September 5th, 2012 | 283 Entries

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283 Entries for “whether”

  1. You stand at the opening, unsure of the beginning and the end, only that you want outoutout. One of these two entries will lead you out, they whisper in your head. You wonder whether you should go right or left. You close your eyes, spin around, and stop. Just keep walking forward you think and you do.
    You open your eyes and find yourself at the same exact spot, grass flattened under your feet, and footsteps trailing behind you. You’ve gone backwards.

    By Annie URL on 09.05.2012

  2. Whether or not I will ever find happiness in life is a mute point. The answer lies not in happiness but in self fulfillment. The answer is being able to hold your head up high.

    By Naomi B. on 09.05.2012

  3. Whether or not the weather was going to be delightful was a mystery to Francis. She wept endlessly about the previous day. She could no longer bear the torment that followed.

    By Brittany on 09.05.2012

  4. Whether to or not, is not the point it’s whether you should or shouldn’t, weather the storm get to it, you’ll be learning whether you want to our not…

    By Sarah on 09.05.2012

  5. whether or not you know it, someone is thinking about you. Naked? Happy? Sad? Being hurt? You are on someone’s mind this very second. Does that make you feel powerful, or small? Maybe both. Probably.

    By Cori URL on 09.05.2012

  6. Whether or not i will believe on your statemente, the truth in your acusations, the dishonesty of you look. Whether or not i will ever be able to love you again, to hold you again without disspair

    By hey on 09.05.2012

  7. whether or not you like it, you’re getting older. you can’t stop time from passing you by. days turn into months and turn into years and though that seems like a simple enough concept i cant help but wonder to myself how can i make it stop or wish that i had more time or took more time to appreciate what i had.

    By Amanda Scolavino on 09.05.2012

  8. i don’t know whether or not there is anything about the weather that we need to talk about. but i love you anyway. whether or not you think this is silly or pretty. the weather is hot whether or not you care about what music is playing.

    By kate on 09.05.2012

  9. Whether or not he loved me was a completely different matter, all I know is that I loved him. I remember the way his eyes would look down into mine with that special sparkle that I had never known before and his warm smile would make my heart skip one beat too many.

    By Rachel URL on 09.05.2012

  10. Whether the weather is perfect or what you might think as less than ideal, the day is still full of magic. Explore it. Fight off the need to see rain as bad, enjoy it. Because through rainy weather or sunshine, the sun is still there, under the clouds.

    By nadia on 09.05.2012

  11. in the 3rd grade everyone lost to this word: they all spelled it weather… i was the last person, still didn’t understand that it wasn’t weather. stupid spelling bees.

    By KLRich on 09.05.2012

  12. Wig. I never owned one, except funny ones for Halloween.
    Walrus. The time has come, but his breath smells like fish and you didn’t count on that.
    Wellspring. O how I miss mine.

    By Jeff Goodman URL on 09.05.2012

  13. I am living in an adjectival universe. Whether you believe it or not language is defining you, me and the world around. There are no longer verbs, there are adverbs that describe things. Mooning around is the common state and we are all waving in the dark.

    By Meredyth URL on 09.05.2012

  14. Whether or not. that seems to be the question. but isnt it always? do this or that. choose. decide. see where that takes you. Worry. Don’t worry. Smile. Don’t smile. Cry. Dont cry. laugh. dont laugh. Whether or not you do it is up to you.

    By makaila on 09.05.2012

  15. whether or not it was the right thing to do, it was the thing that has already happened. there is no going back. we are past the point of no return. no second chances.

    By kalea URL on 09.05.2012

  16. Whether the weather stayed or the weather went, I went. I started out in shorts and a thin tshirt, until I realized it was raining. I stepped into a pair of jeans and a light sweatshirt instead, and I walked outside with my umbrella open.

    It was hardly raining. I walked to class quickly and by the time I got there, it was way too fucking hot for the sweater.

    By Tyler URL on 09.05.2012

  17. Whether or not there is any purpose to living, I want to go on trying. I want to go on trying to learn and discover everything I can about the world and the universe we all live in. That’s all any of us can do.

    By Randi Steers on 09.05.2012

  18. Whether or not to do or say. So many people struggle with that, “Should I act and go for it, or talk about it some more?” Why is that debacle so hard?

    By Allie Alcala on 09.05.2012

  19. Whether I want to or not, whether I feel or do not, whether she will love me or not, whether I will get married to her or not, whether she cares for me at all or not, whether she actually loves me back to or not, whether I will find another girl or not, I think i will end up happy.

    By Quinn on 09.05.2012

  20. Whether is not a yes nor a no, but a question as to which it is.

    By Kelly on 09.05.2012

  21. Whether we are people, who in the end, end up meeting or hurting another person, we’re still people of the Earth. There’s no one who can replace us, no one who can be us, no one but us, who is us. We are both one, as a people, and one as an individual. Who we choose to be, defines us till the day we die, and beyond. We always leave a legacy, whether good or bad. What you want to leave behind, it’s up to you to set the path today. You may not be able to begin today, there’s always a tomorrow, but remember that when tomorrow comes, will u promise what you said today?

    By Annie URL on 09.05.2012

  22. Today it was absolutely gray… A little gloomy, but that did not set the to tone for dear old St. Elmo. Eventful as usual, but with a twist of chaos and a drop of star power made the day unforgettable.

    By Kelly on 09.05.2012

  23. the real question is whether the wearer of weather weathers the weather or if the weather weathers him to weathering.

    By meliora URL on 09.05.2012

  24. Whether this is what you want to do with your life, or something else, you have to make sure that it is the thing that you love to do and you don’t do it only because someone else told you to. Don’t listen to others, do what your heart sais.

    By Soka on 09.05.2012

  25. why is it whether still
    i do not want to write about this word
    it is hard to write about
    it is a conjunction word
    debating choice of alternatives i guess

    By emma on 09.05.2012

  26. whether is a word for when something is this or that, its illusive, its sad. I wish there was no

    By cory on 09.06.2012

  27. pass

    By Alyssa Flores on 09.06.2012

  28. Some people will do anything for you, whether or not you love them the same way they love you. Never ever take advantage of that. It’s the worst possible thing you could do to the universe. Waste the love you’re given. It’s precious, don’t abuse it. Ever.

    By Amelie on 09.06.2012

  29. whether or not to do what I wish. whether or not to see what I haven’t. whether the weather. whether I am who I thought I’d be. whether I can go away

    By dani on 09.06.2012

  30. Whether you like it or not, you will go home at once. Follow the rules, or you’d experience worse things than death.

    By Camille URL on 09.06.2012

  31. whether not think about this word is the question here, i have always wondered on whether this is the right website to go to. but here i am writing something useless and totally worthless.

    By Ashish on 09.06.2012

  32. I don’t know whether to stay or go from this dilapidated ramshackle of a place I am stuck at. I rush out, having made my decision to leave everything behind for good. A single tear slides down my cheek.

    By Gilltyascharged on 09.06.2012

  33. whether or not you’re here or there always know that you are loved. whether or not you think it or not always know that someone cares about you and whether or not you realize it not only is it the people in your lives that love and care for you but you should always realize that you are loved and cared for by you. if you don’t think you do you should decide whether you want to be happy in life or not! because deciding that you are enough decides whetjer you are or your not.

    By jen URL on 09.06.2012

  34. whether to go or to stay, to sleep to dream no more. i have nothing except what i’m attempting to steal from Shakes.

    By albusd URL on 09.06.2012

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    By melisa on 09.06.2012

  36. Whether the weather withers or not, I will weather the withering weather.

    By Adam URL on 09.06.2012

  37. One should always remain righteous and true to their heart…WHETHER …or not anyone else is paying any attention or not. Doing the right thing requires great courage…WHETHER you have a support system of your own or not.
    Cause & Effect…….Just is! Therefore, remember its always to be……WHETHER we like it or not!
    WHETHER or not you choose to take the higher road or not, may be a concern of mine, but definetley is none of my business. I will always have my own road to trudge and my own side of the street to keep clean…..WHETHER ..you choose to live right or not. So…WHETHER you like it or not….I choose to live this way….it just makes my soul feel …..just right!

    By RaShelle URL on 09.06.2012

  38. It doesn’t matter to me WHETHER you approve or not. I’m doing the very best that I can to help someone I care about!

    By Alwaysjoy URL on 09.06.2012

  39. “here’s the key,” he said as he handed the queen something wrapped in a velvety material. “whether you choose to use it is up to you. i’ve completed what you requested of me. i’m afraid i can’t be of any more insight. my sincerest apologies, my queen”

    “well,” she began, “the more important matter at hand is that you have returned unscathed and undetected. we both know the uproar that would have sparked had anyone had the slightest clue you were there…”

    “thank you, my queen,” he replied, “your compassion has no equal.”

    “i have one more request of you.”

    “my queen?” he felt uneasy now.

    “run.” the words echoed through the stone walls.

    this was what he had feared most.

    By goli ix URL on 09.06.2012

  40. Whether for art thou
    Shakespeare is what it makes me think of. Also people who can’t spell weather/whether, and you know there’s a big difference between them. You could come up with a very interesting ESL exercise with this. Whether the weather is sunny or cloudy, we’re going to the party. Or how about the weather is weathered whether or not you-

    By Jocey on 09.06.2012