November 16th, 2013 | 67 Entries

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67 Entries for “creativity”

  1. Oh when my creativity peaks I want to stay up for hours and write and write. The problem is I want to get crafty, too and I envision all the things I want to make. Usually it’s the middle of the night and i can’t find the place that is open…nor do I have enough hands to do everything that i want!

    By Guiltless Miss URL on 11.16.2013

  2. Creativity… does it mean weird? Often the two are mistaken…. Nurture the odd thoughts that pass through your head fleetingly. It is those that change the world.

    By Erin URL on 11.16.2013

  3. Wiley beast that hides itself, and in doing so causes frenzied and ultimately futile searching within and without; and when it is of course not found by human hooks and crooks, it causes tearful eyes to be raised to the heavens – Why hast thou forsaken me? – only to be cast to the pit of Despair, threatened by consumptive flames – Buck up, knave, and go forth! Stab it with your steely knife! – But My Lord, Creativity will not be found by one so grasping! And even if it were possible, My Lord, it would not hold still!

    By Miss Alister URL on 11.16.2013

  4. He painted the abyss in the night sky with his hands. With shaky fingers, he slashed galaxies, and with his toes, he dotted millions of stars. And with edged fingernails, he depicted burning meteors.

    By Sophia URL on 11.16.2013

  5. Creativity does not have a respect for time. It calls at all hours: in day and in night, before and during and after work, distracting and claiming your precious time as its own.

    By TimothyTurpin on 11.16.2013

  6. It is important to be creative. You need the creativity to bring something new to the world and what else would be meaning of life than that?

    By Vojtěch on 11.16.2013

  7. While cutting the papers for the origami class, Naka shifted his gaze towards his right. The sunlight was beaming through the blinds of the classroom, shining right onto Mikako’s brilliant brown hair. Her hair was the longest in the class. Longest and waviest. He wanted to sink his face into her hair, feel its toils curl around his face as he would fall asleep in a blissful aura of pine forest.

    By Aya Zain URL on 11.16.2013

  8. Creativity. Stuck like honey to the roof of her mouth. She gagged, chocked, and also spat it out. It was never her strong point. People like her yearned for order and black and white to keep the world from becoming too colorful.

    By Alexis URL on 11.16.2013

  9. Creativity does not have a respect for time. It calls at all hours: in day and in night, before and during and after work, distracting and claiming your precious time as its own. It is ignorant of your social life, of your biological need to eat and to sleep. It is as a fire that burns in one’s breast: an all-consuming flame of passion, shedding light on words that only you can see.

    By Timothy Turpin URL on 11.16.2013

  10. Brain, grey matter flowing, pumping, heartbeat of sparks: its the blue neon to the red, juxtaposition of reality into the idealistic imagination of long lost innocence, clouds swarming, sun rain falling, patter patter; now we’re breathing in the enlightenment.

    By AyeAye12 URL on 11.16.2013

  11. Creativity is a challenging concept. SOme people are creative without even realizing it while for others it may be the hardest thing to do. It’s not constant either. People go between having the best ideas in the world to complete blocks the next day. It’s a neverending vicious cycle. However sdf

    By Paige on 11.16.2013

  12. This is when you think outside the box. One can create original ideas which break boundaries and often inspire others!

    By alison.sellers URL on 11.16.2013

  13. this.

    this is creativity.

    this site.

    this page.

    this one word.

    By kantcstr8 on 11.16.2013

  14. Creativity is writing freestyle w/o worrying about spelling

    By Vixen Black URL on 11.16.2013

  15. Creativity flowed out of me and onto the page. Lines, colors, shapes, all dancing together to form a masterpiece. Hours later, I set my pencils down and looked at what I made. It was me…but not. A face no one, not even I, had seen before.

    By Kristina URL on 11.16.2013

  16. I’m not a very creative person. It’s taken a lot for me to come up with the little words that are already present on this page. Nothing fuels it; not booze, not weed, not women.

    By WhoisRGL URL on 11.16.2013

  17. wow! I can’t believe I came up with that! this wonderful piece done from that pile of junk. It just came to me in a flash like I saw the finished product and I just followed some ethereal directives…

    By Lee URL on 11.16.2013

  18. Creativity is a thought without thinking. Just pure imagination. No filter.

    By Nia on 11.16.2013

  19. it’s like a river, rushing forward as you get caught up in the current. flowing like ecstasy through your veins, pouring out in the form of colours, lines, words. a divine waterfall. flow with it, and life will never be painted dull.

    By firelight URL on 11.16.2013

  20. I got an A for creativity, but not for productivity. I could come up with ideas a-plenty, but I couldn’t be arsed to commit to any of them. I had the blueprint, but not the energy. The plan, but not the crew. I was, in every sense of the word, the visionary of the team.

    So when it came time for us to commit to the government-wide reform project, I was the mastermind. But everyone else who enforced it – they were the ones who got the seats of power, while I hovered in the back, melting in with the shadows.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 11.16.2013


    By hillary URL on 11.16.2013

  22. creativity, cavity, fill the cavity with creativity. Fill it so that creativity flows over the edges, down the sides and puddles around the bowl, once empty,

    By Jennifer Lemming on 11.16.2013

  23. It makes you clever and it is a great way to expresss yourself as a human being. A way to express yourself without having others judge you. It is a way of life. A way of creativity. It makes the world around you beautiful, not perfect but beautiful. Worth while, not worth everything, but worth a lot.

    By Camille on 11.16.2013

  24. I look at them And then I look at me. What am I? What do I do?
    I am worthless.
    Not a sense of creativity.
    No masterpieces
    No true art.
    I am a piece, a stolen piece of everyone else.

    By Skye on 11.16.2013

  25. A way of life to express yourself as a human being. Creativity is what makes our world beautiful, colorful, perfect. How it is. We can express ourselves without being judged. In different ways, sculpture, painting, design, and color.

    By Camille URL on 11.16.2013

  26. creativity is something we search for so often yet when it’s truly found it’s dismissed as absurd or lunacy. it’s the omnipresent and never quite focused treasure we search after but forget about it the name of convenience

    By Becca T on 11.16.2013

  27. is for losers. Is for people who don’t have attitudes, or have more attitudes than I have right now because I feel dead and winterized and stuck in this place and unable to put anything on paper. This even feels like it stinks. I can’t light onto anything, I don’t know if it is because there hasn’t been any reading for me lately or whatever, but I can only seem to be creati

    By abigail on 11.16.2013

  28. is a lost thing in a vast forest of noise that keeps encroaching on what I’m trying to do. Creativity right now is fleeting, and seems only to work in outlining the world in the novel but not in the actual words. nothing is coming, instead of something.

    By Elle URL on 11.16.2013

  29. streaks across the skies
    in banners of blue and white
    illuminated by the silky light of sun and moon.
    today a butterfly, tomorrow a kite.
    a hurricane,
    a cloud,
    a terrible cloud.
    double edged power, this is.

    By Kairn URL on 11.16.2013

  30. is something that is hard to express in this world. It is something people struggle with on a daily basis. I wish I was creative and good enough but sadly I feel as if im constantly failing at life all the time. Creativity is key.

    By Shania on 11.16.2013

  31. create your own world with
    your mind. it doesn’t have
    to flow by time. what other
    ways can you make
    it flow? i’ll show you once
    it’ll happen once
    catch it, fall with it,
    make it your own.

    By Jessica Tower URL on 11.16.2013

  32. creativity would streak these streets
    if the blood would stop pumping for maybe
    five, six seconds or so
    but instead we’ve become accustomed to the taste
    like cheap wine or bad coffee
    it could have been better if we tried
    but instead we’d left it to die just like everything

    By Badger Moore URL on 11.16.2013

  33. Creativity is the ability to rearrange the pieces of the world in a way to convey the world in a way better than the world conveys itself – to provide a microscope into the true essence of the world that we miss in our everyday experience.

    By Amanda URL on 11.16.2013

  34. So this girl always thinks outside of the box. She is so out of the box, that she believes there isn’t even a box there. It’s all in our head. This box. We label ourselves. We don’t realize it, but this girl lives inside all of us. We just have to remove that giant box in our head and just THINK!

    By Lexi on 11.16.2013

  35. Creativity is what makes us all unique. It unites us in our differences.. It suspends our ideas in a concrete form. It shapes the arts and cultures of the planet. It paves the way for us to think outside of the box and question authority.

    By rose mckillip on 11.16.2013

  36. I still remember
    When you asked me to paint you the skies
    And I’d brush hues of blue over
    your canvas of lies

    And I still remember
    When you asked me to paint you the sea
    And how I’d spatter emerald rivers
    Across the pockets
    of your hidden misery

    So I wish you’d remember when
    Hands unsteady
    Unable to see
    I implored you to look, to uncover the me
    You’d so skillfully painted
    with your escapist creativity.

    By S URL on 11.16.2013

  37. Is something I pride myself on having. I mean everyone thinks I can come up with a million ideas a minute. Truth? I can’t. I have no idea where my talent of this beautiful concept has gone but I want it, I crave it. I sit around anxious of when my next idea will hit.

    By Minahil Siddiqui on 11.16.2013

  38. I’d write you a poem. Actually, I already have, several in fact. Too bad they’re all love poems. I tried to stay in the friendship realm, but you’re just too wonderful.

    By MaybeMe URL on 11.16.2013

  39. The world is cold and bleak. It is draining the life out of me. I have lost my creativity. I want to fell happiness. I am looking for inspiration.

    By Marina URL on 11.16.2013

  40. She had a tendency of dazzling those around her with her creativity. She was unstoppable, dynamic. All of the others assumed that it was simply just for the joy of self-expression, but that, like so much else in the world, was wrong. It was to make the noises clamoring in her head—if only for just a little while.

    By WearyWater URL on 11.16.2013