February 3rd, 2013 | 252 Entries

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252 Entries for “wall”

  1. I’ve hit a wall when it comes to thinking of what to write. Maybe that’s why I’m here. Trying to scale the wall, trying to figure out a way to pass it. So far, it is to no avail. But I won’t give up.

    By Marie URL on 02.03.2013

  2. i stared at the wall, unchanging. blank. my mind went blank. everything went blank, just for a moment. no pictures, no thoughts, no memories. no decorations of my life before this moment. a blank calendar on a blank wall. what am i doing? staring at a wall.

    By Nicole on 02.03.2013

  3. a thing to hang pictures on a something that build a home something to over come something that protects you an object a piece of man made things a waste of resources a way to expand or destroy nature a thing you can create beauty with

    By Brenna brown URL on 02.03.2013

  4. I didn’t really go over the wall, I went through the checkpoints just like anyone else. But that’s what we called it, ‘going over the wall.’ Though whyu anyone would ever want to, unless they had to, was beyond me.

    But it was just part of the job, something to endure and get over with.

    By chipschap URL on 02.03.2013

  5. The wall was looking back at her. It didn’t have eyes, but it seemed to have lips. Luscious lips of all variety, pursing, grasping, trying to suck at her as she lay on the bed. She felt the moist breath from between them. She wished that she had never closed the door and turned off the light in the room of so many horrors. This was the inevitable outcome.

    By Jesslyn Watson on 02.03.2013

  6. i have stared blankly at many. others have become friends, adorned with beauty and images of family. underrated, walls. i like mine.

    By Allegra on 02.03.2013

  7. She pressed her hand against the invisible surface, feeling moisture well up beneath her lashes. She blinked rapidly, curling her hand into a fist and striking the wall, letting a faint sob pass her lips. She watched through blurry eyes- like she forgot her glasses-, as her family mourned on the other side of the invisible wall. She called out, but they could not hear her.

    By overlordy on 02.03.2013

  8. you hit the wall and it all stops.you look around and realize you were running full speed in the wrong direction. you pause for a moment to take it all in. reverse. check the map. run full speed ahead the other way. the wind is carrying you. it all makes sense. no walls this way. keep running.

    By Safon URL on 02.03.2013

  9. you hit the wall and it all stops.you look around and realize you were running full speed in the wrong direction. you pause for a moment to take it all in. reverse. check the map. run full speed ahead the other way. the wind is carrying you. it all makes sense. no walls this way. keep running.

    By Safon URL on 02.03.2013

  10. Like a bug on the wall I hear the world around me. The sounds are sweet and syncopted. They surround me whispering the days news in one ear and sliding out the other as I turn my head to catch the attention of the sun. It shines on my face warming me like a bug on a wall in the sunroom. I bathe in this life, this warm precious life with all its walls around me.

    By Jade Garrison URL on 02.03.2013

  11. the wall stared at me as i ran forward, how will i get past this? will i climb over or find a way to go around? I raced forward quickly, “screw it” i said and prepared to leap. Bunching up my leg muscles I took off and grabbed the top. Pulling myself over I dropped down on a stack of old boxes.

    By Meg on 02.03.2013

  12. walk through the wall
    weighty well being
    all and all
    what we want is
    on the other side

    By Aley URL on 02.03.2013

  13. white cold hard straight 90 degree angle houSE DESIGN INTERIOR ARChitecture building public private home

    By Jamie on 02.03.2013

  14. Backed against the wall, in every sense of the emotion. Staring faces and eyeballs, all directed at me. And the lone face in the crowd, yours, always stings the most. Can’t I just be, and not have to appeal to some widespread majority at every second of my life? Can’t I just feel what I feel without needing to explain it in platonic, positive words?

    By C. URL on 02.03.2013

  15. Fuck this wall. It tells me to stop and that I have nowhere to go. There are many places to go, look in the cracks. Look in the spaces between the bricks, there are thousands of paths, even a flower can grow here. If I become small enough, I can pass through.

    By SunForMoon URL on 02.03.2013

  16. He strove for years to break free of his father’s oppressive discipline, then ran into the brick wall of his mother’s disapproval.

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 02.03.2013

  17. Walls are caving in. There’s a darkness that I’m in. Free from sin I begin, handling my evil twin. Strong build. Can’t stay till. The walls around me falls in.

    By Charlie on 02.03.2013

  18. Like a fly atop a popcorn ceiling,

    I listen and observe.

    Kaleidoscopic vision

    Minimal impact.

    This is contentedness.

    By Lindsey URL on 02.03.2013

  19. There was white and corners. Dark. A line where the umbras met. Then a lay of bumps where the stuckle was. Cold. Brush the lips up against the temperature and feel. You’re alone no one will look. It’s your room. Taste the cold and feel. White wall. It’s okay.

    By Pi on 02.03.2013

  20. I’m blocked by walls all day long. I’m constantly setting borders for myself which I mentally cannot pass. I need to find someone, anyone, that can tear down these walls. Because I can’t do it on my own.

    By Alexander Morand on 02.03.2013

  21. the wall of his office in the den was plastered with pictures. family photographs, baby pictures, graduation pictures, you know, the works. he had everyone up there, even my sister. she was positioned dead center, right there in front of you. you noticed all the other pictures around her, yes, but she was the focal point, the one that caught your eye instantly.

    By tiffany m URL on 02.03.2013

  22. It all happened too fast for us to see, though the doctors explained it to us later. The cell walls all burst simultaneously, they explained. There really was nothing to be saved.

    By WearyWater URL on 02.03.2013

  23. It feels as if I’m up against a wall I can’t move, and the others are getting closer threatening to crush me. My arms stretch out trying to stop the weight pushing inward crushing me to death, but it is to no avail. I feel the movement under the quiver of my weaken arms and strain against the inevitable.

    By Sheila Good URL on 02.03.2013

  24. the walls coming crashing down on me. I feel my heart drifting as the walls are caving in. I am a wall. I am one to lean onto and one to pushed when needed but, I will never change. I am a wall. I do not need anyone because I am a wall.

    By Nat on 02.03.2013

  25. Once upon a time there was a great wall. This wall was huge and mighty but also terrible. It seperated the different people of the world. The people on each side of the wall thought the others were evil or wrong. They did whatever they could to get rid of the others. You may be surprised to learn that this wall still exists today. It is the wall between people with different beliefs. This wall will never fall until we learn to accept each other. Let me start again: Once upon today, once upon tomorrow, once upon forever…

    By Aria on 02.03.2013

  26. white and pasty. Dead like a vampire. Kill me now, no life. Plain, simply plain.

    By dee on 02.03.2013

  27. It was like hitting yourself against a wall frustration. The temporary relief in the short bursts of repetitive pain. Short enough to not really hurt, often enough to remind you that you were still here, that situations had not changed one bit.

    By Wendy P URL on 02.03.2013

  28. I’ve built this wall.
    My parents really built it, not me.
    It traps me in, I can’t get out.
    I can’t see other people. I can’t talk to other people. I can’t tell. I can’t get help.

    Trying to Climb.

    By diana on 02.03.2013

  29. i look at the wall and it’s looking back at me. people say i can be like talking to a wall but is that a bad thing? this wall does not judge me. this wall is not judged. this wall listens and keeps quiet. this wall sees all but does not reveal all the secrets kept in the confines of itself.

    By em on 02.03.2013

  30. What is this wall that lies before me? It’s not the past. Not even the future. It’s what everyone expects from me. It’s all of the things I can never hope to live up to.

    By H URL on 02.03.2013

  31. How is it possible? It’s far too high, far too hot, and far too everything else. It’s like that one Harrison Ford film. No, the other one. No, he doesn’t wear a hat or a vest. That one where he’s like, gimme back my family. Yeah, Morning Glory, that’s it.

    By Jesse URL on 02.03.2013

  32. The wall can be many colors and textures. It keeps my family safe and protected from the weather. It holds many pictures to remind us what is important – what is special. They surround us and divide our homes into different areas so that we can have a variety of settings to spend time together.

    By Delayne duffy on 02.03.2013

  33. Another brick on the wall. Another one fell down. Another shove. One more push. The wall fell apart.

    The grimy faces on the other side peered into my eyes. Undressing me. In an attempt to understand my reasons and my history.

    I stood there as the grovel rained down around me. And smiled cause I was still alive.

    By paridhirustogi URL on 02.03.2013

  34. sometimes you can’t, anymore
    sometimes you run to the edge
    but instead of falling over
    find yourself stopped dead
    by the wall you never even knew was there.

    By entropy on 02.03.2013

  35. i ran into the wall the other day. i was just walking down the hallway and sometimes you just lose control. what is normally a simple, straight walk, turned into my hip hitting the inside of a doorframe. not comfy for sure.

    By Kelly on 02.03.2013

  36. She was against the wall, a small but powerful man on top of her, his mouth attach to her neck. She was gasping for air and could barely make a sound as he dragged his kisses down to her shoulder. He knew where to touch and how to make her scream. He quickly tried to unbutton his shirt, she attach her hands to his stomach slowly rubbing up and down his body and running her hands up to his chest and around his neck.

    By Ben on 02.03.2013

  37. barracade obsticle stop block no entry why? climb over cant see safety

    By Deborah Daly on 02.03.2013

  38. I have a wall in front of me. White with nothing hanging from it. Wall reminds me that of the last time I did this whole “one word” thing. I forgot you only had 60 seconds, so I barely wrote anything. And I’m so glad that all that I did with my time this time, was talk about how awful the last time was. Wall.

    By ashmangus URL on 02.03.2013

  39. blank

    By jaydashann URL on 02.03.2013

  40. I have hit a wall in my life. But I have options. I can climb it, go around it, or stand in front of it looking dumbfounded. Each day you hit a wall, and each day you make a choice.

    By Dean Marshall URL on 02.03.2013