, but reality was too strong for my body to do as it wished. I willed myself to stay put because risk was never something that made a home in my heart. What ifs took precedence over my potential for happiness, and I had to be content with watching from across the room in a loneliness I could only perceive as a horrid silence amongst the screams and laughter of familiarity.

    By Marissa URL on 04.05.2012

  13. wilfull tod o a mindblowing dance like michael jackson.willful to give a dream date to aishwarya rai bachan.willful to strike a century behalf of bret lee on the bowling end. willful to die for the country.willful to create a breathtaking thrilling movie ever made.willfull to have priyanka as the one girl of my life.willfull to ride aston martin for f1 2012.willfull to own a dodge charger in 2012

    By sreejith on 04.05.2012

  14. “You did it willfully!”, Charly’s eyes glowed with anger when she shouted at her twin brother. Jon grinned and twisted the stick in his hand joyfully. “Don’t be mad at me, little sis.”
    “Little”, snuffled Charly.

    By Fredda URL on 04.05.2012

  15. i wept for there were no more realms to conquer……………….deep purple

    By sreejith on 04.05.2012

  16. Without the broken vase
    it was left on the table next
    to the split ashtray
    she leant on the door frame
    her gold tooth gleaming in the florescent blinding light

    By gsk URL on 04.05.2012

  17. He was a willful child. Always running around determined to be the best at whatever game he was playing and positive that anything could be conquered with the innocence of childhood.

    By Rachael on 04.05.2012

  18. He told me I was “willful”, the most “challenging woman he’d ever encountered”. I like that about us. We keep each on our toes. A good check and balance.

    By Sheila Good URL on 04.05.2012

  19. I’ve tried too many times but I guess I’m too willful. I wish I could be like other people and stay mad at you when you make me feel horrible. I wish I didn’t forgive you so easily. But really, I wish you’d just stop.

    By Paige Noel URL on 04.05.2012

  20. Willfully I let him
    push me down
    into the mud
    I press to get up
    but his gravity
    is stronger than
    I can’t beat him
    he is impossible to stop
    this is my reality
    and i still seem
    love it

    By Hannah URL on 04.05.2012

  21. The cold was seeping into his bones. It was making him sluggish, the sharp stinging turning into a dull ache. His eyelids drooped, his breathing slowed; the will for living lost. Where she touched his arm hurt, her warm hands too much for his frigid skin. She reached out instinctively, mournfully and touched him again, her hands begging him not to leave. In response his heart drummed a painful tattoo against his chest, his blood pumping eagerly through his veins. He opened his eyes. A sickly grin played at the corners of his chapped lips. “I won’t go,” he croaked with much effort, “I couldn’t bear the thought of you alone.”

    By Gullsy_ URL on 04.05.2012

  22. The willful and ill-full crowd swarmed the virgin island.

    By Marianne URL on 04.05.2012

  23. He looked around the room, all the hopeful eyes staring at him. He suddenly realized that this wasn’t only his fate that was being laid out right before him. It wasn’t only the first day of a life of eternally graciousness he was about to establish for himself. They all wanted something from him. Something he wasn’t sure he had the ability to give. This effected them just the same. So he opened his mouth, and let the words slip his tongue, praying that he was willful enough to point their lives toward freedom.

    By Ray on 04.05.2012

  24. The willfulness of children is such a fun thing to see. They are willful without even thinking about it. Unlike adults who have to think and think and sometimes even rethink before the do something. Being willful what a way to live.

    By teeda URL on 04.05.2012

  25. Courage is a difficult thing. We can use it as an adjective or maybe a verb. Sometimes it is a willful move, while in most cases courage happens spontaneously. Caught off guard and forced into action.

    By Krisi URL on 04.05.2012

  26. Viljestærk. Stædig. Vedholdende. Noget at tro på – noget at arbejde hen imod. Meningsfyldt. Med vilje – det giver mening. Det gør noget. Det er skabende. Det er stærkt.

    By Monica URL on 04.05.2012

  27. For the first time the approaching stars and black streaks across the side of thickly-framed glasses do not inspire any worry.

    Not enough effort to try, I suppose.

    By Anna Meursault on 04.05.2012

  28. Not a clue what willful really means, but I think it has something to do with God and how we have free will and how with that we are willful. but i’m probably way off, but thats okay because I still love God and he will love me no matter what.

    By Laura on 04.05.2012

  29. There was a bridge in town. We used to sit on top and watch the sunset, out group of loners. What an oxymoron. Surrounded by each other, but each of us was convinced we were utterly alone. It was a lie we fed ourselves to feel unique. Now I know that being unique is not being alone, rather standing out by not blending in.

    By MoeMasterMighty URL on 04.05.2012

  30. I raised two of the most stubborn, headstrong and willful daughters I could have imagined. However, they are also the spice of my life and have been since the day they were born. Without them life would have been very boring.

    By jeanelaine URL on 04.05.2012

  31. to be full of will takes a lot of will power. But what’ the use of the power unless it comes from within? You must never be forced, or should i say, willed to be willful. I wonder who has will in a world where willing is more then overwhelming.

    By Daphne on 04.05.2012

  32. You gotta stop this, man. This willful ignorance you’re pushing yourself into. He’s hurting, he’s DYING, and by blinding yourself to the issue you’re only making it worse. You have to talk to him. You have to try to bring him back.

    By Julia A. URL on 04.05.2012

  33. Willful was love when I was a teenager. I didn’t meet your father until I was at least thirty, which was a problem to my friends. I needed to find love or else I was unexpected. Though, even though I was so anxious for teen love, I wish I had never met your father. Love simply isn’t worth it anymore.

    By Laura URL on 04.05.2012

  34. I am not willful.
    I am not willing to do what you are asking me to do.
    I hate it.
    Willful is absolutely no where near describing how I feel right.
    My feelings and the word willful are on opposite sides of the spectrum.

    By Anna URL on 04.05.2012

  35. you stamp your foot like a small child from the pulpit and my heart is filled with dispair. You are so willful that even God couldn’t shake you from the path you’ve decided is best. Stop. Or stop preaching.

    By Gloria on 04.05.2012

  36. My willfulness makes me push those I love the farthest away from me. Maybe what I need more than willfulness, is faith in any matters of the heart. I pray that my mother finds happiness and that my father rests peacefully in his sleep. I pray for a global awakening, a road map for everyone to divulge in their hearts. A divine kind of feeling, this hot spring evening, and I’m completely obsessed. With you, and me, and everything in between.

    By UnderWater URL on 04.05.2012

  37. John wondered if Sherlock was willfully stubborn as to not tell him what was happening. He didn’t tell anyone, of course. “Stay away from him,” Donovan had said. “You think you’re his friend. You’re not. He has no friends.” “We found it in the home of our favourite psychopath,” Anderson had said. “I talked to a friend of yours,” John had said. “A /friend/?”

    Even though Sherlock had no friends, John was his friend.

    By Damaris URL on 04.05.2012

  38. If you were willful, you wouldn’t have done what they told you to do. I can’t believe what I’m hearing. You killed that man for your own safety and you know it. You could’ve told me.

    By Brianna on 04.05.2012

  39. I am willful in the way I pursue the one thing I love. I will pursue it until my willfulness runs out. I will run to the ends of the earth for you, and I hope you are willful too. Because I love you.

    By Hunter on 04.05.2012

  40. I’m willing to take a chance on myself, I told him. I was standing behind the blocks, with my suit on and my cap and goggles ready. I was broken ankled, broken hearted, broken sore and torn up inside, but I didn’t let that show, because he told me not to, with his dark eyes.
    I’m willing, I’m ready.
    You’re done, he told me. You’re going to hurt yourself. You’re broken ankled, broken hearted, broken sore and torn up inside.
    So I dove off the blocks without my cap or goggles, and swam the way I haven’t trained, and did what everyone thought I couldn’t do.

    By Lancir URL on 04.05.2012