March 29th, 2013 | 168 Entries

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168 Entries for “wheat”

  1. Once there was a small town called Wheatville. Everyone there was a farmer. Everyone was expected to be a farmer. Except a small boy named Tim. He didn’t want to be a farmer. He wanted to grow up and be an Astronaut.

    By Courtney on 03.30.2013

  2. wheat bread tastes super nasty and i dont think i would ever really eat it. its brown and really course. its not good with jam on it and its not good with cheese on it either. i really dont like it, i hate it when we get wheat bread for femmad at school, its so nasty and i always feel hungry after eating it. it doesnt fill you up very much.

    By maria on 03.30.2013

  3. running through the field
    the sun shines off the wheat in golden rays
    your hair brown and flowing like the rows
    of rich yellow and orange
    your feet and toes cringling against the harsh ground
    I catch up to you and we fall back
    a harder landing than we thought
    but together in the sun

    By Aidan URL on 03.30.2013

  4. wheat. wheat was the basis of our lives. seasons revolved around it. it was all that mattered. that was then.
    now the feilds are empty; barren. just like what remains of us all

    By Analisa on 03.30.2013

  5. The smell of the wheat blossoming in the far east condemns me to fly until i can find the man who planted and harvested this wheat i wanna know who he is and why this wheat had brought me to him id ask him to share everything he knows about wheat with me and proceed to eat delicious wheat bread soaked in honey butter until there is no longer any reason for myself to be seated at this mans dinner table uninvited.

    By alicia on 03.30.2013

  6. i don’t want to write about wheat. wheat makes me think of glados and chell. why would you do this to my heart? this is a cruel, cruel website. also i know wheat bread is good for you but i miss white bread and potato bread. chell come back. come find the wheat field again chell. chell, GLaDOS loves you chell PLEASE

    By miks URL on 03.30.2013

  7. Wheat is food . It is useful for human bei

    By Assayid on 03.30.2013

  8. In the fields that summer
    we raced with fire-
    works in our hands;
    I’m surprised we didn’t
    light everything on
    fire because
    that’s what our love
    was (on fire.)


    By Arianna Reiley URL on 03.30.2013

  9. grain cereal its good lol or bad for you? who knows what wheat does. i love the smell of bread baking. Fresh baked bread from scratch. So fluffy and yummy, i have yet to experience it. But i dont wanna make my own butter. maybe jam? yum that sounds good.

    By wendi on 03.30.2013

  10. wheat grows and used to fuel america. now it’s been usurped by corn. We make way too much corn. so we feed it to the cows. instead of grass. So they get ecoli. Then they stand in their muddy grassless pens full of muck. and it gets in them. and we get ill. Seriously. Just use wheat.

    By Bobbi B URL on 03.30.2013

  11. food of the people, water, farm country bread sustenance pasta culture Italy, agriculture destruction civilisation forests destroyed cattle food produce

    By Andrew Costall on 03.30.2013

  12. Wheat. Wheat was the basis of our lives. Seasons revolved around it. It was all that mattered. You see that was the problem. We had nothing else to support or sustain us no backup plans; just the slender, golden, swaying crop that the earth yielded up to us time and again. The world had put all its eggs into one basket because the basket worked. It was riding smoothly in the hand of an unknown force, the only force. But that was then.

    By Analisa URL on 03.30.2013

  13. it’s an ingredient of which bread is made. it’s one of the most useful crops that we grow and the result is different kinds of bread. it’s cultivated by a lot of countries.

    By ni8rider on 03.30.2013

  14. Wheat- the source of life. But today, so contaminated. The year is 2458. Wheat is just an urban legend. I am trying to recover this, but many don’t believe in my research and find it just a waste of money. But, I believe. I will eat bread once again in my lifetime.

    By Maťka on 03.30.2013

  15. Something that I don’t tolerate. How strange, wheat has fed man for centuries and has formed the basis of human sustenance since time immemorial. Golden, swaying in the wind and now

    By Neela on 03.30.2013

  16. she was running in a field.
    the dress she wore had wheat stuck on the frills of her dress.

    the sun was about to set and she needed to get at the end of the field quickly.

    she was going to meet someone.

    By denden URL on 03.30.2013

  17. The brown wheat bread crumbled between my finger. Why, oh why! Why did my favourite bakery have to be sold out of white bread? The world must be ending, that is the only way to explain it.

    By Anna URL on 03.30.2013

  18. Wheat I think is the bane of my life. I bloat and I eat. I can’t stop eating bread. I eat toast every morning, and even though I know how it will make me feel, I carry on, and the next day, and the next day, until I cave in and eat cereal. But then I wish I was eating toast!

    By Tallulah on 03.30.2013

  19. its a grain that’s in the ground. IT REMINDS ME of the story of the little red hen you know? I think it’s because it’s the first thing she does (you know, before all the little animal-bitches ignored her) -poor hen. Okay wheat. Golden it’s actually beautiful, reminds me of the time I was with my friend on my birthday and it was really sunny and it we snuck into a wheat field and it was litterally the most beautiful thing ever.

    By Aifric URL on 03.30.2013

  20. this is a process
    like separating the chaff from the wheat
    removing the parts that don’t work
    and keeping only the bits that do
    or perhaps, those that will
    in time

    By Nia Ceridwyn URL on 03.30.2013

  21. It may be as simple a concept as the one about ‘wheat’ but the thing is we have to answer precisely with what’s in our mind when we think about this particular concept. Right now we wish we could play Stronghold, that little game that tormented our childhood; I would also love to run in a field.

    By Helen on 03.30.2013

  22. Wheat a minute. Wheat have to write about wheat? Wheat…I’ve never been so offended in my life. This is a REAL grain in the ass.

    By Jake on 03.30.2013

  23. He walked through the wheat fields, running his hands over the still growing stalks. The small farmhouse in the middle of everything made him smile, his feet bringing him ever closer. It was like a dream. He was home, finally. His wife and child were waiting for him…
    But as he approached the house, his heart fell, first despair, and then rage. What was waiting for him was not what was expected.

    By Serryphae URL on 03.30.2013

  24. your hair of wheat.
    golden falling into your face, smiling face.
    your smile, the colour of wheat.

    By roberta on 03.30.2013

  25. my skin colour, i have wheat flour, tandoori roti of wheat flour is not that good to taste and it can be used as face pack to remove dirt from skin

    By tridipa on 03.30.2013

  26. grano.
    i tuoi occhi.
    il tuo sorriso.
    i tuoi capelli.
    del colore del grano.

    By roberta on 03.30.2013

  27. we’re instinct vs. free will.

    king of all beasts,
    old scrolls called us.

    a wondrous species,
    more intelligent
    than any that came before it.

    opposable thumbs,
    indoor plumbing,
    knowledge to turn wheat
    into loaves of bread.

    also the only creatures
    on this godf-cked earth
    who make mistakes
    and do them over, and over,
    and over again.

    By h. b. URL on 03.30.2013

  28. The grains were tiny, fine, smooth and powdery to touch. Running my fingers through it was a very pleasant and fine experience, I was sorry that I had to see it go. Mrs Lee rushed our experiments all the time; going to the lab required much fuss, nine year olds like us were prone to skipping and larking about, something her old bones wouldn’t handle.

    “Now, will you please drop your iodine on the samples.”

    All the students did so and we all gasped as the dark inky substance stained the lovely, oaky, cream coloured crop. The wetness and darkness of iodine spread along the grains, the adhesive and cohesive forces pulling the liquid along in a slow, languid movements.

    It was fascinating to watch.

    By dramarie URL on 03.30.2013

  29. “Separate the wheat from the chaff. Do it, come on –”

    “What does that even mean?” demanded Dawn. “Separate what? No. That’s stupid. Go to hell.”

    By Ashley URL on 03.30.2013

  30. I remember when I didn’t know there was a “wheat” option.

    By Kayla URL on 03.30.2013

  31. When my grandfather go back from the second world war, he was start work on create new farm where he will produce wheat

    By dotem on 03.30.2013

  32. Wheat is good for you. It’s great actually. What would the world be without wheat?

    I wouldn’t know. You wouldn’t know.

    Because wheat exists, that’s why.

    It’s not just a part of the nutrition t

    By Chi URL on 03.30.2013

  33. The one thing that Kit, the goat coveted most were a few grains of wheat. Oh how sweet it would have been if he could taste those golden grains instead of these dry grass that he seems to be eating his whole life.

    By Deb D URL on 03.30.2013

  34. Wheat beer poured into a glass. Hefe beer has to be at least fifty percent beer in order to be considered hefe beer.
    I have to know these things for work.
    There is little pretty about it. It is just a thing that I have to know. I cannot presently romanticize wheat. I’m sorry, universe. That’s all I’ve got.

    By Lana on 03.30.2013

  35. Wheat. It is the one thing in the world that has been mass produced to feed the human race. It isn’t part of man’s natural diet. However, in saying that. Crop generation is one of the biggest industries in the world that feeds nations. It may not be the healthiest option for our lifestyle, but it can feed the world.

    By F HERRING URL on 03.30.2013

  36. It is a grain that is used in most everything people eat it in cereal and bread. It is common.

    By Shannon M. on 03.30.2013

  37. Its used in bread and food, it is an important part in the culinary arts and it is also a colour used to describe a hair colour. Its also used in cakes.

    By Camilla on 03.30.2013

  38. there is wheat in bread and some people are allergic to wheat. My cousin is. that is why there is gluten free bread and flour stuff. so now my cousin is happy and he can eat bread. there is yeast to activate wheat and therefore, make bread. bread

    By mia on 03.30.2013

  39. Why Have Elephants Angered Telemundo?

    By Ryan on 03.30.2013

  40. strong and wholesome. straight out of the ground. monsanto is killing your heritage, little wheat. I’m sorry I cannot help you. I cannot even help myself. I love you as part of our greater intelligence and I hope we can forgive monsanto when this is over.

    By Holly on 03.30.2013