August 14th, 2012 | 362 Entries

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362 Entries for “want”

  1. The thing is tall, I don’t know how long it’d take me to reach the bottom, but that’s how I’ll find out I’ll jump, but don’t try and catch me, clouds, I’ll destroy you with my weight, it’s kind but I’ll not be long til I reach them down there, they’re taking photos, perhaps they’d like a close up huh, perhaps they’d like to catch the glint in my eyes

    By Joey Nguyen-Thomas URL on 08.15.2012

  2. The gluttony of it, he just passed the stuff through his mouth straight into his stomach i swear he didn’t even want it, well you lost fair and square, yes but I didn’t know I was going to. He’s barfing it up, look! well i don’t want it now, take it to the carwash, they’ll sort it out, I don’t know if it’ll be big enough there, well then throw it from the top of the

    By Joey Nguyen-Thomas URL on 08.15.2012

  3. What is it? It’s the Sun, it’s sand under your feet with the sun, it’s smooth shells against the balls of your toes on the sand with the sun? It’s just a Twix man, relax

    By Joey Nguyen-Thomas URL on 08.15.2012

  4. want is how you get, no, take is the way
    but if I take they won’t give back, I hear you naively say
    but what else do they know of your desires, unless you make them known,
    without this gain you’ll lose your worth, no more than skin and bone, then teach me, teach me to procure these saintly, wonder-traits,
    well, then go by a ticket, £60, by the gate.

    By Joey Nguyen-Thomas URL on 08.15.2012

  5. I want that sand, that blue sky, I want the only thing I never got, and I want it now
    I can’t wait, I don’t know how.
    I want to take myself away from this prosaic, monotonous life
    what I’ll do there, no idea, where it’ll be, really, really no idea, but chances are it’ll be hard.

    By Joey Nguyen-Thomas URL on 08.15.2012

  6. I don’t know how it got there, how it came to be, or it’s name,
    take it up in my hand, I did, I asked it, from where is it you came
    it didn’t answer, it had no mouth, but it felt warmer, somehow.
    I rolled it ‘cross the floor, to see if it had direction, it didn’t, it bounced the boards up and down as it came to an end, the sun shone down on it.

    By Joey Nguyen-Thomas URL on 08.15.2012

  7. I have ambition, i keep it in a jar, behind the fear, so I can get to that easier,
    I keep it far, far away because then I won’t have to use it, I know I have to go through the fear to get to it now, but I don’t know what it is I have to do, or how, how to start.

    By Joey Nguyen-Thomas URL on 08.15.2012

  8. do you even care what I want, do you even think for a second, I reckon, all you know is yourself
    selfishness, that’s your definition, I think you have some serious condition, for which there is no cure, you’ll have to take the door and get the hell out of this place, I can’t stand that look on your face,.

    By Joey Nguyen-Thomas URL on 08.15.2012

  9. I want to see you again.
    I want to snowboard again.
    I want to live in New York.
    I want to live in Queenstown for a year.
    I want to be around my friends, with a real life, in a real home, for a real amount of time.
    I want you to be one of those people.
    I want to play hockey, and be decent again.
    I want to play an instrument again.
    I want to do all the things on my list too, but…
    It seems like I’ve done a lot that I’d want to do again.
    Especially be with you.

    By globusgeckus URL on 08.15.2012

  10. “Well, the nerve of the man. What does he want, who does he think we are? What does he think he’s doing rushing in here demanding the telephone. You would think the sky was falling the way he was carrying on.”

    She looked out the window over the heads of the people running in the street, watching the clouds building. “I must bring the washing in. There is a funny orange light out, it will be the weather turning.”

    By Meredyth URL on 08.15.2012

  11. i want happiness. i want to live happy. i want to love and to be loved. i want to travel. i want to eat. i want to dream. i want to drink coffee. i want to smell nature. i want to take photos. i want to be with u. i want to be healthy.

    By Xrisoulaki on 08.15.2012

  12. I want to be better organised with my time. I want the sun to come out but I don’t want it to be as opressive as yesterday. I want to be slimmer and more agile and energetic. I want to have a better memory. I want to write more. I want to be able to sing better.

    By nc URL on 08.15.2012

  13. I want to be happy Nothing else matters: if your poor and happy, your lack of money doesn’t matter. If your single and happy, a paraplegic and happy, blind and happy, the former characteristic never matters.
    At the same time I want the truth- and they hardly ever go together.

    By mayday on 08.15.2012

  14. I want you knee deep in smart, woven cotton socks. Wearing a white sweater and a neat, navy skirt. You’ll be running for the train, and make it way before the whistle is blown. A delicate step towards a seat goes wrong though; it leads to a tumble, and you fall straight into my shoes.

    By genahtastic URL on 08.15.2012

  15. Want is such a horrible way of existing. Want entails greed, envy, and jealousy. Want is nothing more than desiring earthly possessions for one’s own. Why can’t people be content with what they have and aspire to possess morals rather than objects?

    By Kristin on 08.15.2012

  16. There was no question. He would want the dark chocolate. The banana could peak out from under the strawberry ice cream and the dark chocolate would flow down over the top with the whipped cream and sprinkles floating over the tasty river.

    By Cim URL on 08.15.2012

  17. want….it is a word that is used a lot these days…

    By Tyler Phelps on 08.15.2012

  18. i want to go home
    i want icecream
    i want a new phone
    i want some money
    i want to paint
    i want to write
    i want pizza
    i dont wanna write on this

    By Shanice on 08.15.2012

  19. to need something or to loan for something or even something you really like you want you get it or something someone offers you.

    By pashe' on 08.15.2012

  20. Deciding on what you want can be easy and hard. Getting what you want can be difficult. You’re not gone always get exactly what you want.

    By Daijia Greer on 08.15.2012

  21. Remove this and ego and all you will be left with is happiness.

    By george on 08.15.2012

  22. What I want and what I need rarely align. I want something. I need something. I wish they were the same. It would be so much easier that way. Wouldn’t it? What do you want? What do YOU need?

    By Eric Nentrup on 08.15.2012

  23. want means that you want something for yourself but not thinking of anyone else. It also means that you want something that you really don’t need like, I want that game or something like that

    By Paul Johnson URL on 08.15.2012

  24. i want i want i want i want water and golden eggs and toast wheat butter butter butter melted delicious butter ice cream chocolate pina colada pineapple

    By sara on 08.15.2012

  25. I want to have lots of money and a better bike.I want to join the Army ,but I cant do what I want so now I do not know what I want.

    By Silas Ayers on 08.15.2012

  26. i want what i WANT! I need what i NEED!!! thats what most teenage think ..!!!

    By Dynasty Young on 08.15.2012

  27. I want to become a pathologist
    I want some food cause I’m hungry
    I want to become a fashion model
    I want to live life to the fullest

    By Mariah on 08.15.2012

  28. i want to go to the store. I want to buy some snacks. Maybe watch some movies with them. Invite some friends to watch them with me.

    By O'Nesha on 08.15.2012

  29. there are many things that I want. Mostly those things are shoes, sometimes it’s food. Mostly it’s shoes. Although I want clothes too. Clothes would be good too. Want is an over used word that I can’t stop using. Want this, want that. Want everything. Want is consumerism, and consumerism is a part of life.

    By Chelsi on 08.15.2012

  30. I want anything that i need, something that i want do not need. Sometimes what I want I do not get. Something I need is something I want, so what do I need? Or what do you want?

    By Adrian on 08.15.2012

  31. i want to graduate early this year so i dont have to deal with these new teachers!!!!!!!!!

    By Tyler Scott URL on 08.15.2012

  32. I could hardly say that I wanted to go beyond the door. It was more like there was a force tugging at me, pulling, ripping at the very core of who I was. I was too young to see it at the time, but there was an enchantment on the threshold. It knew people must cross, and so indeed must I.

    By Dailenna URL on 08.15.2012

  33. What do I want? I want all my wants to line up, like dominoes, in the right order, so each one’s fulfillment topples the next—first want to graduate with flying colors, then have an intense obsession with a research problem, then want to write a novel, then want to find someone special and get married, then want to travel the world, then want to be a teacher for the rest of my middle life, then want to just be left in tranquility… But more often, the wants all come jumbled, or even worse, I reach for a want and it isn’t there.

    By Holden URL on 08.15.2012

  34. Ah, the source of all evil, is waning. Or desire, if you want to get technical about it. I want a bigger house, another baby, more money, a different job (or do I even want to work at all?) So many wants preventing living in the moment, current happiness, satisfaction with the present. But why is wanting so bad – what’s wrong with a little ambition?

    By Ara on 08.15.2012

  35. want or need
    this has been building up for three whole years
    and the lines are blurring
    it’s real this time and here you are
    grabbing me, wanting me, this time for real

    By Shannon URL on 08.15.2012

  36. sex food money freedom taste feel music dance love more freedom more love compatability flavor decision organize

    By flavor on 08.15.2012

  37. I want to learn about , help my family with all my friends,,,,,, I want be basketball player or be a celebrity….

    By KaNeshia Walker on 08.15.2012

  38. Oh I want love. I want what I have. I want me. I want my voice. I want water. I want food. I wat God. I want blessing. I want divine. I want hunger. I want love to fuel the hunger. I want the hunger to drive and to satisfy me. I want you. I want me. I want us. I want all. I want thoughts. I want control and love.I want to let go.

    By ajloopy URL on 08.15.2012

  39. Sword and sabre collided once, twice, and they stared into each other’s eyes. Predator and prey? None of them could decide what they saw. “I want you.” It was a metaphorical battle and he already knew the outcome.

    By Kim URL on 08.15.2012

  40. i want someone, something, anything to change up my current life. im not unhappy with it, im just bored of it, i cant stand another fucking second of just coasting along as i always have, i need something new, some great upheavel of self, but i dont know where it will come from or what it is

    By peter flanagan on 08.15.2012