December 3rd, 2014 | 50 Entries

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50 Entries for “venice”

  1. Last night I dreamed I was in Venice at nightfall. I was alone on a gondola that moved by itself on a narrow canal. When it was nearing a bridge I could see a strangely dressed man with a creepy white mask on his face waving slowly at me. When the gondola crossed the bridge, I got scared realising that I was about to be swallowed by eternal darkness.

    By Alice Shina on 12.03.2014

  2. Venison in Venice is riddled with Veins. It makes you wonder…that thing was livin’.

    By Molly Ashline on 12.03.2014

  3. Venice isn’t a verb. Venice is a place where people used to live and things used to happen but has since been hollowed out by tourism.

    I wish it was a verb. To languish in the sunshine drunk on wine paddling leisurely downstream on a gondola. That could be the thing to do.

    By dan URL on 12.03.2014

  4. Stinky hippie middle aged parents. Ambiguous five year olds unattended. Over priced junked up craftsmen. Cheat on your man with the shrink next door. You are superior.

    By Alice on 12.03.2014

  5. weird that this should come up, as i’ve been obsessed with venice lately. how strange there’s a city that is sinking into water, steps leading down into the water, doorways half under water, an abandoned island where 100K people were quarantined and burned–what a magical idea, but produced here in real life.

    By jess akimoto on 12.03.2014

  6. it brought memories to me, like the time we had dinner by the beach and walked barefoot through the sand after we were full from drinking and eating pasta. i hadn’t seen you in so long and we talked about boys and i felt so secure in your company because i knew you would always understand

    By Yasmine URL on 12.03.2014

  7. Streams of blood flowing through a living organism. One that dances to music of violins and holds a glass of wine. Water that pumps through and carries desire, white dresses and birds sitting on the roofs of houses and churches. Encounters.

    By alitaflow URL on 12.03.2014

  8. “It’s beautiful,” she breathed, her eyes dancing to and fro over the strange city. With the docks all around, the water always a few feet away, it felt more like being in a different realm than a different country.
    Layra shrugged, dropping her cigarette butt before grinding it beneath the toe of her boot. “You’ve seen one gondola, you’ve seen them all,” she drawled disinterestedly.

    By S.C. Lovelace URL on 12.03.2014

  9. Venice sounds like a nice place to be right now. I cant tell if I think that because I’ve been taught to think that or if i really just thought it on my own. It probably isn’t a very nice place to be at all, but if it’s sinking less than i feel like drowning maybe I can cut my losses.

    By Emily URL on 12.03.2014

  10. I sat up straighter in the gondola. The man– boy, really, couldn’t have been much older than seventeen– poling the boat flexed his arms, the lights surrounding us glimmering on the water and his smooth, tan arms.

    By singular on 12.03.2014

  11. Venice. I try to think back upon all the events that brought me here, but I can’t remember. My brain is clouded with the sounds of tourists and locals milling around me as I stand still, wondering what I’m meant to do next. I look around, look for something, some kind of sign. A person, a note, anything.

    By Leah on 12.03.2014

  12. As in Italy? I will go with Italy.

    I love traveling, and I did not know that until recently.

    I would love to make it to Italy one day, and I would love to go back to England, too

    Traveling, and the new cultures that trveling forces one to know, is a prime way to learn.

    By Lindsey Brigitte on 12.03.2014

  13. you loved venice. you visited there for all of your holidays with your terribly italian family. it left you with thoughts of orange skies and teal canals. of warm summer days and the lapping of water against red brick walls. you loved venice, with all your might. you loved it, and you still do.

    By rhey quaza on 12.03.2014

  14. Venice. As in Italy. As in Europe. As in one of my favorite places in the world.

    I would love to go to italy someday.

    Traveling, and the new, unfamiliar cultures that traveling forces one to learn about and adapt to, is the most prime and ideal way to learn.

    By BRIGITTE URL on 12.03.2014

  15. The flood was a melting pot of colors, culture and crashing blankness. We said hello to the history of a neverending loop and the scent of that water was an indifferent home away from home the entire time. What had we become but states of statues.

    By Exin on 12.03.2014

  16. Venice is a city that needs to be visited at least once for every sense. The first time for the eyes, the second the ears, and so on. There is nothing quite like a city with an annual meausurable decline into the bog.

    By Flyderkov URL on 12.03.2014

  17. The trip to Venice was nothing like I’d expected. For one thing, Anthony got food poisoning and barfed all over everything. Then I tripped over a boat and broke my toe. We were quite a pair that night, sitting up in our hotel room. I looked wearily from Anthony to my broken toe.
    “We’re quite a pair,” I said with a laugh.

    By Rebecca on 12.04.2014

  18. Vernice was the young lady in my dreams. I never had the chance to tell her how I felt about her, or to engage her in a conversation. All attempts to get her attention were never accepted and I regret not being able to see her again.

    By victor walkes URL on 12.04.2014

  19. A beautiful face set in curlicues of granite and sandstone that has been washed and abused by time and hard hands. They met on the canals, pretending that the water wasn’t black and dirty. She was supposed to save his soul. Today, you can still see their bones, pressed like fossils into the walls. It’s something like history.

    By Rosalia Vanderbilt URL on 12.04.2014

  20. I went to Venice in 1974, my junior year of college. I went with my parents and Aunt Amelia. Totally fun!! Didn’t want to go because had a boyfriend at the time. Oh, brother! Never forget it as long as I live! Looking out the hotel windows all you saw was water instead of streets. Weird concept. A site I’ll never forget. The buildings were old and beautiful. So much culture and art and smells and …….I remember as a teenager that the Italian men were very aggressive. Not a bad thing from a teenager’s perspective, but looking back…what pigs! Lol!
    A time of my life I’ll never forget. Shared s hotel room with my aunt and we had a blast!!

    By Janet Orfitelli on 12.04.2014

  21. I paddled down the river, soaking in every juicy detail. The sun was bright and reflecting on the water. The strong smell of tomato sauce an cheese made me extremely hungry. I looked around and saw couples on romantic gondola rides, children laughing while eating gelato and people of all ages enjoying each other’s company. Venice is truly a happy place.

    By Olivia Russo on 12.04.2014

  22. Okay

    By Guy on 12.04.2014

  23. Travel to Paris, Russia or Venice
    A plane to New York or maybe Albuquerque
    Tourism with a menace,
    Visiting everything you can see

    By FallenFromGrace URL on 12.04.2014

  24. I wish I knew enough about Venice to write about it. It sounds like a lovely place to visit. Anyone want to fund a trip to Italy? I could use the time away from America and it’s awful government…possibly all of my time. Forever.

    By Elise URL on 12.04.2014

  25. it was in 2013 when i first visited venice. i only saw venice in paintings. when i saw it the first, it was, indeed, like a painting. it was surreal. although crowded, it’s one of the best places i have ever seen.

    By e*dict URL on 12.04.2014

  26. Venice, the legendary city which Leonardo da Vinci stayed. I have heard the main method of transportation are little boats in which one person uses a long stick to move the boat around.

    By Humza on 12.04.2014

  27. She dreams of Venice and of all the beautiful places she wants to go in her life, but really all that would make her happy and complete would be someone to share it with.

    By marylou wynegar URL on 12.04.2014

  28. aeiou

    By Scmidaldhaven Guptra III on 12.04.2014

  29. I have heard of Venice. Its a place in Italy! People say it is beautiful there. I want to go there someday, hopefully some day soon.

    By Liberty Brouillette URL on 12.04.2014

  30. Her mouth was sore from smiling, The view from the canal was better than any postcard promise. The music raining from the bridge above filled her soul and she practically taste the water below. “I don’t ever want to go back,” she murmured. When he squeezed her hand and told her she didn’t have to, she closed her eyes and smiled. This was home.

    By Soft URL on 12.04.2014

  31. I was expecting myself to perhaps fall in love with another man,a venison man. Forr I had heard that they laid in the sun,made love wild,partied hard and understood a women like no other.In my honest opinion I think it was the loneliness, and cruelness that made me want to find the comfort in another man ‘s arms.I could say i was damaged,but it would be lie,I wanted to trust and give up the complete dominance that I withheld.”Always in the driver” never the ”short gun” it would be nice to give up for once and bask in the love,trust and loneliness of another,to hear their problems and forget about mine.But sadly these venison man had disappeared…No they had turned into every other common man on this planet. A pillar of a ghostly liar.

    By IvoryG URL on 12.04.2014

  32. the mascara hurts on her eyelashes, hard like dry bare branches in the dead empty air before winter. she remembers when kohl was smudged and soft and sexy, she remembers cold night air on her bare thighs and glitter and when She was heavy and warm on her arm. her eyes feel dry and foreign. like Her, flighty and yet so low low low beneath the earth, wherever She lives, somewhere across the sea.

    By paper URL on 12.04.2014

  33. The next Atlantis- destined to get gobbled up by the sea. Fish pie anyone?

    By SIXTYSECONDSGO URL on 12.04.2014

  34. Venice is sinking……go there it is beautiful ……but don’t drown. :)

    By BUSHYSTINKS URL on 12.04.2014

  35. It was a magnificent day. The sunset was glazing the canals in a violet hue. She was smiling at him as their gondolier sang a musical ode to their bliss. He smiled back and her heart swelled with a burgeoning affection she had only recently realized was true love.

    By Joren on 12.04.2014

  36. Watery roadways like something out of a dream. The people there looked at me strange – the over-the-shoulder sneer in passing. They must have known I was American.

    By asavas URL on 12.04.2014

  37. They say Paris is the city of love but I do not agree. It is Venice and is watery streets that is the city of love.

    By Caelan Taylor Jolley URL on 12.04.2014

  38. “It’s sinking, you know.”

    Alison expected a semi-desperate laughing response, something like: That’s why we have to go now before it’s too late!

    But Curtis said, “I know. That’s why I want to go. I want to watch it sink.”

    By Yona URL on 12.04.2014

  39. It’s a small city with lots of water surrounding it. There are no cars and the means of transportation is by boat. The taxi’s and busses are even boats. It isn’t any place though for runners although it is pretty. I wonder how they build all those houses without them rotten.

    By Liz URL on 12.04.2014

  40. he slipped an arm around my waist, the
    night was warm and venice beckoned
    across the water

    thousands of miles away from
    food stamps and my single mom
    “solsbury hill” echoed on the terracotta rooftops
    as he smiled at me from
    across the balcony

    By Wendy on 12.04.2014