July 26th, 2017 | 53 Entries

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53 Entries for “vacant”

  1. A vacant hotel room becomes occupied by an old woman with a vacant stare. Her eyes are unfocused, but they fool you into thinking she is gazing at the vacant parking lot. Only now, a red truck rumbles its way to a white stained spot, and the old woman’s daughter, in flannel and a black jacket, trudges toward the inn with her hands deep in her pockets and a tired wad of peppermint gum wandering in her mouth.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 07.26.2017

  2. mybumhole is vacant

    By zoe on 07.26.2017

  3. i started to look for a room but for the longest time i couldn’t find one but finally one was vacant

    By Kyal Barnes on 07.26.2017

  4. the room was vacant for the night.

    By elizabeth on 07.26.2017

  5. This is so vacant

    By Jacko URL on 07.26.2017

  6. there room was vacant for the night, they had to wait for other people to stay a night for too

    By bree on 07.26.2017

  7. a little gril went to the house and said is anyone home no ones home

    By Lenny on 07.26.2017

  8. i have a couple of rooms at my motel so i have some vacant spaces.

    By Briahna Hughes on 07.26.2017

  9. the room was vacant after all the people left

    By Ebony burton on 07.26.2017

  10. i have a vacant room for all my biddies so we can have some fun and ben is a loser ayeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    By Waitesy on 07.26.2017

  11. the room was vacant, not a sound or word to be heard. complete silence.

    By Kirsty on 07.26.2017

  12. i have a vacant house and ned is a pussy

    By ben on 07.26.2017

  13. the room was vacant for the night or day

    By elizabeth on 07.26.2017

  14. Empty. Hollow. Something’s missing. I don’t feel your presence anymore, regardless of how close you are. You are no longer my home. And I don’t feel a thing. Vacant.

    By ckub23 URL on 07.26.2017

  15. Sometimes I think this is the way my social life is. I look around and try to find some one to talk to. Look! James. He doesn’t care much about me. But he nods. So that’s something. Maybe Julian will have a more interesting conversation. But he doesn’t even nod. Why is it that everyone is so bound and determined to stay away from me. At least there’s that girl over there. She always takes time to smile at me.

    By Braxton on 07.26.2017

  16. We were at arms’ length, but we couldn’t be any more apart. I find myself pleading, trying to delay the inevitable. His eyes, which used to be longing for me, are now vacantly staring ahead. Maybe he’s looking at an array of possibilities, a blank canvass to start over upon. Suddenly I’m not part of the picture anymore.

    By Zoe Jen URL on 07.26.2017

  17. That was one word I didn’t want to accept. The vacant look in his eyes, the vacant position he once occupied, the vacant bed. He was gone. My hands were vacant, my heart almost so.

    By MichelleRose URL on 07.26.2017

  18. empty, old room, old house, haunted house, scary, dark, gloomy, murder, mystery, open house, for sale, dusty, old, sheets, dark, roomy,

    By Haley Brenner on 07.26.2017

  19. The vacant smells bad and skinky.

    By Jessie URL on 07.26.2017

  20. A pig’s house after a wolf visit – vacant
    Most girls can be left alone in their own rooms – Virginia can’t
    Mix the gin into a V8 can
    Rotten tomato plants picked clean by eight vagrants
    On Valentine’s Day: intertwine with you like valence

    By omqwat URL on 07.26.2017

  21. Empty. Could be a heart. Could be a house. It really depends on the person. For me, I think of a heart. Probably because I am in a romantic relationship currently and just found out that it will be a few more weeks before I can see my boyfriend because we’re both going on vacation. What do you do when you love someone so bad that it hurts to now be around then, and then suddenly your whole world comes crashing down because you’re separated?

    By Shey URL on 07.26.2017

  22. my head, my thoughts. empty as the page I’ve been staring at for days. the feeling of nothing cannot be shook. how does a vacant room take up so much space?

    By Kelly on 07.26.2017

  23. my mind is vacant of thoughts, as the smoke fills my lungs. my chest is vacant of emotions, as I let the nicotine flow through me. I finally feel peace as I take a long drag from the cigarette clenched between my fingers. my lungs are filled once again as I take the last drag. and the smoke swirls around me before fading away. then the thoughts and the emotions come back and the peace is replaced with anxiety until I can slip away from everyone for my next “therapy session”

    By sammy URL on 07.26.2017

  24. vacant, empty space. my throat is full of everything my mouth cannot say. bundled into a lump and shoved down my throat like a bad joke I have no words like a vacant hotel with no guests

    By K URL on 07.26.2017

  25. vacant people rape asian dogs for breakfast while they munch on their dicks and masturbate to the sound of birds chiirping in the distance while dogs eat their eyes out. and he also had a very big penis but he was geyso his mummy kild him xdd smily face

    By vladimer URL on 07.26.2017

  26. our cabin when we’re busy
    and our home when we’re away
    empty vacation rentals–
    it depends on where we stay

    By peri URL on 07.26.2017

  27. I walked to the closest hotel to see if they had any rooms available. I didn’t think they would have any but to my luck one of the best rooms was vacant.

    By Sarah URL on 07.27.2017

  28. Lot. Eyes. Sky. Void. Raven. Spider. The spiderweb crosses the vacant void. The spider dangles. Looking around. With big yellow eyes. Slowly, the spider builds the web. To span the void.

    By And& on 07.27.2017

  29. I think of vacant lots and vacant eyes. Also, vacant apartments. I remember leaving my first apt. on Commonwealth Avenue, sweeping the wood floors and crying for all the growing up I did there.
    Moving on to a full life. No vacancy.

    By Robin on 07.27.2017

  30. “He said: Everton are asking around £65m for Rom, I think a transfer will be done before the Euros.

    By adidas youth shoes URL on 07.27.2017

  31. “VACATION”
    The motel sign’s flickered up in an unhealthily looking neon pink. This was it. The end. I had found back to where I began.

    By Anastasia on 07.27.2017

  32. when you lock the door on a outhouse it says vacant.

    By jordan on 07.27.2017

  33. head space brain head head head head head head head head head head head head head head head

    By loyalty on 07.27.2017

  34. no no no no no no no no no no no no no grumpy cat no no no no no no no

    By jl on 07.27.2017

  35. black bacon hole black bacon hole black bacon hole black bacon hole black bacon hole black bacon hole

    By stuart on 07.27.2017

  36. emty nothing gone left bear

    By elijah URL on 07.27.2017

  37. Under the pine tree, there was a deep hollow. Although the residents of the sleepy nearby town weren’t aware of it, this hollow was the symbol of all that was good and right in their country. Though few knew of the hollow, those who did were often inclined to keep the secret for themselves; for there in the hollow lie the purest form of magic, and that is what this story is about.

    By hope on 07.27.2017

  38. she shuffles past the deserted store
    “looking for renters”
    she remembers the musty books
    the creamy iced chai
    the look of understanding on
    Ms. Vernal’s face when she told her secret

    now, the secret, just like the store, is vacant

    By Pandyfish URL on 07.27.2017

  39. “You went with Tori? Huh? So are you just gonna leave me now? You found someone new?”
    I blankly stared at her. I didn’t know where she was coming from.

    “I don’t know what you’re talking about. I really don’t. Please. Don’t do this.” But my constant mutterings are of no use. It’s not like my reasons, no matter the veracity, helped me the first time. Nor the second. Nor the third. Now all rationality has escaped me. I was knocked out vacant.

    It’s okay. It’s just a bruise.

    By humanly URL on 07.27.2017

  40. She stood gracefully, staring out into the vacant parking lot with envy. This was it. The moment that she had been waiting for. Clara sat down, as gracefully as she had been standing.

    By Livia on 07.27.2017