April 4th, 2013 | 393 Entries

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393 Entries for “vines”

  1. Vines
    Vines are beautiful things, are they not? They can conceal worlds behind them, all the while containing many many worlds of lives within their own roots, for vines do not age like any other plant, they live for lifetimes, seeing many stories that they cannot ever tell to another being. Beautiful thing, is it not?

    By Jay on 04.05.2013

  2. The school, covered in vines, looked forbidding and angry as I looked up at it from down the hill. I didn’t want to spend four years here. I didn’t! Everyone else here was a genius. I wasn’t. Or at least I didn’t think so. Adults told me so, but adults do not know anything.
    “See you later, dear,” said my mum.
    “Don’t leave me here,” I whispered.

    By Isis on 04.05.2013

  3. Lines, Vines, & Trying Times. I remember listening to that.
    Vines tangle you and choke you, make you bleed with their thorns.
    Vines of grapes to make sweet wine. Drink it; you’ll feel better.

    By Jamie on 04.05.2013

  4. Vines are climbing through me making it hard to move. I realize my fears are tying me down and making me unsure of what to do. I can’t find the scissors to cut my way out. I just want to scream I just want to shout. Help me find a way through the vines. There are so many things to do in this life.

    By Isabel Pinaud on 04.05.2013

  5. Tightness clenching my soul and heart like vines binding me from being my best self, from being ME. I need to break through, I need to be great, I need to be free.

    By Rachel on 04.05.2013

  6. long

    By jacob on 04.05.2013

  7. Tightness clenching my soul and heart like vines binding me from being my best self, from being ME. I need to break through, I need to be great, I need to be free. This is hard but this is me, this is my life.

    By Rachel V on 04.05.2013

  8. in the hills in southern calfornia
    you can see miles wide of the vines
    what a wonderful sight that is, to wake up to every single day
    to see the sun rise over the vines, its a sight
    it is beyond belief
    the smell, the sight, everything is beyond anything you will ever know

    By Erica Dean on 04.05.2013

  9. Vines. The word makes me shiver. The long almost scaly arms reaching out and keeping me from where I want to be. This is me and I don’t like it. I don’t like the vines that are holding me back, keeping me from me.

    By Rachel V on 04.05.2013

  10. Swing , Monkey
    Grapes , Shapes
    Green , Long
    Pointy ,Leafy
    These Are The Facts Of The Vines Of Tuskegee
    So Come And See Millions Of Vines & Pines

    By Shabrecia on 04.05.2013

  11. Just start out as little anoying weeds
    then sprout up and climb anything they can
    it is also anoying to try to get rid of them

    By scott moore on 04.05.2013

  12. The vines blind together.
    Forming something stronger than ever.
    when 2 and 2 are together they will always be together.

    By jada moon on 04.05.2013

  13. my first and only violent love
    was a schoolyard boy named david
    whose father shot himself on a baseball field
    he cried until he choked me
    and then he said sorry
    and held me tighter

    By robyn URL on 04.05.2013

  14. they are green and stiff
    hanging high from trees
    what a wild thing to see

    By alex cain on 04.05.2013

  15. fun and wildness rope
    hangen from trees
    swinen back and forth
    with a wild felling
    swinen back and forth

    By christopher barron URL on 04.05.2013

  16. my vines wrapped around him like the moon, chaos and confusion all wound together in the muscles like old shoe strings, you and I were simply breathing, simplying being. I let my vines loosen, let them trail down along your back, your skin, your perfect cheek.

    By Indigo Ruzicka on 04.05.2013

  17. Vines
    are long
    are green
    are blue
    monkey can swag on it
    they are short or long
    monkeys are happy

    By Carrie bailey on 04.05.2013

  18. they are green and long and you can swing from them they help the animals and help us to do things that we never imagined doing in a natural place and when they

    By tyeshia URL on 04.05.2013

  19. I see so may vines
    streaming up the water spout
    til the dark comes out

    By Taylor Tran on 04.05.2013

  20. i hear the vines outside
    and the shape of the vines are round
    and also i can see it when i go by
    and people can see the vines.

    By juan valdez URL on 04.05.2013

  21. I’m in a forest all i see is vines,
    monkey’s swinging form the vines,
    the green vines dangling form the high tree tops,
    I see all kinds of animals in the trees,
    I’m swinging on a green vine,
    i feel like I’m a monkey I’m swinging with a lot a monkeys,
    Nothing feels better than swinging in a forest with the monkeys,

    By natalie smith on 04.05.2013

  22. they are green and long they have leaves growing in each on
    and if that is what they only have and they are used for swiing and climbing
    and doing different thing for the animals in the world.

    By tyeshia on 04.05.2013

  23. Twining on my head
    the day I fall to dust
    from wooden, splintered wood
    where blood ekes from my laughing scar tissue
    Vines, digging thorns into sweated skin
    Courage, you see
    We always want more
    For us, for them, the world at large is who we live for.

    By Saudade URL on 04.05.2013

  24. The one time I went to church, they told me that god was the vine and the people were the fruit. I innocently asked what happens to those that didn’t believe in God and was told that they were the vines that “shrivel up and die.” I didn’t go back to church.

    By Haley-Charlotte on 04.05.2013

  25. the vines were curling around the doorframe. i wondered what it could possibly mean, as the cat had said that they were going to give me a clue.

    By diana on 04.05.2013

  26. The vines grre over the tomb. It lay forgotten and the years came and passed and the sides rusted. People came and left, died and were born again in the terrific power of the ancient flood. Come find again the mystique of the century I currently live within the time always lving benath the vines.

    By Mairi on 04.05.2013

  27. That window. The one I passed on my way to work everyday. It looked like something from another world. A fairy castle. Or a prison, I suppose, depending on how you looked at it. There were bars framing it, but it was the ivy that made it memorable. Laced around in a thick, green mesh, clinging onto the wall around it. I always wished I’d taken a picture, but when I finally brought my camera along and was in the right lane at the exact spot for the perfect picture, the ivy was no more than dry, entwined twigs. I suppose it was too much to ask that it be evergreen as well.

    By Aca on 04.05.2013

  28. There were hundreds of them, thick vines curling like snakes around a great, rusted hunk of metal.
    It was only upon moving closer that he realised the metal was a car; old and weather-worn and creaking occasionally in the wind that blustered through the clearing.

    By Red on 04.05.2013

  29. The vines were beautiful, entwining and always reaching for the sky. I wish I was a vine so I could always dance.

    By diana on 04.05.2013

  30. vines creaping over a degrading criss-cross of wood.
    do the vines know that they are clingy? that maybe, no one wants to be covered by them, smothered by them?
    Do they know where they are going, do they map it out, using some sick sense? or do they simply crawl blind, feeling, not knowing when it is that their path will simply stop-

    By Danalee URL on 04.05.2013

  31. Ivy that grows up the walls of your home and makes it beautiful, or roses that grow up the walls on vines. Beauty comes from all of natures gifts and enhances the world we live in! Vines make things Beautiful

    By Joyce URL on 04.05.2013

  32. There are tree vines in the forest and in the rainforest.monkeys swing on tree vines

    By Nicole on 04.05.2013

  33. Vines in the trees and vines in the ground the vines growing by the house there everywhere :0

    By Marvin G on 04.05.2013

  34. a root from a flower and when you touch it it hurt

    By ivonne URL on 04.05.2013

  35. The vines outside my house
    slowly start to take over
    and trap me inside
    but I’ve long given up
    on the idea that
    the outside meant
    any kind of freedom for me.
    And I watch as the vines grow
    and the way they can’t
    stand on their own
    and think to myself
    that they’re lucky
    that when people get
    their fruit it can at least
    be used for celebrations
    and they help people
    want to be more free-
    which is more than what
    you can say for me.

    By Serena Mithane URL on 04.05.2013

  36. Vines are sometimes green, long, pointy, but yet romantic at times. They have all kinds of characteristics! Tarzan swings from vine to vine. Romeo climbed vines to be with Juliet… His true love. Vines are characterized by all different kinds of things.

    By Precious URL on 04.05.2013

  37. vines, vines, vines, vines, vines, vines, vines, vines, vines, vines, vines, vines, vines, vines, vines, vines, vines, vines, vines, vines, vines,

    By Jenny Xiong on 04.05.2013

  38. i love vines and swinging upon them
    back and forth just like tarzan
    when ever i grow up i will be just like him

    By tyler harper on 04.05.2013

  39. first look at your own faults before you set out to improve others..

    By priyabrata pradhan on 04.05.2013

  40. wine. grapevines and sunshine are all I want to see today. The grapevine also makes me wish I had country music and my dance partner. If you combine all of that, that would be my perfect day. Vines

    By jess on 04.05.2013