November 25th, 2010 | 187 Entries

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187 Entries for “understood”

  1. to be understood is rare, truly understand the one you see is underestimated. You observe you listen to others still a complete under

    By Jamie on 11.25.2010

  2. i never got why paul said that. But then that one sunny day i realised why he said he was going to a place far away. The was going to Las Vegas and would never see me and my friends again.

    It was the day paul was leaving and the whole of the school came to see him off at the airport. The mums started hugging and crying.

    By leelegs URL on 11.25.2010

  3. The bounded book lay open on the desk
    The lamp lit up the pages
    Each word a gylph to your eyes
    You scan the paragraphs
    Searching for that one word
    That one infalliable idea
    You think you might have read
    years ago at university

    And your spot one
    Not the right one, but close
    A word that once you understood
    Would take you back to that other
    desk, that lamp, that book long
    sold, or chucked or burned

    By gsk URL on 11.25.2010

  4. No one understood him he was about to jump off the roof and no one would even care.
    “what am i going to do?”
    And then just like as he was about to step off the edge and burst off into tears, a gust blows him off the edge.

    By bluntwar on 11.25.2010

  5. Understood. reminds me of the word understudy for some reason. You know, like in a play. The usual meaning is to comprehend or be able to sympathize with someone. I like people who understand me(: oops times almost up. this is kinda cool!

    By xoxo on 11.25.2010

  6. Ich glaube nicht mehr an das Verstehen. Ich glaube an das Mistverstehen, ich glaube daran, dass jedes Wort Tausende Bedeutungen oder zumindest Nuancen in sich trägt, ich glaube, dass jeder Mensch ganz verschiedene Assoziationen bei genau demselben Wort hat, und ich frage mich, wozu das alles gut sein soll.

    By Eli URL on 11.25.2010

  7. it was understood. a tacit pact.
    He wouldn’t touch the pie and I would take him to a movie later, or a water park. or something. as long as my little brother entertained himself for five good blessed minutes… there wouldn’t be an issue.
    it was just understood.

    By Selena URL on 11.25.2010

  8. It is a feeling of comprehending anything and everything that exists around you. The feeling of understanding is amazing and makes you feel great about yourself. It is the feeling of pure accomplishment and happiness. To understand is to ultimately live.

    By Prabarna Ganguly on 11.25.2010

  9. It was pouring outside and he was sitting alone. Like every other night. This time, he saw, and he felt, and he cried. We all sit alone and cry. Because we finally understand, accept and love. Because that is all that is left. To understand, and to love.

    By Prabarna URL on 11.25.2010

  10. I know I should be thinking about the word, but really all I can think about is that I should be churning out as many other words as I possibly can in this minute.

    That’s the whole point right? It’s… UNDERSTOOD, right?

    See, I did it.

    I’m that awesome.

    And it’s thanksgiving, and it’s understood that we will eat at three o’ clock, but it’s 2:54, and the turkey isn’t done yet, so we have a little more time to wait. Which really sucks, because I’m STARVING… understood.

    By annie URL on 11.25.2010

  11. It’s pretty easy I guess. The first thing that comes to mind is that it’s fairly easy to understand this assignment and understand how much I dislike this holiday season. Tradition is nothing but a collective effort to stall progress and change. That’s what I understood. That’s all I’m saying. It’s like Americans only want to focus on the positive aspects of thanksgiving and ignore all the bloodshed that comes with it.

    By Danny on 11.25.2010

  12. i have never understood what some words actually mean. isnt that strange. understood is another word for saying that you know what something meant. cool. its also made from two words. under and stood. i once stood in a place that looked like i was STOOD UNDER the sea.

    By TG on 11.25.2010

  13. she was too busy giving thanks
    to people whose motives she didn’t understand,
    giving love to people who never understood
    people who never would.
    and, it’s not who’s gathered around the table
    it’s not the hands pressed in prayer
    it’s who is there, when no one else
    is there.

    By Megan URL on 11.25.2010

  14. Nobody ever understood what Jim Kirk felt when he was on his beloved enterprise, the fondness he felt, the rush of adrenaline.

    By Marthese Formosa URL on 11.25.2010

  15. I understood that smoking was the wrong thing to do. But what was i supposed to say to my friends? They were all smoking the sweet, tasteful marijuana that cascades through the large glass bong. I was already high from the second hand smoke that now filled the room. All that was left to do was take that last rip and just smoke it:).

    By Bigge J on 11.25.2010

  16. to be understood is to have a voice. you feel apart of a community. its almost equivalent to peace. to be understood, there are no discrepancies, no fights. its the unity between ideas and common ground found.

    By Allie Leanora on 11.25.2010

  17. I understood a lot, I understand but it takes time. A lot has been understood but still life confuses me. I am frustrated with so much that I don’t understand. I am so frustrated with people, they just don’t get it.

    By Entity URL on 11.25.2010

  18. i’m misunderstood. no one can understand me. and i don’t know why. i thought i made myself clear. but obviously i don’t. i wish i could be heard and understood. but i never will be. ever.

    -silent forever

    By Cassie on 11.25.2010

  19. some things are understood, and others are not. sometimes we lie about things we understand because we don’t want to look like we aren’t smart, or even admit what we don’t know. understanding is learning. learning is a good thing. so learn, understand… and uh, yeah. :)

    By K. URL on 11.25.2010

  20. i never really unerstood many things in life. i never understood maths or science. I never understood what being dead really meant… until i was dead then i really understood what it meant.

    By Molly URL on 11.25.2010

  21. To understand is to believe, have faith, be clear and open minded. I have understood that life throws things at you and I have learned to take it.

    By Spring on 11.25.2010

  22. Once there was a boy called jack who had an extreme case of dwarfism, and all the pupils at school didnt understand.They thought he was wierd some even called him dumb even though he was a very smart boy…

    By Zach URL on 11.25.2010

  23. What’s understood? Understanding is as vague a term as knowing. We know nothing because it’s all relative. Everything is mixed and molded but emotions until the theory of truth and knowledge becomes a myth. We know nothing. We understand nothing.

    By kelsey URL on 11.25.2010

  24. once he was finished, i finally understood.

    By jazmine on 11.25.2010

  25. if you’re understood then they know what you’re going on about, it makes sense. comprehended.

    By jla on 11.25.2010

  26. i wish you understood me. Very few people do. I have a breakdown everyday. I wish you understood what you mean to me. I wish people understood each other. The world is burning through lack of understanding.

    By niamhy URL on 11.25.2010

  27. Craig a tall bloned haired boy sat at his desk in an art lesson.Thinking what Miss Duncan was talking about.He rapidlly observed the lesson/learning objective.Craig concluded that he didn’t understand what was going on.

    He felt isolated not knowing anything ,completely clueless.And in a split second the teacher enquired ” Has everyone understood the lesson”.I didn’t want to comment.

    By Samuel URL on 11.25.2010

  28. mister understood. cuz no one understands me (hahah the Office)

    By Grass on 11.25.2010

  29. I thought i understood everything, i thought i had gathered all the information, from all the books i’ve read and all the things i’ve heard. I thought i knew how to handle it, life i guess. I had planned how it was supposed to go. I thought i knew what was coming for me, but you were a complete surprise, and i don’t understand you at all.

    By cortney on 11.25.2010

  30. I usually understand when miss explanes but this one time i diddnt .I understand when its time to do my homework but i guess i didnt understand when i got hit the car just swept me off my feet i understood that i should have listened in that assembely about roadsaftey now its too late ….

    By Grace URL on 11.25.2010

  31. The words escaped my mouth, as if every syllable spoken would be perfectly understood. At least that was what I had hoped. What I didn’t know was that even I did not understand what was coming out of my mouth, those words that I would later regret. Not only were they not understood, but I made a fool out of myself by being the careless one that so longed for a sliver of understanding.

    By A Bananie URL on 11.25.2010

  32. She finally understood when it was too late already. He had not been trying to drown her; never – he had been trying to give her freedom to swim, like a mother bird throwing its young out from the nest so they get the chance to learn how to fly.

    By Lucie on 11.25.2010

  33. pink except that’s misunderstood who is understood? who understands? I don’t understand. I am not understood. Is there anyone under another person’s skin? can you ever know? the unbridgeable gulf, the great divide, the understood misunderstanding. I don’t understand.

    By Barb URL on 11.25.2010

  34. you and i
    we’re both the same.
    but im the only one trying not
    to be the same.
    if only you’d have

    By Rayne URL on 11.25.2010

  35. To know what something means and to fully accept what it means at face value. It is known what the word or statement means.

    By Shaina Gressen on 11.25.2010

  36. Once you learn something it is understood in your mind. And from then on it stays with you whether you realize it or not, in the fragments of yourself.

    By Mary Lou Wynegar on 11.25.2010

  37. I understood more than I knew. I understood less than I KNEW. I understood that I would never understand.

    By s on 11.25.2010

  38. The girl didn’t understand the task she didn’t want everyone to laugh at her but she didn’t want to tell the teacher just in case she got a detention for not concentrating she didn’t know what to do? She wasn’t that popular so she didn’t really have any friends so she had no one to ask how would not laugh at her. her mind was focussed on other thing like her mums wedding. she kept biting her nail and started to get worried because the teacher started to walk around the room checking everyones work she didn’t know what to do. the teacher said to the whole class that so far everyone has understood the task but when the teacher get to her she didn’t want her teacher ti=o tell the whole class because they will all laugh.

    By Isy URL on 11.25.2010

  39. The girl didn’t understand the task she didn’t tell any one because everyone would laugh at her and call her dumb but she really needed help she started to bite her finger nail and started to get worried and upset just encase the teacher gave her a detention.

    By Isy URL on 11.25.2010

  40. Understood means you get what the other person is saying. For example, if you are asked to do a task and you do it promptly, then you understand. Another example of understanding is when a teacher asks a question and you answer it correctly, that is understanding.

    By Burns Class URL on 11.25.2010