August 14th, 2012 | 362 Entries

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362 Entries for “want”

  1. I want to know what I want. I’m constantly filled with this feeling of yearning for something. I don’t know what it is. It makes my chest hurt. I get it sometimes when I wake up from a wild dream and find the chaotic reverie dissolve into night. I’m sick of everything.

    By bud marley URL on 08.15.2012

  2. I want someone to love me. To look at me and to think that I am the epitome of perfection in their eyes, even with all of my various imperfections. I want to be someone that people look at and think, ‘damn, that girl is good.’ I want to be known for my talent, my beauty, my mind, and my personality. I want to have it all, and I will simply because I want it.

    By Allison Bigelow URL on 08.15.2012

  3. i want money to pay my bills and it will relive my large amount of stress i”m always worried about the next bill or if i will go to jail for non payments i dont want this stress anymore i haved prayed on it over and over help me reslove this burden

    By sandy URL on 08.15.2012

  4. There are so many things that people just want in the world. they never understand that wanting things will never get them anywhere. they can never realize that the more they want the more they will be disappointed in life and will not understand that life is not about the wants its not about the things in life that you can have it is about wanting things in life they make you happy that will make you understand who you are better.

    By Amanda on 08.15.2012

  5. i dont want anything, i dont need anything. i dont want to do what is normal. what is normal? Nothing or everything? Is normal what we want, whatever it is? Either way i dont want it. I dont want anything.

    By Andy on 08.15.2012

  6. With burning passions, inner fire, and intense desire.

    I lay my hands on your torso.

    O, sweet dreams of your embrace surround me.

    Your facelessness speaks to my craving

    for the mistress I call Art.

    By Jason URL on 08.15.2012

  7. The difference between want and need
    We all vacillate between
    What I want and want I need can be the same though
    I need your love and I also want it desperately
    How do I distinguish
    How do I tell myself that I don’t really
    Need it
    I just want it
    Got to have it.

    By Lauren on 08.15.2012

  8. bungee jumping!

    By tugce on 08.15.2012

  9. There isn’t much that I want. Good health, friends, food, and shelter. Not necessarily in that order. Addendum: I also want new running shoes every 3 years.

    By dan URL on 08.15.2012

  10. I want I want I want. Everyone always feels like this and i wish i didn’t want so many things, life is funny like that. Hmm want looks like wank, you’re a wanker that’s why

    By thea on 08.15.2012

  11. I want a lot of things but mostly i just want to be happy… im not really sure what exactly that means yet i think it involves some kind of contentment that alos involves and activity because otherwise contentment will leave you stagnant and only bring about death. things are starting to add up and i want to feel ok when i wake up in the morning. i want feeling

    By stephen masson on 08.15.2012

  12. My brother wants me to go to military school, by I don’t!!!! It’s always what HE wants, never me!!

    By Zachary Williams on 08.15.2012

  13. I want to be amazed.

    By Dulcie URL on 08.15.2012

  14. I didn’t want it never, but he insisted and now look, look where it got us all. We’re all in it together now and all because of him and his desires and his wants and his greed. Take the package hide it, in your suitcase. I think now we will live out our live

    By Diane URL on 08.15.2012

  15. I want there to be no such thing as cancer in the world today. I want there to be a cure for all the bad things that are going on the in the world. I want a Lamborghini as well. I want all suffering to come to an end. I want the world to be happy.

    By HR on 08.15.2012

  16. i want to go have fun. i want to have fun in my first hour. i want. wanting is not needing, so most of the time you will not get what you want, but what you need.

    By mccrazy URL on 08.15.2012

  17. I want you.

    By carly on 08.15.2012

  18. Want can be materialistic, or greedy. I want world peace, or I want a new BMW. It’s an easy world to fall into, but a dangerous, long-curving road. Focus on what you need in life, be grateful for what you have, and then what you want will fall into place, just maybe not how you expected it.

    By Persephone on 08.15.2012

  19. I want a lot of things. Mostly the things I want, I cannot have, and I never will have. I want world peace, but I’ll never get that, because there are some cruel, and, to put it simply, stupid people in the world, who want war. Imagine wanting war. Wanting innocent people to die. I don’t understand it. All I want is happiness. I don’t want pain, I don’t want needless deaths. I just want people to be happy. But not everyone wants that.

    By Indigo on 08.15.2012

  20. I want a bungalow, a car, (any bigggg car..:P), amazing hotel business and a nice husband…. who will love me like crazy…. bass itna sa khwaab hai…!!!!

    By Dipti Gosavi on 08.15.2012

  21. I want, I want, I wantttt. I need! It’s very different. You don’t want it, its in your head! What you NEED is some perspective.

    Want can make u happy, or ABSOLUTELY MISERABLE.

    By merirose on 08.15.2012

  22. Everybody always wants but never ask themselves if it’s something they need. I want to find love. I want more money. I want this. I want that. But by wanting, does it make you truly happy?

    By MGM2109 on 08.15.2012

  23. What you sometimes want, is not exactly what you will get! If you have want, it is because you have a need. The fulfillment of that need is JESUS.

    By Sue on 08.15.2012

  24. There are many things he wants. He did everything to gain power. He lost control. He killed his family and his friends. His heart gone cold. He did everything he could just to get what he wants because all he wanted was to be wanted but did not get it so his heart had gone cold to stop hurting from wanting.

    By Rawr means I love you URL on 08.15.2012

  25. The children all appeared to be living in want. I handed out some loose change, and their greedy little hands swiped it from my outstretched palm. I watched them run away, and I continued on. The next day, I saw two of them playing a new hand-held portable video game. I should have known. But I made them happy, and that’s all that matters.

    By Ryan Strohman URL on 08.15.2012

  26. Call out to me, for I am your heart cry, your heart place, I am your king, your Brother, I am here.

    By rgems URL on 08.15.2012

  27. Want is a difficult thing. It causes a lot of pain. To want is to perceive a need for something. It can motivate or destroy. Want can be the colleague of envy or of determination. What is it for you?

    By LN à Montréal URL on 08.15.2012

  28. Want the desire to be heard, Want acknowledgement for my accomplishments. want people to know my struggles. want to be heard. want to be accepted. want to be me, all the time, comfortable in my own skin.

    By Ellie on 08.15.2012

  29. I want him. I want him back. He touch, his feel, his everything. There are days where I think I could be over you, but I know that I’m not. The anticipation of seeing you again is killing me! Every second of everyday it is almost all I can think of. To ask you the ultimate question I’m scared to know the answer to would thrill and tear me apart. Do you still love me? Do you still want me?

    By Maisie on 08.15.2012

  30. Human beings can never decide what they really want. Never can they easily distinguish between want and need. It takes effort to wake yourself up and realize when you want something for all the wrong reasons. What a great fault.

    By Britty URL on 08.15.2012

  31. the world making death and desire together

    By kj on 08.15.2012

  32. “i am stronger than you.” it — love — said.

    s/he, desire, replied. “we are the same thing.”

    By h. b. URL on 08.15.2012

  33. I want the need to please
    Instead of be with me
    and my lack of ambition
    always comparing with thee
    I hope that I want the need
    to change me
    or I’ll be stuck with these

    By lindsay on 08.15.2012

  34. i want to be rich! i dont know what i want! i am what i want! what do i want! i always want something! i want! I want to be happy!

    By aris on 08.15.2012

  35. i want something real and substancial in my life. something i know is obtainable. wants are something that fuel our everyday life, it makes us work harder and stay motivated. it drives to be what we want. it drives us to be who we want. without wants, we would be lazy blobs.

    By betty gene on 08.15.2012

  36. you’re everything I want and more. You are venus and i’m in orbit. I’ll never leave your gravitational pull. You are my sun, stars, moon. You create waves in my life. It’s not plain sailing but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

    By Kim URL on 08.15.2012

  37. What i want is not a priority anymore, we must focus on what we want as we were one single human being. Prepare the empathy at its maximum so we can be one with all, all is you, you are all. If we want the same for all, we all get the things we want. And that is happiness.

    By Mich Wise on 08.15.2012

  38. I want a lot of things, I want a house on the beach with white furniture and the smell of the ocean, I want chandeliers and tapestries on the wall though too, I want a life that is meaningful and beautiful, I want to not be alone when I die, I want gorgeous people around me.

    By Bridget Wolff URL on 08.15.2012

  39. What do I want, what do you need…
    Written in a strange font,

    By Simon Says.. URL on 08.15.2012

  40. I want nothing more than a cool breeze to to hit my face right before I die. Stuck in this cell for all of eternity makes me want nothing more than the little things in life that I no longer have. Cheeseburgers, the smell of the ocean, seeing baby animals walking on the streets. I never thought I’d miss baby animals. Look at me, a 40-year-old convict, toughest man in the entire prison, and all I want is to pet a puppy.

    By Hawk on 08.15.2012