May 14th, 2011 | 417 Entries

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417 Entries for “vodka”

  1. I like vodka mixed with orange or cranberry juice. It’s a civilized drink—not too sweet and cloying, but tart and snappy. It’s such a versatile bit of alcohol—so likely to get one into trouble because your hardly know you’re imbibing.

    By Andie on 05.14.2011

  2. Vodka is an alcohol. I don’t know what it tastes like because I have yet to try it. It looks like water, but I imagine it tasting like bleach, or some type of window cleaner. People often drink it to get drunk. I don’t like the idea of doing that at all, but I like the idea of seeing my friends get drunk.

    By Katherine on 05.14.2011

  3. The liguid poisen is enough for noone to handle. the tasteof it could make you do things you never knew of or just never thought you would do. I jump for thr phone to make sure you are aliright but it is too late the poisen has gotten to your system and now its game over. I dont know how to handle the stress of the game.

    By aubrey URL on 05.14.2011

  4. Ode to tinted glass:
    in the back of my mind:
    “You are my only escape.”

    By Ashley URL on 05.14.2011

  5. She left her bottle of vodka on the ground as she ran. She ran away from the fakes, the ones trying to push her into being someone she’s not. It took all of her strength not to throw up. She just felt so sick. It wasn’t the vodka burning in her gut or the various substances she took through the night. It was the boy, the boy in the corner with those dark eyes…

    By Genevieve on 05.14.2011

  6. it was the first thing i got drunk off of in college. it was cheap and never felt well the next morning. now i can’t even smell it without feeling sick. i don’t know how people can drink it if not heavily masked in a mixed drink or martini. shot form? never.

    By Sara on 05.14.2011

  7. the first thing i ever got drunk off of in college. we could never afford the good stuff, so all i have are memories of hangovers and getting sick. now i can’t even smell it without feeling a bit queasy. i don’t know how people drink it if not masked in a mixed drink or well mixed martini. shot form? never.

    By sariska URL on 05.14.2011

  8. Ice so cool falling from the up-turned sky of heavens rain and hells sunshine. I feel the magnificent arms of water pull me under and swim with me through the night; confusion and estrangement.
    Where am I?
    Foggy, dazed, i see nothing but blurred images of ice and snow; the flakes that surround me and hold me close.

    By devi URL on 05.14.2011

  9. Ok, I have it figured out now. there’s only one word a day. That seems kind of cheap. they could just hook it up to an online dictionary and randomize words. that would take away the community aspect, though. One word per hour?

    By Tuna of the Dirt URL on 05.14.2011

  10. She pretended to drink it so that they wouldn’t make fun of her. Then at some point she accidentally swallowed some, and then she couldn’t stop drinking. Soon she was drunk and spilling out all the secrets she was trying to hide. Everyone else was as drunk as she was and didn’t care. She giggled and hobbled all the way home. Then she was shot in the head and fell on the street with the smile of alcohol frozen on her lips. One person who was sober that night knew all her secrets, and gave it to the news that covered the story of the multiple murders.

    By Serena Mithane URL on 05.14.2011

  11. vodka is bitter
    although I’ve never drunk it before
    but I imagine that it must twist and turn in your gut
    and send you in fits of frenzies
    torturing your brain mind soul
    and the people around you

    By bellrie URL on 05.14.2011

  12. it’s funny, how vodka remedies so many things. aches and mental pains, emotional train wrecks in brains,beverage of the gods, blessed [?] elixir, dancing through my veins in a nonchalant lilt, easing the hurt with the firm command of a physician [witch doctor?] —

    but don’t trust my words. i don’t drink.

    By Vanessa URL on 05.14.2011

  13. The vodka passed through Anna’s lips and slid down her throat. She shuddered lightly at the burn that it left behind, and lifted the bottle to her lips again.

    By chantelle on 05.14.2011

  14. I’ve been enjoying Grey Goose vodka lately. It has a slide to it, tasteless, seamless. It sparkles with bubbling club soda and cranberry juice. It makes me giggle and relax. But it’s so darn expensive! What’s a girl to do?

    By Stephanie Carroll URL on 05.14.2011

  15. something that totally destroys peoples lives. Gets them alienated from their families and causes a lot of them to go homeless. Oh but they love it so. It’s their best friend. Oh well my family is gone because of all that vodka they just had to drink. Even when I said they shouldn’t. Have a nice day.

    By Pita on 05.14.2011

  16. It was a cold night, but she was wearing a sweater. It smelled like vodka, but it was warm. She got clumsy every time she wore heels, but she kept telling herself that one day she would be able to walk gracefully in them. On that day, she would feel like a grown up. Right now, though, she felt like a child wearing her mother’s too-red lipstick with torn tights and mussed hair.

    By Amy Jones on 05.14.2011

  17. destroying all mankind. hindering the talent of that which God gave. there is no consumption less enough to baracade the deficit of hurt. alone. hurting. no friend. there is no place for this in my life as a filler. all these people sitting around pourin

    By meagan on 05.14.2011

  18. I thought of you, I think of you, I am thinking of you.
    but I do not know how long I will be continuing to do that. I love you
    but I dont know for how long… and its a pity

    By k on 05.14.2011

  19. Vodka is an interesting drink because it has friends and doesn’t like to want to get into mistakes but knows something that we all don’t know because it’s a friend of the sky and isn’t a man but likes women and is something we can all relate to for a god and people and what that means to me and you but not for you and me.

    By Jamie on 05.14.2011

  20. white root,
    buried deep,
    earthed and rich,
    thin brown skin,
    fermented and brewed,
    one hundred proof,
    from our Russian friends,
    warms the heart,

    By tim on 05.14.2011

  21. I have never cared for Vodka, I find the taste is very bitter and it’s not for me. My parents and family have always drank beer (Which a also dislike) but I’ve never become accustomed to Vodka. I do howver, recall it being fairly good with certain kinds of juice.
    The fact of eating a worm from it is.. Almsot an interesting sort of disgusting.

    By SaderOne on 05.14.2011

  22. uch how people drink vidka at night i used to like it they think theyre cool so pathetic horrible tast the worst drink ever unless its a dirty martini then its not that bad, olives i do like to eat. hi. im hungryl i hope i wasnt pooisned

    By ray on 05.14.2011

  23. alcohol fun friends drunk delicious cold russia bottel
    design fashion expensive high level word colors flavors party

    By sofi on 05.14.2011

  24. Harsh and sexy, the see-through, liquid dress we put on after midnight. Loud roar through your head and the flight to the bed cushion wrapping yourself around in the sweat and kisses. Welcome to my vodka night.

    By Champagne URL on 05.14.2011

  25. Drink yum bar guys fun drunk tastes horrible clear liquid old men in my younger days I don’t like vodka nor beer but I do lve red zin wine so much better tasting

    By Lisa URL on 05.14.2011

  26. the vodka burns as it slides down my throat. “This is the last drink.”, I always tell myself, but it never is. I wish I could stop, but there’s something that slowly pulls me down; dragging me deep into the darkness. It’s never-ending. It swallows me. It surrounds me,

    By Samantha URL on 05.14.2011

  27. a drink that will cause all disorderly incidents that will make every problem in life go away. The drink that will take away worries with a few shots and make you have one night without worry or issues about anything. The thing that helps the demons go away.

    By Alex on 05.14.2011

  28. Vodka is not my forte, to be honest. I much prefer whiskey. If you asked me to write about whiskey I’d have much more to say. When it comes to vodka, I have to say that I associate it with the frisky chicks who want yummy fruit drinks to hold while in their cocktail dresses and curly q’d hair.

    By Jasmine URL on 05.14.2011

  29. Summers, middle of the woods. Whatever we could find to mix with. Jungle juice. A collection of bad ideas, a group of people who can get away with them. So many adventures.

    By ellarose URL on 05.14.2011

  30. vodka is a drink that most adults have after the age of 21. I’ve heard it’s quite strong and is usually served at parties. some people can get drunk from it which is such a tradegy seeing as though it leads to unlawful behavior. and that’s all i really know about vodka.

    By sgfhn URL on 05.14.2011

  31. is great when it’s cold in the place where i find where I am. this is going to sound what i think is going to be strange but there isn’t a place where i can go without you and that makes the empty bottle a large part of a strange and unending world of death without you i miss you all the time.

    By n on 05.14.2011

  32. I wanted to go out with my friends and get a little loose. What better way to get loose than alcohol? We ordered vodka all night long. No one went outrageous with our vodka shots and vodka mixed drinks. We danced the night away. It was a fabulous time.

    By nora on 05.14.2011

  33. russian. me. rain. pouring down. getting drunk of your problems. drinking in the ecstasy that comes with every shot. not remembering it the next night. letting go and falling.

    By karolisha URL on 05.14.2011

  34. The vodka dripped into his sliced hand, burning. The glass was still embedded in his palm and shattered in a sharp pool of alcohol around him. He breathed hard – once, twice. Then he nodded at an attendant and left someone else to clean up his mess.

    By Cana URL on 05.14.2011

  35. The lake. What can I say? It was the first place I tasted you. You have been good to me, and I love you with orange juice, yum.

    By Katie URL on 05.14.2011

  36. Russia. Drunk People. Russia. With a side of Russia and Russia on top. Did I mention Russia. Funny hats. Men with beards. Fiddler on the roof. Putin. Russian. Russia.

    By Megan on 05.14.2011

  37. The last time I drank vodka, I swore I’d never drink again. Vodka made me lose control, and vodka made me give it all to him. I trusted his judgment because that’s what I do. I trust. He failed me, and it’s never going to be the same again.

    By Gabriela Salgado URL on 05.14.2011

  38. Vodka is the drink i use to numb it all away. Mixing it with silly things like pops and lemonades. I’ll send myself away tonight into a deeper sleep knowing that i’ve forgotten about you for a while atleast. Thanks to vodka I’ll be happy and snug, just like the russians do.

    By Bre on 05.14.2011

  39. He was so angry that he decided he did not want to go through the rest of the day sober. So he went to the store, bought 2 bottles of vodka, and drank them through out the day. This way, he was significantly drunk while he went to his mother’s funeral, his divorce with his wife, and his son’s mandatory music concert.

    By Lela on 05.14.2011

  40. Vodka and big woolly Russian hats go together so very well.

    By Jeanie URL on 05.15.2011