September 30th, 2012 | 249 Entries

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249 Entries for “vote”

  1. I’ve never voted. This will be my first year. I’ll walk to long trek towards the cramped and tiny booth to vote for people I’ve never met, never cared about, nor even know if my choice will be right. How can I truly pick someone to take care of all the United States when they’ve lied, cheated, and never given me real facts about what they’re going to be and how they’ll be it?

    By Amarie URL on 09.30.2012

  2. “I will change the future!”, he promised. There were lies in his eyes, even I could see it.
    “Vote for me.”, he whispered as he put some coins in my hand.
    He was a liar. But at least his price was right.

    By halbkind URL on 09.30.2012

  3. If you would vote for me I would be the happiest girl on earth. You can do it by texting but every other medium is accepted too. only once is enough.

    By emma on 09.30.2012

  4. One vote. One chance for One person to make a difference. everyone has one but we all have to choose to use it. if everyone were to go out and make their voice heard we may see a change in our world.

    By Delaney URL on 09.30.2012

  5. to vote is to have a voice in polotics it’s what gives you a voice to have to what you want even though it’s not always what everyone else wants and probably won’t be chosen.

    By Neko on 09.30.2012

  6. I am going to vote, but I don’t necessarily love my options. I think I will choose Obama. Mitt Romney sounds like a terrible choice. This site is terrible.

    By Jackie on 09.30.2012

  7. I plan to vote on November 6th. We have to use our right to vote to get the people in Washington to realize what we really want, not what they think we want. Getting corporatism out of it would help a whole lot too.

    By Valerie on 09.30.2012

  8. He didn’t really know how to explain it to her: He was going to vote for Romney, and that was that.

    By fitknitter URL on 09.30.2012

  9. You look at the names. Some pretty, some plain. Some written in glitter, some sat there, stark and bare in their Times New Roman glory.

    The fact is, you know it won’t make a difference.

    They’re all the same, really. Different names, same black little heart settled guiltlessly in their chest. Your pathetic little X won’t change the world; they’ll barely give it a passing glance.

    By Callie on 09.30.2012

  10. elections. presidents. fighting over power and fame. trying to save our country but only making it worse. being old enough to make a difference. red and blue.

    By Megan on 09.30.2012

  11. The right is all to important but the will is not so strong. What can my drop in the ocean do to change the tide.

    By TheLavenderCowboy on 09.30.2012

  12. Its hard for me to decide which part of my heart to vote for. The part that is rational and realizes that every thing that has been going on is utter chaos or the other half which is telling me that everything will work out for the best in the end.

    By Elita URL on 09.30.2012

  13. Polarized people never see the need to unite. One nation under god divided. Spoon feed me the issues while I pretend to care.

    By The Lavender Cowboy URL on 09.30.2012

  14. The wrinkled finger
    Pointing like a compass
    Required you act
    Tried to distract from time
    Place and emotion
    Leaving you with nothing to add
    But for the magnet
    in your pocket

    By gsk URL on 09.30.2012

  15. Vote for me and I promise I won’t doom you to a life of slavery and violence. All the other candidates will. *smash* shit hypnotism isn’t gonna work for me. FREE CAKE!

    By Lily URL on 09.30.2012

  16. I get to vote this year! It is going to be my eighteenth birthday in a few weeks and this just happens to be an election year, I am so excited! I know you might find that strange, I know generally speaking a lot of young adults don’t necessarily want to vote at all. But I really care about what happens in this country.

    By Hermionabeth on 09.30.2012

  17. I didn’t vote for you. He shook his head, buried his hands deep into his pockets and walked away. He had not voted to be a father either. But he had loved her mother.

    By Louise URL on 09.30.2012

  18. See this trust in me. i behold all of these to taint you. MY LOVE. MY LOVE.

    Follow me, let’s reach some new heights. Never shall be alone ever again. BEHOLD!

    What’s is mighty might aswell prone to some deficient point of views. Those lacking severals manufacturing decadences.

    By Mark Andrew on 09.30.2012

  19. Voting telling your opinion and not letting them get away with it
    The only way away from a tirant and the only stable way
    To take It away is to cause death to freedom in any way
    It the most important right we have and wew are so apathetic at times
    If you don’t vote you have no right to complain about anything to government does because you relent really care when it was time to change it.

    By Chikamso URL on 09.30.2012

  20. She was smiling when she made her way to the polling station that day. She was smiling airily and felt like she’d never dragged her feet on, ever, on that day. She was looking forward to everything, to life, on that day.

    By kerry on 09.30.2012

  21. Vote for equality. Vote for freedom of mental slavery. Vote for all and each of us. Vote for your voice, for your heart. Vote for the time we have. Vote for the children and all their future generation children.

    By Hillary on 09.30.2012

  22. dame lo que quiero, repite los canales. amarra la sensualidad en los prados de las calles que raramente visitas. la ciudad es una playa. y la playa está harta de recibir tus residuos. no me esperes. salta y baila

    By jorge guzman on 09.30.2012

  23. After the election, all citizens were detained and separated into three groups. Behind the White Door were those who had voted for Our Honorable Leader. They were rewarded with gems and freed. Behind the Blue Door were those who had voted against Our Honorable Leader. We had microchips surgically implanted under our eyelids to track the movement of our eyes. Then we were released. Behind the Black Door were those who has not voted at all. They were lined up and shot.

    By penny dreadful URL on 09.30.2012

  24. One in a million can make a difference. Can sway the crowd, can change the way we think.
    That is who we want for president.
    Damn, we need better candidates….

    By Hi bro :3 on 09.30.2012

  25. opportunity
    freedom of speech
    a right
    use it
    you dont want to lose it
    everyone should

    By Izabella on 09.30.2012

  26. Not everyone one gets to do it. Not everyone’s vote counts. But it’s symbolic and the first step to freedom.

    By Nanaz on 09.30.2012

  27. for me, vote for my ideas and tell me im great.

    By Lauryn on 09.30.2012

  28. vote what does it mean to vote?
    i say it means participating in something bigger than yourself
    taking a change
    submitting to something so controversial
    knowing that the people around you may have a completely different opinion

    By ovdancer URL on 09.30.2012

  29. It was supposed to be something she could do easily, choose one or the other. But it had become complicated because she actually knew both of them. One candidate was her good friend, and she was expected to support her because she was. The other was her neighbor, always forthright and helpful, but lacking the charisma necessary to be someone you’d want to share secrets with in the corner of a school dance. But because she knew her friend better, she also knew that she couldn’t vote for her.

    By MS on 09.30.2012

  30. i didn’t necessarily have a reason. In fact, I didn’t have a cause or complaint. I just walked up to the nice lady, produced my license, and sauntered into a booth. Sixty seconds and it was over. I really had no idea what half of the items were, but i found the quirkiest names and filled in the bubble. Who says voting has to be hard?

    By Paige Tiede on 09.30.2012

  31. The United States Of America will have their election day this year to see who their next president will be. The votes will decide whether barack obama(Democrat canidate) or Mitt Romney(Republican Canidate) gets in white house. If Obama gets in, this will be his second term.

    By Marie on 09.30.2012

  32. Vote. To vote is to participate in one’s country and it’s politics. But is it worth it? Is one vote going to do anything in a government where corruption runs rampant anyways? Candidates don’t follow through with what they say… what is your vote going to accomplish? ANARCHY

    By Patricia Martinez on 09.30.2012

  33. “Who are you voting for?”

    “I’m voting for us running for office.”

    “No, Astor.”

    “C’mon, you’d be a GREAT VP!”

    “We have to keep a low prof – wait, why on earth would I be Vice President?”

    “So you wouldn’t have to take the blame for all the dumb shit. Also I’m way cuter.”

    By Julia A. URL on 09.30.2012

  34. To submit a selection of a candidate for elections, decisions, debates, or anything else.

    By Jessica on 09.30.2012

  35. The right to vote should be appreciated. We should not forget that strong women fought for our right to have a part in our own future. We shouldn’t take that for granted.

    By adriana URL on 09.30.2012

  36. I wish I could vote, not that I even have a political opinion, but I just think it’d be cool to say you voted. Then I could wear one of those ‘I Voted’ stickers. That would make me seem all important and whatnot. But I can’t, because I’m too young…

    By Sammy URL on 09.30.2012

  37. “What do you mean you won’t vote?” the girl responded, incredulous. In her hand, nails bitten to the quick, she held the paperwork. Any attempts to pass it to her friend seemed helpless.

    “No. I’m not going to vote,” he scathed, swatting the papers away like a particularly pesky fly. “What’s the point? What I say’s not going to make a hell of a difference at the end of the day. I don’t get a say.”

    By Kady on 09.30.2012

  38. I’m too young to vote. No power, no say no voice. But i have my parents who i would assume would vote on something in the eyes of me. I want the freedom and the choice to vote for something that one day maybe even TOday, would change my life. But if every young person could vote, the world would be unstable… no?

    By mathena on 09.30.2012


    By Gisela A on 09.30.2012

  40. why vote… nothing we vote on or for matters… It’s up to the house and senate to decide. Presidents… who care but the “majority” they are all motivated by greed and self preservation… i’ve never known one to actually care about his people or seen any decisions they’ve made directly affect me; and i’m the majority!

    By Sarah on 09.30.2012