September 30th, 2012 | 249 Entries

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249 Entries for “vote”

  1. i think that everyone should vote it really makes me mad when people dont because women faught so hard to get people to vote and we should appriciste it so much more imm proud to be living in a day of age where women are allowed to vote and i wish that we all had equall rights all along and it truely is a shame when poeple dont appriciate or care for these things.

    By emilyburkholder on 09.30.2012

  2. you go to the place in November to vote for the president. you get to chose who you rather vote for. this year its Romney or Obama.

    By alexis on 09.30.2012

  3. Putting things up to a vote always left Tam sweating. It wasn’t that she didn’t undrestand the value of voting, or the way it made everyone feel like they were part of something. Yet she knew best. And the others were going to choose wrong.

    By Joy URL on 09.30.2012

  4. Is a privilege not a right. As an Australian citizen we have to vote or face a fine. I voted for the first time in my life when I was 38 years old after I became an Australian citizen. It was a most memorable occasion. Today I take it seriously and always try to make sure I know enough of what is going on in govt to make n informed choice at the poll booth. Voting has made me think about the country I live in and how I can contribute to the prosperity I share with my fellow countrymen.

    By Michelle Donnelly on 09.30.2012

  5. you vote in November to pick a president. you can vote for different things and you can vote whenever. you vote for so many different things and you can vote for things like what movie to watch, what is the most favorite color,or even what food to eat that night. Everything can be voted on you just might not like the results.

    By Lexi URL on 09.30.2012

  6. don’t forget to vote. it’s a honor and concept, thousands around the world are dying for. does a democracy have true beauty? can politics be beautifuL? or is it all in the eye of the voter?

    By Abra URL on 09.30.2012

  7. Voting is way too important but nowadays young people don’t seem to trust in this act. Confidence seems to be lost. Every political is the same, everyone says. While that may be a bit true, it still is in our hands to try and change the future.

    By aspg on 09.30.2012

  8. The word “vote” immediately makes me think of turning eighteen. I am turning eighteen in less than a week, and I get to the vote in the upcoming election! I’m so excited! Voting has been around a very long time. It has been sent back decades and decades ago, yet it is still alive today. In the United States, we have an indirect democracy because we come together in a majority, but we get to vote for the president based on our own personal morals and beliefs as an individual.

    By Kaitlyn on 09.30.2012

  9. Voting is very important! Many young people can do so and change our country, but they do not. It is very saddening, and they should learn the benefits.

    By Kayla on 09.30.2012

  10. for french inhale…do it again:Dfrench inhale…

    By faith URL on 09.30.2012

  11. I’m going to vote this year. It’s the first year that I can because I turned eighteen over the summer. I have no clue who I’m going to vote for. I don’t particularly like either candidate. I hate having to choose between liberal and democrat. Why do you have to be so stratified to be a candidate with a chance? Why are individual opinions so bad? I know no one who is all Dem or all Republican.

    By Kathleen on 09.30.2012

  12. vote for the right to vote. the word idiot first meant those who refused to participate and to educate and to inform themselves about politics in ancient greece. don’t be an idiot. be informed. get involved. exercise that right

    By smee on 09.30.2012

  13. Every vote counts. Bullshit. I am one person a state that will almost certainly side with the straight-laced white guy who vows to extinguish any progress towards accepting people like me. Three electoral votes to the guy who’s gonna lose anyway. Democracy!

    By asavas URL on 09.30.2012

  14. Vote. The Vote. I have never voted for anyone who is NOT the lesser of two evils. Nonetheless, I still vote because too many people have shed their blood to allow me that privilege.

    By Sheila on 09.30.2012

  15. The election is happening this November. We need a new president. I believe I will vote this year, but not for Obama.

    By aneisha on 09.30.2012

  16. The first time he voted was over a referendum on whether to write an entirely new constitution, or to keep that haggard bitch of a document. He voted to dispose of her, but the people liked the old whore.

    By hazem URL on 09.30.2012

  17. It’s an interesting debate as to whether voting should be compulsory. I think I read recently that Australia has compulsory voting. My personal view is that voting should be optional because elections are supposed to be the very embodiment of freedom and equality. This is why so many people have fought in the past for the right to vote in free and fair elections and many still continue to fight. However, perhaps paradoxically, the freedom granted by the right to cast a vote for a chosen candidate must also include the freedom to abstain from voting if a person so chooses. Forcing a person to vote by law isn’t very free. I can’t think of any benefit of compulsory voting other than guaranteed votes for the election candidates. I can’t see how it benefits the electorate at all, though feel free to tell me if you think it does.
    Requiring a person to vote is in effect forcing a person to exercise their right. Is a forced right, still a right? I don’t think so, doesn’t that cancel out that right?
    Mandatory voting assumes a citizen condones the election and state or style of government, in addition to assuming the citizen feels there is a candidate worthy of their vote. If a person chooses not to cast their vote, in a mandatory voting system they are directly breaking the law. But a person may choose to abstain for a multitude of reasons, from ones of practicality and logistics to ones of protest and disagreement. Forcing a person to vote removes a citizen’s right to choose whether to condone or condemn their government and to express that belief. Some argue that providing a ‘none of the above’ option in elections solves the freedom and human rights issues that occur from an enforced electorate. However, I feel that having such an option available to voters or an ‘I abstain’ box on ballot papers forces a person to contribute to an election, electoral and governmental system even though it may not be one they condone. This forces a voter to go against their belief, which is in direct contravention of freedom by definition.

    By rhyme79 URL on 09.30.2012

  18. every person has a right to vote for whomever they want. The right to vote alone is something that was fought for tooth and nail by various civil rights groups: African Americans and Women, included. Now a days no one even cares about voting, most americans wont vote when a very important election comes from.

    By david on 09.30.2012

  19. Go vote. I’m not kidding. I should be writing something fictional, like I always do for OneWords. You know, little stories and rhyming games. But no. Vote. If you haven’t registered to vote, go register. If you haven’t read up on the issues, do so. Found your own opinion, make your own choices. Be informed, be enlightened. Vote. Especially if you’re a youth. Even if you don’t think your vote counts, it counts more than you could possibly imagine.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 09.30.2012

  20. One the one hand, I could give in and cast my vote to save the life of an innocent girl. On the other, I could stand firm and get revenge on my worst enemy. In the end, there was really no choice.

    By Kathryn Fowl URL on 09.30.2012

  21. vote for freedom vote for love. vote for what you think is write. vote to sing. sing your heart heart out . and learn to not shy anymore. your great your voice is amazing and you can get through it

    By Jocelyne :) URL on 09.30.2012

  22. Vote Obama out. he is a socialist threat to freedom.

    By Big E on 09.30.2012

  23. i have not ever voted on anything. ever. shame? pitiful? awful of me? i know. what can i say, i just haven’t. i’ve wanted to, but politics is not my thing. i have no tolerance for history, religion or politics. although there are facts related to all of it, there is too much opinion and therefore too much confrontation for the likes of me. thanks, but not.

    By BrownSugarBritches URL on 09.30.2012

  24. i stand here awaiting a dream awaiting a hope far in the future one for each and every individual one that has no exceptions or rules one that has no boundaries and no stopping point i vote love into the world. please consider it.

    By C. Ritchie URL on 09.30.2012

  25. Get out and rock the vote
    Vote or die

    By Cue the Confetti Bitches on 09.30.2012

  26. The ability to chose who or what you will follow. Voting is a privelage to most that they don’t value as much as they should. This is done in democratic governments which some don’t have the luck to have.

    By mary sol on 09.30.2012

  27. The ability to chose who or what you will follow. Voting is a privelage to most that they don’t value as much as they should. Voting is something that is also done to make a decision that could be powerful or unimportant.

    By mary sol on 09.30.2012

  28. to vote? voting is such a controversial subject and i personally believe that people younger than 18 who are interested in politics should be allowed to vote because if we’re being forced into education cuts we should be able to say how the country is run

    By littlesloth URL on 09.30.2012

  29. “I vote for chocolate!”
    Mindy gave her brother an exasperated look.
    “You always vote for chocolate. Try something different once in a while.”
    “I like chocolate,” Spencer frowned, “Maybe I’m happy with my choice.”
    Mindy sighed.
    “Fine…pick chocolate. Maybe someday you’ll turn into chocolate.”
    Spencer grinned.
    “Bet you’ll like me better if I’m chocolate.”
    Mindy tried not to smile…but Spencer always managed to

    By Cim URL on 09.30.2012

  30. berlusconi obama responsability people world change

    By dada on 09.30.2012

  31. Ein Votum ist etwas Heiliges. Du gehst in dich. Du suchst dich, da wo du wirklich du bist. Du schaust dich an, vor allem von innen. Und dann hörst du deine heilige wahre Stimme. Sie sagt JA. Oder sie sagt NEIN. Oder: es ist mir EGAL.

    By Eli URL on 09.30.2012

  32. I wouldn’t have chosen it.
    Wouldn’t have voted for it.
    Wouldn’t have said it was a good idea–fuck it, it wasn’t a good idea.
    It just happened when I wasn’t paying attention.
    Oversight. That’s all.

    By Entropy URL on 09.30.2012

  33. oh no. it’s that time of the year. the campaign ads are probably everywhere, but i don’t have tv, and i don’t listen to the radio. i don’t even read the papers anymore. my degree in political science has done quite the opposite of what is conventionally expected, i think…

    By Leti on 09.30.2012

  34. Today was the day. It was finally time for the school to vote on the next big thing. I knew I was a pretty good singer, but other students out there were better than me. I shifted from foot to foot as I waited in line as the guy before me walked out onto the stage with his guitar.

    By Victoria on 09.30.2012

  35. vote for me,
    vote for him
    vote for the day were allowed to be together again
    without politics in the way
    and opinions that dont matter
    let real facts sway
    the truth we know
    let this election close its final doors
    and let us continue to move
    to soar like the american eagle does.

    By AshleyKay URL on 09.30.2012

  36. If I could vote to make politicians be truthful, be upfront about how they would manage to solve problems and the problems they would come across trying to do so, it would be wonderful. Such votes do not exist.

    By Charlotte4950 URL on 09.30.2012

  37. a chance an opportunity, the plunge, down the drain or up a tree, its choice, a decision meaningless and meaning full, and illusion not really true and as true as everything else

    By kaliche on 09.30.2012

  38. Voting is quite important. Did you know that the Mayflower Compact was one of the first signs of democracy in America? The Mayflower Compact was signed in 1620 and it was an agreement between the colonists on the Mayflower ship to form a crude government submitting to majority vote. This is what happens when ur brain is filled with A.P. U.S.

    By Love Hurts URL on 09.30.2012

  39. I want to vote for Obama, because Mitt Romey is gay and no one likes him. Just kidding, thats really judgemental. But Obama has better political ideas and seems a lot more better of a president than Mitt Romney. God help us all. Mitt Romney sucks. :) xoxoxoxo
    Hee hee hoo hoo.
    I wish I could vote.

    By ur mom on 09.30.2012

  40. I have registered to vote, but I dont exercise my right to. It seems as if what all those women fought for in the 50s or 60s didnt pay off in the end It might be that im just apathetic about voting. I see no hope for change or improvement through the act of voting.

    By Gracie Stella URL on 09.30.2012