November 27th, 2013 | 79 Entries

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79 Entries for “unthinkable”

  1. Why? Why would he do that? It’s crazy. Stupid. Unthinkable. It was such a stupid thing to do, why would he do it? Didn’t he know he’d hurt me more than he ever had before? Didn’t he know I loved him more than I ever thought I could? It was stupid how much I loved him. Unthinkable. And then he went and did something as stupid as this.

    By Andromeda on 11.27.2013

  2. It´s unthinkable that she´ll devote more than 15 minutes before the class to studying. it´s unthinkable that I´m gonna take seriously what she writes. Poor Leila! Poor me!!

    By Antonella on 11.27.2013

  3. He looked around the room. All the personnel here were the top in their fields, they were chosen for that specific reason. Most of them were good friends! But now he had to pick three of them, and tell them to die. There was not enough oxygen, food or power to get them all home, so he would have to ask some of them to make the ultimate sacrifice. Then he absolutely had to get everyone else back to earth safely. Having come this far, failure was unthinkable.

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 11.27.2013

  4. The most unthinkable happened! My bestfriend has asthma! She got an attack on our other friend’s birthday! We didn’t know that she has it! Her father said that she just got it recently!
    I was so nervous! Good thing she has her inhaler!
    How come we didn’t know? Why she didn’t tell us, we don’t know. We are so concerned.
    If she told us then we would know what to do. It’s fine. At least we know know.

    By roze_princess on 11.27.2013

  5. my world fell down in that moment
    all my life, i had thought of them as something impermeable, faultless, unsullied
    nothing had changed
    except me

    By alex URL on 11.27.2013

  6. The future is unthinkable, it feels like it’s never going to appear or come. But, everyday is closer into the future. Many things are unthinkable, such as the bad words that your mommy doesn’t want you repeat at such a young age.

    By Maddy on 11.27.2013

  7. It is unthinkable that she would hit. She reached the limit of her tolerance and could take no more. So, she hit him and ran from the room. She plunked herself on the toilet and cried and cried.

    By Collette on 11.27.2013

  8. Her gray eyes found mine and she gave me a leveled look. “How dare you,” she said, every word escaping her mouth like ice, “How dare you accuse me of such a unthinkable act!” Mrs. Kent clutches at her chest. Dramatic as always, I think.

    Pushing the urge to roll my eyes, I shrugged at her, despite the prickles of fear climbing my spine. “You always taught us to think outside the box,” I give her a grim expression. Pure hatred and shock splays across her face. Her hands grip into fists and she purses her lips until they’re purple.

    Carter lays a hand on my shoulder. I don’t have to look at him to know the hand isn’t for comfort or protection. It’s a warning. I can fight my own battles.

    By Alibay on 11.27.2013

  9. Someone did the unthinkable around half past midnight.

    The unthinkable, not to be thought thoroughly about at all, was named such in order to spare brainpower. The unthinkable, in one way or another, was meant to frighten skeptics, ready the guns of told-you-so-ers, and perpetuate a mythos across the entire town.

    No one knew who had committed the unthinkable that particular half past midnight. That person was unthinkable as well.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 11.27.2013

  10. Pain is unthinkable until you feel it. The unthinkable become the consumable and memorable and sometimes the unforgivable. Emotion swallows hope, the thing that shelters us from this

    By Catherine on 11.27.2013

  11. The unthinkable is something we fear. We cannot be blamed for the unthinkable, the pain and uneasiness it may bring. Mystery and over thinking are consuming

    By Catherine on 11.27.2013

  12. Writing can be a challenge. Unthinkable perfection in its own right. So what keeps us moving forward?

    By Olinda on 11.27.2013

  13. “What you did…it was unthinkable, unforgivable,”
    “I didn’t mean to hurt you, Jazz, I just, I needed-”
    “What? What did you need? Time? Space?
    “No. It doesn’t get to be that easy for you,” she shook her head.”You could’ve just SAID something, Tara. You could’ve said ANYTHING. Instead you just…you disappeared,”

    By S.C. Lovelace on 11.27.2013

  14. I think of unthinkable thoughts while I waste away in silence. Motifs surround the absent memories, connections made unbreakable but invisible.

    By Nimtar on 11.27.2013

  15. The words shot out of her mouth like a proverbial bullet, piercing me center chest. I felt my aorta rip off at the seam. I could only lay there and watch the blood flow out of me like the

    By WhoisRGL on 11.27.2013

  16. It is unthinkable that one would hurt another for gain but it seems we do it every day. Whether it be in sports like boxing or in the corporate arena. Seems such a waste of energy to me.

    By just a girl on 11.27.2013

  17. I feel relief. He is approaching the doorstep now. It was the same guy all along. I have seen the exterior of this house before in pictures.

    He is three paces from the door. But now he is stopped. He is facing the house, not moving his legs at all. I kneel down beside the closest car. He has taken out a notepad and he’s jotting something down. His door keys are in his mouth. What is he writing? Maybe he’s a compulsive list-maker like Kerrigan.
    I pull out the gun I was given and pop him clean in the side.

    By pattinson on 11.27.2013

  18. ‘It’s unthinkable’…..how can you say that?

    ….I’m thinking about it right now.

    “Don’t think about orange!’ you said.

    So now, I think the unthinkable–and it is orange!

    By Chana on 11.27.2013

  19. It was unthinkable what you did to me
    when you threw that basketball and that chair
    calling me a cunt at least 10 times —
    do you know what that word does to people?
    you used items against me that are supposed to
    bring people together
    but all they did was tear us apart.

    By Jessica Tower on 11.27.2013

  20. I did the unthinkable. Yes, I didi. I never thought I had it in me. I know nobody else thought I had it in me. What made me do it? I have no idea. Maybe it was because it was something I thought I’d never do.

    By Bchange.Cchange on 11.28.2013

  21. It was despairing. This wasn’t what he expected as he rode through the trees. It wasn’t how he wanted his day to turn, but at last, the unthinkable happened. The Emperor has been overthrown. And now his people are in danger, grave danger.

    By Emkiu URL on 11.28.2013

  22. the unthinkable thought.
    you think it and then must bury it deep down underneath the layers of words and pictures.
    it cannot be thought. it must not.
    to think of it is to destroy your mind and soul.

    By Julia on 11.28.2013

  23. The moment we shared was unthinkable in that fish tank and I will remember it for 3 minutes but those 3 minutes will have caused me so much bliss that I will jump out of the tank and fly free.

    By Mieke on 11.28.2013

  24. He was very late coming home. He said he was working but I can tell he was lying. What was he up to? I keep thinking the unthinkable.

    By Alexandra on 11.28.2013

  25. on the 14th of july, 1999, kirsten did the unthinkable. leaving her small sister at home, she eloped. her father had always said he preferred eloping. cheaper. economical. less fuss. less white.

    By lottie scaramanga on 11.28.2013

  26. Unthinkable situations are inevitable. There are many things that we don’t have control over, let alone can do. The unthinkable are thoughts that we want to think about but just can’t find the solution to. The unthinkable act, and do. The unthinkable show everything through actions.

    By Jennifer on 11.28.2013

  27. after 48 yrs of marriage, fifty together if you count the 2 yrs we were engaged ,unable to marry without parents permission, because of religious differences; after all the hardships borne together, the laughter, the pleasures of being together when young, then with the children, of all the successes ,all the failures too, it would be unthinkable at the age of seventy that we are now living apart, because we are no longer friends, no longer in love with each other.

    oh yes we still CARE for one another and would rally to ones side in a crisis, but the perametres are set, the rules of engagement set down.
    she is happy, living her life without restrictions and having to think of her partner, she can please herself when she eats, what she wants to eat, what the day will bring and what she will decide to do during that day, no deadlines anymore.
    he almost is experiencing a freedom also, living in his apartment on the coast whilst she remains at the farm, high in the mountains, braving the first wreaths of winter.

    By anthony flynn on 11.28.2013

  28. the universe in it’s depth and reach is unthinkable.Many over the years, scientists and philosphers alike have tried to answer some of the deepest question that our existence provokes, and yet it all boils down to being just, theory. there is no final answer until we depart this earth.

    By brian on 11.28.2013

  29. if I need to write about something unthinkable it may be about love, suddenly, without any reason..

    By duygu e URL on 11.28.2013

  30. What he did to me was unthinkable. More than what he did to me, the damage he caused to my mother’s health and her relationship with me is what boils my blood. There was a point in my life when I couldn’t think of a life without him but now, I wish we’d never met.

    By PeeVee on 11.28.2013

  31. Playing Rugby for my country would have been unthinkable in days gone by, but today, more and more people are able to meet the physical needs of playing the game and this means that international caps are no longer a pipe dream.

    By mike on 11.28.2013

  32. No gravy with the turkey? It was unthinkable. Unimaginable. She offered cranberry sauce, and it was a beautiful thing, all shimmering like a bowl full of rubies, but it was not gravy, and therefore, it was not Thanksgiving.

    By mrsmig on 11.28.2013

  33. In a city like this the whole damn universe seems like a curse. Time is a knife and Space is a stab wound. Darling, I know it’s unthinkable, but around here we’re the closest thing to God we’ve got.

    By drew URL on 11.28.2013

  34. So fine is the unthinkable that we dismiss it in shock sometimes, without reason, without rhyme. When something is unthinkable we make the mistake of thinking it was impossible. Then, that the impossible is unthinkable. We must always try to think the impossible.

    By e on 11.28.2013

  35. if we were bugs, one day
    would not seem so short.

    if we were turtles, a century
    would not seem so long.

    as it is, we’re only human,
    able to be outlived by trees

    and still able to find time
    to complain about being bored.

    (please find me, when i am
    a bird or a coral or a star.

    no matter how many days
    the universe gives me,

    i stop existing and start living
    only when you’re around.)

    By h. b. on 11.28.2013

  36. Something nobody can imagine because it is so magnificent and so beautiful, everybody wants to reach it without knowing what it is.

    By nane on 11.28.2013

  37. you ask me each time i dwindle
    i fall in love with you each time- you ask me
    if i’m thinking about you or what
    and i say i’m thinking about your cuteness
    you held my hand on the backroads
    turkeys flocked before our eyes
    i thought i saw my life flash before my eyes
    turns out it was only love
    flashing back to when i was unable to admit it

    By Hayden on 11.28.2013

  38. It’s really unthinkable not to think about you !

    By Suleman on 11.28.2013

  39. It was unthinkable that we’d have to go days and days alone through the darkness.

    “Not even a lantern?” I asked.

    “No. They’ll see it from a mile away.”

    By WearyWater URL on 11.28.2013