February 3rd, 2013 | 252 Entries

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252 Entries for “wall”

  1. I don’t like walls very much. They make me feel all blocked up… They actually make me want to cry….

    By Holly on 02.03.2013

  2. The soft brick crumbled in my hands as I attempted to scale the endless wall. I climbed for hours, days, but I couldn’t even see the top. I had gone too far to descend, but I was starting to loose hope. With every inch I elevated, more and more caterpillars were wriggling out of the oozing cracks and catching their spiky backs on my knuckles.

    By koolaiddx URL on 02.03.2013

  3. Walls are to prevent things from being where they shouldn’t be. Sometimes they are a mutual divider, put up to keep both sides from joining the other. Other times they are meant only to keep out, or only to keep in. Walls hurt because we just want to understand everything, and what we can’t see or reach, we cannot know.

    By Dan on 02.03.2013

  4. Walls. They surround us. Sometimes providing barriers to greatness, and other times giving us security. My wall is my own mind. I hold myself back. I am my wall.

    By Jenna on 02.03.2013

  5. It isn’t exactly glass, but it isn’t brick. What is it made from, the thick wall in between us?

    By darseyrsm URL on 02.03.2013

  6. Sometimes I look at the wall and I wonder what sort of patterns there are in the world and why this one was chosen. Walls seperate lives and sometimes I wonder what it would be like if we had no walls. Would we be friendlier people or would things be worse? Maybe we would finally realize people’s situations. Maybe these walls are what brings us down. I mean look at Germany. The tearing down of the wall allowed people to finally see the world as it truly is. What a beautiful thing the world is without walls.

    By Holley Wright on 02.03.2013

  7. You place your hand upon the pasty wall. After so long, you can’t believe how long it’s taken to clean. It’s been about ten years since the suicide of your sister, and you can almost feel the blood dripping between your fingers like the day you found her.

    By Andrew URL on 02.03.2013

  8. Why couldn’t she just say no? What about that word is so difficult? Body language clearly doesn’t get her point across. She doesn’t owe you an explanation, but she still wants to tell you that it has been a very long time since someone has touched her. Her brain is screaming at her, screaming at her heart. Problems. Reasons why she can’t and shouldn’t let her guard down. She’s been through too much to be ok with this right now.

    By under that tree URL on 02.03.2013

  9. With a nonchalant flip of her hair, she leaned back against the wall and grinned at Tom. His chest seemed to puff out a bit as he swaggered over towards her and planted a kiss on her forehead. My breath stuck in my throat as I leaned against the wall, retreating into the shadows.

    By Zoe on 02.03.2013

  10. Write on the wall. and I will show you the picture. dont tear it down build it up tell your story on it.im running out of time.

    By Erik Londono on 02.03.2013

  11. wall

    By ciara on 02.03.2013

  12. i’m in my 3rd year of fighting the barriers of this forsaken place. Walls divided, people divided, ideals divided. I can’t even think of anyone in his right shape being fooled deliberately by this great wall, great barrier. i should have known this wall ever existed. I’ve wasted my time here. too bad. To those who still have the guts of trying to break this wall..show up and be the heroine of peace.. I do think she deserve a female counterpart..

    By Mary Grace Cagay URL on 02.03.2013

  13. Two legs dangled from the top of the wall, swinging side to side with an easy fluidity that reminded me of those frothy blue waves that tickle shorelines. A laugh bounded from the owner of those legs, declaring to the open air above that, after all that climbing and sweating and gasping for breath, the top had been reached.

    By Zoe on 02.03.2013

  14. For Henry, life was truly sh*t wall-to-wall now. I mean, just take a look at the facts here. His girlfriend ran out on him, his father’s in the hospital and his boss has got to be the biggest dummy I’ve ever heard of, we can’t just march into Henry’s office and ask him for a favor like this right now. You know what? I’ll do it. I’ll fry a smurf.

    By .Theo URL on 02.03.2013

  15. Wall… a wall has many physical benefits sukajdflkdsfsadkjlhginawrilanhdsligjakasdlkfjkljafjdfa and the princess dies. Everyone mourned and everyone was aware of their malignant malpractice. Neither of which knew the effects they would both have one the health of one another.

    By Matt on 02.03.2013

  16. i am a blue wall. I don’t do much. I Just chilling on the streets and watch people walk by me. and that pretty much all i do. Somtimes i wish i had arms and legs and i could walk past this humans. But sadly, that would be impossible.

    By Kevin Tian on 02.03.2013

  17. its not the walls that are visible that matter, its the walls that we build around ourselves that are invisible to the naked eye yet seen only by the people who find it in their hearts to love us, with all our faults and keep us close…walls don’t matter to them!

    By MalikSJ on 02.03.2013

  18. We all have walls and there are walls to climb over or to erect. I prefer walls that protect, but don’t keep me from understanding and engaging and communicating. I love seeing walls with murals, which is a metaphor of some kind.

    By charlie URL on 02.03.2013

  19. i am a wall. I keep things out – and i keep others in and i dont care what other people say but its important for me to preserve who i am and what i want and the way that i think about life a wall is to protect myself and the things that i love remember the walls of jericho and how they fell when the people shouted and the trumpets blew

    sound the trumpets the walls are about to fall and i coujdlnt be happier about it wsomething there is that doesn’t love a wall.

    By MW on 02.03.2013

  20. she sat against the wall, heart heavy in her hands. how could he do this to her? Life was officially over as she knew it. taking off with her sister was really the last straw. she should have know what a home wrecker he was when he introduced himself at the fruit market holding two melons.

    By stefanny on 02.03.2013

  21. The wall was very white. She had been here a very long time. It was peaceful. She felt at home. But she missed everyone dearly. Where were they? She couldn’t remember. But she remembered the bright flowers. Sapphire, Oh Bab, Yellow, Pinks fading to white. The irises. The irises of his eyes. SO blue. A light blu.e Sparkling with life. Michevious undoubtably.

    By Megan on 02.04.2013

  22. Walls are constraining. You build walls around yourself and people build walls around themselves and build walls around other people. what is the purpose behind this? emotional? security reasons? insecurity reasons? Invisible borders blocking assumptions that people constantly make up.

    By richard frances abigail nouget URL on 02.04.2013

  23. It was a pale green. Growing bigger and wider as time went by. The color toned darker. I know it was going to hit me. Where can I go? I was walled in.

    By Hero on 02.04.2013

  24. The was was wide. It gave a certain security. No one can pass it. It blocked from the outsiders and gave safety to the insiders. Should I every climb over it? What would I see?

    By Hero on 02.04.2013

  25. I don’t want to write about this. walls are restricting, and I’m feeling free. I’m liberating myself sand I’m being comfortable. It’s funny, I feel so suffocated during the day, but when I don’t get sleep…when I fall into this hypnotic, slow state which is probably not good for me, I am able to chill out and everything seems ok.

    Give it what you’ve got.

    By rk on 02.04.2013

  26. There, stuck to wall, was his old photo. She just stared at it, like a child whose pet just died. But that wasn’t right. She compared her son to a dead puppy. No, he was more than that. He was the reason she had changed. He was the reason she made lists of what to do, what to bring, and what to buy. But he was gone. And the only list she’d make now is the guest list for the funeral.

    By Jeli URL on 02.04.2013

  27. there is a wall in your way, it blocks everything and everyone. The point of your journey is to brake down this wall, take down the barrier that separates you and the rest of your life. This my friend is a journey everyone has to take in order to be happy

    By Alexi on 02.04.2013

  28. There’s a wall between us. It’s invisible. Did you know that? Sometimes I look at you through that wall and wonder why we’re together. Sometimes I words that drop from my tongue hit that wall and never some to you. You never get to hear them.

    By Tani URL on 02.04.2013

  29. His head hits the wall with a gentle thump. Heart is racing, trying to rest.


    By genahtastic URL on 02.04.2013

  30. the walls of the building was blank and white. It looked like a second chance, a new beginning. It smelled like hope.

    he stood with his suitcase in his hand, and smiled.

    By Teresa on 02.04.2013

  31. The wall was so imposing, like it went up forever, blocking out the sun even. There had to be a way around it. Time was running out, they would be here soon. There had to be a way.

    By Alana URL on 02.04.2013

  32. The wall came tumbling down the moment that the truck ran off the road and crashed into it .It created such a noise that we thought that someone had dropped a bomb in the area. thank that no one was injured in the incident.

    By victor URL on 02.04.2013

  33. its a things which arounds you usually when youre in buildings. it can have different colours.

    By Nastya on 02.04.2013

  34. every word, my eyes try to look for inspiration.. i look up.. no wall .. dammit, why am i doing this on the stoop at 5:50 am?

    By amber on 02.04.2013

  35. every word, my eyes try to look for inspiration.. i look up.. no wall .. dammit, why am i doing this on the stoop at 5:50 am? i wonder how cold it is out here? i cant feel my fingers.. if i had more time i’d run inside to type…

    By amber on 02.04.2013

  36. Is a piece of concrete that separates people, creates two sides, get thing apart and protect humans.

    By Angelo Noel on 02.04.2013

  37. Among all wall, German’s wall is probably the most eminent one. It divides a country into two, separating people from its brothers and sisters, frankly not many objects in this world can really achieve that much in separating and putting people into desperation. However, it may be able to physically barrier people, it canmpt neverthelss serparate people in the heraert.

    By Dafaq on 02.04.2013

  38. There are many kinds of walls like a bedroom wall a Facebook wall and most ominous of all a prison wall
    The bedroom wall can easily become the prettiest

    By Sparks URL on 02.04.2013

  39. There was a wall between us, nothing able to brake it. The wall has her name. I could try trough break trough but I won’t.

    By Loreau on 02.04.2013

  40. wall is written in black letters. It describes something u cant pass. it is constructed to secure things or to make a shelter to save yourself from the environment. In a house it is used to decorate the room

    By akjsdjkf URL on 02.04.2013