February 3rd, 2013 | 252 Entries

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252 Entries for “wall”

  1. We were smothered by darkness and the pure scent of pine
    A night spent in solitude; and you were all mine.

    By Carly URL on 02.03.2013

  2. She ran and ran and came upon a great wall with red crumbling bricks and foul smelling trash arrayed across the ground and as she turned to confront her pursuer she back up against it, hands splayed across the clay, a piece falling off in her hand, rolling in her fingers, comforting and then falling away

    By Jen URL on 02.03.2013

  3. I am separated from you by a tall, blank mass. No features, nothing to look at, just a blank, barren structure that keeps me from you. Oh how I wish I could break through the barrier to touch you, feel you, to know you are real and not a simple figment of my imagination.

    By Sydney Kehn URL on 02.03.2013

  4. it was a wall as tall as the sky and as small as an ant but it was there inside and out laughing at you jeering …waiting for you to try the impossible…… to climb it

    By Rachel on 02.03.2013

  5. large and black the wall is. berlin tumbling down.all i can think is white and rubble images in my head.

    By tessa fleming URL on 02.03.2013

  6. three front yards framed by, respectively,
    a meticulously maintained white picket fence,
    a rusted and busted towering chain link fence,
    and nothing, nothing at all

    do you know how it feels to picnic on a strangers lawn,
    among an abundance of milkweed and clover?

    By smnthbll on 02.03.2013

  7. Hard, I can’t get through. I kick and I push, but only end up with bruises to show for it. Irrational as it may seem, I hold onto the hope that one day I will be able to break through it. That somehow, there’s something special inside of me that can penetrate what was build to keep everyone else out.

    By Soft URL on 02.03.2013

  8. Lots of things can be said about a wall. Is it a blockade for whatever could be on the other side? Or do you think it could be a canvas for an artist to draw? It all depends on who sees it.

    By Carolyn Donnelly on 02.03.2013

  9. on the wall there was a fly and on the fly there was an eye and in the eye of the fly there was a universe of possibilities to discover what your really made of and no one can tell you different.

    By tyler on 02.03.2013

  10. Tall and hard. It towers in front of me. I can’t get through and there’s no way around it. I kick and I push, but only end up with bruises. Irrational as it may seem, I hold onto the hope that one day I will be able to break in. That there’s something special inside of me that can penetrate the thing that was built to keep everyone else out.

    By Soft URL on 02.03.2013

  11. Every time I put up walls around myself to not get hurt again, somehow you always manage to break them down.

    By Jason URL on 02.03.2013

  12. a blank wall. it had seen so many secrets, so many lies. Yet it never told anyone of the terrible things it had seen. if we, dear reader could peer into the wall memories we would see many dysfunctional lies and things that shock you, they did shock me.

    By Abigail W on 02.03.2013

  13. There’s always walls in her way. They pop up no matter where she goes and though she’s climbed them again and again, they just build themselves up again one after another. How many more? she keeps asking herself. How many more to go? In the beginning, she thought she could go on like this, unstoppable, conquering everything in her way. Now, she’s just tired.

    By Kirbop URL on 02.03.2013

  14. No boundaries here, no brick walls, I have torn them like the Berlin wall.. Crashed and tattered the barriers crumble with ease I am ME!

    By Luchador Lavender URL on 02.03.2013

  15. its big and brown and tumbling down, through berling the rubble falls.Until the people stop and stare in awe of what has happened. No more. We’re free forever.No barriers or limitations. Nothing to stop us. The barrier is down.

    By tessa fleming URL on 02.03.2013

  16. there is a wall right in front of me. There are walls surrounding me at most times which makes them very easy to forget about. I was just talking about a wall the other day with my friend. We were talking about colors. And, I always think about walls when I run. I have to push through the wall that I have created. It makes it easier to think of it metaphorically.

    By Julia on 02.03.2013

  17. I see a brick wall in the middle of an endless grassy field. Seems like a simple image. Very plain, typical… ………. sadly I can’t think of much to write about a wall.

    By Maaaaaaaaaaatt URL on 02.03.2013

  18. Sobriety feels like a wall crashing into you. One second everything is great, you’re where you want to be. Then nothing. Then dull reality sets in. Cynical thoughts take over everything. Life hits you and becomes as boring as staring at the wall you just crashed into.

    By Noah on 02.03.2013

  19. Walls. Walls are everywhere. blocking people from entering, closing the mind from change. Walls are stalwart, stark and finite. But sometimes you can crumble those walls, and the amazement that the wall fell is just as good a prize as the disappearance of the wall itself.

    By Bobbi B URL on 02.03.2013

  20. “You do everything backwards,”

    He said as he advanced. I held the hot metal kettle between us–what was a peace offering could now a weapon. “Careful, it’s just boiled” I said. A warning.

    “I didn’t mean to offend. Maybe I like it.”

    and we hit the wall, no brakes.

    By Jayn Adams URL on 02.03.2013

  21. You could jump that wall if you wanted.
    How you figure? I mean look at the height of it! I can’t see over it.
    You could if you wanted.
    I couldn’t, and neither could you, it’s way higher than you, even.
    Oh I could jump it in a single bound. And so could you.
    No. Look at it!
    BELIEVE, Nala!
    I do want to try, but I DON’T UNDERSTAND!
    Watch what the human mind is capable of!
    And with that Simon just walked through the wall. And there I was alone. It may be true, this thing about what you put your mind to and where there’s a will there’s a way, but I need it explained, detailed instructions, step by step, and I need practice runs and all, and Simon, he just ruined it for me, that’s NOT the way to boost my confidence! Now I will NEVER KNOW! He didn’t care! He just wanted to show off! I HATE him, I want to KILL him for this meanness, yes, I want him DEAD! Die Simon, DIE!
    And from the other side of the wall there was a groan and a thud.

    By Miss Alister URL on 02.03.2013

  22. I leaned up against the wall, trying to look as casual as possible as the policeman passed. I had to make it look like I owned that wall. I belonged there. Why would the policeman suspect me? I hadn’t done anything worthy of notice.

    By Collins on 02.03.2013

  23. Three hundred wood carvings, one hundred and sixteen silk screens, and twelve paintings hung in his work shop. He had died in August, not having talked to anyone for thirty years, but when his neighbors opened the door, they saw his life up on the wall.

    By Max Bevilacqua URL on 02.03.2013

  24. The wall stood, looming over the city with a powerful menace. It’s job was to make sure no one came in, but more importantly it made that no one came out. On the first couple of days, where the people tried all their might to tear it down, they realized their efforts were futile. This imprisoning wall was built hundreds of feet tall, all out of the slickest of steels. For this wall was built by a corrupt ruler, a ruler who wanted to make sure that another rebellion wouldn’t happen again, for no one questioned his word.

    By Lady Kitsune URL on 02.03.2013

  25. i am standing infront of the wall thinking how to get over it. at first it seems easy but then i realize that i need all my strength to come iover it. what will i do? i wil probably use a step ladder. i took a step ladder but it waS TOO SHORT, SO I ADD COUPLE OF CHAIRS AND FINALLY I AM OVER THE WALL. HAPPY END

    By NAT on 02.03.2013

  26. separating two rooms through mere distance
    an impassible barrier blocking our existence

    By Aidan URL on 02.03.2013

  27. there was a blank wall. it was the only thing he’d seen in… months? Days? Minutes? he just knew that if he took his eyes away, there wouldn’t be anything left. this one white wall, somehow untouched by the chaos around him. Innocent, strong, the only one of its kind left, and the only one that may ever be. And so he found beauty in that one, simple wall.

    By auzrill on 02.03.2013

  28. I am staring at the plain white wall. The bricks catch my attention. There is just so many. Just like people. After all, we are all just another brick in the wall.

    By Jennifer Walton on 02.03.2013

  29. This wall is my resistance to the world, it’s pretty and old and smothered in old, worn out feelings. It’s melting like it should, but…why shouldn’t I be sad to see it go. And nervous. It’s kept me for so long after all. But then, maybe I’m wrong. Maybe it didn’t keep me but it drew a line in the sand between myself and other people in this world.

    By Danaé on 02.03.2013

  30. walled in,
    but you sort of like it that way.
    it’s safer.
    cozy, almost,
    with you curled up in the corner
    liistening to the outside world
    and thanking the heavens you don’t have to participate.

    By Audrey URL on 02.03.2013

  31. Can’t you see there bodies burning?
    Desolate, and full of yearning.
    Dying of anticipation, choking from intoxication.
    Left behind those empty walls.
    Left behind those god damned walls.

    By Aubrey URL on 02.03.2013

  32. The wall is around the house. It is a circle. Not a square. The wall is upside down. The wall is everywhere.

    By teeda URL on 02.03.2013

  33. there is a wall it’s colorful and pretty. But it’s tall and blocking my way. I can’t get passed the wall, it is now making me nervous. I can’t break down the wall, it stops me from doing anything. I am scared of the wall. Help.

    By Michelle URL on 02.03.2013

  34. Staring at the wall
    I never meant to at all
    Getting so lost in my thoughts
    It gets hard to look across
    Self-loathing and much greed
    What in the world has come over me?
    Hit my head against this wall
    Break bad habits, break through it all.

    By Drue URL on 02.03.2013

  35. wall. they aren’t very exciting. This one is white. Any bumpy and probably could use some help. Walls may keep the cold in and the heat out. I should hang more pictures. I guess I need a hammer and nails for that.

    By Ruth on 02.03.2013

  36. Walls built up so high,
    crashing down now before your very eyes.
    Not what you expected, it withstood winds
    Hurricanes, Tornados.
    Now a blink of an eye—-
    not AN eye
    HIS eye. A glimpse of a smile
    and All those walls

    By Sydney URL on 02.03.2013

  37. i have a wall its a nbig ass wall nd its like sooo cool and its the best ewall in the world i remember when i was 6 years old i would draw on the wall iwould draw many flowers and unicors in dolphons and dwarfs and it ewill play in the park and have tea partys like wow and pegasus and love and walls o

    By wall on 02.03.2013

  38. Ahead of me was a giant wall. Covered in moss and grime from years of decay. A battle from the olden times to keep the titans out. I felt puny.

    By Akshay Bhatia on 02.03.2013

  39. I’m part of a wall. I live in it, next to it and around it. A wall can be anything it wants. It’s like a picture. You can use it as a canvas and do what you want with it.

    By ashley on 02.03.2013

  40. I look at the wall/ It blank and white, but I read it. Every crack and fissure, lines where a mason spread plaster onc

    By Josh on 02.03.2013