November 27th, 2013 | 79 Entries

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79 Entries for “unthinkable”

  1. Unthinkable, shut out, denied, unthought. All lies. Our capacity to imagine innocence is a critical part of our imagination and human experience. Suspended disbelief is leverage, making it possible to separate out time and space to develop new ideas. It’s like social evolution, tiny isolated islands, laboratories where the rare and new can flourish uninterrupted by the overwhelming reality that we are largely out of control of our world.

    By clayton URL on 11.27.2013

  2. unthinkable is the word, yet the problem is all I can do is think. Is it possible we speed so much time thinking about ourselves that we forget to dream and imagine? What do you think about that? What would it look like if we thought about others? Not ourselves.

    By K on 11.27.2013

  3. to think of the time without you is unthinkable. i love the way you stand in silence without words and taking in whatever i say. shes destined for better things, just not me… i love you.

    By harry on 11.27.2013

  4. whilst in darkness so unthinkable, i surround my self with characters created out of darkness which creep and lurk in the recesses of my mind. its unthinkable. these drugs keep me trapped in a place without out time. I’m defined by unthinkable tides of darkness.

    By Mellow on 11.27.2013

  5. it’s unthinkable to me to be without you. i know i have said it befor about people i now live absolutly fine without. but again, this time it’s more real.

    By Camilla on 11.27.2013

  6. I am the unthinkable. I am all of the ideas that the mind doesn’t bring up, because the mind wishes to keep things sane and normal. I make you question your existence. I tear down the walls of reality you construct to feel safe.

    By Amanda URL on 11.27.2013

  7. Sometimes I think the unthinkable. That doesn’t mean I act on the unthinkable, though. But who hasn’t thought about swerving into oncoming traffic for no other reason but because it’s easy–and unexpected?

    By asavas URL on 11.27.2013

  8. To Kevin Ryan, it was unthinkable that he could be utterly and mercilessly in love with his work partner, Detective Javier Esposito. Too bad his heart didn’t seem to agree. He supposed it made sense, in a way–the heart was responsible for feeling, not thinking.

    By AuroraBlix URL on 11.27.2013

  9. The unthinkable has happened. Who would have thought? I think, therefore I am. Yet, the unthinkable has happened. Why me? Why? Me? Unthinkable. Unbelievable.

    By JoJo on 11.27.2013

  10. unthinkable, that thought whilst lying and dying in bed of whats next. death, or the unknown next…
    personally its doesn’t matter. its just part of the game, the only question left, is what is there left?

    By Harry URL on 11.27.2013

  11. That’s when they did the unthinkable. Little do they know that I can do a whole lot worse than they ever could. I will not allow anyone to walk all over me. I’m not a fucking doormat and I’m gonna show em what this little girl is made of. They did the unthinkable but I’m gonna do the unimaginable.

    By Danielle on 11.27.2013

  12. The unthinkable had happened. She got a job in another country. They paved the way for her paperwork. The company was paying for the plane ticket. Her bags were packed. She couldn’t believe her luck. All her life she had dreamed of moving to Europe but with the current work laws she never saw it happening.

    By Bri URL on 11.27.2013

  13. this happens when you cannot fathom something in your mind. your imagination is so tightly wound that a concept becomes “unthinkable”. It’s a sad word and it makes me feel sad, and it reminds me of my dad and of ignorance in general. Everything should be thinkable, it’s so much fun and such a wild experience to think of everything and anything as often as you can

    By joey on 11.27.2013

  14. Here you are nothing. You simply don’t count. You are here to obey, to accept everything, to keep your mouth shut.

    By drew URL on 11.27.2013

  15. there aren’t words to describe
    this word

    By Ari Fuyumuro on 11.27.2013

  16. un. think. able. You are not able to think. a stressed state. If could couldn’t think, I could die. Thinking is everything for me, although my partner says I should think so much….I should live more in the moment. Not thinking is living in the moment(?). Present.

    By Sophie on 11.27.2013

  17. “Your life is suspended until we pass judgment.”

    The next day was unthinkable. His thoughts didn’t bounce off the cell walls like they did before the trial, yearning for freedom, scrambling into semblance of reason. They simple stopped existing, and he sat on the bed that sagged and smelled of damp. The world was defocused past the bars, as if seen through glasses that were too strong. There was nothing left he could do.

    By Holden URL on 11.27.2013

  18. It was unthinkable. I open up to you. I let you in. I believed that you were a good guy. I trusted you to respect me. I was wrong. I got hurt. You don’t even know how I feel.

    By Marina URL on 11.27.2013

  19. making mistakes…the earth collapsing in on itself…

    By Miss Marino URL on 11.27.2013

  20. The most unthinkable thing that can happen is that the sun that heats us all up will collapse, not become a black hole, suck us in and kill us all. This will happen in about a billion years but if we disrupt the sun then it will happen.

    By Dylan URL on 11.27.2013

  21. Unthinkable. It was so unthinkable. Really unthinkable. I could not even tell, “obi wan join me on the dark side” “we can be friends” anikan took out his lightsword and slashed at obi wan.

    By James Edwards URL on 11.27.2013

  22. Not being able to think…
    The world ending
    No brainier

    By Jordan URL on 11.27.2013

  23. Unthinkable. You tore my heart into pieces. I loved you and trusted you and you said the same thing to me. So why would you go home with Another girl? You have destroyed my heart

    By Jye Hubery URL on 11.27.2013

  24. It was unthinkable that the earth could turn into lava and boil the skies it would be so terrifying and I would be the only one to escape…

    By Tom Murray URL on 11.27.2013

  25. Unthinkable actions are things you wish you could take back but unfortunately can’t. It would be unthinkable to lose something important to you.

    By Mitch URL on 11.27.2013

  26. Unthinkable left me there by myself, all alone and sad. Sometimes when you’re so angry or happy you don’t even think. Being unthinkable can be treacherous or it can be fun and you could be I’m complete happiness. Being unthinkable is normally when I’m just about to fall asleep. I let my emotions fly loose.

    By Toby Newton URL on 11.27.2013

  27. When the most unthinkable thing happens, it no longer becomes the most unthinkable thing and the second best will become the first and then it will be thought about and then it will cause a massive paradox which will kill us all or just make us go insane

    By Dylan URL on 11.27.2013

  28. That you can’t believe this terrible thing has happened to you and there is nothing that you would ever thing would happen to someone like you, and when you try to do something about it you just have a complete melt down, because you are just thinking of what is happening in front of you.

    By Tim URL on 11.27.2013

  29. The moon is falling from the sky. People are screaming and the streets are in chaos. The government is falling apart and criminals are taking advantages of this time. Helpless child’s are looking for there parents in the street. Unthinkable……….

    By Lucas Neumaier URL on 11.27.2013

  30. The Big Bang is unthinkable its something that boggles your mind how was the earth made the planets the moon and the stars and all the galaxy’s how did we get here the first human on earth how nature how the water and the land formed how it all started. Some people who are Catholics believe that god created the earth the animals the land the water and the humans it’s a really interesting topic that really gets you thinking

    By Sticks6101 URL on 11.27.2013

  31. Unthinkable things like the world coming to an end just stopping no more black how could this happen. How unthinkable it would be if dinosaurs came back lava spitting everywhere earthquakes every few minutes.

    By Mitch URL on 11.27.2013

  32. The screams of families as the volcano erupts, screams of terror, screams of sadness. The streets are filled with ash and lava is approaching the city, I tell my family of 3 boys and my wife that I love them and it will be ok. The city is burning, unthinkable……

    By Lucas Neumaier URL on 11.27.2013

  33. The most unthinkable thing is the most unimaginable and then, since imagination is endless, it will be thought of as crazy and will destroy us all and then which will make everything unthinkable since you can’t think of anything.

    By Dylan URL on 11.27.2013

  34. Unthinkable is something that is really bad or something so bad that you don’t want to think about it.

    By Ryan on 11.27.2013

  35. Can’t think about any thing…
    People sit there for ages thinking…

    By Gabe URL on 11.27.2013

  36. This is unthinkable. How could i not know what to write for this website. This has never happened

    By James Edwards URL on 11.27.2013

  37. It is a word that is used to say something is so bad you do not want to think of it ‘unthinkable’. Some things that are unthinkable are floods fires and earthquakes.

    By Jackson brown on 11.27.2013

  38. the problem was bad enough, but the solution was unthinkable… nothing could be worth that level of sacrifice

    By jivehoneyjive URL on 11.27.2013

  39. Nothing is really unthinkable, because even thinking that it is unthinkable is thinking about it. If I said that love was unthinkable, I would be wrong because then I would bethinking about it. It would is like the work indescribable.

    By Claire Torand on 11.27.2013

  40. the first reaction when you meet an accident that you cannot ever imaging that you have to live it because it’s unthinkatable
    so we have to prepare ourselves to be ready for every thing will happen and we have to be ready for the unthinkatable things ….it’s a great step in the life but it’s so hard to realize …..:/

    By rossou on 11.27.2013