October 14th, 2012 | 312 Entries

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312 Entries for “upper”

  1. upper story. High above. Up. Tenement buildings, filthy, grimy, gray. WIndows, shaded, none can escape. Upper levels. Men in suits looking out over their peasants, toiling on the smelly city streets below. Empire State Building, snow, cold, beauty, wind like you wouldn’t believe.

    By Kinzi Taylor on 10.14.2012

  2. We all want to be above. I got so high. He fell from his perch. On top of it all. Upper class, upper hand, above, over, high, UPPER.
    I think “lower” is underrated.

    By Maui URL on 10.14.2012

  3. Her upper lip trembled. No. No. No. No. This couldn’t be happening. The tears rolled down her face as she knelt next to his lifeless body. They found him. They were looking for her but they found him instead.

    By Aimee B. URL on 10.14.2012

  4. In the upper reaches of the atmosphere
    there is a cold, cold wind blowing.
    And oh, it chills the bones
    and makes them brittle
    and that is why we break
    so easily.
    When we fall from the sky
    [through thunderclouds]
    the wind whistles through the holes in us-
    the ones we are born with
    and we spend our whole lives
    filling up.

    By With Feeling URL on 10.14.2012

  5. I wish I had given you an uppercut, one so bad that you couldn’t say another awful thing again.

    By Kristina URL on 10.14.2012

  6. Sitting here thinking about how much longer I have to be at work I wonder what’s happening on the upper floor of this building. Surely some sort of rehearsal. Barre is over, and I can’t hear any music. Maybe they are working on a new piece.

    By strangertothesun URL on 10.14.2012

  7. I love the upper east side. It’s where I buy my upper’s. they get me high as a kite.
    The uppers make me a better lover. I make love for hours and hours

    By Lee noles on 10.14.2012

  8. the upper middle class is where many people lie today in our economy. especially the people i know. we are not the wealthy, nor the poor. we are comfortable in our upper middle class. and it does not mean we are the “upper” or “lower” people, we are just people doing the best we can to get by and be happy.

    By Claudia S. on 10.14.2012

  9. the unattainable tip of your magnificence, I stand here, toe-tied, waiting to reach your truth.

    By np on 10.14.2012

  10. The low growl sounded closer.
    “Where do you think it is?” Jan whispered.
    “Somewhere on the upper ridge,” Will replied, “Follow me. I think I know where we can go that it won’t follow.”
    “Follow? You mean it’s following us?”
    Will watched the shadows around them as he led the way along a seldom used trail.
    “It’s hungry,” he replied.
    Jan looked quickly behind them.
    “You mean…we’re dinner?”
    “Only if it catches us,” Will stated, “Come on. I think it’s just ahead in those

    By Cim URL on 10.14.2012

  11. The uppercase letters were shouting the nonthreatening response it spelled out. “I LOVE YOU TOO” I scrolled down to escape the blaring words in hopes to find something with proper punctuation, but on facebook, chances were slim to none.

    By Jessica on 10.14.2012

  12. In the upper space where we live, there is a chair, with the flowers i gave you,with all my love in it . You may say i am a fool, but i am not the only one. I hate when you walk away, i cant follow you .
    Never leave me behind. I hope you never leave me behind.

    By Daniela on 10.14.2012

  13. Just when you think you have the upper hand in life, everything comes crashing down.
    You think you’ve finally caught up after being sick for so long? Assign a project. Think you’ve got plenty of time to visit colleges and plan your future? The due date is in a week. You think that everything seems peaceful and easygoing? Cue the superfluous drama. There is never any reprieve.

    By WearyWater URL on 10.14.2012

  14. The bill of the the duck was crushed, raw pink chunks were scattered along the deck. The first mate glanced from the steering column to the captain to the rigging where the waterproof compatriot had plummeted just moments ago. “What the fuck was that?”
    “A duck. It was a duck and now its dinner”

    By Jordan Kovacs on 10.14.2012

  15. You can’t tell me I’m not one of you! I belong at this club by virtue of the sheer amount of money I’ve spent tipping the valets to park my Jag. Tell ME I’m low class. I am the very epitome of upper class!!

    By Sean Duffy URL on 10.14.2012

  16. the upper loft of my room had always been a place of mystery and wonder for me. Shadows lurked in unlikely places and they always wanted to play. They taunted me, running away as soon as I could catch them. One day momma locked the door to the upper loft, and I could no longer see my friends.

    By Hailey on 10.14.2012

  17. She had the upper hand and she knew it. Never again would she speak without meaning.
    He was less than before.

    By Lee URL on 10.14.2012

  18. The uppercase letters seemed to be shouting at me, despite the nonthreatening message it spelled out. “I LOVE YOU TOO”. I scrolled down to try and escape the blaring words, hoping to find something with correct punctuation. On facebook however, these chances were slim to none.

    By Jessica URL on 10.14.2012

  19. the top and less commonly known. Those who earn the most and look down at those below. An expensive liquor that probably doesn’t taste better. A book you can’t reach on a shelf you don’t use. Something you may or may not see

    By George on 10.14.2012

  20. Stiff upper lip. And try, really try, but in the end it is futile. There are those times, when despite the circumstance, one must cry.

    By kvm URL on 10.14.2012

  21. upper sky
    take my arms as a sacrifice
    allow this ritual to be one we repeat

    oh, how you welcome me is ever so sweet

    I have heard that when you stare up into the sky
    it is impossible not to smile

    perhaps that is why i am in love with you

    By Justin URL on 10.14.2012

  22. upper class, the hierarchy in society that was characterized in the 192o’s as exceedingly superficial, selfish, and egocentric. Upper, the upper layer of skin, the largest organ of the body that protects from all. i guess in both senses it is superficial…

    By Andrea on 10.14.2012

  23. getting all of my work done. productivity. feeling like i am dating a wizard at a disco biscuits show. writing resumes and cover letters, research projects that are 67 pages long. super fast, super fly, super woman. Won’t stop, can’t stop. Mike Tyson quotes also come to mind.

    By Marisol on 10.14.2012

  24. upper layer of skin, protects us like the rooted trees that surround us.

    By andrep93 URL on 10.14.2012

  25. Upper, way higher,
    There i am
    But under the sun
    Always upper than me,
    Higher than us

    By Danimelo on 10.14.2012

  26. turtlenecks, red leaf earrings,
    she wishes he’d reach over for her hand.
    would you
    could you
    but instead he gestures to the waiter,
    we’ll take a seat on the upper floor,
    on the balcony.
    she sits watching him watch the late night view
    oh, look at the lights glittering across the hills to the sand
    those tides kissing the shoreline under blackened skies
    but how could being together feel so apart?
    would you
    could you
    but she keeps her hands in her lap and bites her lip;
    he glances over at her and his face lights up
    she’s with me.

    By featherb URL on 10.14.2012

  27. higher level of elevation, where are you headed? well that would be the question not mentioning the questioning itself to find yourself questioning what is the highest elevation?

    By raul URL on 10.14.2012

  28. Gabe would always have the upper-hand when it came to things like this, but William was getting there.

    By Talking Tina URL on 10.14.2012

  29. The upper end of the shelf was a desert of dust, each precious object positioned far out of reach to those in the world below was blanketed in the sand of the years, masked and for the most part, forgotten.

    By L. A. Smith URL on 10.14.2012

  30. Oh my gosh I am so not in the upper level with this site. I am kind of freaking out and I know this sucks. I’m sorry! I was caught off guard with this.

    By Sarah Brown on 10.14.2012

  31. It was a part of me. The upper cliffs spilled onto crashing, white waves. No one came here in the early morning. Alone, I left my shoes on the high land and allowed the water to swallow my feet whole. I felt free against the rising sun, and I ran with the ebbing an flowing of the tides. I needed no one, and no one needed me.

    By Marissa URL on 10.14.2012

  32. That side of your mind where thoughts go insane, it takes all your fears and they go down the drain staying layered in unconscious fermented allocations demented to be ridden of your every moments oppression taking seconds from the minutes of every hour of your life, but don’t worry, its alright.

    By Maxx Tepper on 10.14.2012

  33. “Oh man,” Tom said. “My upper lip. God, it smells like carrots. I haven’t had carrots since 1978! The war…”

    By Sarah URL on 10.14.2012

  34. we were roaring. screaming. saying so much in our bursts of hot breath that there was no room for words. we’re all just so connected, the unwatched, the pushed. we’re all just so typical that it burns the skin. and i want out. i want out of this unity of the broken. give me the strength to destroy this universe i’ve been shocked into and swim to the upper world. give me an alternative.

    By Trey URL on 10.14.2012

  35. The upper part of my face was on fire. I had gone from feeling perfectly fine to feeling sick in an instant. If only this mentality would fly out like the vomit that is surely on its way.

    By agloe on 10.14.2012

  36. great better healthy love sun island new-york pacific south japan with you

    By nathalie URL on 10.14.2012

  37. Above, higher than. Upper, Up up and away. A house can be a do-er, upper, places e.g Upper hutt. Upper jaw (i just had some of my upper teeth out). Mary Poppins “lets go fly a kite”.

    By Alice on 10.14.2012

  38. upper case letters are like grown up to me. i never really feel like they are needed. they just control the sentence. what if i want words before you suddenly or even after. i don’t need your authority mister upper case. you can not control me.

    By Mariah URL on 10.14.2012

  39. Upper means not a downer. It doesn’t ruin your good mood or make you sad. It is having a high, but that doesn’t always have to mean drugs. Uppers for me are runner’s high, laughing with friends, and unforgettable moments.

    By Melanie on 10.14.2012

  40. The ball plonked down on the rough fake turf and Lance looked around. The third level of the golf complex was teaming with Japanese males of various shapes and sizes and incomes, though not too low of income. Balls were rocketing out from underneath him as the players on lower levels practiced their shots.

    By Súil Na Soilsiú URL on 10.14.2012