June 29th, 2011 | 485 Entries

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485 Entries for “wade”

  1. Let us go wade in the river, not swim. Wading is but so peaceful, not fully emersed, yet getting the feeling for it. It’s almost as if you could wade through life until you get a feel for it, then, you can dive head first once you’re comfortable.

    By Alix Pacifico on 06.29.2011

  2. The leaf wades down stream and stops at the rock on the beach where he stands, shirtless, wiping off his gun.

    By liz on 06.29.2011

  3. I waded in the knee high water at the sun began to set off over the shimmering waves. There was a wind blowing gently and I though of all the things that I’ve done in my life that brought me here.

    By Lisa Kysia on 06.29.2011

  4. to wade in the ocean, just feeling the water over your skin as you float along.
    swimming, swimmingly in the blue-green water…

    By uepi URL on 06.29.2011

  5. It’s as if too many of us dive had first into life, and drown. We must wade in the pool of life until we learn how to swim, learn how to stay alive. Then we can go in head first and not have to worry about whether or not we’re going to make it.

    By Alix Pacifico on 06.29.2011

  6. wade in the water, go get wet, it is summer. just dive into the refreshing water of life. well, maybe not dive, just wade, walk around in the water and make sure to roll up your jeans. wadddeeeeee….not going in fully, just splashing about.

    By Brittany on 06.29.2011

  7. the word i seem to see as grey. I do not understand this. isee grey cloudy sky . whether it is the sound that makes me see grey i do not know.can anyone explain this i doubt it

    By thewizthathewas URL on 06.29.2011

  8. i moved into the washing wind of wanderness falling apart destinyed by my kind. Overwhlemed. Waiting until the tide. I wade in this water, waist deep underneath my spirit, right next to my soul, and over my head.

    By Kaylee URL on 06.29.2011

  9. Deep. Water everywhere. I could hardly stand in the swamp, but it wasnt as if i really wanted too. ever since she left, I had found myself doing more and more dangerous things. The swamp was one of many. I wanted to die–to feel the water slip over my throat and engulf the pain i refused to acknowledge.

    By TheOrchestrator on 06.29.2011

  10. I wade in the ocean
    that is your voice.
    Your music,
    in waves,
    crashes over me.
    I wish we didn’t fight.
    I wish we were lovers,
    and we’d wade
    through the ocean.
    Love, tears, life,
    all are meaningless without you.
    Please, my Love,
    wade with me.

    By Andrea URL on 06.29.2011

  11. i wade tru this grey water the trees were grey leaves the ripples are silvery
    i think i like this forty shades. my hands are grey. wade forever is grey
    greyy grey. Is there a sober sound here or what that colours all my thought?

    By thewizthathewas URL on 06.29.2011

  12. I’m just not dwayne….

    By Mr.584903 URL on 06.29.2011

  13. I waded through the murky waters of the Amazon river. “Aren’t there piranhas or something in here?” I asked, turning back.

    The Doctor pulled up a leg of his trousers, which had several fish clinging to it with there teeth. “Maybe this wasn’t such a good idea,” he said, grimacing.

    I felt something nibble at my ankle. My eyes widened. “Maybe?!”

    By Annie on 06.29.2011

  14. wading in cold water- arms near ice and body shutting down.
    wading in stress- body near it’s breaking point and mind shutting down.
    to wade in the ocean, to wade in the mind.

    By Luna Rose URL on 06.29.2011

  15. The water was soft. The kind of softness that you only get when you can clearly see your face in the water, and feel the grains of sand push beneath your feet. There’s sea creatures. Then there’s you. There’s the water. Then there’s you. You feel like an outsider, someone who didn’t belong.

    By Joanne~ URL on 06.29.2011

  16. It was best at night. The blanket of stars was mirrored by the bio-luminescent creatures that shine as we waded past them. Our skin in the water glistened with youth and lust and just a little too much fear. I should have kissed you then.

    By emmystrange URL on 06.29.2011

  17. such an unfortunate thing, to be stuck with such a name. he thought so too. although it was hardly fair to blame his parents. at the time it was not necessarily a popular name, but they thought it sounded quite dashing. now it only evokes an image of one awkwardly shuffling through a muddy stream in heavy military boots.

    By jinnylinny URL on 06.29.2011

  18. wading in water right up to my waist feeling like nothing can hurt me or touch me or upset me! I feel free, completely relaxed, in another world, wading in the water tright up to my neck feeling like im on top of the world. Ill never let go and keep bouncing in the water. I’m in my own little world of floating thoughts and floating memories flowing past me touching me and then going away down the river.

    By bex on 06.29.2011

  19. i have no idea what in the world wade means…
    but if i had to guess i would say it’s a word to persuade a person.
    ooooh how easily she was waded… like a leaf in the wind.
    blowing whichever which way she was taken, never having any say..
    it’s a shame.

    By abra URL on 06.29.2011

  20. I felt the sand in between my toes as we held hands tightly and waded into the water. The sun was coming up slowly and I presumed that if anyone saw us right about now, they would wonder what we were doing there. However, I wasn’t too worried about that.

    By Kelsey Youds on 06.29.2011

  21. Darkness. I think, i feel, but i’m so lost in the depth of my emotions I can hardly stand. I struggle through the darkness of my inner most thoughts, and the brilliant light of my greatest dreams. even through all of this, i feel cut, bruised, bleeding from a thousand petty wounds made on my heart and soul.

    By xmol URL on 06.29.2011

  22. wade in the water. that’s always the first thing that comes to mind. it’s from what’s known as “an old Negro spiritual”. one of those songs that they poor slaves sung to themselves as they pressed on through back breaking work in the heat and wading through the water in the night along the Underground Railroad behind the charge of Miss Harriett Tubman.

    By BrownSugarBritches URL on 06.29.2011

  23. Sometimes, life’s just like a sea of shit you’ve got to wade through. Every now and then, you’ll come across something…or -someone- special, and these gems make it all worth it, make it worth all the hassle. Question is, did you pack your rubber boots?

    By feyd URL on 06.29.2011

  24. despressing life, wading to the next moment to the other with no further objections. Waking up to a bright dull morning and still alive…. all grateful to have oneself such as< yet as we wade through this piece of culture, when death arrives you finally feel alive, so yet we may all be dead and then awake to something a miracle could only hand us to our feet and eyes.

    By main563 URL on 06.29.2011

  25. As he waded through the murky lake, things started to pop up at him from every direction. Things he’s only seen his dreams though. Creatures with wings who stuttered or animals with human hands and wings as big as canopy trees.

    By Dani on 06.29.2011

  26. up to our hips then waists..for hours we wandered through the wetlands filled finally with water. we wade around submerged logs and trip over branches. the kids paddle catching spiders and little fish in their nets and bottles

    By indi-n URL on 06.29.2011

  27. wade in the water. wade in the deep pools around your ankles. feel the mud beneath the surface trickle up around your toes. hear the bullfrogs egging you on. just put your toe in. just take another step. you’re just wading, just taking chances, just trying to see what will come of this.

    By oliver danni on 06.29.2011

  28. Wade from KIm Possible, the awesome computer guy who helps them on their secret missions against Sheego and Count Drakula? I think thats the name but hey I have no idea. Call me beep me if you wanna reach me KIM POSSIBLE.

    By Britta on 06.29.2011

  29. To walk into water without looking down to see what’s below it is to wade into nothing more than the face of God. We too often think of wading as the act of walking into water but the best time to wade is when we have just swum from an opposite shore and come to the side we’ve had our eye on.

    By jimi on 06.29.2011

  30. wade, Oh my after kneading bread dough I could use some wading in some cool water. also the name of a dude who could truly swing a baseball bat.

    By Stratoz URL on 06.29.2011

  31. I waded out into the ocean and felt it cleanse my soul as the waves continued to carry away with them my worries to be lost beneath the sea. Staring at salt water is quite healing. I needed some of that, need to be put back together.

    By jasmith URL on 06.29.2011

  32. I want to be in the water. Not submerged, not in a puddled. Just simply taking my time, doing my own thing in the cool collection of H2O.

    By Lina URL on 06.29.2011

  33. t here is a play named dwayne wade. he is an unreal basketball player with incredible skill and finesse. He is a hustler on and off the court. He plays great defense and stays with his oppononeent up and down the floor. On offense, his ability to lose defenders and draw the And 1 almost every time he goes to the bucket is incredible. I hate that leBron is now on his team.

    By kev on 06.29.2011

  34. Wade in the water, on a nice humid day. A nice breeze comes by, you feel great.
    Its summer time, no school just relaxing and having fun with your friends. Wade in the smell of the ocean.

    By Britta URL on 06.29.2011

  35. I love wading in a cool pool of water on a hot summer’s day with my hand in yours. You are the love of my life, and you are the one and only man for me, Remember when we were in Cape Breton and the icy waves were hitting us on the legs and turning our toes blue?

    By Brenda Miller on 06.29.2011

  36. walk through water or any liquid surface .

    By waqas on 06.29.2011

  37. I have to wade through the self doubt before I remember that I can do it. The lies and hurt seem to take over, but at the end, I will rest in the truth. I just know it.

    By travelingalisssa URL on 06.29.2011

  38. Wade
    wade in the water, children.

    try not to drown, children,
    though the water is only ankle
    thigh high

    and now to your waist
    but keep wading
    to your neck
    but keep wading
    until it is over your head

    drowning is never sudden
    but done slowly
    in degrees.

    By Beebee URL on 06.29.2011

  39. I can only hear your voice wading slowly through the rooms of the old house. Who opened the windows letting you in? I cannot go to bed, silence blossoms like mold covering the walls. Now my feet are burning because I walked for so long I can’t remember. I walked alone, wading across this road trying to find that little flower with the memory of your eyes. I am sinking at each step, and I almost fell asleep without telling you good night.

    By Debbie URL on 06.29.2011

  40. Sometimes you really don’t know what you’re getting into. However – with a spec of caution, if you wade in at the edge, rather than diving at the deepest point, you can soon get a sense of whether it is the right time and place to cross the stream.

    By Valerahaha URL on 06.29.2011