April 4th, 2013 | 393 Entries

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393 Entries for “vines”

  1. Vines are what grapes grow on. Grapes are really good. I really like grapes, i think everybody does. Dried grapes are raisins, I don’t like raisins, but i like grapes.

    By hunter URL on 04.05.2013

  2. Vines are green and long kind of like long ropes except there green. Vines seem good for making a house and clothing. I think vines are cool because you can swing on them.

    By Briana on 04.05.2013

  3. Vines are all over the world. They grow in trees in my grandpa’s backyard, they grown on farms to produce grape juice, they are in the jungle, and there are different types of Vines too. I’m sure that the one’s in the jungle are different from the ones on Farms. Grape vines have, well, grapes on them and vines in the jungle are green and are tough enough for monkeys to climb on them.

    By Lilly URL on 04.05.2013

  4. Vines are really longs string type things and they look really old. Vines are usually green and brown. They are fun to swing on and a lot of fun to use a wipe. I’ve only seen

    By Keaton URL on 04.05.2013

  5. They are what grapes grow on. The also can grow up on things like the sides of buildings. The can be very big or tall.

    By Codey URL on 04.05.2013

  6. Vines look cool, there green and when Iv seen them there long. Monkey swing on vines. George the jungle swings on vines. I want to swing on one but not be fall. I wonder if monkeys ever get tired of swinging on vines.

    By Briana URL on 04.05.2013

  7. Vines vines vines vines vines vines vines vines vines vines vines vines vines vines are really awesome. they grow grapes, i hate grapes. vines vines vines vines vines vines vines vines vines vines vines vines vines are old. they look weird. vines vines vines vines vines

    By Keaton URL on 04.05.2013

  8. Long, biblical, green. Has fruits and vegetables. Gardens are awesome.

    By Muriel Weathers on 04.05.2013

  9. Vines are more than they appear. Are they simply tendrils of a tree, or perhaps tendrils of something more? An idea that sprouts from the mind? An extension of something simple turned into something more complex. Vines are an extension of something good that becomes something great.

    By Kay on 04.05.2013

  10. the house was covered, you could almost not see its bleak, peeling grey pain. The vines engulfed the house, making it look unwelcoming. She approached cautiously. More vines were clinging to the rusty blue gate, and as she gently eased it open.

    By Joanna on 04.05.2013

  11. My garden , my garden The tomatoes are great and crazy growing vines… my heart is connected to the elements by vines of time and you know this to be true.

    By Pips on 04.05.2013

  12. Vines are long plants that grow in rainforests and string for tree to tree. They are very long, some many yards long.

    By Alex on 04.05.2013

  13. your fingers were like vines,
    wrapped around my throat,
    suffocating me and leaving me

    By Emrys URL on 04.05.2013

  14. vines

    By lauren URL on 04.05.2013

  15. the vines wrapped around. It was beautiful. God’s country they called it, nothing could stop nature from reclaiming this long forgotten place. I wonder what family lived in that old stone cottage from so long ago. I wonder if they were happy. The joy which took place within that home, the love that was shared. The life that occurred. It is beautiful and the vines taking it over make it even more beautiful somehow.

    By Emma on 04.05.2013

  16. Vines stretch, sometimes higher than they can truly reach. But they can never climb on their own, and sometimes that’s their downfall. If they reach above their own heads, if they try to rise higher than whatever’s keeping them up, they’re doomed. That’s when they collapse in on themselves, when they become so much less than they were before. because if all you can do is reach, if there’s nowhere for you to go, that’s when you begin to fold in on yourself. Maybe it’s a tragedy. Maybe it’s simple hubris. Or maybe it’s better than the alternative, better than staying still because you’re too afraid to take a chance. If those bent and folded vines could speak, would they speak of regret? Or would they be proud? Perhaps the only way to find out is to stretch yourself.

    By A on 04.05.2013

  17. The brick building was covered in ivy vines. It was like something out of a novel about an age past, were wealthy young men went to school in majestic old castles.

    By Haskins URL on 04.05.2013

  18. I remember the vast vineyard, and sighed to myself. That place was my childhood. I remember running along side the vines of purple grapes, and I smile. Memories are all I had left of that place.

    By A. Rose on 04.05.2013

  19. They pulled at her feet, catching her hair, and scratching at her arms. Elisa wanted to get out, and get away. But they were everywhere- the vines, that is- and there seemed to be no escape. She was trapped in a never ending abyss of green, placed there by her own entanglement of lies.

    By Ash on 04.05.2013

  20. The smell of over popped corn, melted butter and burnt hotdogs filled my nostrils. My eyes searched the herd of people shuffling into the theater, eager to watch the new Twilight movie. If they only knew how untrue it really was. We don’t glitter, drink from animals and live happily ever after. This is a curse. Every person around me sent silent invitations for dinner which each heart beat. No, fight it! We must coexist. I grabbed the nearest package of red VINES from the counter and followed a couple or Twihards into the dark theater. I could feel myself beginning to drool, The aroma of so many humans gathered in such a small space taunted me, the darkness forgiving me…..I think I need something a little more than red vines to snack on…..

    By Cat on 04.05.2013

  21. vines snaking across my wrist, up and down the window panes, into my eyes, out through my ears and creeping down my legs. i am tied, tied down onto this earth when i could be free, flying. wings twisted.

    By Madhura on 04.05.2013

  22. wrap around houses and trees. intertwining like our legs on the sofa where we don’t fit. roses and grapes, ivy and brick.

    By kelly marie on 04.05.2013

  23. When I think of vines, I always think of Wrigley Field. I love the way the outfield is covered in them. I hope to have them on the side of my house someday.

    By Rachel Burgess on 04.05.2013

  24. Jungle. Strong. Rope.


    Vine bridge- rustic–fall–shrek and donkey :)

    By Liliarle on 04.05.2013

  25. red vines
    california. Where the sun is always a bright and sticky. twizlers with more sugar and tasting more humorously of ron weasley.

    By Katherine147 URL on 04.05.2013

  26. The vines grew tighter grasping my wrists, twisiting their thorns into my skin. The more I struggled, the more tangled I became. It was too soon, it could not end like this, I would not let it. My chest grew heavier with each breath as they writhed around my throat, pulling me closer to death. Tears in my eyes, I knew there was only one way

    By Cat URL on 04.05.2013

  27. Winery, vineyard, rows of grapes, running in the sand, cool air, hair flowing. Yummy food, siestas, sunshine, too hot. Deep tastes, slightly sharp and alcoholic. Lazy hammocks. Vines twisting up the sides of a building. Green, beautiful, historic buildings.

    By A on 04.05.2013

  28. i just likes vines
    vines is good , so good
    i like vines
    vines for president
    vines is music for my ears
    O RLY ?

    By My name is Slim Shady on 04.05.2013

  29. She climbed as high as they would take her even in her imagination because it didn’t matter to her whether they were real or not. So she climbed and when she reached the top she was amazed by how far she had gotten.

    By Shirley URL on 04.05.2013

  30. They consume all that they touch, wrapping around, squeezing, suffocating. Like a python. But they sustain more life than they take.

    By utterwaffle URL on 04.05.2013

  31. Vines are like the dangling stretching branches that cling to the walls of my heart. Vines are eating my heart. My vines are his arms around me clinging and digging into my heart, keeping me here.

    By Sandra on 04.05.2013

  32. Like on a tree. Or the one’s outside the front door at home, climbing up the red brick on the right side of the garage. I cannot wait to go home. Summer at home, there’s nothing like it. The pool, the sunshine, the tan, the family, the patios, the laughs, the carefree

    By nikki on 04.05.2013

  33. for as long as i loved you, i never did find a way to avoid the pin pricks of your skin. you were like a rose; your beauty enshrouded by your vines

    By stephaniewrites URL on 04.05.2013

  34. Tarzan. Marvin gaye “I heard it through the grape-viine!” sorry, yet again this isn’t delving into the word vines or its meanings per se, i am the queen of rambling and tangents. i can’t help it. i tangle words like vines in the forest of conversation

    By Bee URL on 04.05.2013

  35. My heart is just a beating flower connected to the vines in my chest.

    By JM on 04.05.2013

  36. vines are prepared from fruits.
    you have to let them get rotten to get liqour.

    By vishal on 04.05.2013

  37. “Velcome. Vould you like something to drink?”
    “Could ve see the Vine list, please?”

    By puck on 04.05.2013

  38. vines make your mood fresh.
    i love vine.

    By vishal on 04.05.2013

  39. Vines…growing up growing down encircling us in there tentacles.

    By Tracey URL on 04.05.2013

  40. The vines curled down the hallway as she ran and ran around a spiral staircase adorned with carven leaves of the vine that snaked greenly along the wall. She never had a chance. Her fingers brushed brushed the railing and with this minuscule warmth the once still carvings grew more rapidly than she had time to blink, much less scream, and curved around her arm up her body and over her eyes open to the touch of death.

    By wenevieve on 04.05.2013