September 11th, 2010 | 161 Entries

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161 Entries for “upstairs”

  1. Upstairs, I have many people in my house right this second. My husband among them. And all they’re doing is talking about stuff they love. I light candles. I’m slow cooking chicken and dumplings. And you know what? Upstairs, life is good.

    By Janna Oakfellow-Pushee URL on 09.11.2010

  2. There was never a need for an upstairs, just storage space for extra bodies.

    By Lauren Elizabeth on 09.11.2010

  3. I lost my life in this house. I was looking out the window at the top of the stairs. Something had caught my eye, and I was quite absorbed. I couldn’t see that my dastardly soon to be widowed husband was sneaking across the foyer, he knew I was upstairs.

    By cleany URL on 09.11.2010

  4. i dont really have an upstairs…………ummm……..well I do have a downstairs……yep

    By Amahdi on 09.11.2010

  5. Once she got to the top of the stairs, she listened. Quiet. She tiptoed to the little boys’ room and snuck inside. She heard soft breathing, light snuffles, and kissed each warm cheek. Thankful didn’t even begin to describe the way she felt.

    By Christine on 09.11.2010

  6. Upstairs is where all the fighting happens.

    By petra on 09.11.2010

  7. I didn’t want to go upstairs. I didn’t want to hide out in my room and be confined there, just because she didn’t want me to tell her the truth.
    “Your a shitty parent.” I said louder.

    By Max on 09.11.2010

  8. Upstairs was where the monsters lurked. They all knew it, they heard the sounds in the night, the thumpings and groanings and sounds of death and horror. They huddled under blankets in the floors beneath while above them was…was their nightmares come real. They wanted to move, to go away but things could go wrong…wronger.

    By Mairead McParsis URL on 09.11.2010

  9. upstairs is the hairdryer i just used. i just learned how to use it maybe a week ago and i’m a twenty year old girl. a pretty girl. i don’t even know how to use a hairdryer…maybe i’m not a real girl. maybe i’m just a sad excuse for one. maybe i don’t feel like a girl because i hardly feel anything anymore. at least my hair is dry.

    By A on 09.11.2010

  10. Upstairs, the writers hum. They run about, frantically with their papers and their copiers and their agendas. They think they must run the show.

    Downstairs, a monk hums. Meditation. The world spins, slowing around his silence.

    By Tyler Ann Klein URL on 09.11.2010

  11. i looked to jessie.besides being an awesome photographer,she had allot going on for herself upstairs…and i didn’t mean her breasts-though those were quite generous in their own way- what i meant was that she was smart as a whip…both book and street smart.

    By Dan on 09.11.2010

  12. Upstairs today we were involved- till I left and you didn’t come back for me, but then you did. I love our topsy-turvy kind of mutual adoration.

    By Jhosy URL on 09.11.2010

  13. What’s going on upstairs? I’m afraid of my skull’s innards like the attic of my youth… full of cobwebs and dark places I’d rather not be.

    By Hannah Hill on 09.11.2010

  14. Marisa went upstairs, thinking that he wouldn’t notice her absence, and hoping that she would be able to clear her head after what she had just witnessed.

    By Lori Anne Sickman on 09.11.2010

  15. I walked upstairs in the soft, quilted dressing gown,
    its soft pink folds billowing behind me
    in random gusts of air as
    they blew in from the upstairs window.

    By Lilyana on 09.11.2010

  16. I lay in bed, my mind in a hypnagogic state, neither really awake nor asleep, listening to the sound of footfalls upstairs. But I am alone in the house. Who is making that sound?

    By mimimanderly URL on 09.11.2010

  17. There was a bang, a crash. Upstairs in the only room I wouldn’t enter. The room of fate and betrayal. I found you there, in the room I died in.

    By Moira URL on 09.11.2010

  18. She creeps upstairs so no one can hear and wont notice for a while that she has left the noisy party downstairs. She gently closes the door to the upstairs closet and pulling her knees to her chin against the floor she becomes part of the darkness.

    By Nancy O'Neill on 09.11.2010

  19. Janice ran upstairs. She knew he was right on her heels. She ran into the master bedroom and slammed the door shut. What now? She locked the door knowing it would only slow him down slightly. Running to the window, she opened it and pushed out the screen. She wasn’t going to let him get her.

    By djs URL on 09.11.2010

  20. I was upstairs w hen it happened. I remember it clearly, my mother had sent me to get the laundry. I didn’t have classes that day, so when it struck, and the dust covered my home. I was there. I heard their screams. those who saw it happen. I remember it clearly.

    By Alleigh URL on 09.11.2010

  21. Downstairs. Or anywhere, really; they’re quite imaginative. It’s like a playhouse, just for them. So many sordid things going on and no one has any idea at all.

    By JujYFru1T URL on 09.11.2010

  22. Upstairs the baby screamed with the fury of a thousand nightmares. She screamed, balled her fists, scrunched her face and wriggled on her back. The mother sat below the room, at the bottom of the stairs – unmoving. Silent.

    By Cassandra on 09.11.2010

  23. Going upstairs, I saw him. Because of my apparent confusion, he rushed to my side. I hugged him and stroked his head. I love my dog.

    By Michaela on 09.11.2010

  24. She stumbled over yet another step. Her tiny legs almost the same height as the steps. She scapes her elbows again but her tears are inspired by her mother’s scream from upstairs. Finally the worn out girl crawls to her parent’s door. As she swings back the plain white door she finds a red puddle surrounding her mother. Her father is breathing as hard as she is but no emotion fills his face.
    “Come here baby girl” he mutters as he approaches her.

    By Emm URL on 09.11.2010

  25. Upstairs is where people have stopped going. There isn’t a need anymore. If it was important, why wouldn’t we keep it downstairs with the love? That’s logic.

    By Li on 09.11.2010

  26. at her house, the act of walking upstairs contained memory after memory. my father in high school, coming home late. my brother and i, climbing the stairs to our bedroom right above the kitchen. they were worn out and loved never with carpet on them.

    By Ms. Tara URL on 09.11.2010

  27. the attic upstairs frightened the little girl. she had good reason to be scared too. it was dark and filled with cluttered boxes.

    By Hannah on 09.11.2010

  28. there is a monster upstairs. I don’t know what it is or how it got there, but it is there and I don’t know what to do about it. Perhaps it is a giant wasp that wants to impale me with it’s man sized stinger.

    By Scott on 09.11.2010

  29. The stairs are wooden, with a wooden railing, and the lights make the hallway yellowed. She took the steps slowly, eyes always turned upward to see what lay ahead.

    By Krystal URL on 09.11.2010

  30. What’s upstairs in the dark of the closet of my mind, sometimes it is so far behind me, the closet has no windows, no entrance I can find except, when it rattles and surrounds me.

    By Ashes2 on 09.11.2010

  31. The opposite of downstairs. Its where Jon and I like to smoke weed when his uncle is home. Its where his schnauzer Oliver likes to eat the food we leave in on the coffee table when we go to another room.

    By Stephanie on 09.11.2010

  32. upstairs my family sleeps. they think i’m slumbering too. but i’m not. i’m not. i’m still awake doing who knows what. in the basement where i belone

    By Ali on 09.11.2010

  33. I used to love scaring my brother. He lived in the basement, and I would sneak downstairs and scare the crap out of him. I would have to run upstairs before he caught up to me. I miss it so much.

    By Jordan on 09.11.2010

  34. Quietly looking downstairs, he wasn’t quite sure if his parents were still awake. Knowing the penalty for staying up too late, he was understandably cautious. Slowly, with the stairs creaking too loudly he snuck downstairs, only to be startled by a sudden movement to scurry off to bed.

    By Nick Beach on 09.11.2010

  35. She was upstairs when the storm it. The first bolt of lightening was brilliant enough to light the entire room. It was followed by a thunder quake that shook Al’s computer, and she was downstairs before she knew she’s moved. “Mom?”

    By Bethany URL on 09.11.2010

  36. sadfasdfasdfasdfasdfadsf

    By mrshobbs URL on 09.11.2010

  37. Every time I go up the old, creaky, wooden stairs, I find myself up in a dusty attic. There is a small window through bleak sunlight stretches through, and I peer down upon small houses and shops and the Church steeple.

    By Kerri URL on 09.11.2010

  38. the attic upstairs
    full of cases of mem’ry
    and the former child

    By Ty URL on 09.11.2010

  39. I walked upstairs and heard a strange sound.

    By Amanda on 09.11.2010

  40. I am upstairs right now. Being on an upper level of a building give you a better height advantage if you were to look out a window. Smoking pot is cool.

    By Unnamed URL on 09.11.2010