November 11th, 2016 | 52 Entries

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52 Entries for “western”

  1. California is a western state in the United States. In the 1800’s many people A lot of cowboy movies have been made in the west due to immigrants moving from the east coast to the west coast and and

    By Gayle Yvonne Baird URL on 11.11.2016

  2. Am I western or am I Indian? I’ve spent my entire life existing in some sort of limbo in between, but i’m finding with experience that I am a mixture of both that pools together the positivity of each realm. Kinda like an arnold palmer tbh. Those who live by the code of lemonade will not all understand me, not will they always accept me. Same as those who live by iced tea — they will never truly understand the beauty of the Arnold Palmer, nor will I their traditional taste. The lovers of Arnold Palmers, however…. though we’ll always only understand only the beauty of the Palmer, we have the ability to dabble in the pleasures that can come with unmixed drinks.

    By Gurchit Chatha URL on 11.11.2016

  3. The states that are in the western region of the United States are mountain states and the pacific states.The mountain states are states that are in a mountain range,like Colorado.The pacific states are states that are next to the Pacific Ocean.These are the western states:Mountain:Montana,Wyoming,Colorado,New Mexico,Utah,Idaho,Arizona,and Nevada. Pacific:Washington,Oregon,California,Alaska,and Hawaii.

    By Jada Engel on 11.11.2016

  4. Cowboy, mountains, western music. Casual, guns, work and comfort.

    By Gae Callaway URL on 11.11.2016

  5. It was a hot day even for an August. The wind couldn’t have been more stale. The sun set in the western sky and Jacob O’Conner couldn’t bring himself to light his cigar. Sometimes you just can’t poison a good moment with smoke and ash.

    By James Burke on 11.11.2016

  6. The man rode down the dusty river bed holding the hat. He looked down at it again. It’s what kept him going. Suddenly there was a rustling behind a rock just ahead. He put the hat back in the saddle bag and stopped his horse.

    By Max Mcgee on 11.11.2016

  7. I feel like the Western world is under siege culturally and the fact that it is my opinion is a key in that because my opinion no longer means as much as a Muslim refugee’s or a Mexican illegal immigrant’s for just a few examples. I don’t expect it to mean more but I expect it to mean as much as. And that’s why I’m proud that I voted for Donald Trump as president of the United States.

    By Lee on 11.11.2016

  8. The western part of the country kind of sucks like who even lives out there. Not me, that’s who. I wouldn’t move out there if you paid me. It’s where the gold was, sure, but nothing else good came out of there. No one even likes cowboys, and nobody likes it out west. The western hemisphere is also the worst, just saying.

    By Angela on 11.11.2016

  9. Western Democracy has seen failed the modern world. With the rise of Nationalism, are we heading towards a world of fear? Are we heading towards a world that’s lost its way? Maybe the new POTUS will be good for us. Good for the world. Maybe,

    By Nicholas Han Wei Lee on 11.11.2016

  10. I thought maybe I could calm my nerves by watching a classic western while sitting on my couch, eating Cheetos and drinking lukewarm whiskey. Sure, enjoying a movie where cowboys shoot each other and racist stereotypes of Native Americans prevail may not have made sense, or seemed appropriate, but I needed to distract myself. Plus, I was tired of science fiction movies; after all, I had viewed them on repeat.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 11.11.2016

  11. Historians agree the Western world peaked this past Tuesday, when the American people elected Donald Trump.

    By Paco Lindo on 11.11.2016

  12. Best western is a cheap motel. They are convient and fairly clean.

    By Nobody on 11.11.2016

  13. western union western bacon cheeseburger western society western the magnificent seven western bound western as western gets wet stren wet stern tern wes craven a nightmare on elm street freddy kruger western gravel graves and death the destruction of democracy the scare of social media the chaos floating above it all and looking for a break

    By coffeeturtle on 11.11.2016

  14. My father road far into the sunset when he left us. It wasn’t because he didn’t love us. It was that he didn’t love us enough to stay when gold was in them there hills. And he was so consumed by finding that shiny metal that would make his life better that he lost his own life in the process.

    By 2lazy2leave URL on 11.11.2016

  15. western civilization is not going any where as Gandhi said irits a good idea I like western movies but the last one by Torintino wasn’t very nice.It could have been better

    By Kamaal on 11.11.2016

  16. As I savour the western sky
    My mind explores the reasons why
    You turned away and left me here
    With nothing more than tepid beer.

    By P URL on 11.11.2016

  17. The stranger slipped into the tavern, drawing no notice, and slipping over to a table. A waiter came up.
    “I’m just resting,” he said, cutting her off.

    By Shadow Writer URL on 11.11.2016

  18. A good old fashioned drive in movie, next to the place you used to go camping. Some friends bring cheap Mexican cokes and you open one, showing off how you can flip off the cap with your keys and cutting yourself in the process. Your friends laugh, you suck your thumb and watch the flickering popcorn ad up on the huge screen mounted in front of a sea of mini vans and pickup trucks. You’re not even sure what the movie is….a western? Something else? You snuggle into the blankets, taste of copper still in your mouth, and wait to find out.

    By Amanda URL on 11.11.2016

  19. it was just like the old westerns. showdowns, duels, pulling out the guns. although not so much a showdown as it was cold-blooded murder. no one was shooting back.

    By firelight URL on 11.11.2016

  20. The west coast is significantly different from the east coast. Although I’ve never visited there, it’s very easy to tell. The atmosphere seems a lot more laid back. The sun seems to shine brighter there. It’s almost as if it’s a different world.

    By Cass URL on 11.11.2016

  21. western thoughts with traditional values inside is the best profile for anybody. Its good to absorb new thoughts and ideas and implement them and still retain the ancestors values and ethics

    By Rady URL on 11.11.2016

  22. Through the door, a room
    (is this a tomb?)
    A large white urn rests against the center of each wall
    North urn, west urn, south urn, east urn – all in all
    I stand tall in the middle
    expecting some trap or riddle
    An orange glow from little floating spheres
    circling me as if to count little floating lightyears
    Lights collide and crash left
    Smoke clears to show the wall eroded into a small cleft
    A tiny voice
    offers choice
    It’s the west urn
    urging me westward
    I hop on a westbird
    to head toward The Western

    By omqwat URL on 11.11.2016

  23. I went to law school at University of Western Ontario. I had a great time. One of my favourite TV shows is a western starring space cowboys – Firefly, which spawned the movie Serenity. I moved out to one of the western provinces – Saskatchewan. I went and visited Alberta while I was there. I moved back east, though, after less than a year.

    By Shaunak URL on 11.11.2016

  24. He tips his hat.
    He twirls his gun.
    he mounts his horse and, grabbing a young damsel, rides into the sunset.
    He hooks his thumbs in his belts and swaggers through the street of some dusty town.

    By Katacomb URL on 11.11.2016

  25. Western hemisphere, the life, the struggle. What have you prepared for the next sunset? A battle, two men. A gunslinger and foreigner fight it off. One wins, both die. The woman always loved him.

    By marco on 11.11.2016

  26. I already write about western, western, like the east is a direction, but who are we to considered such things? Only humans in this excavated world of nothingness. WE have west…

    By xmugen URL on 11.12.2016

  27. I am a part of a Western system, Western democracy, Western victim, part of the hipocrisy. I profess to contest global warming but I drive an SUV and leave the lights on in the morning. I’m the worst. I feel good when I recycle but I’m buying up these plastics ’cause I’m caught up in this cycle, –immersed– in a culture that I feel is run by psychos, coerced into a system that I find I kind of like and I –burst– into tears when I see a turtle –choking– on a bag that I tossed in the trash, in a pile of rubble –smoking– like the cinders of this earth, like my heart, it burns for my sins against this planet I love and that I’m ripping apart, for what I’m doing to it while I sit comfortably in my hearth. It’s time for a change, and for what it’s worth, this is a start. I’m Western, and this is my heart.

    By Autumn Reds and Golds URL on 11.12.2016

  28. “I’m going west,” I explained to the man sitting across the table from me.
    “Anywhere particular? Going overseas?” he queried, checking his phone.
    “No, just west. I’m staying in the country. I’ve lived here all my life, yet I don’t feel like I know it well enough,” I explained, rising from my seat, “Goodbye. We may meet again, or maybe not. Probably not,”
    “Bye, Emmelyn,”. He sounded uncertain.
    And I left. It had always been this way. Go somewhere, meet some people, move on before I got to know them.

    By EmmaChristobel URL on 11.12.2016

  29. Eastern or western, neither is greater than the other.

    I want to accept both. Discern them and understand them both better.

    By abe URL on 11.12.2016

  30. Western culture has evolved to the point where a misogynistic, pussy-grabbing capitalistic pig of a businessman is running the United States of America. Shameful. So far it strayed from it’s roots in England that it is in no way reminicent of this once great imperial nation.

    By rei on 11.12.2016

  31. So, what is western exactly? West from what? If you live in LA, what is western, is it Asia?

    By jodp on 11.12.2016

  32. the western days leave us jealous because of the simplified way of life and the non complications that are often found in this chaotic modern world.

    By Matthew Norton on 11.12.2016

  33. the cowboy looked at the girl getting off the train and found himself starring. She was exquisite and he had never seen anything like her before. He became nervous and unsure of himself – which was uncommon for him, being the sheriff and all.

    By Matthew Norton on 11.12.2016

  34. Dusty hills. Cactuses. Dust blowing in the wind. In the distance there is a small town and you can see the horses trotting through it accompanied by their owners…companions, almost. Its dry. So dry. But the cactuses are the only hope for any sort of hydration.

    By Shelby AmandaLee on 11.12.2016

  35. cowboys on the western plains of south dakota battle the native american tribe the sioux and want to regain their land back to protect the buffalo and other wildlife. horses gallop across the grass as the cowboys whip their legs to get them to go faster, and native americans draw arrows to attack.

    By Missy URL on 11.12.2016

  36. The western side of the mountains was lush, with thick forests often covered by fog which rose off the ocean and the rains came from that direction, pushed by the winds. Climbing the mountain pass, the land became dried and when the travelers reached the summit, they looked down on another world, dry and barren.

    By chanpheng URL on 11.12.2016

  37. The western front had grown increasingly volatile, and the people living in those regions had become ;more frightened by the day. It was no wonder that many of them had chosen to make the perilous trip south to seek refuge. Many of them did not take but the clothes on their back and maybe some food, if they had any.

    By Samantha on 11.12.2016

  38. Sand, as far as the eye can see. The heat, sizzling the skin of any living thing that had the foolish idea to venture there. And the wind, worse than all, drying you instantly with every breath.

    By yep on 11.12.2016

  39. influenced by the americans or europeans. or something sophisticated fashion type but of pertaining to aristocratic people.

    By Samkit on 11.12.2016

  40. One man, one mission. Save the town. A man robs the bank and takes a woman hostage. He makes a daring rescue by jumping through the window of the bank. He gets the girl and saves the day. Everyone loves him.

    By James Paulson on 11.12.2016