November 16th, 2013 | 67 Entries

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67 Entries for “creativity”

  1. He’d asked me to write him a “Love Letter.”
    And it was within my power to do just that.
    But I don’t like to write the same thing twice in exactly the same style.
    In the end he’ll receive the effort of hours spent sitting on amp, feeling vibrations, feedback
    Tinkering with reverb and rhythm, the hums of future melodies tied to lyrical dream fragments.
    Sounds all made from a place of creativity. Pleasure, pain, joy, longing. A cycle of singing-songing. Fruition is the buzz. Action the catalyst. Reaction the fulfillment. Repetition the way it feels over and over and over again. In your ears, in your skin, in your teeth, and everywhere in between.

    By Intuition on 11.16.2013

  2. “Creativity?” she sighed. “We get marked based on our creativity?” She sighed again. She’d just gone on a 20km bike ride, then studied for her Physics finals, then cooked dinner for six of her friends. And now her teacher wanted to mark their English assignment based on – not good writing or proper structure – but… Creativity?

    At that moment, she had about as much creativity in her as an ordinary slice of wholegrain, thick-sliced piece of toast.

    By Aly on 11.17.2013

  3. Creativity is fun. You can do whatever you want if you have the right creativity. I could draw, if I was creative in that way. I can write, because I am creative in that. Some people dance, or act or sing. Doing anything you want, is in someway creative. I love that everyone has a bit of creativity in them.

    By Cassidy on 11.17.2013

  4. Creativity is fun. Free. Everyone has a little bit of creativity in them. Mine is writing. Some is preforming, and others are drawing. I love writing. It is my creativity. I’m not so good at drawing or preforming.

    By Cass on 11.17.2013

  5. Creativity was on of the words on my “Things to do this year”. The year being 2003. I had vowed to become more creative, learn how to do the splits, publish something and quit smoking. I managed the smoking thing.

    By sharon on 11.17.2013

  6. It’s the ink that pours from your fingers as you scratch at the page, desperate for something to appear before you. It’s the agony that you suffer as you shape and mold yourself with your own hands like a clay sculpture. It’s the bending of the cells in your brain as you attempt to create the unthinkable; turning lead into gold.

    By KT on 11.17.2013

  7. She finished her painting, with a last touch of light blue. She didn’t think much about it, but the colours were so bright she couldn’t help to stare at her creation. Awesome stuff.

    By Icaarius on 11.17.2013

  8. Creativity. I respect it. I yearn for it. I crave it. I don’t know if I I have any talent for it. Just another one of a billion insecurities in my life.

    By smt1 on 11.17.2013

  9. but who limits creativity to
    a realm of empty vodka
    bottles and a circle of
    cigarette butts

    i smoke to fill my lungs with
    something i’m sure will
    kill me because
    i need something to fill
    this emptiness

    and who limits creativity to
    the bathtub of razorblades and
    pill bottles

    i get high to push away the spot
    clouds in my mind because
    the ground is a little
    too dull for me

    and who limits creativity to
    a certain kind of sadness
    everybody is too ignorant
    and says that nobody cares
    until you’re dead

    but i swear to god if you opened
    a book and read between
    the lines, it really
    isn’t about who cares

    it’s about who dares to speak a word


    By Arianna Reiley URL on 11.17.2013

  10. When I am ready to explode, I just need to take my paintbrush and start to paint. It’s not about creativity, but about survival

    By Beatriz on 11.17.2013

  11. im here sitting behind the computer doing what I love. I like to blog and play tennis because it’s good for your body. Here I am still sitting behind my computer and stilly trying to type things that come in my head.

    By isabel on 11.17.2013

  12. He had always lacked creativity but he was intelligent and charming and he gave off the illusion that he was interesting but he didn’t watch the right things and he didn’t read the classics and he didn’t understand art. His biggest fear was that someone would find out

    By Lepo on 11.17.2013

  13. Really? Of all things that I was willing to become creative about, you give me “creativity”? Now I’ve slipped right into theory- and the very necessary examination of irony in the situation.

    Creativity, thou art a heartless bitch who just shot my Right Brain dead.

    By Abhineeta on 11.17.2013

  14. Your creativity knows only the boundaries YOU place upon it.

    By S.C. Lovelace on 11.17.2013

  15. Creativity is everything. without it nothing changes. without change the world stops. and we all are flung into the dark abyss. A place with no sound, no sight, no touch or feel. we are creatures of experience. so create experiences.

    By letsburnthis on 11.17.2013

  16. Trapped and uncreative
    I searched for meaning in you
    and painted your love

    By Sapphire on 11.17.2013

  17. swells
    forget it all
    paint over it

    By mouse on 11.17.2013

  18. This one minute in my day is probably the greatest burst of creativity I have every day. – At least the only one I actually get to write down before I forget it!

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 11.17.2013

  19. I need to work on my creativity. Being a bean counter doesn’t offer much opportunity on a daily basis. Thinking it would be neat to recite one of my favorite poet’s pieces of work. See if I can do the words justice; add that little extra something to make them pop. Practice, practice, practice…

    By just a girl on 11.17.2013

  20. She had no creativity, and was barely coming to terms with it. She would forever be subjected to a life of meaningless jobs that she held no passion for, and all because her creativity was sadly lacking.

    By Amanda on 11.17.2013

  21. It is with great creativity that we find joy in our lives. Be it through music, nature, writing, or our crafts. We all need to find what makes us happy.

    By marylou wynegar URL on 11.17.2013

  22. My writing isn’t very good yet. I need to find creativity for my storyline somehow. Maybe this will help – or maybe not.

    By Alexandra on 11.17.2013

  23. creativity is difficult to generate at will. I believe that it comes from somewhere outside of myself. There are all these ideas floating around and my brain just… catches them. I mean, there is nothing new under the sun right? So I don’t just make up ideas on my own. But I will gladly use them!

    By LaToya URL on 11.17.2013

  24. Humans are animals, and it’s time to celebrate that.

    By Grace on 11.17.2013

  25. using one knife for a five-blade job

    By h. b. on 11.17.2013

  26. Creativity is not something you are born with. It is harvested, nurtured, and developed. All children are artists, but at times society belittles creativity and can even prevent it from flourishing.

    By C Hild on 11.17.2013

  27. this is such a coincidence. today i’ve been trying to find out how to be more creative. i’m constantly upset with myself and how i lack creativity, when it seemingly comes so easily to everyone around me

    By Sarah on 11.17.2013