March 29th, 2013 | 168 Entries

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168 Entries for “wheat”

  1. Wheat is healthy. It grows in the ground. Fields of it are pretty. Wheat is hearty and delicious. It is also a beautiful color.

    By Beverly on 03.29.2013

  2. A girl, just under a foot tall, shrieked.
    My head jerked in her direction and I bolted for her. A wall of dry, stalked giants scraped their tousles at me. Bare faced and bare armed, I squeezed through like paper. But like paper in a clenched fist, I kept sinking and fading. She kept screaming and screaming. But the wheat was too thick.

    By Helianthus URL on 03.29.2013

  3. Grains for sweets in the afternoon
    Staring at the Wheat as my neck feels this Blue moon
    The sun cruising right through the noon
    Layin in the wheat, Since the feeling might be gone soon

    By Poe Man on 03.29.2013

  4. Whole wheat i love to eat, it keeps me healthy, ill keep that brief, get it by the loaf, cut into sheets, cheddar cheese, add a piece, get a skillet, make it hot, butter the sheets, grilled cheese sandwhich.

    By Grilled Cheesy on 03.29.2013

  5. Wheat. Why oh why do I love to eat wheat. It’s more than a treat. It rules me and everything. Cows, chicken, chips and biscuits. Beer and cheeze itz. Can’t we go one day without it!? Wheat, it’s cheap, easy to consume, sticks to my insides like glue. Oatmeal in the morning to help my daily poo? Oh noooooo! Wheat, like any addiction, is guaranteed simple momentary satisfaction. And no matter what. It’s usually always in the front of the cabinet.

    By Heather URL on 03.29.2013

  6. I already did wheat once but its good enough to try twice, I love it with butter melted on top and a glass of juice with ice. I know a beautiful girl alergic to it, thats unfair

    By BreadNButter URL on 03.29.2013

  7. Waiting by the bus stop in the city, I wistfully gazed at the glowing moon. A continuous stream of cars flowed until I was left alone in the dark night, lit up only by the moon lantern. A small wind picked up and knocked the chimes that broke the silence.

    By OneJen URL on 03.29.2013

  8. is like corn, but it’s really just yellow grass. I wish that we could have lasagna for dinner, jesus is os cool. but why does glutten have to be in everything. it makes my stomach poochy. I really love bread. especially with butter and cinnamon… wow! it’s so good. why does it have to be so bad for you. I would love to gather wheat like Ruth did.

    By Amy on 03.29.2013

  9. We hid ourselves in the quiet, lost in golden fields of wheat
    His head on my stomach, serene summer heat.

    By Carly URL on 03.29.2013

  10. bread is what did it, made her this way
    not gluten bread
    she has a lot of it
    tucks it beneath folds
    under her ass
    on top of bones and meat beneath shirts
    all hidden as this delicious counter part
    that i like to call fat
    she calls it cushion

    By CheyenneDrew URL on 03.29.2013

  11. Eradicate the cause from your diet, and the symptoms go away. But what if the cause is sadness, and the cure is no better than the disease? What does it mean to feel nothing, just to stop feeling sad?

    By darseyrsm URL on 03.29.2013

  12. Wheat sheaves, the colour of sand. Golden like Rapunzel, blowing in the wind, waiting for their princes.

    By Caitlin Farr on 03.29.2013

  13. “Pathetic. It’s pathetic.” I crunched hard. “What do you think you’re doing? You’re….” the one-sided conversation trails off and I chew harder and harder. “You’re not listening, respond to me when I talk to you!!!” I heard a snap. And harder, the crunch of the hard, wheat cereal being ground down to dust between my teeth. My thoughts trailed off.

    By Danaé on 03.29.2013

  14. As she admired the wheat fields on the long drive down that country road her thoughts turned to home. Home, yes, home. Wouldn’t she much rather be home instead of with her captor. Holding her against her will and driving her to God knows where. How did she get here?

    By Audre on 03.29.2013

  15. grass grows and so dose wheat it is big and strong like my father it sways and danced like my little sister it grows so tall lkie y brother ii

    By alex on 03.29.2013

  16. I dream big dreams, of wheat breads, cheesecakes, soup tureens, roasts and frosted cocktails. Of purple and pink hyacinths, of lemon roses and snowy carnations. Of paintings and photos and ceramics and jewelry. But instead I crunch numbers and spreadsheets and the magic of finances, and my dreams stay wrapped in the shadow.

    By cmsiena URL on 03.29.2013

  17. wheat is yellow and looks really pretty when youre driving through the country and you see it in fields. also it makes bread. today i went to a catholic service for the first time and i learned that catholics kiss their bread before they throw it away because its the body of jesus i thought it was wierd idk

    By Emmalies URL on 03.29.2013

  18. the wheat feilds are silent. the long weeds surging through the ground, trying to attack the ground, growing this way and that. the crunch of the wheat as it pops in your mouth..

    By halfbright URL on 03.29.2013

  19. What a vastly different meaning wheat has to the kids of today than to the kids of the past. Kids build their virtual farms, working the soil with the quick maneuvers of buttons and keys. Oh, if only they could know the toil, the sweat, the hellish heat of the summer, all to hope for a meal on the table.

    By Archori URL on 03.29.2013

  20. Wheat is what other people try to make you eat when you need to be healthy. AL Rocker from the Today Show says that wheat bread is better than brown bread because “Brown is Better.”

    By Matthew Prufert on 03.29.2013

  21. Wheat, O
    What waters rise to flood you,
    What skies reach down to meet you,
    Brush your snow tops with their morning dew
    Become my noodle stew

    By Dementorpoop URL on 03.29.2013

  22. wheat makes the beer that i drink. wheat is in the bread that i eat. wheat has helped and will always help keep me healthy. Thank you wheat

    By Ashley Tenney on 03.29.2013

  23. Wheat. It’s the source of many foods. Many, many foods. So when you’re allergic to it, your whole lifestlye changes. As a person with t1d, I know many people with celiac disease. For a simple allergy, it can be utterly life-changing. You nee

    By Claire on 03.29.2013

  24. allergies. gluten. what we ingest changes our body. food is engineered to trick your system, which is a product of eons of evolution. don’t let it happen.

    By mrs. f URL on 03.29.2013

  25. I like whole wheat bread. None of that half-assed half wheat bread for me, nosirree! Wheat is a treat! Wheat ‘chu talking about, Willis? I am not wheat you think I am. Goodbye.

    By Zelda Martin on 03.29.2013

  26. All the wheat which had grown tall and golden in the fields was burned. All the houses atop the hill were reduced to ash. Every molecule of the place that I called home went back to the dust from whence it came. I was homeless and so alone.

    By Iam Me URL on 03.29.2013

  27. he is the sunlight streaming through my window in the morning that spreads warmth across my cheeks
    he is the hot cup of coffee with tendrils of steam that wakes me up
    he is the wheat toast right from the toaster with the bright berry jam in a layer on top
    he is the morning and i am the night

    By paige URL on 03.29.2013

  28. I just ate some whole wheat crackers. At first they tasted like the Ritz crackers that I ate as a kid, but something just wasn’t right. These crackers were gritty and slightly disappointing. Growing up isn’t fun.

    By Amy on 03.29.2013

  29. I look at wheat rippling in the field and think of sex. I see clouds banking on the horizon and think of sex. Is it just me, am I alone in this as in everything? Sex is about the past, each experience coloured by every other physical experience and yet the memories are empty and sad. They replay like old movies lacking warmth and sound, texture and taste, but mostly they lack surprise and mystery.

    By Meredyth URL on 03.29.2013

  30. She hated waking up at 4 in the morning to harvest the wheat. She hated having to wear overalls and her hair up in a ponytail. She hated living on the farm with her uncle and her cousins. She just wanted to go home.

    By Anya on 03.29.2013

  31. All he ever knew was how to grow wheat. What it needed to grow, when it needed to be harvested. He never knew anything other than the farm, and he certainly knew that there weren’t gonna be any wheat farms in the city.

    By Ashley Marie C URL on 03.29.2013

  32. the cabinets were empty more often than not. the fridge typically housed just one bottle of ketchup and a box of chinese white rice long past its edible life.

    By errow URL on 03.29.2013

  33. wheat is used to make bread. you turn it into grain. wheat is something I chew on to avoid thinking about negative thoughts. wheat by itself taste decent. it is used to make various ales, I love wheat ale such as Blue moon.

    By Jared Trotter on 03.29.2013

  34. The stalks swished against my fingers as I trailed them through the field. It was almost time to harvest. Too bad we wouldn’t have time to bring in one of our biggest crops. I suppose it didn’t matter at this point, what with the market destroyed, along with almost everything else. But here, in the endless sea of gold, it was hard to believe all the cities to the east and west were gone. Here, everything was normal. Here, under the white sun and still-blue sky, everything was safe.

    By annie URL on 03.29.2013

  35. wo the first thing i think about is bread. the fact that i can have it in different ways. i can put whatever i want inside it. that’s what’s awesome to me. wow totally retro man.

    By Jecca URL on 03.29.2013

  36. Wheat bread is good for sandwich making. It all depends on the type of sandwich you want to make. Wheat bread sometimes better than white bread but on the other hand sometimes worse. Wheat bread or any type of wheat is the healthier alternative but sometimes you just want the yummy choice. Some people prefer this though, sometimes even I do as well.

    By Unknown on 03.29.2013

  37. Logan is quite the chef, but he doesn’t understand anything about nutrition, really. He can’t give me lectures about the grains group or the dairy group, or my intake of fiber per day. He just likes putting food in a pot and watching it cook. He likes watching my face as I take the first bite. I guess that’s good enough.

    By EJ URL on 03.29.2013

  38. Endless displays, on and on and on. The golden color moves in waves, though there isn’t water for miles.

    I sit there, on the side. Looking, waiting. Hoping. Maybe something will happen. Something beautiful. Something like the amber sprouts of wheat peaking out of the ground.

    By maggie URL on 03.29.2013

  39. wheat is used to make bread. I like wheat products but sometimes i don’t understand its health properties. Wheat…what I’d do not to have u around as a diabetic! It makes you get a wheat belly.

    By Valyn on 03.29.2013

  40. I brushed through the field, my bare feet touching the muddy ground. The wheat surrounding me was abundant and flowed with the summer breeze. It’s bright golden color reminded me of his hair. It was a beautiful blonde, that shone in the sun.

    By Juliet on 03.29.2013