June 8th, 2013 | 145 Entries

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145 Entries for “undetected”

  1. I DON’T think my attraction is undetected, so I don’t know what how you’re reacting means.

    By Jason URL on 06.08.2013

  2. Well, that’s easy, I thought. I just say “hi, how are you?”
    So, I said the words, and immediately was faced with penetrating, crushing silence. No response. Uh, hello?

    By Katie on 06.08.2013

  3. It sniffed and somehow, I knew this was sniffing in the way that one sniffs for a bit of meat or food, something one devours and eats. I crouched hidden and prayed and prayed and the creature moved on… I felt safe again.

    By Molly on 06.08.2013

  4. She crept around the corner, then peeked out to spy on the octet as they played the first bars of their Mendelssohn. Letting only a fraction of her face show, she watched their eyebrows as they leaned in for a piano section.

    In the next room, she heard the unpretending joy of her own Beethoven quartet as the other three effortlessly passed around their quick, lively melodies. The music seemed not even to miss its fourth player.

    By Simone URL on 06.08.2013

  5. Undetected- what is that? My life? My Friends? What? I must be having a bad day, I can’t think of all the normal things that usually bring me joy. They are “undetected”. Maybe I should go back to bed and sleep some more and then start over tomorrow!

    By Jackie on 06.08.2013

  6. Undercover, no one can see or read it. No need to worry. No one can tell me it’s wrong. I’m under the radar.

    By zzzzz on 06.08.2013

  7. Had trouble with this one. Too, much thinking!

    By Jackie URL on 06.08.2013

  8. that’s what they say when they mean, “we missed it. It was too small, and we weren’t paying enough attention.” Whether it’s a tumor, an affair,or an addiction, when someone is in denial of their misbehavior or indifference.

    By Beth on 06.08.2013

  9. The man walks around his own house undetected. His wife and son have forgotten that he was leaving work early. He surprises his wife by walking in with flowers, only to see she is with another man. And his son approves.

    By Lauren on 06.08.2013

  10. How did you
    go undetected?
    there is no way
    I could have objected
    I couldn’t
    have suspected
    Just ask
    you wont be rejected

    By Aley URL on 06.08.2013

  11. How it was that they passes undetected through the checkout was unbelievable. The kid had a toy up his shirt! But, sure enough, when we got home, there he was, playing with the toy that he had stolen with none of us being any the wiser.

    By DeionDakota URL on 06.08.2013

  12. There was a butterfly at the mall but it went undetected. it was so lovely yet no one ever saw it. it went undetected in manly places other than just that mall though. even by the flowers. it was on a flower yet the flower didn’t notice. This made the butterfly very sad because it just wanted to be loved and noticed.

    By Becky on 06.08.2013

  13. It was an undetected illness. They told me he would be fine, because when he went in they couldn’t tell he was that sick. It just looked like the common cold, but when a couple weeks passed by he started getting terribly ill and no one knew what kind of cold would make him like that. It was tragic, and he went to bed, the next morning I woke up, and he was dead.

    By Rose Witcher on 06.08.2013

  14. Smooth, under the radar. Without losing your mind you duck under the film of scum that is the hive mind searching for your inner core. They won’t find you and you’ll pull them underground to see face to face the damage they’ve wrought to people’s lives. Those forgotten on the high ground.

    By zinger on 06.08.2013

  15. I screamed.
    I cried.
    I shouted.
    The murder went undetected.
    With invisible blood, there was no evidence.
    When no one ever cared, there was no one to notice.
    The murder went undetected.

    By Ebony Bird URL on 06.08.2013

  16. Undetected,I slipped through Wal*Mart with the 72″ flatscreen Tv.

    By A False Terl URL on 06.08.2013

  17. Abbey sat in the shadowy corner of the middle school’s southern most doorway.

    By A False Terl URL on 06.08.2013

  18. I am always undetected to the world. No one notices me at all and everything I do is always unnoticed. It is like I am not even there in the world and I am nothing. Maybe I am nothing, an empty shell of someone who will forever be unnoticed, or undetected.

    By Norma on 06.08.2013

  19. sdg

    By An on 06.08.2013

  20. He slid through the door, undetected and unscathed. The receptionist at the desk was preoccupied with the chip in her nail polish to notice the shadow stealthily creeping behind her. He was so close; there was nothing to get in his way, except the guard dog.

    By N URL on 06.08.2013

  21. She sat in the back of the room, undetected. No one noticed her, not the boys laughing in the front or the girls gossiping on the side. The teacher prattled on and on like a drone, and the girl, quiet and unnoticed, was daydreaming.

    She was undetected, and she liked it that way.

    By Rose on 06.08.2013

  22. They slipped through the doors surprised. “Why didn’t-” Jacob started to ask, but, then he just kept going. Even if they passed the alarm system undetected, it didn’t mean they had all the time in the world.

    By K Bess on 06.08.2013

  23. I never knew it would be there. My mother found it first, hiding surreptitiously behind the cabinet. My father’s legacy, the meaning behind the disappearance- none of us would ever know why– or so we thought. Turns out we were wrong.

    By Jordan on 06.08.2013

  24. The undercover agent sat in his car, waiting, watching. He’d been stalking this same man for months on end, trying to catch a glimpse of how he worked, his motives and routines. The images of his countless victims flashed through his mind, the adrenaline making them all the more vivid. Tonight was the night; he would catch him in the act, the killer known simply as “The Undetected.”

    By Ashlynn on 06.08.2013

  25. un traceable and not detectable and un sencored. badass ninjas can be this.

    By Jayme on 06.08.2013

  26. Undetected, she creeped through the night streets, guided only by the light of the moon. Went straight up to the door and knocked, long and loud, looking round to make sure no one came up to her in the night and asked her where she was going.

    He opened the door, frowned, said, “what do you want? who are you?”

    “I… I wish to talk to Mr. Jumison.” she said, hesitating.

    “Come in, then.”

    By Maria URL on 06.08.2013

  27. a spy hiding in the dark of night, a thief, that bit of stray hair, aliens, life, when you go to the bathroom at night when everyone else is asleep and no one is around to hear or see you. does that mean that you do not exist? perception is everything and if no one perceives you then you are undetected and do not exist.

    By Jennifer He on 06.08.2013

  28. She slinked into the grove undetected. If she played her cards right no one would ever discover her. This was a true case of art imitting life. Undetected, unworthy, unknown.

    By Tracey URL on 06.08.2013

  29. A spy, clad in black, slinking along the shadows. No matter how many cameras swivel their heads in their search, he will go on undetected. He is but a flash, a figment, a mirage.

    By A.C. Rooks URL on 06.08.2013

  30. The microphone had laid undetected under her bed for the last eleven years. She only found it when she was throwing out the clothes her father had told her to keep for her children.

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 06.08.2013

  31. “Daddy!” my daughter cried. “Theres a monster under my bed!”
    I got up off of the couch and walked to her room, looking.
    “nothing there!” i announced. I never checked the closet.

    By riley on 06.08.2013

  32. His feelings for me. Were undetected. I told him how I felt but..he told me he didn’t love me the way I loved him. “I’m sorry Dirk..I just feel that way.” Maybe I’ll prove to Jake that he loves me. Someday.

    -Damion D

    By Damion URL on 06.08.2013

  33. we slipped right through their radars, we were behind the moon, our eyes the size of the moon but we couldnt be bothered to stop and instead we continued thinking and giggling and spiraling towards lizards while musing about the veins on my hand who look older than i actually am like they are snakeing around under my skin.
    exactly that.

    By berenique URL on 06.08.2013

  34. His feelings for me. Were undetected. I told him how I felt but..he told me he didn’t love me the way I loved him. “I’m sorry Dirk..I just feel that way.” Maybe I’ll prove to Jake that he loves me. Someday.

    By Damion URL on 06.08.2013

  35. I sat undetected in the moonlight waiting for Paul Revere. He came riding on a horse as black as the night blanketing the moon. He gave me the message and off I went to warn and my town.

    By Brooke URL on 06.08.2013

  36. Slipping through the doors to someone else’s private world is a skill some people have and some don’t. Those who do it well can do it undetected, and this scruffy man in the threadbare navy jacket could do it within fifteen minutes of meeting someone.

    By ISOreality URL on 06.08.2013

  37. My mind went blank. I was sure that they would find me out. My eyes strained to see ahead, but my heart pumped my blood so hard to my head that the blackness started taking away my sight. But I went up to the door, passed through, and left the building unscathed and undetected.

    By Erica Slogar on 06.08.2013

  38. “How do we go undetected?” the kid asked.
    His sister hushed him as she walked into the room in tiptoes.
    “What do we do now?” the child repeated.
    “Shut it.” she said.
    The alarm went off and the police came.
    Their father came and took them away, never to be seen again.

    By Rawr means I love you URL on 06.08.2013

  39. the demise of knowledge went undetected for a while. she had no idea that she allowed it to slip away from her. time had a tricky way of softening the blow of ignorance and disconnect. she thought she still had it til she was forced to put it to the test. she didnt have it at all. she had lost in and could only hope it wasnt forever

    By Safon URL on 06.08.2013

  40. i ran into the night swiftly. There werte several hidden leaf village men hidden in the brambles. But I knew they were there, disguised, undetected. With my right arm, once surrendered unusable by a Sand Village ninja, I grabbed a shuriken and threw it at the tree. The ninjas in the leaves of the

    By Jessica on 06.08.2013