November 25th, 2010 | 187 Entries

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187 Entries for “understood”

  1. I understood my mother today
    but didn’t understand why my friend didn’t get my point.
    He doesn’t understand what I mean
    I don’t get it
    I don’t understand

    By Jaci on 11.25.2010

  2. misunderstood to understand
    to know
    to feel
    to feel
    to love
    to try and understand love is impossible
    but the want to know and to understand is right
    for if you try to understand your human
    and if not then god only knows what you are.

    By Mike Karkoski on 11.25.2010

  3. He understood. He understood my reluctance to life, and to him. He got that I didn’t want to do certain things, and that those things were just too old, and too mature for me. He understood that he just had to wait and not pressure me. I can’t thank him enough for that. I’ve had many guys before in my lifetime, but never one that understood. Not like him anyway. He was different. A good different.

    Okay. Enough of this crazy talk. Understood? Pshht. Yeah right. He understood just as much a parent understands a depressed teenager. Not at all. I can’t even believe I just put that he was different and that he understood. What a cliche. He pressured and fought, and was the most un-understanding person I’ve ever met. Pfft. Understood. What. A. Lie.

    By Kristen URL on 11.25.2010

  4. misunderstood

    By me on 11.25.2010

  5. It is understood and universally accepted that we should treat each other with respect. But what happens to people when they lose this idea, this civility towards each other? What do they say to themselves that makes it right?

    By Peaceable on 11.25.2010

  6. a formulaic retrieval of knowledge.
    an emotional gathering of stimuli.
    picking up all the eggs and putting them in your basket.
    jesus christ was a zombie.
    let’s celebrate by chiming the wedding bells and living happily clever after.

    By Rebekah on 11.25.2010

  7. she felt that she would never be understood that no-one would ever take the time to know her-her likes, dislikes fears, insecurities, joys. she knew

    By Sarah on 11.25.2010

  8. I just don’t get why they don’t understand why Elements and Balance isn’t a deity, Sheshawnii isn’t a tribe. I don’t understand why magic is so weak here, or why it takes so much explanation for a simple thing that they’ll just end up swinging a sword at anyway. Why does it matter, why doesn’t it matter. Why don’t I understand?

    By Phee URL on 11.25.2010

  9. its a nice dialog ….sounds like a army person

    By sailaxmi on 11.25.2010

  10. And finally, after all this time of feeling so alone, I felt like I finally had someone who understood me. And not just the “me” that I pretended to be. No, that was a mask I put on for everyone else. This girl understood ME.

    By Jodi URL on 11.25.2010

  11. Meow the way I understand the word I use to describe myself would have to be catlike. I jump from tree all, nimbly-bimbly like. I drink milk from a saucer. Meow!

    By Hunta on 11.25.2010

  12. It’s understood there is no time to fly. No time for flight. It was understood, at least by the smallest of the three sisters that desperately tried to.

    By Rafael Zamudio URL on 11.25.2010

  13. I sometimes feel understood. sometimes i dont. what is “understood”. is it somebody saying “i understand” and actually meaning it or is it someone knowing every reason behind every thing you do and knowing why those reasons are there, there are many different ways to interpret it.

    By Una on 11.25.2010

  14. i wish I understood what was really going on with this situation. This is one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do with you, understand you and what you want with me and with my life and I know you are trying to understand what I want with you and your life but really I can barely understand me and my life as it is and where it is going…I wish I understood. Understood.

    By Dre on 11.25.2010

  15. I have never tried to be understood. I just tried to be myself and hoped people would love me for who I am. But then I became a mother and understood how important it is for a little one to understand how much I love him or her.

    By Brown Mom on 11.25.2010

  16. I never understood the word “understood”. Sometimes I think most people don’t really “understand” anything. All anyone really “understands” is what’s for lunch.

    Turkey sandwich, if you were interested.

    By Nick on 11.25.2010

  17. “Brush your teeth.” “Look both ways before you cross the street.” “Don’t chew with your mouth open.” She heard this day in and day out. Running away from home at 15. Pregnant at 16. Then, finally, at 17, with a newborn baby, she understood.

    By Graham on 11.25.2010

  18. “understood.” Said that all to eager daughter.
    She sat at the table, answering all my questions flawlessly.
    Tears in the right places, silences when they were needed; she must have had a formula to it.
    A formula to beat me. I smiled. It’s going to be alright.
    That was when I slid the knife across her pale pristine throat.
    The bright red contrast was too much.
    “That’s for lying.”

    By Cody on 11.25.2010

  19. she understood that she was alone at that moment and there was nothing she could do to change that. it was understood that what she’d done, was the reason for her punishment. if only she hadn’t left that night. if only she could have known what was to come of her decisions.

    By herm on 11.25.2010

  20. i understood what this page was dealing with, but then I realized that I didnt. so now im just writing randomly. writing randomly. thats what im doing. cuz i didnt understand. i had not understood. thats how this is working. not understanding. i understood that this was a fun thing. i guess…………………….

    By Matthew Ramon Thomas URL on 11.25.2010

  21. i think i misunderstood. I thought it was a dream–that you’d be back before i knew it. that this was just something for my portfolio. that this was all just a sick joke. i misunderstood. i didn’t realize this was real. i didn’t realize you’d be gone forever and i’d have no chance to say goodbye. i misunderstood. i thought you were kidding when you made that joke. I thought doctors knew what they were doing. if i had known, i would have been different. i never would have left that hospital room—i misunderstood.

    By Jessica Speaks URL on 11.26.2010

  22. Something has a meaning of perception of things, towards any thing that is seen, heard or perceived by the human mind. It is a way of communication and to pass on the knowledge about hard fact that needs to be pass down to generations to learn

    By Pinal Mehta URL on 11.26.2010

  23. She spoke such soft words, almost silent. He understood.

    By Alma URL on 11.26.2010

  24. I try to be understood by the people and it seems that none can get along with me. I am too smart for all you guys and i can help but think that stupidity reigns in this world!

    By George Trygas on 11.26.2010

  25. I wish i was understood. The world around me is misunderstood. Our world is deaf to the sound it makes and blind to it’s own beauty. Understanding is key to acceptance and peace, but first the world has to wake up and see it.

    By Mary Henson on 11.26.2010

  26. More like misunderstood. he never really understood a single thing about me. That’s what pushed us so far apart. I just want to be understood. Not seen for the person that everyone pushes upon me. To be understood… That is joke.

    By Lindzey on 11.26.2010

  27. I understood nothing and everything, I glimpsed the void, I saw came went and am always going. I understand that there are things beyond my knowledge and things I can know but what I don’t know is the key to the minds of others. I wish I could know this for then I could get a date on Friday night.

    By aaron on 11.26.2010

  28. It’s understood that in the wider world of Anstone, thoughts and dialogue pertaining to the days of old, such as the Black Day of Secrets and the Night of a Thousand Daggers, should not be relayed in public.

    By Scarlet URL on 11.26.2010

  29. I have always understood that my friends are the best persons that whom could i share my problem with.They always make me happy beyond satisfaction and they are the best.

    By Srivathsan URL on 11.26.2010

  30. “I am not to be questioned EVER again, understood?” Deviant growled, holding her cane over the battered and bruised body of her underling.

    By Ninja URL on 11.26.2010

  31. She rand down the stairs, hoping to meet him on time. It was understood that they’d meet in Copley Square, but, as usual, she was late. Very late. By five years in fact.

    By wemuma URL on 11.26.2010

  32. I have understood what you told me, but I didn’t like it. I think I deserve it. I love you. I think you cannot understand me, but still I want to try it with you.

    By Waldo on 11.26.2010

  33. stood under not stood enough food is the heart of life. What is understood is not necessarily the best thing in life what is real actual or so.
    What is said was not the thing understood in fact it was the opposit and that was how misunderstandings so often happened.

    By emmalou URL on 11.26.2010

  34. I always felt like she never understood anything about me or the reasons why certain things or the ways they were done were important to me. Now I know for sure.

    By Josh Cooley URL on 11.26.2010

  35. I understood what you said… totally… but that doesn’t stopping me from ignoring your intentions… you see, before Abraham was, He is… and nothing else matters…

    By bernerd URL on 11.26.2010

  36. I love blogging

    By cherry URL on 11.26.2010

  37. Illusion of the mind being totally and absolutely in possession of the truth about something or some concept This word is in itself a concept and therefore beyond any truth.

    By Kirsten on 11.26.2010

  38. ?!” she shouted at him. He felt embarrassed and the whole class burst out laughing. He’d never forget that synergy was bull and that 4+4 didn’t equal 5.

    By WaysoftheForce URL on 11.26.2010

  39. Understood…I am the only one who can understand you. I know what it’s like and I know where you’re coming from. I want to embrace you, I want you to know that I’m ok with you and that I’m not like the others; I won’t bull you. I feel that if more people felt understood, the world might be better…oh, how corny.

    By Emily URL on 11.26.2010

  40. If I had understood what I was doing, I wouldn’t have done it. But it was too late — years too late — before it became clear to me that I had messed up my life by having….No. I won’t say it. It is too awful.

    By Terese on 11.26.2010