March 20th, 2011 | 282 Entries

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282 Entries for “whole”

  1. Think as a whole.

    By Regnboge URL on 03.21.2011

  2. Wann fühlt man sich vollständig?
    Was ist es was einem fehlt?
    Gibt es etwas was einen vervollständigt?

    Gibt es eine Vollkommenheit?
    Können wir vollständig sein?

    By Anuri URL on 03.21.2011

  3. I cannot just have one custard cream or one piece of chocolate, or even half a pizza…. no, no, I have to have the whole thing. Once I start I can’t stop and that is why I avoid bringing such items into the house.

    By Xylvablue on 03.21.2011

  4. Here there is a whole when I imagined a hole- a whole in the fabric of time – a whole in my shoe – no – things have catapulted into a Black Whole- a new dimension in cosmic physics – a White Hole- there to be dreamed

    By scotchwhiskers URL on 03.21.2011

  5. The whole of the cake is a beautiful cake. When I cut it, it becomes broken, starts to fall apart. My cake is no longer my cake, I have to share it with others. It’s got white icing on the top and layers of cake with strawberry filling. It’s so delicious. I will have another piece, I don’t care what they say.

    By Leeswammes URL on 03.21.2011

  6. We search for it, live and die for it. We breath for it; search in strive for it. All these things aren’t for half, nor a quarter but for the whole thing.

    By Tiz's Dream URL on 03.21.2011

  7. What do you mean you ate the whole lot?

    Well, I did. It didn’t have your name on it…

    What?! We’re not in a share house, I don’t need to have my name on it! I really can’t believe you didn’t even leave me a piece of it…

    By Amimee URL on 03.21.2011

  8. The whole episode didn’t last more than a minute, but Jensen aged a lifetime. He came to the fence separating his property from his neighbors and stopped. Hanging in front of him was the 4 bodies of his neighbor’s family, swaying gently from the large oak tree in the falling grey snow.

    By chole URL on 03.21.2011

  9. Without you I am not whole, my friend. I am fractured and broken, and so are you but in a different way, physically. I miss you, I can’t believe what has happened happened. I haven’t been the same since and don’t know if I ever will be. I miss you so much. Come back.

    By Colm Sewell URL on 03.21.2011

  10. full, complete, satisfied, happy, this is a tricky one! whole bottle of wine i had last night pror

    By Marie Glendenning on 03.21.2011

  11. Lunch presented a whole new set of problems for Em. She knew that she ought to eat the salad and enjoy the virtue of eating greens, thereby giving her diet halo a little polish, but she knew, without a shadow of a doubt, that after salad would come a massive slice of Victoria sponge – a reward for eating the healthy salad.

    By Alison Cross URL on 03.21.2011

  12. The whole truth and nothing but the truth – is that what Hazel Stewart gave when on trial for the murder of her husband and ex-lover’s wife? I was intrigued by that whole case.

    By matilda URL on 03.21.2011

  13. its funny that the word “whole” has a completely opposite meaning than “hole” which lies within the word “whole”. Do we all have a hole in wholeness? Maybe so. All I know is that I want to fix this hole as much as I want to fix you.

    By sunny URL on 03.21.2011

  14. You can go your entire life without feeling whole. Most try to fill themselves up with stuff. Cars, money, people, used like a psychological duct tape.

    By Mike the Magic Squid URL on 03.21.2011

  15. who wouldn’t want to be whole? isn’t that why everyone of us mere humans is on the constant look-out for their soulmate? we’d all love to be whole, to find someone who not only finishes our sentences but completes us!

    By teddy URL on 03.21.2011

  16. “Whole?” she scoffed, staring at me as though I’d told her I had awakened this morning to find I had two heads. That look held a mixture of bewilderment and contempt. It was a stupid thing to have said, yet she didn’t stop there. “How can I make you whole? If you aren’t whole on your own I can hardly see how adding another broken thing to the mix is going to fix a damn thing.”

    By J.D. URL on 03.21.2011

  17. So their was this little girl without a mother. She grew up confused in the world because she lacked the guidance only a mother can give. Her father knew nothing about girls, causing her to go into situations she shoudnt have. Now she is pregnant in school from a father she cant remember. If only she had a mother…

    By Samantha Polinsky URL on 03.21.2011

  18. I cant wait to see what today is going to be as a whole. If my overall emotions are mostly happy or gloomy. But im always hoping for the best.

    By Eden URL on 03.21.2011

  19. The whole is not without that which is incomplete. One can never see the end from the beginning nor know where the line is until it is crossed. We are unfinished. May we always remain so. For perfection is entropy and entropy is…undesirable

    By Damo on 03.21.2011

  20. If you put your all into something, and give yourself as a whole, the situation will always come out better then if you only give half of yourself.

    By Brooklyn URL on 03.21.2011

  21. When I think of the word whole I think about having something that is all mine. Not half a pie not a quarter of a pie but the whole pie.

    By Micah URL on 03.21.2011

  22. I am trying to figure out what the parts of the whole are. I read somewhere that twenty is the number for the whole man as it represents 10 toes and 10 fingers.

    By lieliefee URL on 03.21.2011

  23. Eating a whole apple never happens. I cut away from the seeds, but waste so much in the process.

    I couldn’t remember the last time I felt whole, until yesterday…lying on the grass near daffodils. Thankful for spring renewal.

    By Ms. Gordon URL on 03.21.2011

  24. He’s breaking me down from one whole piece into lots of little pieces, myriads of me that don’t make any sense. They’re like pieces of a puzzle that will never slot together, will never fit together because they’re shattered, broken, wrecked – just like he’s shattered and broken and wrecked me.

    I’ll never be whole again beacuse he’s broken me.

    By darthsneebette URL on 03.21.2011

  25. lot of shakin’ goin’ on. earth. lot of trouble. nut. meal. some. in wone. foods.

    By Maria McCudden on 03.21.2011

  26. I have a whole five minutes to formulate brilliant thoughts and to plaster them onto this electronic page. This is my 5 minutes of fame.

    By Jamie on 03.21.2011

  27. I think I’m supposed to think something like, “I’ll never feel whole again.” How cliche. I don’t know what to think. Some of the parts, but none of the whole? That’s from a musical I like. Whole milk. I used to drink it. They gave us it in the hospital. I’m vegan now.

    By deadponies URL on 03.21.2011

  28. whole wheat bread is good for health. it has the essential ingredients or so we have been told. interesting? not really. but im bored on a whole different level. so these are my words on “whole”

    By sid on 03.21.2011

  29. also sounds like hole. whole of mumbai is surrounded by water. whole is whole is complete. whole can also be called as complete. whole world in my pocket. i rule the whole of mumbai
    i dont know what the whole i m

    By Sushant on 03.21.2011

  30. I split myself into many pieces,
    and gave them all away.
    This fragmentation never ceases
    Even now, this very day.
    As for the truth of this odd matter,
    the reason why I pieces scatter,
    is because I never felt more whole
    then when I shared all of my soul.

    By SprawlingInk URL on 03.21.2011

  31. I’m almost whole again. These past few days, I felt like a huge part of me was missing. Good thing I have special people around me to make me feel as whole as I was before. I can’t wait to be totally fixed up.

    By Alaykka URL on 03.21.2011

  32. Am I a part of the whole, or am I apart from the whole? It is always a constant struggle, finding ways to be a part of it all, but sometimes, being apart is just fine. Maybe I need to stop trying so hard.

    By Melissa on 03.21.2011

  33. a whole new world,
    a new horizon to pursue,
    no one to tell us no,
    or where to go,
    or say we’re only dreaming.

    By Caho URL on 03.21.2011

  34. Feeling whole is not about being born perfect, it is about being happy with who you are. It is not always being happy but being whole will almost always mean you’re satisfied.

    By Iffah URL on 03.21.2011

  35. whole? what is a whole? a grain of sand is a whole, so is a heap. what defines whole.

    a whole lot of love? how much is that really?

    By Harris Lim URL on 03.21.2011

  36. To be whole, you need your other half.
    and to find your other half is the greatest adventure in the world.
    It’s the journey, before you love, the hurt, the pain and the suffering.

    that’s the search to becoming whole.

    By Althea rei URL on 03.21.2011

  37. When i feel total. When i feel entirely loved. Or hated. Or desired. When i’m unbroken, but yet bruised. I’ll be in ONE piece. I’d be complete in myself.

    By jeraldine URL on 03.21.2011

  38. I like my friends. I like my whole house!

    Parts of a whole, whole of the parts

    Whole reminds me of slice of life or parts and details.

    Wholeness is something in its entirety- something complete, not lacking or not hurt.


    By Ms. Bloom URL on 03.21.2011

  39. I have lived my whole life carrying uncertainty around me as if it was a strap on my backpack, or maybe my backpack itself. I have had to put everything into this backpack right from r

    By S on 03.21.2011

  40. I don’t think anyone sees the glass as half-empty or half-full. You can be a pessimist and the glass as full. But only because you see the whole thing as useless. Rather than halfway. Optimists too, in their mind, see the glass as being wholly full.

    By Annalise on 03.21.2011