March 3rd, 2013 | 218 Entries

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218 Entries for “weakling”

  1. The weakling is always the one left behind. The one forgotten or the one who is always put down. But in this case, the weakling is the one of the group with the advantage over the others. This weakling has the power to rise above everyone else and their expectations of what he is capable of. This weakling is ready to win.

    By Callie URL on 03.03.2013

  2. I am not a weakling.
    But I really kind of am.
    It’s sad, watching kids get picked on.
    Just hoping that you won’t be the one
    It’s survival of the fittest
    Something we know as best as children
    If you are a weakling, do something about it.

    By Leah on 03.03.2013

  3. It was me. They yelled and screamed, and I joined them in their chorus. “Who’s not lifting?!?”
    It’s not because I didn’t want to… I just had these implants to look strong.

    By Murray on 03.03.2013

  4. Adaris was no weakling, he was a man of virtue and strength, with the blade skill to back it up; and any who crossed his ship learned that full well.

    By Warren URL on 03.03.2013

  5. I looked at her. She was lying upon the ground, her head cupped in her hands, and her ankles still bleeding. She was weak. That was the word i was looking for. the word i was always looking for. Thats what they were- mistakes and awful, horrible weaklings. But the sad fact was- she…she was different. So very, very different. Because her- her i loved.

    By Zozojay URL on 03.03.2013

  6. He treated her like a lost bird. Caring for her and keeping her close. He clipped her wings and kept her. He said, “come. I made this nest for you.”

    By Rosie L on 03.03.2013

  7. im weak
    im my own chain
    im crumbling
    i am vain
    i am depressed
    cause i feel no pain.

    By hal on 03.03.2013

  8. “pathetic,” she said, and he knew it was true.
    he was that, a pathetic weakling. never as strong as the rest of his kin. she spat at him, and he cowered.
    for sixteen years.
    he wouldn’t always be, though. he was much stronger, now.
    much better than any of them.

    By anna klein on 03.03.2013

  9. She was weak, she was hot. Sour, like the edges of grapes, the skin that was red and bitter and only taste all at once. She crawled through the window, ignoring the shattered glass that broke her weeping skin.

    By M on 03.03.2013

  10. when people stared falling asleep no one thought much of it. It was the poor, the homeless. The weak. But it didn’t stop there. And when the disease, blessing, curse started to spread to the rich, and powerful- when people everywhere fell to deep impenatrable sleep that was when the world took notice. But perhaps…perhaps to late.

    By Zozojay URL on 03.03.2013

  11. if you really read my poems
    you would know that I am no weakling
    you would know that each line
    is a slash of strength
    it is a shout, not a plea

    By Jessie Erikson on 03.03.2013

  12. Terry was the weakling of the group, always ordered around by the bigger boys. Today was the day when he would show them where his real strength lied. Today was graduation day.

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 03.03.2013

  13. He felt like a weakling for putting the fishing rod down, but the fish was big enough to be the size of his former mother-in-law, and he didn’t want to tackle that. He could already feel the muscles in his arms screaming with pain, just like her screams pierced his ears, and made them feel like they were bleeding.

    By Rmund URL on 03.03.2013

  14. cry


    I have never
    heard of such
    a boy like you.

    One that cannot feel,
    one that cannot deal
    with things that are happy
    things that are sappy.

    You can only exhale
    and never inhale.

    By amangelindiore URL on 03.03.2013

  15. you are a weakling.
    nothing compared to me.
    balk in my strength.
    let me sap your energy
    my hunger will leave
    your frame to blow away
    naught but a paper cut-out
    you cannot bear the burdens of society
    you are not worthy
    not good enough
    to manage

    By sevenwords URL on 03.03.2013

  16. they said she was a weakling. the word itself, sound…weak. Once a week she would head to the bathroom, alone, and cut away…

    At the wrists and hands of the bathroom stalls, exposing, the bathroom-goers to-be. Of their weaknesses.

    By Philip on 03.03.2013

  17. The Eygptian effect has started to take over. It involved sitting on a bench realising there is nothing you can do about anything. It is a philosophy which helps a weakling like me, as I go about avoiding confrontation with burly taxi drivers and money hungry customs officials.

    By pip333 URL on 03.03.2013

  18. Do you think I’m a weakling! That I will crumble when you walk out that door? Here, let me help you with your bags. I can’t imagine what would give you the impression that a woman divorced and living single happily 14 years would fall into oblivion when husband number two takes his leave. I should keep going. Shelly had to explain to me that it was not done. I keep having skips back to the dialogue.
    It’s fine for you to be sad about how you have mistreated me. And absolutely correct. It’s not incumbent of me to do anything but to forgive you and wish you Godspeed on your journey. I have been blessed knowing you. I have grown as a spiritual pioneer and humane being. It’s not working. And we can feel content that we gave it our best shot. It is clear you do not want to dwell with me if you wander the streets or linger in the casinos at night. That releases me from the biblical obligation to remain married. If the non-believer wants to dwell with his wife, she mush so remain. You have voted with your feet.

    By Sisdr URL on 03.03.2013

  19. I am no weakling. I have survived many painful things in my life. My own molestation. My sister’s rape. I have been to ten funerals in the last fifteen years. I am strong. I am hardened, and hidden, and lost. I am so many things, but I have never been weak. I am a fighter. I fight for myself. I fight for others. I fight for beliefs, and values, and love. No one is weak who can love another despite faults, differences, and fears.

    By annabelle on 03.03.2013

  20. weakling
    that’s what I feel like right now, honestly
    I’ve been crying over nothing
    or at least things that shouldn’t bother me much
    I’m worthless
    You called me a horrible person
    and I can’t disagree.

    By Jessica Tower URL on 03.03.2013

  21. hmmmmm…. I wonder how much i should write… I don’t type fast so I guess I am a weakling at typing… See? I already ran out of time… O.o

    By Winny on 03.03.2013

  22. … I already had this word a bunch of times already…
    You can call me a weakling I guess…
    Whoa that was a random sentence… Well actually, maybe you can’t.
    On my last one, it was also weakling.
    I’m not nececarily slow at typing but I just put it in there randomly.
    Oh I made a typo Oh Well.
    Wow this is getting really off topic…
    OK, back to the topic
    There are many weaklings in this world.
    Oh No the time ran out.

    By Winny on 03.03.2013

  23. weakling i don’t know weak link, weak day, weak week it’s been a weak week.

    By deb prince on 03.03.2013

  24. only the strong survive,
    your heart will kill you if you let them break it.
    good luck weakling.

    By Courtney on 03.03.2013

  25. She was definitely the weakling in the family. So many children, so unique but all so self assured; what happened to her? Her feelings elevated, her actions careless, thoughtless, pointless. There was nothing to her. Do not look deeper, you wont find anything.

    By Molly URL on 03.03.2013

  26. The room is dark, but it’s not like before–at the wrong time, with the wrong person, with the wrong intentions. I felt so weak back then, so able to break under his will and asking. But that’s not me anymore. I don’t bend and fit into molds.

    And now I’m here because I want to be. I lie down on the bed and look over into a face that isn’t impatient and careless. “I’ve been trying to do it right.”

    And in the night, I hear a voice echo, “You belong with me in my sweet heart.”

    By Marissa URL on 03.03.2013

  27. weakling… how dare you! i will smite you where you stand. i will make you grovel for every breath you wish to have. i will make you regret everything you once stood for. ha. you are pathetic. you are a weakling. you will amount to nothing. you make me ill. you disgust me

    By Nadia URL on 03.03.2013

  28. I am no weakling

    I’m the opposite
    I’m strong
    I’m empowered
    I’m nothing close to that and neither are you
    we are eachother
    we are one

    By Madeja on 03.03.2013

  29. I’m not a weakling. My arms may be limp, my legs may be sub-par, my entire body not in the perfect shape, but I am not weak. Whatever comes across my path, I face it. That is what true strength is.

    By Kerry URL on 03.03.2013

  30. They looked at me differently that day, like they could see who I really was. I wasn’t strong. I didn’t have a backbone. They knew that. They knew I would run at the first chance and leave them all standing there dealing with the problems that were no doubt caused by me. What a mess I’ve made of things.

    By Teresa Warner URL on 03.03.2013

  31. Being the weakling is vulnerable, it is hard, it is a constant struggle. But the great thing about it is that you have the power to rise, to become great. The opportunity is there, will you take it?

    By Savannah Robison on 03.03.2013

  32. I don’t want to be a weakling anymore.

    By Jason URL on 03.03.2013

  33. I feel like a weakling a lot. I feel weak compared to other people. My problems normally start out small but I turn them into something bigger. I blow it out of proportion and make myself suffer for it. I make myself look weak. I make myself feel weak because I am weak. I don’t want to feel this way anymore.

    By Bree URL on 03.03.2013

  34. someone who is weak.
    someone who cant do much
    someone who is tired

    By Maria URL on 03.03.2013

  35. Weak is the opposite of strong
    But what is dark without light
    Or pain without love
    Or bad without good?
    Some just succumb to their fear

    By Tyler URL on 03.03.2013

  36. Someone who is weak. Unable to lift heavy objects. They have scrawny arms and can’t handle things. I love weaklings <3 Mental forms of weakness are also valid. They can be just as detrimental as a physcial incapacity, if not more anchoring. I lv

    By Lindsey and Teebz on 03.03.2013

  37. He didn’t want to consider himself a weakling anymore. He wanted to show the world that he was not someone to mess with and think nothing will happen from it. If there was anything he wanted to prove, it was that he was a man on a mission and he would do whatever necessary to reach it. There was just one thing he had to consider: would he be able to kill the only person he’d ever love? It was time for the weakling to be put to the test.

    By Brandy G. on 03.03.2013

  38. Sweat raced down the side of my face, spattering onto the black pavement that rolled beneath me like an early spring rain. My heart raced, but the treadmill raced faster. A burning sensation came about; from my feet to my legs, to my chest and to my mind. This pain. This bitter, hateful, stinging pain. One day, I’ll overcome it. One day, I’ll be strong and lean and beautiful. But I don’t think I’ll ever overcome the pain that other people’s eyes bring me.

    By Greendale_Human URL on 03.03.2013

  39. Delaney was a weakling. She whined at my feet all day and sniffled at night laying between me and sarah. Who knows why she feels so weak? Perhaps ariel gave hers reason? Ariel felt sick this morning and got extra attention.ill bet that made Delaney feel weakened (at least her ego).

    By Kevin URL on 03.03.2013

  40. There was a weakling. He was of great importance to many people, but did not have the knowledge. The struggle of being him drove his decisions to infuriate all around him. He eventually caused his own downfall. The actions were not of understanding, but who could blame him?

    By Alex on 03.03.2013