June 29th, 2011 | 485 Entries

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485 Entries for “wade”

  1. He wades through the murky water, diving once more. Don’t panic, don’t worry, everything will be all right. He can’t see -there’s nothing to see- down below in the darkness between the inky tendrils of seaweed and the ghastly fish. He’s scared out of his damn mind and his lungs are screaming, but he can’t back out, can’t give up so soon. He’s so scared whatever pulled her under so suddenly is going to come for him.

    But he has to wonder if it’s already too late.

    By Breanna URL on 06.29.2011

  2. Just because I’m wading through deep waters doesn’t mean I’m unafraid of going under.

    By Delaine URL on 06.29.2011

  3. I always liked him. I don’t know why. It makes me feel weird. He’s like three years younger than me. Sometimes I wish he would have liked me back in high school, but then where would we be. I don’t even know what to think. It’s not like he’s all that great, so why do I like him so stupid much? I’m a grown woman. This needs to stop. But I don’t exactly have control over my emotions, you know? Anyway, in high school, I was so obsessed with him. but now I only remember my feelings when I see him at the store when I’m home from school for the weekend or something. It’s weird. It’s like I’m reverting back to emotions that I had in the past, but don’t actually have now. What the hell does that even mean?

    By Robin URL on 06.29.2011

  4. There’s no point in agreeing to have a party in the sea, if you’re not even planning on wading in. The beach is next to sea, yes, but it’s not the sea!

    By Antonio URL on 06.29.2011

  5. She stood in the cool water. Waves ebbing back and forth over her toes and then back into the see. She could stand like this forever.

    By Hannah on 06.29.2011

  6. wade through the stale green water, to the turtle on the knot of elbow tree in the pond’s center, sitting with peaceful eyes on the pond’s tired arm.

    By Fred Fingery URL on 06.29.2011

  7. I wade into the pool with deep thoughts of drowning, but it doesn’t happen. Swimming comes naturally, a lovely feeling in the pit of my stomach. I just float, around and around in a circle that never ends. I’m not scared anymore.

    By Abby on 06.29.2011

  8. elke couldn’t wade through bogdan’s bullshit.he constantly talked in riddles that only made sense after the fact.why couldn’t he talk plain like the rest of the people?

    By The Fake Dann URL on 06.29.2011

  9. Dwyane Wade is a marvelous fellow. One of the best players in the NBA, in fact, one of the best players to ever play the game. He can into the league with humility, and has now reached the level of stardom he could have never fathomed. He is an NBA Finals Champion, one of the highest honors one can possibly receive. And yet, despite all his success, he remains criminally underrated. It’s a travesty.

    By Dustin on 06.29.2011

  10. what is a wade? i dont know. i do know now, wade, like wade in a pool. i did a terrible job. god it is stressful to do this. but good practice. i would like to wade in a pool. it is very hot in the south.

    By erica on 06.29.2011

  11. He had to be safe, but he had prepared for this moment, many countless hours of On, off… On off… on Off, he had his vest on, bright orange, with his whistle at the ready for when he took the plunge and needed to be found… He sat there waiting on the deck of the ship… mentally preparing himself… I was entering toddler infested, artificial climate control environment of the kiddy pool, the death zone… He took the leap and waded in the midst of the them…….

    By Lord Jim URL on 06.29.2011

  12. wade represemts change. time, and life wade away as things move on.h

    By scott on 06.29.2011

  13. She waded out into the cool gulf, relishing in the feel of squishy wet sand under her feet and the salty water moving around her ankles. She continued farther into the water until her knees were underneath the surface. Little fish nibbled her toes and she giggled at the strange feel of it. She wriggled them slightly and all the small fish darted away to find another victim.

    By Taylor Rice on 06.29.2011

  14. She couldn’t let them find her. Her feet were bleeding from all the cuts from the forest floor. She waded through the river, hoping to throw off her scent from the dogs.

    By Deanna on 06.29.2011

  15. Kim possivle wqs my favprite shpw when i was little. I watched it all the time. Ron was my favorite but wade was definitely up there. I loved how she moved. Which sounds weird but it impressed me.

    By Rose on 06.29.2011

  16. Wading into a swriling river was very dangerous when you didn’t know how to swim.

    If you concentrated on the target of your endevour, the shaking in your limbs as the cold icy water seeped into your boots wouldn’t have the chance to make all your muscles freeze up so that you couldn’t move another inch.

    By Zoe C. on 06.29.2011

  17. Feet sink into sand and send waves across a sheet of shimmer. Toes grasp for a reason to believe what feelings lay buried in the sand.

    By Cat on 06.29.2011

  18. Wade, I wade, and there’s a tree by the river. I could reference so many things but right now I just want to dive underwater and make sure every bit of me is submerged, leaving nothing behind or dry. I want to make sure I’ve still got you when I come out of this river, and not find you dying by the side of the street when I walk home.
    I found you dying once and nursed you back to health. Now we both wade into the river, the level at our knees, and it gets deeper as we go along. Dive in with me. Let’s find ourselves.

    By Mara URL on 06.29.2011

  19. wading into the morning light i saw a flock of pigeons alighting on my car, at which point i turned on the hose … and drank some water. I then waded into the nearby stream and sat upon the bank just watching them.

    By Rgrsn on 06.29.2011

  20. I wade in dangerous waters
    Don’t let me pull this trigger
    Don’t let me paint these walls
    I don’t want to say this is your fault
    But it is
    I’ve never known love
    But this is as close as I’ve come
    It’s unrequited
    That’s the problem
    I’ll never have you
    Please don’t let me pull this trigger…

    By Luke Renoe URL on 06.29.2011

  21. water. wading in water. theres nothing like wading in water. the cool waves lapping at your feet, your ankles, your chins then your knees. ahhh! past the kness! oops ive gone too far, im not wading anymore, am i? wading. wading in water.

    By rochelle on 06.29.2011

  22. I had spotted something floating ominously in the river by my house. It bobbed back and forth, it’s dark shape appearing to loom closer towards me. I had to see what it was, wading ever closer, I reached out towards it…

    By RMH on 06.29.2011

  23. the highlight of their day was wading in the ocean and feeling the gentle breezes blow and caress their skin
    young and old find such a pleasure when they take the time to wade in the waters no matter where

    By she53lly URL on 06.29.2011

  24. I have no idea what wade means. Is it something you eat? I’m thinking about a killer from the jungle called Wade, handsome man with a difficult past. Recently everybody he know just dissapeared. He has no idea where and how. One day he was out in the jungle, hunting to gather some meat for his village.

    By Ash on 06.29.2011

  25. in the water, towards the shore. wet feet. cold, happy sunshine fishing being reeal birds chirping frogs trees blue skies

    By Brandi on 06.29.2011

  26. The algae clung to my feet as I stepped in the lake. The lake you knew I hated. I hated nature, everything about it. I was always a prissy little thing, and you knew that, but you also knew I was too proud to back away from a challenge. I waded out to you and hated you with every fiber of my being, while loving you more than ever.

    By Anaïs URL on 06.29.2011

  27. Wade taught english, high school english. The once hippie rocker, now lived a life filled with correcting papers and uncreativity.

    By purplepizzaz on 06.29.2011

  28. Water lapping at my feet, pulling me gently towards the sea with its seductive rhythm. The voice of the sea is constant, insistent. I am urged to forget my troubles and wade out…

    By Jspeed29 URL on 06.29.2011

  29. Dwayne Wade, so hot. As I watched his muscles flash past the screen as he rushed towards the ball, my heart pulsed and my fist clenched. This is why I broke up with my boyfriend. This was my reason to live.

    By Emily. on 06.29.2011

  30. Wade… This makes me wanna go to the beach and walk hand in hand with you. I want to feel the cold water lightly rush over our feet. I want to kick the water and see it glimmer in the light. I want something simply beautiful like that again.

    By xstal URL on 06.29.2011

  31. wade smith jones man what a nice fellow always so willing to share is kitchen utensils with the needy. Ahh how i wish my hair was all silky and full as Wades smith’s so many times p

    By SpaceyPetterson URL on 06.29.2011

  32. His name was Wade. He was always a little embarrassed by it, living as he did in the northeast, cape cod to be exact. He was a terrific fisherman, not quite as good at being a husband

    By Bob Hussey URL on 06.29.2011

  33. Sally moves into the water. The gentle waves lapping against her thighs. The sun is going down so she looks around and, seeing no other signs of lakegoers, she removes her bikini top and wades further into the dark water.

    By burrito6 on 06.29.2011

  34. I wade through the waters of my fears, in hopes of finding the one i love.
    I will find the reason for what i wade, and use it to my advantage in winning her over.
    That is why i am wading through time and space for all eternity until i find her.

    By David on 06.29.2011

  35. Wade in the starrivers of the heavens and perhaps you will know peace. But know this, Seamstress, the Fabric of the Universe is fragile, a swim in the perpetual might could be all that it needs in order to tear. Will you perhaps end the destiny of lifekind, starkind, and time, only for a gentle wade?

    By MJ on 06.29.2011

  36. she waded into the pool. it was cool and crisp and she liked the way it licked between her toes. Her steins were enveloped by the water and ventured deeper into the abyss of blue. She walked until she could not anymore and then she swam.

    By Caleigh on 06.29.2011

  37. Wading into the shallow waters, the stars shining off of the depths while the night air sighs in contentment around us. Everything around us breathes.

    By Alison on 06.29.2011

  38. wade in the water. that was the first real song i ever had a solo in. well, the first song i had a real solo in, rather. looking back, i was maybe a little too cocky. i knew i was better than every one else, i liked the attention i got for it. the video is good. i did really well. and so it began. i’ll never forget how i felt when the guy came up to me afterward to talk about recording. i was so excited i actually started to cry.

    By Lacey URL on 06.29.2011

  39. there was a guy in my college with this name. he was a hefty man from the south. well i went to school in the south…..thats all!

    By court court URL on 06.29.2011

  40. wow that just did it, whats in a name. I don;t know but you should know.. waddle twiddle on about that. or wade your way through the crowd. No one really cares, just go for it. And for the sake of it, Wade I love you. just so you know!! yes.

    By Mante on 06.29.2011