September 22nd, 2010 | 166 Entries

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166 Entries for “watch”

  1. She glanced at her watch
    Subtracted two
    It was too early
    He wouldn’t be awake yet
    After his evening at work and
    His night, drunk

    By Amiee URL on 09.22.2010

  2. Walking down the street I watch others. AndI wonder to myself, who are these people? In the contrast of loud differences, I find more and more cohesive similiarities. Forming together a conscious bond of symphonic harmony. Tra la la, la de da. And so forth.

    By yixie URL on 09.22.2010

  3. I am going to watch tv. I love to watch movies with my family. Watching movies is a nice way to spend time together. You need your eyes to watch. Teachers watch students to see if they know what they are learning about in class.

    By Mrs Low on 09.22.2010

  4. I guess the word of the day is watched. I stumbled upon this sight. This flash writing is exhilirating. I wish I’d be able to do it with more than one word a day though. Because I’ve done ‘watch’ already. Im watching the clock/ 20 minutes till class. and IM BORED. More words, please!

    By yixie URL on 09.22.2010

  5. is a creepy word.
    to watch.
    i feel like every second that ticks we are not alone.
    I can only apply it to the observer,.

    what do you see?

    By m URL on 09.22.2010

  6. How quickly the breeze
    blew through the trees;
    branches swayed;
    leaves fell;
    and revealed
    the man watching

    By Tom on 09.22.2010

  7. Watch what you say…what you do…what you think. Why? Because someone may be watching you. You never know who’s looking over your shoulder, through your mail, at your history, under your rocks or in your mind. Who’s watching me now?

    By Andie on 09.22.2010

  8. i watch you leave, out the window. and think to myself, “this is it.” and then slowly it comes, quietly at first, increasing rapidly. a flood of emotion, all revolving around the word, alone.

    By christina on 09.22.2010

  9. the watch was sitting on the table. It had been siting there for twenty minutes, I knew because I had been watching it. Watching a watch was something you should watch doing as it is quite boring.

    By Thursday on 09.22.2010

  10. I don’t have a watch. It is upsetting because most of the time I don’t know what time it is. But it’s OK.

    By CP on 09.22.2010

  11. I want you to sit with me
    And tell me everything will be better.
    I want you to coax me out of this,
    Voice soft. Fingers light on my arm.
    I want you to watch me
    With quiet eyes that could melt the moon.
    I want you to whisper in my ear,
    To tell me I’m beautiful, regardless.
    I want you to see me
    And smile like the sun.
    I want you to love me, like I love you.
    But I guess you found someone else.
    Someone better.
    I guess I didn’t make it very hard for you.

    By Kathryn URL on 09.22.2010

  12. The watch broke at exactly 5:16 PM. The face forever held that fateful moment when the wearer fell. Or was struck. Or perhaps dropped the watch. Or it just…stopped. I’m not sure, honestly. It’s causal discarding leaves no clues at to its demise, just the fact that it stopped on day at 5:16 PM.

    By KCulkin on 09.22.2010

  13. everyday i watch myself i feel like such an outcast, idk maybe im lost myb not. i need to discover whom i am. What do i want? do i need a man. watch watch watch. who watches after me im on my own now. Here in missoula i like

    By brooke brebrick on 09.22.2010

  14. he sat from his tower, his timepiece trembling on his wrist. ffsg

    By Kennseth on 09.22.2010

  15. here is a wristwatch. what color is it? old, brown leather. it’s wrapped around the wrist of an older man, a man who’d seen his fair share of wars and had many stories to tell. but he never told them. why? instead, he sat in the far booth at friendly’s with his cup of coffee and a box of letters. he

    By kelsey on 09.22.2010

  16. watch.

    By Kennseth on 09.22.2010

  17. i watch,
    for what is true.
    for hat is honorable
    for what is trustworthy
    for what is peaceful
    for what is worth my time.
    what is worthy of me
    better to say
    for who is worthy of me.
    so i will continue to sit.
    and watch.

    By renata URL on 09.22.2010

  18. It was hard not to follow her every movement. Each one was so graceful, so delicate, and yet commanding and powerful and spoke of something more than herself, that he could not take her eyes off of her. It was more than her beauty, more than her lovely eyes and perfect smile– it was her spirit that truly drew him to her.

    By Courka URL on 09.22.2010

  19. naber muro naaban ya
    nooldu dio
    konu ne adaş dioantropoz murat de
    anasının amına goindazu
    başyan başlamay7a gerek yok
    sonuçta ayynı şey olacak zaten
    ne güüon
    mahhhmud u diem
    dee ye yazılır o

    By murad on 09.22.2010

  20. I watch the world fall together, fall in piece. Day in, day out.

    By sealegg URL on 09.22.2010

  21. My mother’s watch was always on her left wrist. Even when her eyes were bad and she lost weight, she wore that watch and checked it often. The band became worn and frayed but somehow she needed to wear it.

    By Chris G on 09.22.2010

  22. watch, i don’t have a watch.
    is it really that important to know the night , all the time?
    i don’t think so.
    first, you gotta know where the fuck are your feet
    then you can think about time.

    By aivan on 09.22.2010

  23. i’m watching criminal minds right now, it’s actually really sad. i don’t know why, but i hate shows involving young kids being hurt or killed. does that make me a good person? she’s a sassy 8 year old, i like her. i hope she doesn’t die. that would suck. just sayin’.

    By rae URL on 09.22.2010

  24. I’m watching the cars go by out my window. I’m not sure what I might be waiting for but I’ll know it when I find it. I have all the windows open, I can’t help but wonder who might be watching me.

    By Nyssa on 09.22.2010

  25. I debated with myself for a good 23 minutes over whether to by the hot pink watch or the white. I decided white would better match my scrubs and monochrome personality.

    By Charlie McKinnnon on 09.22.2010

  26. You say I can’t do it.
    You think I won’t do it.
    I have two words for you.
    Watch me.

    By DM URL on 09.22.2010

  27. the edges of doors dissolve into walls, watch yourself disappear in the mirror.

    By rAH!n URL on 09.22.2010

  28. my watch moves slowly
    slower than the hours pass
    but quicker than days

    By Ty URL on 09.22.2010

  29. I’m watching nothing out my window, the day seems to be winding down. I’m still searching for a good idea to shoot for my homework assignment. Uhg. This class is so hard, I don’t know what he wants from me.

    By Nyssa URL on 09.22.2010

  30. I watch the birds go flying. They twist and dive. and do anything they can in the sky and everythings perfect for them.

    By Meaghan on 09.22.2010

  31. Watch as I wonder into the darkness, alone and cold. You let me go. I don’t want to be here. Never worry about me again. I can handle my own, as I leave and turn away, I am not scared to leave.

    By logan on 09.22.2010

  32. He checked his watch again before opening the car door and stepping out on to the street. The steam rolled off the slick pavement like fog, and James gasped audibly at the thickness of the air.

    By chris on 09.22.2010

  33. I watch the waves along the sea shore and they splash up onto my pale face, wiping away my tears.

    By Jessica scarborough on 09.22.2010

  34. How could I just sit there and watch? The man was bleeding to death, and I didn’t rush to his aid, didn’t call 911, didn’t even avert my eyes. I just stared at him.

    By Matthew URL on 09.22.2010

  35. Watch me as I go about my daily acitivyt. what could be so unique about that statement? We all think we are so important, but who would want to watch us? Little children are known for saying ” Mommy watch me. ” Sports stars scream ‘ watch me’ in the way they play. perhaps saying, watch me, is our way of saying we are uniquely human. No other species on the planet earth demands to be watched, as we do. Does this go to our heads? Probably, becuase we demand to be watched from the time we are small. We begin to think our every move is important and needs attention paid to it. perhaps a well meaning parent can refuse to ‘watch me’ next time a 2 year old says the infamous words. After all, watch me is self centered.

    By Dahloan Hembree on 09.22.2010

  36. “I want that one,” he says, and the clockmaker nods and smiles and praises his choice, wrapping the silver pocketwatch in brown paper and exchanging it for a few folded bills.

    He winds it carefully, admiring the beautiful design decorating the cover before tucking the watch into his breast pocket.

    It keeps perfect time.

    6:00 sharp and his world stops.

    By Kali URL on 09.22.2010

  37. I watch the clouds go by on a cool summer day. The shapes transform as the move and float away. I love these days. I feel the cool nip of the air in my worn t-shirt that exposes my long arms.

    By Heidi Schmit on 09.22.2010

  38. “I’d set my watch and warrant on it,” he says, a gesture I find so cavalier, so absolutely dashing, that I can’t help but lower my eyes and blush. His grin turns a bit confused, as though he’s wondering what exactly he’s done to elicit this seemingly unorthodox reaction, but this only serves to turn my blush brighter.

    By Julia A. URL on 09.22.2010

  39. I watched you from across the room
    Quick glances
    To have you in the same vicinity was a rare opportunity
    I could feel your energy
    I love being near you

    By Amiee URL on 09.22.2010

  40. watch.
    watch the sunrise.
    watch the birds soar.
    watch your dreams, coming together
    watch your life, passing by

    By sam on 09.22.2010