May 14th, 2011 | 417 Entries

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417 Entries for “vodka”

  1. “Wow, that was a surprise,” she said, looking down at her watch to check the unbearably slow time.

    He looked at her in all her vast impatience, with her high-heels and her lovely uncurved smile. He took another shot of vodka, cocked the gun, and that was that.

    By Gary on 05.14.2011

  2. vodka runs like blood through the veins of mankind, revealing true identities as it opens the curtains to the souls of men, vodka makes people forget walls, makes them run free, in destructive chaos, free of themselves, of rules, but eternal prisoners of their bodies.

    By Juanfernando Angel on 05.14.2011

  3. it really only should be used to get drunk otherwise i think its a waste of money. I used to drinki every single day and I would find it so good, just to get away from reality. to get away from the pain and thoughts and memories.

    By dani on 05.14.2011

  4. Vodka. A drink. Alcohol. Why is it that once they hit the prime age of 18, they have a sudden obsession with it? Actually, many have a perchance for it before this age, I suppose. But I think the major, conspicuous breaking point was this past summer.

    By Falenie URL on 05.14.2011

  5. I once got plastered on vodka. It was very tragic night. I came home stumbling drunk. It was two days after my seventeenth birthday. Vodka and I have a very love/hate relationship, but it mostly dwells on hate. I hear vodka also causes me breakouts.

    By joseph on 05.14.2011

  6. When I was a teenager, I was given orange juice on a hot afternoon, by the son of one of my parents friends. I didn’t know that it was heavily laced with vodka, having never come across the stuff before and being somewhat niave. I can only imagine what he had in mind but I immediately fell heavily asleep and didn’t wake up until late that evening – just in time to go home! I’ve never touched the stuff since!

    By Liz willis on 05.14.2011

  7. This is what I drank the first time I got DRUNK. My roommates and I in college used to drink this all the time. We would have randy from downstairs on the fifth floor buy it for us. I drank this at coreys the toher weekend, and capri sun is how I chase it. I like skyy, I own three bottels of it.

    By Jordan on 05.14.2011

  8. Bubbles rose slowly to the surface of the green liquid. What was in it? Some sort of chemical equation too complicated for the girl ran through her mind. She frowned at the drink, trying to think about what could have done it. Interest in Chemistry. Interest in Carbon. Hydrogen. Oxygen. With her limited knowledge of chemistry, she figured those three elements would be contained within the glass.

    By Ryciera on 05.14.2011

  9. It sat there on the kitchen counter. The shining bottle of clear liquid that might have been mistaken as water. He stumbled toward it and fumbled getting the cap on. He was already drunk, what would a little more alcohol hurt?

    By Megan URL on 05.14.2011

  10. It’s been a while since my last party. My last drink to be honest. I like how my life comes back to normal, but I’ll be a lie to tell I don’t miss those wild days

    By avathar91 URL on 05.14.2011

  11. I don’t wnto to write about vodka. I was hoping for something better.
    Through the pouring rain came the Caller.
    The bar sold many drinks, not the least of them vodka.

    By ArcticDragon on 05.14.2011

  12. Nothing good ever comes from it. We always lost things. Some things were harder to replace. Some things we could never replace. But that was how it was. We just lived with it.

    By Tammy on 05.14.2011

  13. omg what am i doing? i dont understand, where is this going to go? will my family and friends be able to read this crap? ok vodka: nasty. the end. MOM I DONT DRINK. just a little. but VERY LITTLE I SWEAR! omg, im so grounded xD the END

    By Molly Sue URL on 05.14.2011

  14. Vodka is an alcoholic beverage that can be taken in the form of a shot or in a mixed drink. It is commonly mixed with juices, or Red Bull. It is clear and often comes in a clear bottle. It is a common stereotypical drink in Russia. It is one of my favorites.

    By ehines on 05.14.2011

  15. grey goose, stoil, absolut clear, ketel one skyy zima is a wanna be, makes the girls get violent, having fun, drunkenness, partying, djing, music, clubbing barhopping naked girls idiot guys, sickness hangovers, day after suckage, having to work the next day, and love it.

    By Ron Daniels on 05.14.2011


    By ROSHALL URL on 05.14.2011

  17. The vodka rushed down her throat and she winced as she slammed the glass back down on the counter. She could already feel the alcohol seeping through her intestines and making her dizzy and light. She looked up at Adam and smiled. This time, she was ready.

    By Emma URL on 05.14.2011

  18. new amserdam, the way of the world. russia, oddly enough was the place of origin, perhaps they are geographically confused. amsterdam is in holland, not russia. but its the way of the world.

    By richardhampton on 05.14.2011

  19. i like vodka. i really enjoy being at parties where vodka is served. i am not of age to drink vodka but i drink it anyways. my family enjoys drinking vodka. i can’t wait until i can go to the bars to drink vodka. vodka is not good by itself it is only good when mixed with other things. vodka isn’t my favorite alcohol though.

    By Peyton Stacy on 05.14.2011

  20. El vodka es transparente, hace que me hierva la garganta y me maree, pero al menos me permite ver a rvés de el, no es como las personas, cuyo contenido llega a ser turbio y no deja que ni siquiera la luz pase, he conocido a una persona, que si bien no es clara como el vodka, me deja ver a través de ella toda una serie de emociones y cambios que simplemente me encantan, me parece cósmico el hecho de haberla conocido y juraría que tengo meses de conocerla, no me arrepiento de las acciones ue tomé ese día tan afortunado que la conocí.

    By Jaime URL on 05.14.2011

  21. My favorite alcoholic drink. Pink Lemonade is the best. Makes for awesome time and lots of fun. Vodka really is very bitter though, burns your throat. not pleasurable at all. But it is so worth it if you love to get sloshed.

    By Sadie URL on 05.14.2011

  22. russia being drunk, nightlife, beautiful people and still not my drink so sorry that i have a different taste but i guess i’m not hip i’m just saying that it has a nice colour and attracts good people

    By julie on 05.14.2011

  23. Straight liquid courage is all I need not some foo foo flavored party in a glass, just a swig of some glorious burning vodka will do the job nicely. I am not sure why I thought this would be a good idea, me, one of the world’s shyest people, taking a job at a karaoke bar. But I guess we have to do what we have to do right?

    By Trista URL on 05.14.2011

  24. “Dad, what’s James Bond drinking?”
    “A martini.”
    “What’s in a martini?”
    “What’s vodka?”
    “It’s one of the many reasons you’re not an only child.”

    By Aaron M. URL on 05.14.2011

  25. vodka, an unusual substance. or is it usual? it causes you to be someone you’re not. or maybe it is the someone you are? it promotes the hidden qualities of your inner soul. begging to escape be free let out, good or evil. changes your perspective and apparently your eyesight.

    By Isabella URL on 05.14.2011

  26. Ohdeargodyes. <3
    What to say about the most wonderful drink in the world~?
    It's just… so… beautiful. <3
    Also, Ivan Braginsky. <3

    By Nathan Bellamy URL on 05.14.2011

  27. vodka is blue. vodka is blue like ice and clear like crystal. it’s cold in your mouth and hot down your throat and floats in your stomach like air. it’s drinking a popsicle and swallowing fire.

    By Rachel Sollmann on 05.14.2011

  28. Vodka. She took a swig and then another. Gummy bear infused vodka infused gummy bears. Saying it now I can smell the burn of it in my nose, how it’s like hair spray. How it makes me dizzy and the world casually tilt to one side as I plant my high heels nonchalantly on the broken sidewalk.

    By Paint S.C. URL on 05.14.2011

  29. Something that I appreciate greatly. Always have a good time with my friend vodka, even though its been a bitch to me before by giving me hangovers and making me sick…I always return to dear old vodka though. So many flavors you can never go wrong. You can even make skittle vodka and gummi bear vodka. Doesn’t get much better than that.

    By Grace URL on 05.14.2011

  30. vodka
    vodka is actually pretty gross. I tried it at a party once. It burned my stomach. It was raspberry flavored. That’s the first night I ever kissed a girl. Hurray for lesbianism!

    By Spencer on 05.14.2011

  31. Stumbling out of the crowded pub, he tripped his way along gravel streets to the driveway of the school. And then he stripped, whooped, and ran the full mile to the front doors san-trou.

    By Mintolate Tea URL on 05.14.2011

  32. Vodka is an alcoholic beverage that really doesn’t taste all that bad. In fact, a few years ago I got drunk off of vodka. I was by myself and my parents were out at a store or on a date or something. I don’t quite remember. So I decided I would try some vodka because all my other friends were drinking and smoking and doing things they weren’t supposed too. So anyway, I drank quite a bit. At least a glass and a half full of the stuff. Just plain vodka. It was awful. I really don’t suggest drinking it unless you put it in some other type of beverage like a fruit drink or seomthing. It’s not so bad in another beverage. I probably would have enjoyed it more had I put it in some cranberry juice or something like that. I know that my sister seems to enjoy drinking vodka in coke. Other sodas would go well with it too. In fact just about anything you put it in is fine. I don’t suggest putting it in some kind of energy drink though. That might be a little dangerous. I have heard of some people doing that but i’m not sure if they were using vodka or some other kind of hard liquor. I wonder how vodka is made. I’m pretty sure it’s Russian. I watch the HIstory Channel and sometimes they tell you how certain things are made but i’m not sure that I’ve ever seen one about vodka. I hear about wiskey all the time.

    By Sammamama on 05.14.2011

  33. Oh Russian, come from the learned fields-fell below the plow-the prow of the the untrusted night, the capsized winter, the strife; and the victory of the achromatic pride, inside of the amniotic ferocity of that cold deliverance, the denouement of the one lasting hopeful season, of harvests; the sharp tinge upon the stars-above our heads is bearing down the sacrilegious night, that which will not have us freed in these climes but beside the fire we share within our countrymens collective breast and the company of the future

    By Ryan on 05.14.2011

  34. vodka can be blue. like candy or ice. it’s clear as crystal and smooth like the night. it’s cool in your mouth and hot down your throat and expands in your chest like a cold air balloon, not quite right but SO fascinating. it makes you do things you wouldn’t do. but it doesn’t make you. it lets you.

    By Rachel URL on 05.14.2011

  35. “What’re y’off to, then?” Harold leaned in close. His breath stank. “Well? Y’can’t jus lea’mme.”
    A menacing grimace had come over his reddened face, creases deepened and their highlights glistened.
    Glen swallowed hard, his brow lowered. He had seen his father like this on maybe one or two occasions. He knew it was best not to reply.
    “Well,” Harold began, “I don’,” he stammered, quite obviously beyond drunk, “I don’ know what yer mother would think of you leaving here so young.” Harold paused, his grimace faded, He was trying in earnest to find what he wanted Glen to know through clouds of intoxication, “an’ I ain’t been the best father, but I know. I know she woulda been proud of you.”
    Harold finished off his bottle of Smirnoff and sobbed drunkenly into his hands and slowly drifted out of consciousness. Glen went upstairs to pack his things, but not before pulling a tattered comforter over his father as he slept.

    By Nic URL on 05.14.2011

  36. i remember a fine evening with my gf. It involved vodka, and sex. It was a good night.

    By hussein mie dicken URL on 05.14.2011

  37. I remember the first time I ever tried vodka. It was strawberry smirnoff, this was alos my very first hang over. I vomited on some guys jeans and walked out side an apartment complex naked.
    Oh and russians. Damn russians

    By Hillary on 05.14.2011

  38. I hate vodka. I am not a drinker.I Just hate it in all. So why is there Vodka? Why do we have it? So why? Other people like it. So do and some don’t. Yes there are people that are different, but i am one of those people who just don’t like it. And After all We all have our Differences.

    By Eliza on 05.14.2011

  39. friends, ice, cold, soda, beach, trips, going out, restaurant, pubs, clubs, bar, drunk, drinking, nite, hangover, delicious,

    By ana carolina URL on 05.14.2011

  40. Vodka! Reminds me of a play I was in, but if I go
    more into that, someone might recognize me. I doubt it, but I’m paranoid. Vodka also reminds me of the afterparty I might be going to later… Or that might be cancelled.
    I’m not sure. It was sort of my only chance…:(

    By youcantknow URL on 05.14.2011