January 12th, 2011 | 459 Entries

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459 Entries for “wake”

  1. wake is being aware to everything you see everything you hear everything you feel hope and dream. wake is a blessing, if your enabled to be awake, you can expirience everything filled with love and joy in the world we live in. without wake, we would live in darkness to everything that feeds our soul.

    By megan on 01.13.2011

  2. I wake and the day starts, it’s always the same, but a little different in a way that I can’t quite put my finger on. I don’t know what is in store for me. I hope nothing terrible happens, but there are no promises.

    By Kevin on 01.13.2011

  3. Soll das wach heißen? Ich bin außerordentlich schlecht in Englisch…wach? Also ich bin momentan nicht wach, was man an meiner Tippgeschwindigkeit erkennen kann. Wer wach ist, muss die Return-Taste nicht so oft nutzen.

    By *GermanWonder* on 01.13.2011

  4. I wake from these bad dreams. I wake into a reality far more hellish than my nightmares, so much so I crave the sweet embrace of sleep. I am trapped between the devil and deep sea.

    By ben URL on 01.13.2011

  5. Another multi-layered word. With connotations of early mornings, the drift of sun across the horizon, that lazy stretching that comes with open eyes. At the other end of the spectrum, it is a celebration of death. Quite a contradiction.

    By joey URL on 01.13.2011

  6. in the lake and when I’m in bed trying not to wake. I like to wake several times in the morning and hit many of them while Im skiing. It is however, a four letter word

    By Brian Easley URL on 01.13.2011

  7. Means both to arise from a slumber and also a celebration of one who has entered into one for infinity. This, I think, qualifies it as an antonym.

    By bar reward URL on 01.13.2011

  8. the waves behind the boat, V-ing out, violent at turns, peaceful on the straight-a-ways…

    that peaceful time after 7pm. NO WAKE ZONE.

    By Jillann on 01.13.2011

  9. In the morning, it can come upon you sometimes as a blessing. You open your eyes and you are ready to face the day. Not too little, not too much sleep, and good spirits. Other days, your pillow can pull at you with magnetic force.

    By Mark Crowder on 01.13.2011

  10. Every morning you’ve got to do it, that tedious boring alarm goes off and – boom another day another dollar. Get up, brush teeth, shower and out the door, oh not before a brew, core without that there would be no getting up at all.

    By Francesca Mather on 01.13.2011

  11. in the morning I do this and sometimes it’s the start of something great but mostly it’s the fiirst occasion in a long line of depressing incidents that make me wish I was someone else.

    By ed on 01.13.2011

  12. It’s hard for me to wake up in the morning. I oversleep on most days. But I feel better when I do. It’s one of the best parts of the day.

    By unnamed URL on 01.13.2011

  13. I wake up every day and it’s the same routine over and over and over. Nothing changes. The routine is slowly making me insane.

    By Christine URL on 01.13.2011

  14. Several years ago, I believed that my life had no purpose. No friends. No good looks. No intelligence. Zero athletic ability. And horrible Harry Potter-esque glasses. However, I had potential. Now, as I glance back through time and recognize the number of people who have grown to care for me, and the lives that I have affected, a shocking revelation hit me: I have changed the world –without even realizing it.

    By Wayward Light URL on 01.13.2011

  15. wake up and smell the coffee, life is too short to stay in bed and miss the opportunities that God has to offer…wake up and realize all that you have and the responsibility to give it back…WAKE up and LIVE!

    By sheri on 01.13.2011


    By VALDNEI on 01.13.2011

  17. So peaceful she sleeps. Forever. As the crowd mills around her, exchanging stories. She smiles in her sleep. I wonder what her dreams are like in Heaven.

    By keidalgrim URL on 01.13.2011

  18. I wake to the sounds of yelling, a plate broken here or there. Money problems, that was the usual reason my parents fought. I just wish that they wouldn’t wake us all at 7 in the morning, especially with their constant problems.

    By victoria on 01.13.2011

  19. In am awake, soul, mind and body, how come, what caused me to wake at this ungodly hour of the morning. There must be a reason for it, as I cannot seem to fall asleep again, best get up and write.

    By Pat URL on 01.13.2011

  20. I woke up in the morning feeling a sense of loneliness…the moment in itself was surreal, and that I realized was a product of postmodern alienation. The fresh smell of bacon and eggs quickly dismissed these feelings.

    By an tran on 01.13.2011

  21. i don’t like waking up for anything. sleep is where i need to be and where i’m comfortable and happy. the word ‘wake’ just makes me think of coming back up into reality, into a world i’m not welcome. unlike my dreams, it’s made entirely of my thoughts, my soul, and visions of everything reality itself is not. i hate waking up. i don’t like waking up for anything.

    By Cassidy Meredith URL on 01.13.2011

  22. I wake up to see your beautiful face next to mine, i turn around a bit more to just stare and admire everything about you. Your beauty is one of the amazing things i get to see on a daily basis. I hope you never leave, i hope we make something more out of this. I love you.

    By ydr URL on 01.13.2011

  23. When I wake, sometimes I bake. Sometimes I take a look at the sun, but not directly. I am happy to wake up every day. Waking up today was kind of a task, sometimes it is for me, but I am happy to be alive. Sometimes when we wake we are too tired. That happens to me almost every day. I don’t want to wake up, but I do anyway. Wakeboarding is also a sport. Never tried it though.

    By dandyjams URL on 01.13.2011

  24. I woke up with a rough shake of my bed. When I opened my eyes, my sister Jill was jumping all over my bed-just barley missing me when she jumped.
    “Knock it off!” I screamed, in a playful way. I got up and grabbed her by the stomach, swinging her around in circle. We spun in around until I got dizzy and we both fell on my bed. These mornings what were really woke me up. :]

    By Paige URL on 01.13.2011

  25. In the wake of the flames that now receeded in the blackened window frames, people gathered. They crept closer as the fire died down and peered in, dreading but searching for carnage. All was ash.

    By Tatti Dorjan URL on 01.13.2011

  26. I woke up today at 6.40am and had breakfast, got ready to leave because i have to make some papers today but when i got there i found out their system was down so i couldnt do anything….. came back home and waited for lunch and now i´m here stumbling and came accross this website…. lol

    By Pablo on 01.13.2011

  27. “Wake up curious, and determined to find the answer.”

    Waking up is a time to be ready for a new day, and sometimes I wake up when I haven’t even been asleep, I just start my day anew. Waking up is the beginning of the rest of my life, every single day.

    By Matte Landau on 01.13.2011

  28. When we wake up we think about the things that are going to happen throughout the day. if today’s going to be a good day, or if today’s going to be a bad day. Most of us hope for the best day everyday. All of us are aware that not everyday can be very good- whether it’s because of tests or just a matter of waking up late- but no matter how you start your day should not effect the rest of it.

    By Angie on 01.13.2011

  29. sleep

    By Nixie URL on 01.13.2011

  30. the moment when sun touches your face and the dark shadows of the night disappear into the light. leaving you alone with your thoughts and dreams of yesterday. there is so much to fear in the present but the best thing to do is to face your fears,or so they say. my fear is the future, i’ll face it each day. all i have to do it wake up. wake up with me?

    By Aimee on 01.13.2011

  31. Opening eyes are always bleary. When I cried like a bird, her eyes were red, making them more blue.
    Waking to the smell of smoke a good friendships.

    By Emma URL on 01.13.2011

  32. in the morning it is very hard for me to wake up. I feel tired a lot lately and i would definitely ather sleep and sleep and sleeep… waking up can be very nice though sometimes, if it is not too early, if it is with the right person.

    By Ana Maria Bortis on 01.13.2011

  33. Her eyes followed the lights that leaked through the blinds of her small studio apartment. Alexis couldn’t sleep. Next to her, a man snorted in his sleep, his hand moving to grasp her. She moved further away.

    By Andrea on 01.13.2011

  34. Her eyes followed the lights that leaked through the blinds of her small studio apartment. Alexis couldn’t sleep. Next to her, a man snorted in his sleep, his hand moving to grasp her. She moved further away.

    By Andrea on 01.13.2011

  35. Her eyes followed the lights that leaked through the blinds of her small studio apartment. Alexis couldn’t sleep. Next to her, a man snorted in his sleep, his hand moving to grasp her. She moved further away.

    By Andrea on 01.13.2011

  36. Her eyes followed the lights that leaked through the blinds of her small studio apartment. Alexis couldn’t sleep. Next to her, a man snorted in his sleep, his hand moving to grasp her. She moved further away.

    By Andrea on 01.13.2011

  37. His eyes flicked open and the feeling of panic enveloped him. Had he been asleep? Was that all a dream? The feeling lasted no more than a second. A strong arm slung across his middle and an accented voice said, “Darling, go back to sleep, you’re alright.” And he was.

    By The Lovely Love Lii URL on 01.13.2011

  38. when you wake up in the morning, its a privilege. Sometimes you may wake up angry, stressed or something, but think about it as a new day to awake. Once your eyes open from your dreams, no matter the situation, smile, and take it one step at a time. Yesterdays worries are in the past now.

    By The Ja$on URL on 01.13.2011

  39. Well I kept hoping I’d wake up and find it was all a drea, but no: the six foot long inflatable banana sat like a indictment in the corner of my room.

    That glaring desperate yellow stabbed my aching head and scorched my bleary eyes.

    Not only had I slurringly bid £2000 I would now have to find for that monster, but I had also propsitioned my boss – in front of his boyfriend. Death seemed too good for me that morning.

    By MibbiTheDoorman URL on 01.13.2011

  40. Before I wake I want to dream. I wan to think about the things I love and the things I haven’t seen and the things that maybe I will see. I hope that I’ll fly in outerspace and capture the heart of someone I love. I’ll seek out the pillowcase and pull a feather, my feather, thinking of ways to start over again. The little moonbeams perch on my windowsill, glowing like fire.

    By jocelyn on 01.13.2011