May 14th, 2011 | 417 Entries

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417 Entries for “vodka”

  1. since when had life become so routine? a dull, ringing weight beneath eyelids. quiet forced breathing and rumbling bass. disintegration.

    his arm, held in a motionless wave, a white flag of surrender in the quivering december air.

    By invinculis URL on 05.14.2011

  2. I don’t like vodka. I used to throw up every time I tasted it. Now I am sober. I don’t drink anything. I ruined my life with alcohol and now I live an amazing life. I don’t throw up, I don’t do shit I regret. I can hold a job down. I like my new life. It’s beautiful and full of friends who actually give a shit about me.

    By Ethan Haymes URL on 05.14.2011

  3. I’ve never tried this beveridge. It seems to be the source of great evil and despair in some countries. Stay away from it I say.

    By kakapo on 05.14.2011

  4. Not being a vodka drinker myself, I had no idea which bottle to get for my mother. So I stood in the Duty Free shop, torn between the Smirnoff with the blue label and the one with the red. I finally made my selection and boarded the plane. When I landed and my sisters saw the blue label the three of them winced. “Not the blue label,” they cried in unison. Apparently my mother became a bit more intolerable than usual after imbibing the dreaded blue label. Later that week, I would see this first-hand.

    By sakeatken URL on 05.14.2011

  5. A clear drink, a great taste is grey goose. No carbs since it is a clear liquor. I love the oj or cranberry juice with it. It is best when it is chilled in the freezer. MMMMM.. ;)

    By Victor Yakin URL on 05.14.2011

  6. Nights full of blurs and uncoordinated stumbles and fumbles.
    Pretty good times if you ask me.

    By Valeria URL on 05.14.2011

  7. vodka is the clear elixir that seeps into my viens. Makes me feel Russian, as i begin to slur my words. The hangover is not that bad considering the amount of this and the quality that you consume.

    By Haley Bollinger on 05.14.2011

  8. Spaghetti with vodka sauce?

    Breakfast Club – “Vodka. When do you drink vodka?” “Whenever.” “A lot?” “Tons.” “Is that why you’re here today?”

    By genizahguard URL on 05.14.2011

  9. oh dear. one of those drinks that destroys you. Not on purpose of course, everybody thinks they “know what they’re doing”. But vodka is like your best friend: always encouraging you to do stupid stuff for a laff. Chur vodka, see you when I hurl you up.

    By Tracey on 05.14.2011

  10. vodka is an alcoholic beverage that is often mixed with all kinds of different variations of fruity or sour mixers. normally taken in shots. i love vodka. it makes me drunk and happy. the first time i had it, i threw up immediately since i was not used to the sharp taste.

    By Bridgette on 05.14.2011

  11. At the ArcLight my friend ordered us a drink while we waited to watch Sherlock Holmes, it was vodka mixed with something citrusy and carbonated. I could not finish mine, but it did manage to put me into a mellow mood right before the late showing.

    By mochi♥face URL on 05.14.2011

  12. i see the glass of vodka on the table, looking me, beggin me, but i have to stay strong, for her, for us. For an us I wanst sure anymore. I wanst sure if i was still her dream man.

    By evamachado URL on 05.14.2011

  13. Russia turned to Lithuania, “Want any vodka?” Lithuania looked utterly scared. “U-uh sure!”

    By Jade Stewart URL on 05.14.2011

  14. The label was peeling and the word “vodka” stared out at her, thick black lines reminding her that she didn’t know him the way she once had. Her fingers danced around the rim of her glass and she watched him from beneath lowered lashes and a veil of caution. “I thought you quit drinking,” the words came out as more of a question than a statement. He lifted a shoulder noncommittally, neither confirming nor denying, and took a long draught, seeking some courage in the liquid he knew he would not find.

    By Sheila URL on 05.14.2011

  15. My jealousy is clear and sharp. Painful to swallow – it burns going down. And after a round or so, I fumble for some kind of resolution. I say never again – but the impulse is will come and go as it pleases.

    By HelenGrant URL on 05.14.2011

  16. voda can be fun for some people, but the influences change people’s lives forever. one voda soda, two vodka sodas, then bad choices ensue.

    By Sarah URL on 05.14.2011

  17. vodka tastes good with cranberry and lemon and vodka shots taken off a girls body are especially delicious. I like mine iced with lemon. vodka also cures feet stiink so I hear

    By cheri on 05.14.2011

  18. Nope. Never tried it. Don’t really want to. I’ve seen too many people abuse it to do it myself.

    By Katie May on 05.14.2011

  19. Vodka is made of angel’s sweat mixed with the devil’s cum. I don’t really like being intoxicated by vodka as it is just excrement. Vodka given to White women makes them do nasty things they wouldn’t normally do. But it makes Black women very holy and sanctimonious.

    By Don Patterson on 05.14.2011

  20. Vodka is very bad. It can kill you if you drink too much of it. One time I heard about a girl who drank to much and she drove her car and died. She was only 15! That’s not very good. But me, i’m 14 and I love VODKA! haha j.k its wayyyy gross! I mean, who likes that stuff? Drunkards and dumb retards that really don’t give a flip about their lives. Well, one shot of vodka equals the same amount as two beer bottles!

    By Isabel on 05.14.2011

  21. Its such a terrible drink. The burning taste it leaves on your tongue. And the disillusionment it gives afterward. Why would anyone want to drink this? Trying it once is enough. Why would you go back? Why is it loved by so many?

    By Janey on 05.14.2011

  22. He knew she had drank too much. He didn’t seem to care. He helped her into the bedroom, and onto his bed. He wasn’t worried that she was spoken for, or that she couldn’t speak for herself at that moment. He had been waiting for this opportunity since he met her, and he was going to take it.

    By Kari Shadrick URL on 05.14.2011

  23. death. alcohol. poison running through one’s veins and taking over their brain and well-being. hide from the truth.

    By kendall on 05.14.2011

  24. The drink that makes all the realities in the world appear clear. As your vision blurs the truth seems to step straight, the world realigns. It tastes like truth, pure truth. Things you regret are just your deepest desires manifested in your actions.

    By Robyn on 05.14.2011

  25. Only with tonic.

    By Jason URL on 05.14.2011

  26. i always get fucked up with vodka, me and my friends buy like 1 litter of vodka for each two of us, we have amazing parties but i think our body is going to fall apart for drinking so much.

    By flor on 05.14.2011

  27. I’m a great heckler. One of the best I know. Also I’m conceited. And usually drunk. I’m at my best heckling when I’m drunk. Especially if I’m heckling at a high school event to raise awareness about the awful effects of drugs and alcohol.

    By brittanyalyse URL on 05.14.2011

  28. vodka is the culprit of many things today. people blame vodka for their mistakes and their one night stands. when really all vodka is trying to do is help them have a good time. vodka tries its hardest to just sit there silently. but when the party starts, and people are raiding the cupboards for something strong that will help them forget their problems, vodka becomes their new best friend. vodka is really just a victim.

    By zoe on 05.14.2011

  29. Vodka helps me when I’m upset. It calms me down and helps me to relax. When I hang with my friends, Vodka is usually involved.

    By Jen on 05.14.2011

  30. drinking this stuff, killing brain cells, trying to relax and let the day wear off. sometimes it sucks and the stuff tastes like medicine. it depends on what kind you get and what you mix it with. i know its a big deal in Russia and popular amongst most college freshmen. aside from beer its the poor man’s alcohol…poor man’s hard liquor, most likely.

    By Amadon on 05.14.2011

  31. Alcohol, a drink. “Drink your cum like vodka if my name was Lindsey Lohan”- BOTDF
    It’s a good mixer. Grey Goose is a brand of vodka.
    Vodka sounds russian. I want this russian martini!

    By Kharrington URL on 05.14.2011

  32. ice

    By caro on 05.14.2011

  33. a potato based liquor that is white and clear. I absolutely love it. Love it with soda and a lemon. Nice because you cant smell it on your breath. Passion fruit vodka reminds me of stephs house senior year of house school. and then freshman year of college. If I ever get a kidney infection and know i shouldnt drink i feel better when i mix it with cranberry juice

    By MacKenzie K on 05.14.2011

  34. I never particularly liked vodka. I remember the first time I ever tried it. I was at my cousin’s wedding, and my aunt was drinking it… straight. She asked me to hold her glass, and I assumed the liquid in it was water. I was wrong. I took a swig and felt my eyeballs pop out of their sockets. It was harsh. I still haven’t acquired a taste for the stuff. Not to say that I don’t like it. I could easily drink a good screwdriver, or have it mixed with cranberry juice. I’ll never drink it clear though. Never again.

    By Holly on 05.14.2011

  35. I used to drink vodka at night to fall asleep. Every night. Not a lot, but just a couple of shots over ice with a little lime in it. Premium vodka only. Belvedere or Grey Goose.

    By KSU URL on 05.14.2011

  36. i have some in the cabinet right now, harvey left it here. we were having white russians and talking about his woman life or something like that, just random shit going on with him and the crazy bitches in his life. i like that i can put it into pretty much any soda and get drunk without e

    By caleb on 05.14.2011

  37. vodka, on the rock… please. the bartender furrows his brows and sternly asks for my ID. I reach slowly into my purse, the slick black one I grab from my mother’s closet, looks mature I think. whether it adds 5 legal years to my appearance though, is quite a lost cause.

    By Chi Thuy URL on 05.14.2011

  38. vodka what is it?
    is it an evil concoction that can turn any person into their worst nightmare?
    or maybe not at all, but a truth healer, a truth speaker, a truth freer?

    By Michelle on 05.14.2011

  39. I love vodka. So many great nights of mine have been spent with friends and vodka. Copious amounts. I had the wildest sex of my entire life on vodka. Street side. In the middle of the night. The night that my boyfriend and I said I love you.

    By Savannah Gregory URL on 05.14.2011

  40. Bittersweet. Happy or sad drunk, lies or tears. You name it. Cheers.

    By abbie on 05.14.2011