March 20th, 2011 | 282 Entries

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282 Entries for “whole”

  1. It took the whole day, but Edmund finally was able to extract the meteorite from his eyeball. All the other kids on the fjords laughed at him and pulled his tail. How he cried and cried, and ran all the way home to tattle to the elder frost giants. The elders looked at Edmund and the Sigjord, the Chieftain rose from his ice throne, looked in Edmund’s face, and screamed, flecks of hail spittling forth into Edmund’s frozen brow: “Man up, sissy!”

    By richpee URL on 03.20.2011

  2. Whole. complete? What’s really complete? nothing if you ask me. There’s always more to do. it’s never whole. there’s always more holes to fill. oh yes, play on words. :)

    By ckl on 03.20.2011

  3. whole

    The entire thing;
    there it was
    lying there
    floating near the banks.

    caked with desert, as well as tar
    red and feathers

    6 feet long?
    six feet long
    have shaved too

    its a shame to go fishing on a sunday any ways

    because then you

    real eyes
    real lies

    By Vincent on 03.20.2011

  4. Whole? Whole is the antithesis of this website. I mean, honestly, this is bull shit. This is nothing but a long list of fragmented, contextless ramblings that mean nothing to anyone. Whole, half of my ass.

    By thekillerpook URL on 03.20.2011

  5. i am whole. I am one and many pieces. but they come together to make a whole. sometimes – usually – i don’t even know what that whole is or ever will be. and i have fragments that are tumultuous. but i know, in the end, they will, they must, have to, come together to become a whole person, a whole me who is nothing but the sum of my parts.

    By abaleine on 03.20.2011

  6. The whole body was hurting. At least, she decided to go to the doctor now. She stopped taking pills on her own and called to her doctor she hadn’t seen for months. When he picked up the phone said “What are you feeling right now?”. She answered “I just don’t know.”

    By AlanGoesOn URL on 03.20.2011

  7. Nobody ever knows the whole story. Each person provides their side of things, but the only ones who ever know the whole story, all the ups and downs, all the happiness and sadness, are the two people who the story is about.

    By [Megan]. URL on 03.20.2011

  8. Can I have a Spicy Italian six-inch on whole wheat bread please?
    Toasted? Yes please.
    Green peppers, Lettuce, Tomatoes, Pickles…I think that’s good!
    Oh yeah, Honey mustard please.
    Thank you!


    By Jules URL on 03.20.2011

  9. I always switch whole with hole and it confuses people. Two words that mean such different things shouldn’t look so much alike. Whole is being all there not missing anything.

    By Bethany URL on 03.20.2011

  10. the whole thing just started to fall, falling untill the darkness consumed it. her eyes suddenly ld be dead soon. but no one would understandglazed over, not knowing the young girls fate. she wou

    By Drew URL on 03.20.2011

  11. the whole thing just started to fall, falling untill the darkness consumed it. her eyes suddenly glazed over, not knowing the young girls fate. she would be dead soon. but no one would understand.

    By Drew URL on 03.20.2011

  12. Whole, like his soul used to be before. Whole, like how he used to feel. Not this broken, cracked shell of a man. For whole is something he is not now. Nor will he ever be agin. But of you ask me, I think he likes it that way.

    By thehairlessape on 03.20.2011

  13. I recently met a half of an orange and a half of a banana, making it a whole lot better than meeting a whole apple.

    By Craig URL on 03.20.2011

  14. My whole heart is breaking in half. It will be whole no longer. It will be divided and it’s all because of you. What was once whole, is now broken. I will never be in one piece again, I am forever broken.

    By Darla Decker on 03.20.2011

  15. I saw whole and I immediately began thinking of holes which got me thinking about the movie Holes which was my favorite movie EVER back in the day, which made me think of my other favorite movie, Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, which reminded me that its on lifetime tomorrow which reminds me that I’m really sleepy. goodnight! xx

    By freesia on 03.20.2011

  16. There are only two things in this world that make me feel complete. My whole self. That is when I am talking to my mom on the phone and when I have my hands in a pile of clay. I love to sculpt. Its the best feeling in the world.

    By a nini mous on 03.20.2011

  17. with you I feel whole, something that I haven’t felt in a while and never thought I would feel again. you make me feel safe. something that is hard to do. you complete my sentences, when i breathe you breathe, when im scared you protect me, when i cry you hold me. physically we are one, whole, complete. you make me feel like you are the one i ve been waiting my whole life for. I see the fairy tale, I used to say was not a reality, well what am i to do now that it has turned midnight and you are still here, real as can be

    By devonna on 03.20.2011

  18. i’d like to go many places. I haven’t been outside of my country ever in my life. i’d love to be a world traveler and be able to jet off and go anywhere i’d like. the world is in my hands and all i have to do is say go and im off.. i need to get away from this sheltered life.

    By Lola_Says URL on 03.20.2011

  19. Whole; together, centered
    Whole is to have integrity
    Whole is to know what one is about,
    Whole is connectedness.
    Whole is peace.

    By Mary on 03.20.2011

  20. There is only one thing in this world that can make me feel whole. Without it I am lost, alone and confused. Without it there is something missing. I am so blessed that I have it as part of my life because there are so many people who don’t know what is missing in their lives. It’s the gospel. It is God. It is my savior. Without this I am nothing.

    By Ashley URL on 03.20.2011

  21. Whole. I have not felt completely whole since my grace was torn out of my chest. But sometimes, when I am in the proximity of Dean Winchester, something else is filled, and though I am still aware of the hole in my grace, the emptiness doesn’t seem to bother me as much.

    By Castiel URL on 03.20.2011

  22. Dean ate a whole pizza today. All by him self. It was pepperoni and covered in grease. He inhaled it down, one huge mouthful after another, while still trying to uphold a conversation with me. It was disgusting.

    By Sam Winchester URL on 03.20.2011

  23. I like the fact that I’m still… whole. A lot of girls are ashamed to still have their virginity, but I love it. It’ll be satisfying to tell my husband one day that I waited until I found him. It’ll be amazing to experience that with him and him alone.

    By Kat Vang URL on 03.20.2011

  24. this whole time you’ve decieved me, i cant take it, i’ll take you out. that axe looks mighty nice. i think it’ll fit nively in it’s skull and brain shieth. oh

    By Drew URL on 03.20.2011

  25. I want to be whole,
    I want to be complete.

    I want to be with you, for you filled me.
    You say I am too young,
    You say that I don’t need to keep searching for this crap that I don’t need.

    You don’t know that,
    I am incomplete without finding it.
    I want to be whole,
    So stop telling me to stop searching
    Stop telling me I am too young,
    Because your never too young to find it.
    Your never to young to be whole.

    By Andrea Diaz URL on 03.20.2011

  26. Now that Sam is dead, I wish that I still had the amulet to remember him by. There is no familiar, light weight resting on my chest any more and without even a mere reminder of Sam, I don’t think I’ll ever be whole. Now, it would have been be the last bit of Sammy here, the only bit, actually. And now it’s gone, just like my brother.

    By Dean Winchester URL on 03.20.2011

  27. There are a whole lot of people in this world. Each one of us different–yet, entirely the same. Or perhaps it makes it sound more easy going to say vise versa. I’ll never know each of them, and they’ll never know me. But, we are brothers and sisters. We will know each other some day.

    By jammin URL on 03.20.2011

  28. In a team sport I believe that you should always give everything you got from start to finish. Never let up, never let them get even an inch of a competitive edge. The whole game should be spent busting your ass and leaving everything out got on the field. And I’m proud to say that I play on a team where most of the guys do just that. Leave it all on the ice. One can’t really ask for anything more than that. :)

    By Andy URL on 03.20.2011

  29. Whole wheat bread. the whole is more than the sum of its parts, said gestalt, said franz, liszt, no what was his name oh fitz pearl, pearls and oysters, mr buckley, pearls and oysters! how Alice and Wonderland was a jolly good film, I recall falling asleep toward the end as I always seem to do.

    By Laurann on 03.20.2011

  30. The writer looked her whole life. She searched the seven continents and the seven seas, braved the buffeting billowing snow on mountaintops, trekking through the tropical trees of the Amazon, seeking the one thing which could make her whole. Could complete her life, and her soul.

    A good story.

    Little did she know, it had been right under her nose the whole time.

    By Alex Ander URL on 03.20.2011

  31. I feel whole when I am with you. Being ourselves is being together. I never want to understand a life where you are not that. I like to know that we are parts of each other and there are no lines where I end and you begin. Together we are whole.

    By Nicole Corwin URL on 03.21.2011

  32. while i was sitting next to her, the whole world was nothing. I was in a peaceful place. No one could ruin it for me. It was love, I was in heaven. Maybe in her eyes we were just friends but I love her, she is my best friend and the woman I love.

    By Colombe on 03.21.2011

  33. I am nothing but a half.
    Maybe not even that.
    Maybe I am a quarter.
    I need to find someone,
    I need to find something,
    Someone that will make me whole,
    Something that will make me whole.

    By Melissa URL on 03.21.2011

  34. Whole is to not be incomplete, whole is a state of being i wish to achieve, I’ve been broken too long to care anymore I feel, but I know I need to be whole again soon. Whole is now we’re meant to be

    By unkitjc URL on 03.21.2011

  35. She was whole with him, completely together. Without him, she was a puzzle split into so many pieces it would take months to put her back together. That’s why she could never leave him, could never even fathom it because, well she needed him. She needed him more than she would ever let on…

    By Wendy on 03.21.2011

  36. I am made up a of a whole; if I live in a community, I contribute to its wholeness; I am however incomplete and so am not who;e without new experience. I am part of the whole world but I am not the world. So i am whole and I am half.I like being incomplete; I do not want that wholeness that means satisfied. Or even wholesomeness?

    By superbunny URL on 03.21.2011

  37. its easy to fill your whole life but hard to fill it with the whole of you, not ignoring sacred and necessary parts of yourself, probably the most sacred and necessary parts; today I will go search out a sacred and necessary part and ask it out to play- the sun is coming out , it is spring, the wind is gentle from the south west and the time is right

    By geraldine URL on 03.21.2011

  38. We as humanity are but a small piece of the whole universe. In the unwritten and written past we assumed that we were the whole with everything in the heavens and earth dancing attendance on us. Of course now with so much knowledge available to us due to our forbears curiosity we know differently. But have we learned? Do we learn? perhaps not, for we are far too arrogant to believe that we are not the centre of the universe or indeed the whole of it.

    By Cally on 03.21.2011

  39. The bathroom door is locked and the water is running, but no one is fooled.
    I crouch over, leaning slightly on the cold porcelain, and I repent.

    By Deryn URL on 03.21.2011

  40. The bathroom door is locked and the water is running, but no one is fooled. I crouch over, leaning slightly on the cold porcelain, and I repent.

    By Deryn URL on 03.21.2011