October 3rd, 2012 | 229 Entries

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229 Entries for “various”

  1. various coffees. Various teas. So much variety spread throughout the world. Choices everywhere. What about those who don’t have choices though? What about those who have one type of food, one type of drink?

    By Hannah URL on 10.03.2012

  2. Bits of stars various from gasses long since passed from exploding cosmos and swollen bulbs of would be planets.

    By StatiKink URL on 10.03.2012

  3. Variety is such a wonderful thing. Flavors and colors from all walks of life brings beautiful diversity into a sometime gray and busy world. A paint brush with many colors brings life into one’s soul.

    By Nicole URL on 10.03.2012

  4. The various forces are putting a great deal of stress on my self control… She needs to mind her business and let me do my job. Oh Well… at least I can keep the s@#t from spattering onto the others!

    By Katherine on 10.03.2012

  5. Various precarious situations, steadily taking my zealous attitude to a delirious one.

    By Desiree J URL on 10.03.2012

  6. Variety is the essence of making any simple thing creatively appealing. It isn’t a wonder why kids in the USA love to visit a mall as part of their weekend break! I do feel however, that variety used to confuse a consumer enough to keep him shopping for things he does not need is crossing a limit.

    By Sneha Thomas on 10.03.2012

  7. There were three worms, six ribbons, an even dozen pipe cleaners, and a pair of sausages — all waiting for the train.

    By Jeff Goodman URL on 10.03.2012

  8. There were various of bottles everywhere. Not a single one was the same. It was like being stuck in Ariel’s secret cavern, only this cavern was of an alcoholic. It smelled like a dingy bar. There was light being filtered in through a small window. The bottles were

    By Lauren on 10.03.2012

  9. How many times do I have to tell you? I like things just one way. My husband looks at me and cringes. He knows my bit. There is a stain on the counter. He leans down and … licks it. I scream. He laughs. Hilarity sets in as the chase begins. Kiss me! He yells. I scream again. Who knows how long that stain has been there.

    By Eva URL on 10.03.2012

  10. various arrays of things surround, from touched skies to felt ground. thinking of things that are self taught and profound.

    ughh…out of ideas already. anyone care to make something better for me? i’ll gladly appreciate it.

    By chris styles on 10.03.2012

  11. I was standing outside. i couldn’t help but think of the various things on my mind. the cold seemed to numb me, but my thoughts stayed jumbled. it was confusing..and my fingers were growing cold.

    By Fleur on 10.03.2012

  12. there are various types of seasons-summer, winter,autumn,spring. of them all autumn is my favorite. i like rain. it reminds me of great times i had in my childhood. getting drenched in rain,playing football and so on.

    By kiren on 10.03.2012

  13. Various thoughts come to mind when I think of the word describing the thoughts on various. And I’ve been through various situations that could have had various different outcomes. The people in my life usually vary and so do the lasting moments. I have various tastes and interest that vary on a 3 month basis.

    By Carrie Eicher on 10.03.2012

  14. various is something that people overuse all the time I think. They use it as a filler word because they need to fill space in an essay or because they don’t want to think hard enough to come up with a better substitute that makes more sense in the context. I guess I use it a lot, mostly because I’m lazy, not because I can’t find a substitute to think instead.

    By JR on 10.03.2012

  15. Various amounts of things exist in our universe. Various things beyond our comprehension. We think of ourselves to be alone in the universe and we are always complaining about the problems that occur in our daily lives. But in reality compared to the universal scale we are insignificant.

    By Eric on 10.03.2012

  16. People have various kinds of personalities. To which do you belong to?

    Alright. Truth be told, I don’t know what to write about. VARIOUS ideas keep popping into my head. *facepalm*

    By Demetria Malfoy URL on 10.03.2012

  17. Various outcomes to any scenario. You can do anything at any given moment but you must choose to be consistent and reliable–the bedrocks of personality.

    By dan URL on 10.03.2012

  18. sitting in this hall
    full of various old people
    in various colors
    mostly pastels and browns
    screaming bingo
    followed by an
    ‘ah, hell.’ and a ‘hold your cards’
    a bingo has been called
    but they’re still all old.

    By Jessica Grant URL on 10.03.2012

  19. various skills make you a jack of all trades. yet with too many various skills you can be a master of none. various women lead to stress. various drinks lead to hangovers. haaaa

    By dgalvan URL on 10.03.2012

  20. Tiny things all together, varied, multifaceted, changing, evovling. Never the same, never growing old. Variations, various lifes, deaths, births. Always here, always near. The Various forms of life and love.

    By Ellody on 10.03.2012

  21. various children have no mother or father various people make horrible choices various learn from their mistakes various food makes you bloaded

    By dgalvan URL on 10.03.2012

  22. Have you ever pondered, while alone in your room, how much variety we have in the world? Hair color, eye color, skin color, beliefs, ethnicity, language, nature. We don’t appreciate this various array of wonderful distinctions as much as we should. Variety is what makes this world such a special, strange, and interesting place to live.

    By angella URL on 10.03.2012

  23. Various incidents today have given me the impression that my cosmic timing chain is off again. Somehow, the universe and I are not in sync and I ask the faithful supplicant’s humble question. Who moved? Normally, one would shrug sheepishly and say, “of course, it was me.” Not today. It just wasn’t. This time, the universe moved.

    By LailaLCR URL on 10.03.2012

  24. The blue and green mixed into a orange as the sun set before Halvard’s exhausted eyes. He fell onto the hard mountain stone and began to rest as his body kickstarted the process of healing.

    By kill-the-batterwitch URL on 10.03.2012

  25. The various small American towns she’d seen had all actually been quite alike. They had different monster plaguing them, that’s for sure, but hardly anything else

    By Tacent URL on 10.03.2012

  26. There are various things in my room and in my life. Various people lead various different lives. In my short life I have had one main pivotal event that I could have dealt with in various ways. I like to think that I have. I like to think that to this day I continue to. That being said, in order to do so, I’ve had to live various lives and it’s getting tiresome. variety is good. But wholeness is better.

    By Rowan on 10.03.2012

  27. Miscellaneous and sundry, too many ideas for all the little spaces it can be crammed in, on, or around. The monotony of too many ideas can be blinding. The death by a thousand words. The death of all loneliness, longing, belonging…too much for something more worthwhile. Not worth bearing the burden of the words and the shapes and the sounds.

    By Bill on 10.03.2012

  28. My world is only one world , the best , from dreams. My world, one world is also your world. I want you in my one world, so be the part of my one world.

    By Zuzanna on 10.03.2012

  29. While walking up and down
    The long hill in the country
    The other day,
    entered and departed
    my heart and mind:
    Sadness – it was my deceased
    Father’s 88th birthday.
    Apprehension – would a bear
    Cross my path?
    Delight – the colors of Fall!
    One heart, one mind, so many
    Various emotions.

    By Karen URL on 10.03.2012

  30. There are various ideas that one can come up with. These ideas spark creativity, artistry and originality at its finest. Being an artist myself, there are various ideas that spark my interests on a daily basis. Photography being one. There are so many opportunities in life to make our moments stand out. To capture even the smallest moment, brings such joy to the bigger ones.

    By liv on 10.03.2012

  31. there are various women whom i think are beautiful. they are flowers in a garden to me. i can never stop looking at their wonderful bodies. they must be well proportioned for me to want them.

    By joe URL on 10.03.2012

  32. I have various feelings right now because I’m moving on. New job, new city… But it’s to an old, familiar place where friends are and various places I remember will again play a big role in my life. I simply can’t wait until my life moves forward.

    By JPHuber URL on 10.03.2012

  33. Various is the habits of daily life, my thoughts at one given moment, creatures in the forest, people I’ve met and personalities they’ve encompassed, the lives I’ve lived and will live, the places I’ve been.

    By foxforce on 10.03.2012

  34. Various strands of thought sometimes cross through my head that don’t belong there. A phrase, a memory, that aren’t connected to what I’m thinking about. I’ll suddenly say aloud “Sarajevo the Mighty”, as if reading off a poster, and I’ll not know where that came from. I know why, though, when I’m looking at him, a phrase comes into my head that wasn’t there before. A silent phrase that will probably never be voiced. An “I love you”.

    By Catori URL on 10.03.2012

  35. various times in my life opportunity has knocked on the door and I have ignored it. Various times in my life I have looked in the mirror and have only seen a tan or a new wrinkle.

    By AK on 10.03.2012

  36. There were already too many choices, why did he have to add another one, she thought begrudgingly. She knew the right choice, and so did he, so why were they both considering the various other ones so often?

    By Perry URL on 10.03.2012

  37. So many things. But dressed up in its fancy clothes, we call that various. There are so many various ways to say various. And I suppose with the uber consumerism of today we need more than one word for all the things.

    By beckenbocker URL on 10.03.2012

  38. colors and thooguhts in my head. I cant think straight too much going on. I dont know what to do too much stress. too many varities of stresss/ just too much……………………. It would be easier if the stress was all at one level. just one thing not a varitey of different

    By Leah on 10.03.2012

  39. Pink. Blue. Orange. Yellow. Brown. White. Red. Green. And Purple. All sorts. That’s what she saw. Not really sure how to explain it, process it or what to do with it. But she was going to roll with it, that’s all that really could be done.

    By esky1118 URL on 10.03.2012

  40. there are various aspects of life. It gets very rough at times while its as smooth as melted chocolate with of course a few air bubble here and there. But life goes on and so do the happy and sad moments. It good to be alive

    By Varisha URL on 10.03.2012