June 8th, 2013 | 145 Entries

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145 Entries for “undetected”

  1. there once was a case of crimes they called the undetected because they never detected who or what had done it. The case was the case of the undetected squirrel killer and apparently half the populations squirrels were killed by a monster. well years after the case had

    By chloe on 06.08.2013

  2. Is the way I secretly feel when something is so good and then I sabotage my feelings undetectable to other people? I tell myself it is, but what if it isn’t?

    By Evelyn URL on 06.08.2013

  3. The greatest thing about the darkness was that it lent itself so well to concealing those who had affinity for it. I wasn’t one of the strongest or fastest members of our order, but I knew the dark well. It sheltered me from light, violence, and even the sight of others. The bad thing about the darkness was that I had yet to figure out exactly where I was while I moved through it. Sure, I could go anywhere; but, stepping into a shadow on west 76th and then coming out smack dab in the middle of Wellington… that was a bit of a problem. Luckily, no matter where I emerged, I could still hid undetected.

    By MsMoon URL on 06.08.2013

  4. something that noone can tell where it is. not quite how i feel when no one is looking, then i just feel ignored. sometimes people are looking

    By Maxi on 06.08.2013

  5. My ability to write goes undetected. I am not able to put my thoughts-that I personally find to be lovely-

    By aubrey on 06.08.2013

  6. Your smiles go undetected as she looks at the other boy, falling for his eyes, his lips, his smiles and the way he makes her laugh. Your looks go undetected as he talks sweet nothings to her, making her laugh and blush. Your tears go undetected as you go to hide into the bathroom, trying to sound as normal as possible when you see them kissing each other with such a fierce passion. The feeling of your heart breaking goes undetected a you see them, holding hands and kissing in their own wedding.

    By Shaniqua on 06.08.2013

  7. when you do something bad and no one knows so you keep going even though you feel guilty about whatever it is your doing, because you should. you should feel like an ass.

    By leah URL on 06.08.2013

  8. He lies in the shadows with his chest heaving. His eyes shut tightly in fear and desperation – desperation to remain undetected. But he knows that he won’t be able to hide forever. He wasn’t born to be hidden.

    By Tanager URL on 06.08.2013

  9. I am undetected.

    Am I satisfied?

    Am I happy with being looked over, or do I want more?

    Do I want people to notice me, stare at me, and judge me?


    I want neither.

    By Tanager URL on 06.08.2013

  10. He should have known.

    It’s a hairline fracture that almost undoes him, one poor landing in the middle of a fight crackling with power and peppered with bullets. He’s got a mouthful of idiot when one of heir foes goes all Jedi master on them and flings her across the foyer. Out the corner of his eye, Glen sees her land heavily on the cold marble floor, smacking into it on her side with a broken shout that sends chills down his spine. He shouts out a quick “You okay?”, before rounding on the dickwad who thought it was a good idea to go around tossing people. He thinks, as his jaws clamp down on the man’s shoulder with the ever satisfying crunch of shattering bones, that he heard her grunt out an affirmative. He thinks she’s only winded, he gets so caught up in the screams of the mooks and the sound of bullets and his great, flaring wings– the once dazzling room now a mess of blood, feathers and broken furniture– that he doesn’t hear the damp sounds she makes as she struggles to breathe, not until the final man falls limply from his blood soaked jaws.

    He dashes over to her prone form, hooves scrabbling and sliding on the blood-slicked floor.  When he reaches her, there’s bright red blood frothing from the corners of her mouth and she’s barely breathing, more or less drowning. When she notices him, her mouth twitches out of its pained grimace and into something that could be called a smile, but is too sad to feel like one, and she moves a hand towards the left of her chest. Getting the message, he starts to get to work, rolling her onto her uninjured side and manoeuvring her into the recovery position, apologising to her when she hissed or groaned from the pain.

    He should have seen this coming, he should have known. He’d seen her take some heavy hits, but he hadn’t thought anything of it, and now she was paying for it.

    He could only watch as she fumbled with her phone, hating his lack of hands more than ever, waiting to talk for her as soon as she punched in the number for the ambulance.

    By Sixpencewrites URL on 06.08.2013

  11. not able to be seen. to be not seen. to be sneaky. to be stealthy.

    By aj on 06.08.2013

  12. The woman walked into the dark room. After looking around, she sat down in a dusty armchair, and fell asleep. Little did she know, she was being watched.

    By Alyssa Reinard on 06.08.2013

  13. i was undetected from those who wanted to recognize me. there was so much about me that they wanted to discover, but it was a mystery to them. i was gratified for this lack of recognition, this nothing. i could be nobody. invisible. undetected.

    By Habiba on 06.08.2013

  14. The scent was undetected,
    Fragrant unknown.
    It slithered through the room,
    Curled and choked,
    Masked and muffled,
    Yet, in the end,
    Vacancy endured.

    By Ashley on 06.08.2013

  15. I wish that inside my head I could fly under the radar. To be undetected even to myself. I wish that for one day I could see inside my head as though I was an outsider peering through half-closed window curtains.

    By Emily URL on 06.08.2013

  16. He didn’t know how to respond to what was happening to him. She was so much more of a person than he could have ever expected her to be. Feeling ashamed of his prior judgements of this woman, Nathan snuck out of her room undetected and slunk down the street. “How in the hell could I be so stupid” he thought as he walked away from his shame.

    By Steve on 06.08.2013

  17. people can’t see it. it can sneak around without being caught. things that are this can include diseases (std’s lol), burglars, and so on.

    By hannah on 06.08.2013

  18. The undetected scent did not reach Bobby’s nose. He didn’t know about the fire. He didn’t know about his family, his possesions, his entire life gone. He just knew the sleep that enveloped him, soon accompanied by the flames that swallowed him whole.

    By Steve URL on 06.08.2013

  19. she stalked through the night undetected by the guards. once she reached the window she pulled out the collection of tools known only to those of the darker arts.

    By Ali on 06.08.2013

  20. undetected absence trigger happy bedlam. treelined forest crutch, holding your walkway darling, bluerays zapping in figure eights, on the go, yes or no, barefoot masters yappy and swell.

    By Fred Fingery URL on 06.08.2013

  21. She lied there in the bushes, bruised, bleeding, and frighteningly confused. What had she done wrong? Something was amiss, something wasn’t right. But figuring it out in the state she was in, hurt and scared, wasn’t going to happen.

    By Obsessed Writer URL on 06.08.2013

  22. Before the door closes and locks you out, you slip in undetected. I few years ago, I might’ve admired you for your skill. Now I just roll my eyes derisively.

    By WearyWater URL on 06.08.2013

  23. Undetected is not a word in his vocabulary. If it was not what he saw, then it was simply not. In his mind, he saw all, and if it were not so, then no one shall tell.

    We like to keep our secrets after all.

    By YeSomebody URL on 06.09.2013

  24. Cars stream past. People stroll by. Lights, noise, movement. I sit on the bench, undetected. I cry in desperation, undetected. I might as well disappear, undetected.

    By Liz on 06.09.2013

  25. Felicia pressed her back firm against the wall, her breathing rough, her eyes wide in fear and a small whimper trying to force it’s way from her throat. Just down the hall was her counterpart. Her 2P, and she was on the prowl. looking for the small Italian, who for the moment, managed to remain undetected.

    By Elizabeth URL on 06.09.2013

  26. Sometimes I wish I could slip through life undetected. There are so many expirences that I believe would be best done in private or undocumented, no consequences. Going through life just aware of your self

    By Lila Page on 06.09.2013

  27. Riddling through veins and arteries
    Coursing down marrow and mind
    bulging its borrowed and breed mass
    the enemy within

    By gsk URL on 06.09.2013

  28. I walked through the sea of faces,
    and felt as though all eyes were on me.
    It came to my attention, however, I was mistaken
    I was undetected by everyone
    Everyone but you

    By Sarah on 06.09.2013

  29. Through her life Sally went undetected. She passed through the kitchen walls, body translucent and cold, searching for someone who can see her. It has been 60 years and still no one can.

    By Tani URL on 06.09.2013

  30. Ever since she was little Sally went undetected. Every morning since the age of 4, she would walk down the long corridor of her house, hearing the cascading water as her mother took a shower and the footsteps of her father leaving to work. The kitchen would always be dark, except for the slit between the curtains that let a thin ray of light in.

    Sally walked toward the cabinets and grabbed a bowl and a box of cereal.

    A loud tapping sound came from the corridor. Her mother’s heels.

    By Tani URL on 06.09.2013

  31. riding under the radar smooth moves in a shadow of unanswered questions. you make me want to look inside you. out of the blue, made the castle our home without any warning. without warning, im surprised every morning.

    By kelly on 06.09.2013

  32. most of our underhand dealings, and all of us cannot deny we have them, are presumed by us to go undetected. Sad to say, experience tells a different story.

    By Raul de Sousa on 06.09.2013

  33. My feelings for you always go undetected.
    You see me in the hall ways and you never realize the way I look at you.
    The way I wanted you to look at me too.

    My feelings for you always go undetected.
    The way you neglect me crushes me inside.
    The way you acknowledge me ignites a fire.

    My feelings for you always go undetected.

    By Millster on 06.09.2013

  34. nobody detects who i really am people just see what they see sherlock is a detective a good one and doesnt leave anything undetected

    undetected metel for a metal detector

    By lily on 06.09.2013

  35. She snuck out undetected. The sky was blue outside the walls, and the mud on her cheek and filthy tunica, which by the way was too large for her, whisked away in the fresh wind, and she felt herself being renewed by the smell of fresh grass and nature that came with it. She closed her eyes for a moment to take in the scenery. Then she began climbing down the hill.

    There weren’t much to go on, what the meadow could offer were scarse and she was starving. Not that the Locker served anything better. A bowl porridge everynow and then in exchange for their freedom, or the occasional baked potato. Her favourite were the fish platter. Meredith came upon a stream earlier and figured she’ follow it whereever it went. Maybe it flowed to the ocean? Or maybe even a town? She had no idea, but if it was something she was certain about, it was to get as far away as possible from the Locker. And a more urgent issue, finding something to eat. She remembered Henry talking about foraging the last time they shared cell. His family ran a bookshop, but she thinks his interest for it peaked when he was put in the Locker. He had said that you first of all needed a tool, and without it you’d be screwed.

    By SandyTree on 06.09.2013

  36. It’s undetected, hidden, closed. We can not see it, it’s like a small box that has never been opened and inside it lies a small flower sleeping until the end of times.

    By Liya on 06.09.2013

  37. I don’t know how you went undected by me for so long. You were one of the same flock of people. You were part of the same wave of people. You were nothing that drew my attention in anyway.
    Until one, day, I heard someone ask, “Is anyone else sitting here?”, and I looked up to see your face.

    By Amanda URL on 06.09.2013

  38. The shadows slip through the night undetected, their murderous intent unknown. Like dark knives of stolen breath they slide through the halls, lethal, the only sign of them the bare shine of teeth glowing in what little light there may be. Knives blackened by fire, they are as invisible as their masters.

    By Serryphae URL on 06.09.2013

  39. well you can say that I’m nearly invisible in school, except for these three situations
    1. When some kind of english project is coming up
    2. When the track meet is coming up
    3. When my class mates need/want to go to my dad’s work place.
    I don’t object to how my classmates treat me, but some times, I hope that…..I was considered more importantly/differently.

    By thedarkestsheep on 06.09.2013

  40. Its easy, all you have to do is go undetected. Incognito so to speak. They’ll never know what hit them. Go, bring the fight to them.

    By John on 06.09.2013