April 4th, 2013 | 393 Entries

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393 Entries for “vines”

  1. The vines that grow along her house are quite deceiving. I looks like I could just climb up them like a ladder, like Rapunzel’s hair. I can’t. I can only admire her from afar while the vines leading to her window mock me.

    By Amy on 04.04.2013

  2. The blackberry vines scratched my legs but I didn’t care,
    thinking of the sweet berries to come. It was a glorious outing.

    By Robin on 04.04.2013

  3. The vines wrapped around the tree as if to tell it’s story. The life it led for so many years. Certain spots has aging vines where other places there’s nothing there. Withered away by people who used to sit against the tree reading and sharing memories. The people never realizing just how alive the tree is, just how much energy it must take for the vines to grow.

    By Erica Drayton URL on 04.04.2013

  4. The vines entangled her in their we
    She sunk and slept and found her place

    By Ari on 04.04.2013

  5. vines are hurtful
    they come from flowers
    they are usually described as the bad thing in flower
    for me its what makes flower desirable.

    By jumanah on 04.04.2013

  6. Your fingers
    Wrapped around my throat
    Like vines.

    By Em URL on 04.04.2013

  7. Entangling the crops, squeezing the life out of them like a boa constrictor. They have no mercy, no compassion, no soul. THeir only purpose is to thrive and strangle, thrive and strangle. They are the same as tanks, taking thousands of innocent lives without a second thought. Without a thought at all. For they are mindless. They have no idea of the havoc they wreak.

    By Becca on 04.04.2013

  8. The vines twisted up the walls encircling the desk. The green leaves brushed against my hand as I pulled them away. How long had it been here? So lonely and forgotten. The vines hissed in the wind.

    By Alyssa URL on 04.04.2013

  9. THey entangle and ensnare innocent crops, squeezing the life out of them. They only have one mission, thrive and compress, thrive and compress. Like a boa constrictor, they eliminate others without mercy. But I suppose the more apt analogy is a tank; cold and unfeeling. Neither of them realize the multitudes of lives they tank. THey act without a second thought. Without any thought at all.

    By Becca URL on 04.04.2013

  10. They slither up brick walls and wrap around my neck, in my dreams, the vines do a rain dance. Reinforcing the prison gates that encapsulate my darkness. Light. All of the time, only light. Dare to rear the ugly heads that live inside and you may as well kiss your friends goodbye.

    By Amanda URL on 04.04.2013

  11. vines are tangled and twisted. there are many fruits and vegetables that have vines going around them. vines have decorative uses too. They can be used to decorate your house and make it look really beautiful. vines have medicinal uses too. they are used for creating medicines for various diseases.

    By hafsa on 04.04.2013

  12. I like the vines growing on your house. I wonder how long it will take the vine to reach the top of the house. I may try to grow one of those on my house some day. Can you help me with getting started on that project. I really don’t have a green thumb so that may not be the easiest project for me to do on my own. How do you get started? When do you think you could help me

    By Kim on 04.04.2013

  13. The tendrils wrapped around him uncomfortably; vines of strong, cold and slick plant clung to him supernaturally. He couldn’t move. He couldn’t scream.

    By Katt URL on 04.04.2013

  14. Vines grow fast

    By Kim on 04.04.2013

  15. vines hang from the ceiling and an old tree is poking through the rotten roof of the little dilapidated cottage in the woods.

    By Brent on 04.04.2013

  16. They strung down over the house’s walls, twisting, obscuring the ancient brick. It was hard to see anything but the vines; the windows mere flashes of dull grey reflected light amid the dark oily green of the leaves, the walls themselves nothing more than climbing masses.

    By Vat URL on 04.04.2013

  17. Vines! Jerome exclaimed, pounding his fist on his hip. Why did it have to be vines?!

    Jerome hated vines. Always had, ever since one had tried to strangle him when tromping through his backyard wilderness…

    Or had that been a snake?

    By Zac Katz-Stein URL on 04.04.2013

  18. Vines. Ivy. Ivy League. Columbia..

    By Jason URL on 04.04.2013

  19. “Vines!!” exclaimed Walter.
    “Aphid!! Acrid!! Where are my Red Vines??”
    “The Observers took them,” Astrid replied.

    By ukifaluki on 04.04.2013

  20. A green forest, not hot but cold and almost heartless. Animals reside here but are not seen.
    These vines hold wet dew from the morning rise, dripping to the forest floor.

    By Celeste Lugardo on 04.04.2013

  21. the hail broke the vines on the side of our house
    and thorns from the roses tore veins
    blades of grass hacked through the hardened black earth
    but beauty marred hearts when they wandered from pain

    By slantedstories URL on 04.04.2013

  22. The vines were thick and healthy and since I couldn’t have pulled one from the tree, I watched with wide eyes as she wrapped a baker’s dozen around her forearm and ripped them down with as much ease as I would a blade of grass.
    “How…how did you…?” I looked at her in awe.
    She looked over at me, a single eyebrow raised. “How did I…what?”

    By S.C. Lovelace URL on 04.04.2013

  23. As the spider maneuvered its way up the tangle of vines, it found itself atop a wall that it had never climbed before. With all eight eyes, it stared down upon the abandoned temple, the moss clumping its windows and the dead foliage snaking its way up its walls like a dying man’s fingers grasping his own stone temples.

    It waited for the rest of its family to catch up with it. It certainly seemed like a better home.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 04.04.2013

  24. Grapes, thorns, wine, monkeys swinging, mistaken for a snake, jungles.

    By Mitchell Wise on 04.04.2013

  25. Vines tangle, they support each other, they give you shade if woven over head in an arbor, they compete for space and sun light. I love vines. So pretty and delicate for a few days as they branch out and find their way to support. And suddenly you see they are no longer are a light green color and delicate, as if over night they grew into strong dark green vines winding their way through life, they are adults now.

    By Paulie Aragon on 04.04.2013

  26. The soil was dusty, the granulated afterbirth of an ancient volcanic eruption. It held few nutrients, and the grapes struggled to survive. From that struggle, came flavor.

    By Chris Clow URL on 04.04.2013

  27. and if the pilgriming vine takes you
    who will be there for you?
    and who will be there to save you?
    you are there dreaming and fearing,
    but the truth is that you haven’t got a plan B (or even a plan A)
    there is no point in flying, if you can’t even run first

    By the_reckoner URL on 04.04.2013

  28. The vines encircled around his neck, effectively stopping him from summoning his own black flames to lash up against her. She hovered above him, eyes glowing red as more of her hair sliced down through the air and twirled around his waist for more drastic retaining of his movements.

    By fumo URL on 04.04.2013

  29. Vines are what grapes grow on. They grow on the side of houses or trees. Can refer to any plant or stem.

    By Emily Miller on 04.04.2013

  30. Are what grapes grow on. They can refer to any plant or can refer to stems as well. They “climb” up sides of buildings. Gardeners can use them to help display their plants.

    By Emily Miller on 04.04.2013

  31. like trembling tentacles latching up around the ankle. a soupy way, the call of death, of beauty, of permanence; age, wisdom, and overbearing attachment

    By gia.mfgon on 04.04.2013

  32. The vines crawled up and around her face, creeping their way around her eyes and hooking onto the corners of her mouth. They pulled and tugged until she disappeared completely into the hedges.

    By Laura J on 04.04.2013

  33. They were twisted, tangled, and knotty. Worn with age. Fruit was spaced here and there upon them, but the boy couldn’t reach it. And he didn’t have fruit of his own – what was he to do? Learn from the vines. A great work of art made from years of patient growth.

    By Archori URL on 04.04.2013

  34. Vines…green and wind-y. not windy but whined? how do you spell the word I’m trying to express? Grapes grow on vines.

    By B on 04.04.2013

  35. The big bodied Italian
    assaulted my mouth
    aggressive and rash
    at first just too brash
    she lingered and caressed
    her fat sassy ass
    on the nose of my throat
    til I ordered another glass
    Um. Wait. Make that a bottle, please.

    By penny dreadful URL on 04.04.2013

  36. Tucked away, not many folk knew of this relic that was essential to the cities growth~ huge walls, still towering despite their decay, though mostly eclipsed by greedy vines, vying for status by climbing on the shoulders of another’s greatness, whilst slowly sucking the minerals out of the mortar which held this ancient reservoir together.

    By jivehoneyjive URL on 04.04.2013

  37. I’ll share with you all I know of vines. First of all, many people take umbrage with certain aspects of vine culture, namely purveyors of homo-erotic dog food and other such food genres. The reason for this is, as of yet, unclear to us, but we remain confident that with diligence such issues can be resolved.

    By Richardton T. Slump URL on 04.04.2013

  38. I remember the summer we lived in Marlborough, still the best summer we had in New Zealand I think, driving past the voneyards of the Waihipai and the Wairau each day, witnessing the vine leaves turned to gold and red and then deep burgundy….

    By raggedpoet URL on 04.04.2013

  39. I remember the summer we lived in Marlborough, still the best summer we had in New Zealand I think, driving past the vineyards of the Waihopai and the Wairau Valley each day, witnessing the vine leaves turned to gold and red and then deep burgundy…. it was a magical time and my children were still children, we were all together. I miss those days so much…..

    By raggedpoet URL on 04.04.2013

  40. Vines twisted up the side of the old building, blanketing it in a green mass. Small pink flowers bloomed sporadically from the vine, dotting the wall with color. The smell of greenery filled her nose as she stared up at her house. Nostalgia filled her as she turned away, never to see it again.

    By Kristina URL on 04.04.2013