September 5th, 2012 | 283 Entries

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283 Entries for “whether”

  1. I dont know. Whether i should go for it or stay back. Its hard to say. If you go for it you coud learn something, and step up. But then again you could mess up. You could embarass yourself. I say, Go for it.

    By Just Do It on 09.05.2012

  2. Whether or not you accept it, life will move on. The world will continue its hustle and bustle, you will have the choice between joining or wallowing in the sorrow of whatever battle you may be fighting. Do you choose to wallow, or do you choose to live?

    By carlyrenee URL on 09.05.2012

  3. She didn’t know whether to stay or fleet. The latter seemed easier to do, but her heart ached for the former. There was no way she could leave, she would be driven to madness without the man she had now come to love in her life. But, she soon re-evaluated her decision, if he would be safe if she no longer existed in his life, then she would run away, a countless times over. She loved him so much that she could stay away from him if the need ever arose.

    By Aisha on 09.05.2012

  4. Whether?!
    Whether or not to be happy.
    Whether or not to pursue that which you want.
    Whether or not to be decisive.
    Whether or not to make this choice or that choice.

    The choice is always up to you, but you always know which one is truly right.
    It will always impact you.

    By Veronica URL on 09.05.2012

  5. Whether or not. Whether is not like weather. It is not about clouds, but more about choices. Will I do something or will I not. I don’t know whether or not I like this. I don’t know whether or not I can stand it. I just know that now the word whether doesn’t seem real.

    By Emily on 09.05.2012

  6. oh god whether to do this or that. scrubs or politics? scrubs duh. doitch. deutch. ladidadida leaning against my window right now. so casual. so chill.

    By a lemon drop URL on 09.05.2012

  7. nice

    By maxine on 09.05.2012

  8. “Whether or not we end up together, it doesn’t matter. I’ll still care about you.”
    He stared at her, trying to will her to look at him. She studiously avoided his gaze. Promises were easy to make. There was no reason she had to trust him.

    By Madi on 09.05.2012

  9. Whether or not the weather is better, we will endeavor to gather together.

    By Clarity URL on 09.05.2012

  10. Lately the weather really sucks. I’m beginning to HATE summer with a passion. It’s September now. Shouldn’t it be cooling down a little? It’s TOO HOT! But i hate snow as well. Oh, if only it could be fall forever! And 60 degrees. 60 degrees is good.

    By Sarah Druman on 09.05.2012

  11. “Are you confused with whether and weather?” the teacher asked. The student frowned then smiled.
    “As if,” the student replied.
    “Whether you like the weather or not…” the teacher stated.
    “Stop spewing nonsense, you joker,” the student held his hand up.

    By Rawr means I love you URL on 09.05.2012

  12. Whether or not the train came was no concern to him. He just sat at the station and waited, waited for no one, not even for himself. When one wait for themselves, they just think about their problems.

    By Deuon on 09.05.2012

  13. the weather seeps in between the wood planks on the deck
    your hair is all wet and deflated
    whether i could dream you away or closer
    i’m not sure if i would
    i’m not sure you really exist
    or if i’m sending out too much on a wish

    By Tescia Schell URL on 09.05.2012

  14. whether the weasther or whether or not. life is defined by it. whether we get out of bed int he mornig wheter we live or we die. whether whether or not. all comes down to whether or not.

    By sid on 09.05.2012

  15. Whether or not she wanted me. This was what consumed my thoughts day and night. It was hard for me to believe that someone like her would even notice someone like me. I couldn’t eat. I couldn’t sleep. I couldn’t live when she wasn’t around.

    By Katnaps URL on 09.05.2012

  16. We live in a hopeless dream and whether we like it or not, we are bound to live that dream and try to get out of it even if it’s a lost cause. We see what we wanted to see but in the end, whether we like it or not, we are just that–hopeless dreamers.

    By Jewel Manalo URL on 09.05.2012

  17. Whether I decide to go to school tomorrow or not, it’ll be a terrible day. I could stay home, throw up a little, maybe clean up my room (but probably not), and then have to frantically catch up the next day… Or I could go and have the worst day at school of my entire life and most likely puke in front of everyone. Decisions, decisions.

    By Rachel Orf URL on 09.05.2012

  18. whether or not I want you is not my choice. Sometimes life just hands you things that are not to your enjoyment. Life is like a job and you won’t always be happy with your assignment.
    Until you’re the boss.
    Touch luck.

    By Ashli on 09.05.2012

  19. whether or not i makes sense, everything makes sense. I make sense, u make sense, we all do, whether we want to or nor, we just do. that is who we are, and that is who we always will be. remember that for now and forever. u matter in the end

    By Do M. Duc on 09.05.2012

  20. Whether or not is whether a word? Who made up the word whether? Whether is such a crazy word. Why does whether be whether or why is whether the worrd. Whaaat now im confusing myself. But why is whether a word, why isn’t heyat a word? I mean theres weird words like xylaphone.

    By Kate URL on 09.05.2012

  21. Now, this is an odd word. Whether or not I am in control of my own destiny, I need to keep striving toward my goals. Whether or not I achieve what I want, I tried.

    By Kent on 09.05.2012

  22. Whether you’re here or not, you’re always with me.
    Whether I slept eight hours or 3, I’m still tired.
    Whether I wore makeup or not, I still feel pretty.
    Whether it’s healthy or not, I will still eat pizza.
    Whether we are together forever or only a short while, I am happy with you now.

    By Juline URL on 09.05.2012

  23. In the space of one breath
    A choice is made
    In three words, his fate is decided
    Who? Who? Who? Who?
    No one

    By alias URL on 09.05.2012

  24. Flowers whether. They fade away with time and hardships. Just like our hearts do. As people, we grow and thrive, yet our hearts whether with time. Not many people understand this. And this is why humanity is so rare to find. We are all just people with withering hearts.

    By Bree URL on 09.05.2012

  25. i dont know whether or not the experiment will work. I think it’s peculiar what one can come up with in sixty seconds. Most people small talk about the weather or whether or not to use whether or weather when speaking of the climatory conditions in small talk.

    By Daniel Robson on 09.05.2012

  26. it’s very hot here, so hot that i can’t think on what to say or better say, write, i’m just waiting until the time ends

    By Daven Corven on 09.05.2012

  27. He was 10 the first time he was broken.

    And he was 15 the next.

    Each time, he had to determine whether or not to make things better.

    Whether to succeed or fail.

    Whether to stand up or fall.

    Whether to heal or stay broken.

    Each time was his decision.

    And once again, he had a choice before him.

    Yes…or no?

    By Lyssie212 URL on 09.05.2012

  28. The weather was beautiful. At least, that’s what she thought; being from Tucson caused her to hold an unpopular opinion of what beautiful weather was. The storm clouds were rolling in, huge, and dark, and massive. She could see the repetitive flashing of lightning. The thunder had been giving her happy shivers all afternoon.
    “not sure if #34: not sure whether to exclaim in joy over the giant storm rolling in or to simply write ‘unpopular opinion here’. Thoughts?” she posted on her facebook status.

    By mackedee on 09.05.2012

  29. So, my big debate is whether I should stick around waiting for you to get yourself together, or is it time to tell you that I’ve had enough?
    It might sound crazy but it ain’t no lie, baby bye bye bye ;)

    By aura.rayne URL on 09.05.2012

  30. Whether or not I am strong or weak.
    Whether or not I am angry or calm.
    I am me.
    I am solemn.
    I am me.
    I am me.
    I am me.

    By Bree URL on 09.05.2012

  31. Whether or not we’re together, will it be okay? Can I juggle you in my crowd of mangled balls, twisting in the air? Is it up to me? Perhaps.
    but whether or not we were made for eachotheris up to God

    By mary on 09.05.2012

  32. Whether I can help it or not, I feel things. I feel passionately and I want to stop sometimes, whether it’s possible or not.

    By yetilove URL on 09.05.2012

  33. Whether or not you think something is difficult or easy, you can’t imply it impossible unless proven possible.

    By Isabel URL on 09.05.2012

  34. “Whether or not you like it this is how it’s going to be. Whether you think you’re smarter or stronger or any of the above, this is still how it’s going to be. I’m sorry if you don’t like it. I’m sorry if you think it’s wrong. But it doesn’t make any damn bit of difference. Because I’m just going to do it anyhow.”

    By Bethany Gould on 09.05.2012

  35. Whether or not is up to you. You can choose left or right. But the choice is yours. Left can take you on fabulous adventures, or maybe even the worst heartache you can muster. But you never know until you try the path. Even when you find it to be the worst decision, you must go on to choose yet another path at the end of this one.

    By Alaina on 09.05.2012

  36. whether, is not like weather, or like a wither. It is what it is whether that be the matter or not. Some people like whether, while others like the weather, but whether that is the case or not is not my problem.

    By Fred on 09.05.2012

  37. The boy contemplated with the phone in one hand and the doorknob in the other. Shouts and loud yelling drifted in from the other side. Should he call them or not?
    Footsteps edging nearer, shadows looming under the door.
    Too late, the door banging open and the phone smacked out of his hand before the boy could even blink, and he can’t help but think he’s utterly pathetic, not being able to dial those small significant numbers: 911.

    By Annie on 09.05.2012

  38. Whether or not you like the word whether, it is a word that allows choice. It let’s you make a decision whether to do one thing or another. It is an option in action.

    By Lavana on 09.05.2012

  39. whether or not i actually know what this word means, i will write. Simply, because i have no idea what i’m writing for, why i’ve been chosen to write about this and how to right about this.. It gave me no direction, but still…I WROTE.

    By Jess on 09.05.2012

  40. if and whether go together. one can be used in place of the other.

    By poornima on 09.05.2012