January 8th, 2014 | 96 Entries

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96 Entries for “wheelchair”

  1. My friend Brooke. Distorted body from birth, brilliant, creative mind. I wonder sometimes how i would handle being in her shoes. I admire her courage, respect her hard work, and am grateful we met. The funny thing is i dont see the wheelchair or her disability…

    By Jeffrey korb on 01.09.2014

  2. the gift of movement to those unable to use their feet. joy. freedom. happiness. it brings it all. especially hope.

    By Jess on 01.09.2014

  3. The wheelchair was just sitting there. No one had touched it in weeks. No one wanted to. It was the last reminder of what had been, who had been. No one had the courage to get rid of it, yet no one could stand to look at it either. The pain they had all felt still too strong in their hearts.

    By Gabiroba URL on 01.09.2014

  4. a way to enable people to become interdependent of others. mobility for life. interacting with the world and moving toward normalization of life with others and themselves. A blessing from God. Fairness and balance to interact with people.

    By rob on 01.09.2014

  5. Mobility for the immobile
    My aunt after her broken hip
    Aid, not dependency

    By mtnslamgrass URL on 01.09.2014

  6. pop a wheelie, dad. show jimmy how you can. Bobby, I can’t right now, I’m busy. Ok, dad, maybe later? Sure Bobby. Hi Jimmy. Hi Mr. Gleason. Neat chair though!

    By Lee URL on 01.09.2014

  7. Sickness sucks. The indignities of disease are easy to get used to because they occur so slowly. Dying of illness is a very slow process. Nothing like a gun shot.

    It takes days and years and an entire lifetime to get so sick that you die. And then you do and it doesn’t matter.

    By paridhirustogi URL on 01.09.2014

  8. Mum needs a wheelchair but we can’t seem to get one. Not without paying for it anyway. We don’t need one for a very long time, it;s just that she can’t put any weight on her left leg.

    By Louise URL on 01.09.2014

  9. A man made half of steel moved proudly on. He didn’t see his disability. He did not feel lost. Instead he saw himself as some sort of machine. “My legs won’t ever get tired, you see.” “But, what about your arms?” “They only get stronger since I focus my energy on these.”

    By IsaPinaud URL on 01.09.2014

  10. Disabled people use wheelchairs to transport themselves from place to place. it is a useful item. It makes them independent to a certain extent. Institutions are helpful in making it easy for them to move around.

    By neel on 01.09.2014

  11. I saw the wheelchair, it was on the ground, i looked around..bloood, there was a blood stained trail..it led me down a path..i ran panicked..wondering if was too late..i saw a man, in the bushes…dead.

    By Ann-Alicia Fagan URL on 01.09.2014

  12. there were two.
    for me and you
    the world before us, what shall we do
    the two stood there
    like chariot awaiting
    like horses grazing
    what will we do
    whatever we want to ever do

    By Marshablues URL on 01.09.2014

  13. he was old and gray and forgotten. sickness rock him from the life he once had. but now he was here sitting in the wheelchair and not even that could ever stop him.

    By Marshablues URL on 01.09.2014

  14. I saw flashes of light as i sped out of control, as i texted my last smiley, as i laughed my last laugh…this was the last time i would be standing..

    i sat there motionless..expressionless..as i exited the hospital building..in my wheelchair.

    By Ann-Alicia Fagan URL on 01.09.2014

  15. I don’t now anyone in a wheelchair. Is it weird that this is my first thought on the subject. Who do I know that is disabled. Many people could be in a wheelchair. Someone who just suffered an injury, surgery, or is ill not only the disabled.

    By Melissa Guthrie on 01.09.2014

  16. hinder my ability to say no
    when all my wings want to do
    is say yes
    take me there
    take me away
    i’ll take myself away
    the world yells straight into
    my finger tips
    blocking words that need to
    escape before this all
    builds up anxiously inside me
    it’s hard to break free when
    so many thoughts are strapping down
    my wings a straight jacket of
    destructive energy ties me down
    i’ll figure this out
    i will always win my own battles

    By stargirl URL on 01.09.2014