December 9th, 2011 | 166 Entries

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166 Entries for “view”

  1. view is a word! no duh right i viewed me writing this on the screen. i viewed that television show. i viewed me spell view wrong each time . i viewed me giving up

    By orangebucket URL on 12.09.2011

  2. to see something to view something is to see it in front of you and look directly at it so you can imagine it .

    By Orla on 12.09.2011

  3. I don’t know the exact definition to view but i think it means to see something. I don’t know what it means, so yea.

    By Chata97 URL on 12.09.2011

  4. it’s vast. the milky blue melts into the water and so does the time. the footprints of some show signs of having walked off into eternity, but will not be lost just combed over by new feet, new lives. around the corner is childhood laughing and splashing and calling you back, behind you is old age holding on to you but only to make sure you are safe, and below you are delicately painted pink toes yearning to once again step into the sands that wove together your childhood and your family. Marco calls you. where will your ‘polo’ be heard?

    By C. Ritchie URL on 12.09.2011

  5. a better view of everything you own
    and you dust it occasionally but it’s never left home
    you have acquired this crap, it almost makes you feel good
    even if it’s too much, you can’t put a price on childhood
    so give away your junk
    the hurt and the fuck yous
    spend your life now making front
    the beautiful arrangement of the adult you’ve become
    you made a woman out of a girl
    that was given away too quickly
    so, say ‘fuck off pervert, you no longer hurt me’

    © LL

    By lauren URL on 12.09.2011

  6. The view from atop the platform was stunning. I shuffled my feet on the rotting, wet wood, and I could just barely see the trees over the castle wall. The sky was burning, reds and oranges. It was beautiful. Somehow fitting.

    And then the executioner tightened the noose and I held my breath.

    Let me remember this when the light fades.

    By Fluidfyre URL on 12.09.2011

  7. I don’t need to change, is what they’re trying to tell me. That is, I don’t need to change this person that I am so angry with. They that this person is already of good character, somebody that will be accepted because she is good. The only problem is how I perceive this person, and that to fix everything, instead of fixing myself, I need to reset my view.

    By Elio Hawkins URL on 12.09.2011

  8. watch see aperance

    By survivor URL on 12.09.2011

  9. View is when you show something.

    By mango1209 URL on 12.09.2011

  10. this means like to see with your own eyes and to like look at it or to stand on the top of a mountain and look out at someting this is view i love the view on the top of porter mountain you can see the new hospital.

    By lovebunny13 URL on 12.09.2011

  11. view means you see .

    By dub42 URL on 12.09.2011

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    By Kat on 12.09.2011

  13. To view is to like look or just inspect something. Veiwing can be something that you like to view or something your forced to view

    By Vanilla URL on 12.09.2011

  14. view is to look over something or make sure it is ok or just sight seeing or looking at nature.

    By packerfan URL on 12.09.2011

  15. view means to look at something like my view is really good of the sea or, it can be used like my view is different from yours.

    By inforser URL on 12.09.2011

  16. View means when you look a something, like you got a good view of the trees.

    By kiwi URL on 12.09.2011

  17. View means that you can see something that is kinda close or far away and that you want to see(: Or something like that? (: (: (: (: (: (: (: (:(: (: (: (: (: (: (: (: (:(: (: (: (:

    By exploding chicken 2 URL on 12.09.2011

  18. what a wonderful view! she said and looked down the hills. I felt the good old claustrophoby caused by mountain, as I always do. But then I decided to jump down. Into the blue blue swimming pool.

    By may fowl URL on 12.09.2011

  19. How you look at life is how life will look back at you. Is it filled with opportunity, ripe with promise? It is unkind to you and unfair, filled with problems? How you choose to see things, your view of the world, your world-view, is tantamount to how you will live your life.

    By Mary on 12.09.2011

  20. The view form here
    is fogged by an overwhelmed brain
    but i know it will clear soon
    almost done
    break is coming
    stepping away
    to view

    By Anita Cruse on 12.09.2011

  21. Nothing’s better than the view of Squall letting himself go beneath her. It’s the edge of his smile that really sets her off. It makes him look kind of child-like in its purity, but she doesn’t tell him. If she told him he’d stop.

    Instead she continues on, grabs his hand, and watches him through hooded eyes while he falls apart.

    By Sara URL on 12.09.2011

  22. i will view over ur paper

    By picklebounce1 URL on 12.09.2011

  23. The view from the top of the mountains
    That I climb
    Are ones of familiar places, but I’m seeing
    Them from a different angle,
    And they look like minute villages,
    Thumbprints in the universe
    I tower over my town like a giant.

    By ellie griffith on 12.09.2011

  24. We view the new with spirits few.

    By Marianne URL on 12.09.2011

  25. The view out the window of the classroom is limited, but it’s enough for me. I can see the cars and trucks as they pass, the cemetary across the street, squirrels on the ground, and the delicate snowflakes dancing down.

    By glorygirl97 URL on 12.09.2011

  26. People have so many different views. Some view life as a competition, a race to get the best status possible, while others view it as a way to express yourself. The ones who express themselves, in my opinion at least, are more free in life. They don’t have the chains of popularity, and are free to love, live, and be beautiful.

    By winkes URL on 12.09.2011

  27. The view’s great from up here. I can see absolutely everything from an outsider’s perspective. I see my regrets and why they’re silly. I see my irrational reactions. I see my most embarrassing moments, and how they don’t matter. I see how unreasonably unhappy I was, and I see how there are so many bigger reasons to let myself be happy.

    By Azure URL on 12.09.2011

  28. Who knew that such physical moves could change my perspective on something so emotional? I do not view you as a potential lover anymore. A potential lover would have waited, instead of given in to such temptation.

    By Laurie R. URL on 12.09.2011

  29. From the view out her window, May could see the entire campus. She licked her lips and took a deep breath, her fingers brushing against the windowframe. How could they do this to her? How could they just make her wait, seeing nothing? Below the window view, she could see nothing but the lazy land of Riverfront, but May knew that it was all happening, that the world was going crazy at that moment…

    By Elsi Shu on 12.09.2011

  30. Die ganze Stadt lag vor ihr ausgebreitet. Der Himmel war leicht bewölkt und begann sich rosa zu färben. Die ersten Lichter, Straßenlampen, Fenster von Bürogebäuden, Autoscheinwerfer, verliehen dem Panorama einen goldenen Glanz. So sieht also die Welt aus, wenn man sie zum letzten Mal sieht.

    By Eli URL on 12.09.2011

  31. As she stood in awe at the breathtaking view, she really couldn’t believe all that had taken place in order for her to be standing there. It had just been a year from when this journey began.

    By Shane Clements URL on 12.09.2011

  32. The trees swayed softly.
    I could almost feel the wind on my face,
    The grass on the tips of my fingers.

    “Karsen, it’s time for group session in the rec room,” A nurse told me.
    I gazed out of my barred window for a few more seconds and slowly got up to join my calling.

    By Karsen Meredith URL on 12.09.2011

  33. when I look out the window I shiver in my shoes. It looks so cold but in the same regard it looks so clean and sterile. I wonder what I would look like if I went out with inappropriate clothing. I believe that I would probably shiver through my bones.

    By judy on 12.09.2011

  34. The view from my apartment was less than perfect. I overlooked the underbelly of a dirty, grimy city, without seeing the real gems within.
    But the girl inside my apartment made the view worthwhile.
    “Hey babe.”
    “Hey…” I pulled her close and kissed her.

    By chrissi on 12.09.2011

  35. I tiled my head a little to the side, the sun peeked out from the corner, and spilled fairy-dust over the world, my world that is: all that I could see, my own view

    By anya URL on 12.09.2011

  36. Veme y dime lo que ves…

    By raul URL on 12.09.2011

  37. We backed out of the driveway for the last time, ever, of it being my home. It’s the place I grew up in, I could never forget it . This was the beginning of our lives together, me and Ryan. We were off to start our own family in this crazy world of today. It was a chance, but I knew we’d make it. God would protect us.

    By Sara Cottrell URL on 12.09.2011

  38. the view is a tv show I sometimes watch on a sunday when i am at home and i get to watch the whole weeks’ worth of the chat show. i like it because it is funny, has a range of topics but it can also be annoying as there are 5 women who talk over the top of each other. i couldn’t watch it all the time, but i feel like i catch up on current affairs when i do.

    By Sam on 12.09.2011

  39. i look through the window and know that the view isn’t true because the snow has melted away with her heart on your sleeve that wraps around you in june when i am no where and everywhere on your mind because when we look but cannot see we miss the little things you know those signs that tell us that love is here and will never resign.

    By Maya Iverson on 12.09.2011

  40. at the end of time there was a woman who thought she knew how to see through the looking glass and into the heart of the souls that lost out on humanity’s kindness and blindness…it wasnt until the morning that she recognized the dark.

    By maya iverson URL on 12.09.2011