June 8th, 2013 | 145 Entries

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145 Entries for “undetected”

  1. i had to walk past my mum undetected so as to not wake her up as she is a really light sleeper…but i really couldnt sleep that day so i decided to go into the next room and watch the big bang theory!!

    By divya gupta on 06.08.2013

  2. I had to tell the story to the kids. I thought I was going to be undetected. Unfortunately both of my little kids felt my saddness and started crying.

    By Khadija61 URL on 06.08.2013

  3. The leak in the pipe went undetected for over a week and it undermined the foundation of the building. This resulted in the formations of cracks along the bottom of the wall.

    By victor URL on 06.08.2013

  4. Nobody does things undetected. No matter how much you plan your actions, somebody will always no, even if it is somebody with no sort of interest in you. Nevertheless, who cares if somebody knows what you´re doing, you shouldn´t care what others think about you.

    By Sara on 06.08.2013

  5. I was walking through a park, looking at all the people around me. I realized how I would go through life utterly undetected; there was no importance to my life. There was no meaning. I was nondescript and plain, but that didn’t

    By Raven on 06.08.2013

  6. you worry about the things you can’t see
    you ignore your two hands in favor of news reports
    of science journal articles and magazine factoids

    By smnthbll on 06.08.2013

  7. the desire passes through the firewall,
    undetected in the midst of the storm,
    but later revealed to the new possessor of the virus,
    when he finds himself itching at a scab he thought was healed
    picking and picking until he bleeds himself to death.

    By Alex URL on 06.08.2013

  8. I was housesitting and was certain all of my activities would go unnoticed and undetected, and yet, the people who said they trusted me above everyone else were checking in on me. Not that I was doing anything wrong, but if their dog couldn’t go, neither could I. Jerks.

    By A. on 06.08.2013

  9. It was the middle of the night, back alley way. No one knew he was there. No one even knew is name.

    “This time tomorrow, I’ll be gone.”

    Ramble on wind of the night, ramble on.

    By Lee Bishop on 06.08.2013

  10. I’d tried to ignore the deafening yells of my empty wallet. Looking for meaning and bills to fill it’s abyss. Yet I pretended that bills didn’t exist. That need didn’t exist. Only my desire for material felt real. My hunger was only satiated by partaking in consumerism.

    By Ruben URL on 06.08.2013

  11. A small boy tipytoes down the stairs in caustion. Inching towards the kitchen where his prize awaits. Cautiously he slowly opens the creaky door. His hand snakes out and grabs it and he hurries back out.

    Back in the safety of his room, his brother asks him
    you got it?
    yea, I got the cookies

    By Evan URL on 06.08.2013

  12. Undetected- the word that implies:

    By Siena on 06.08.2013

  13. Mysterious creative mind that is floating through thoughts that people are unable to see and unable to feel. Just you. So that you’re undetected.

    By Alex on 06.08.2013

  14. There’s a policeman. You see him. How can you run? How can you escape? Is there a way? You have to find, he’s just around the corner. Suddenly you look the other side. There’s a stair that leads to the building!

    By claudia on 06.08.2013

  15. we were below the radar, we moved by night, sleeping in the day. ran along abandoned rails, waded streams, back and forth to throw off our pursuers, if there were any left.

    By Lee URL on 06.08.2013

  16. It cheats to not see all hidden secrets.
    Those lies were not held highly when in sight.
    Used again with no one able to detect.
    The single man is always going to be right.

    By Bardley URL on 06.08.2013

  17. sherlock holmes crime crimnal hidden not found, mystery, mysterious, book, novel, tv, television, show, episode, movie, CSI, law and order, secret, pr

    By Kaitlan Marlow on 06.08.2013

  18. As she was lying on the bed she realised that this is going nowhere. She always regretted those times she didn’t do anything. Now she could do something. Something she might regret doing but this time for sure she can’t regret not doing it. She quickly looked at him, lying in peacefull bliss next to her, quietly stood up and undetected walked out the door. Forever.

    By Cydoniac URL on 06.08.2013

  19. The undetected detective detected a detectable detection. So the detective undetectedly went to the dectected detection. However, while undetectedly detecting, the detective was detected and attempted to undectectedly escape.

    By Steve on 06.08.2013

  20. It’s great to go undetected.. But it can be a pain too… As always two different things are associated with this.. The bad things want to go undetected and the good want to not go so.. But then, things happen the way it does and hence LIFE

    By Ramachandran on 06.08.2013

  21. The shadow slipped through the smallest of crevices and travelled almost without being uncovered, if nobody sensed and knew of his terror. Where in the fuck is she?, he commonly attempted to scream, soon remembering his lack-of-face bore no mouth. He constantly lost her and was becoming very desperate, so much so that his consumption rate of others had increased almost threefold . Even the trail of warmth she unwillingly left behind her seemed to cool and vanish before he could detect it.

    By Meg URL on 06.08.2013

  22. I don’t know what this is all about. But I guess the reason I’m still writing is that I wanna see if there’s some hidden meaning behind all this. And when it’ll reveal itself, It’ll be awesome to know what it is I suppose.

    By Hasham on 06.08.2013

  23. I have been able to maneuver this world undetected thus far. Though I know some day, the jig will be up, I continue to walk among the living with a smile and a gait that disguises my true self. One day I will have to tell them all, who I am.

    By Fender2010 URL on 06.08.2013

  24. he went undeteted, nobody knew who this man was. And that was the way he wanted it. Secretly he walked through school, he looked tough, nobody messed with him and thats the way he wanted it. Nobody asked questions, which was good. Safer for them, until one stupid girl changed it all.

    By Natasha on 06.08.2013

  25. “You’ll sneak in undetected and open the gate and, when you give the signal, I’ll lead the main force in here while Tanner and Gwaren lead the secondary forces in here. See?”
    I squinted at the map, eyes narrowing with suspicion. “So basically, it all hangs on me ta get from one side of an impenetrable fortress ta the other before this patrol reaches this side of the wall, spots me, an’ raises the alarm?”
    He shrugged slightly, clearly nervous. “Basically? Yeah, that’s the plan.”
    I grinned wide. “Sounds like fun.”

    By S.C. Lovelace URL on 06.08.2013

  26. It slunk into her heart one night, as she was lying awake staring at the shapes the trees made outside her window. That night she began to feel different for the first time, though she didn’t know why. That night she started to realize that she was lonely.
    Emotion undetected.

    By LILYhibiku URL on 06.08.2013

  27. the roof of your mouth was barbed wire and i slipped down your throat like a silent tablet. you put that mask on, i feel the elastic laceration through your hair and i am incredibly empty under your gaze, i am space. smaller than a galaxy.

    By Katia URL on 06.08.2013

  28. my crush, my love for that bad boy in the leather jacket, the wanderlust coursing through my veins, air blue, ozone filling my lungs, it’s euphoria, soul pulsing it’s beating it’s alive i’m undetected, the girl with the death kiss, the femme fatale is undetected.

    By Karou URL on 06.08.2013

  29. slipping undetected past the security desk, I pulled the rope from my satchel and prepared myself for the long ascent into the unknown.

    By Gigantor URL on 06.08.2013

  30. In spite of everything that he did to draw undue attention to himself, he remained, sadly, involuntarily, undetected.

    By zee URL on 06.08.2013

  31. the throttling shake of the noise downunder rattles the lazy in my elbow. I am free and loose and noble as a horse. but nobody sees through the silk painted screen I hang in my door, so nobody knows where I’m thinking.

    By leah URL on 06.08.2013

  32. “If we use the velcro shoes I invented,” Lisbeth snapped, “then we can sneak into Letterman’s mansion undetected.”


    She sighed and shook her fist at Hammel. “You don’t listen,” she scowled. “The shoes have been equipped with astute stealth capabilities. They make no sound. They leave no prints. And they also carry a electronic signal in them that can corrupt burglar alarms like as solar flare.”

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 06.08.2013

  33. We walk through this world with a hidden heart, hoping to slip through undetected, untouched and never broken hearted. Only to come to find that even the hardest, most ruthless human being has weaknesses. The realization comes as a slap in the face, you are not invisible. In fact, you are in the spotlight of your own story.

    By mysqlgrl URL on 06.08.2013

  34. He stood behind the wall; hoping to stay undetected. His heart raced and he hoped she did not see him. From a distance she was always lovlier

    By Elri on 06.08.2013

  35. Do you know how many murders go undetected? It’s kind of scary when you think about it. International waters, deserts, there are still places without eyes. You start to wonder when the eye of the camera will go blind, get blurry, tired, sleep. Maybe this world isn’t for humanity. Sleep is our weakness, and our eyes close if we let them.

    By HoldenLyric URL on 06.08.2013

  36. I can’t just live withou living a trace of my being there. I need to leave something, a footprint of help, endurance and joy for just everybody. That’s why I teach. I might never have a kid, a tree and a book, but I definitely will not be undetected.

    By Hiroshi Ikamune on 06.08.2013

  37. I’ll be here,
    the lamplight shining when the bulb burns out
    I’ll be
    waiting for your tears from the end of the book,
    as laughing pages flip
    I’ll be
    dreaming for you the nightmares
    I prayed would ghost away
    and let you close your eyes
    I’ll be
    perched on the side,
    when your pale thin limbs
    whisper your last words
    I’ll be here
    (as long as you know my name
    and I can exult yours)

    By Saudade URL on 06.08.2013

  38. She moved stealthily through the building, undetected by the guards on duty. She was looking for the final piece of the puzzle and knew it was in the building. Where in the building was the question. It was a good thing that she had mastered the art of remaining undetected years ago.

    By Cassie URL on 06.08.2013

  39. i want to be undetected and unseen.
    i want to go about life with no attention
    because what if by chance i get bad attention

    By celeste cervantes URL on 06.08.2013

  40. Undetected. It means something is not detected, like the internet, or your phone number. A lot of things are undetected. In fact, the whole world is undetected! And that is why I LOVE the word undetected. It describes every one of us. Every one of our skills and talents, our love for the things we love, our hearts! But, you see, undetected can be bad, too. You can be undetected. You can end up with the wrong parents if you are undetected. Well, that is probably VERY unlikely, but it can happen. THE MORE YOU KNOW…

    By Andrea on 06.08.2013